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How To Draw A Skull Easy For Beginners

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Here Are Some Of My Favourite Art Courses And Tools

Learn how to draw a skull from the front real easy | Step by Step with Easy – Spoken Instructions

General Drawing Courses. I really like Udemy if you are looking to develop your knowledge of drawing techniques Udemy is an excellent choice due to its wide range of creative courses and excellent refund policy. They often have monthly discounted deals for new customers, which you can check here. Use my link.

Sketching and Collage. Take a look at this sketching resource I have created. Use this link.

Proko. Is one of my favorite teachers who surpasses in the teaching of Anatomy and Figure drawing. Prokos course breaks down the drawing of the human body into easy-to-follow components aiding the beginner to make rapid progress. For this, I really like Proko.

Art Easels. One of my favorite ways to draw is by using a drawing easel, which develops the skill of drawing on a vertical surface. The H frame easel is an excellent vertical easel way to add variety to the style and type of marks you create when using a drawing board.

To see all of my most up-to-date recommendations, check out this resource I made for you.

How To Draw A Skull In 3/4 View

Posted by Ethan Nguyen | Portrait Drawing | 6 |

If you wanna learn more about portrait drawing, check out my Portrait Fundamentals Made Simple course.

Its a very beginner-friendly course that walks you through all the basics of portraiture, from constructing a basic head, facial proportions, drawing the features, and finally drawing a realistic portrait step-by-step.

How To Draw A Skull Easy Step By Step Drawing

Lets get started with how to draw a skull, the easy way. Using the technique learned in Using Shapes to Draw, begin with basic shapes as your guides. Draw a circle, with a square at the bottom.

This looks pretty silly but it helps to illustrate where everything will go. If you want to change how your skull will look you can change the placement of the facial features. You could move the eyes up higher, or down lower. Or change the shape or style of the eyes, nose, or teeth.

Have fun and experiment with your drawings. Tip: do your drawings on artist trading cards to save time.

Start by drawing in the shapes of the eyes. You dont have to draw them exactly like mine. There are a ton of different ways to draw the eyes. Maybe you could try making them circles or ovals instead of drawing them with square edges.

Next draw the nose along the center line, and where your circle and square meet. Again, there are a lot of different ways you could draw the nose.

Sketch your skull drawing out lightly and make changes where you feel they are needed. You can always go back later and make changes as well.

Draw a couple of curved lines for the temples, right next to the eyes.

Now, draw the cheeks and a short line coming down. This is the beginning of the jaw.

Connect the inner jaw lines with a slightly wavy line. This line is where the teeth come together.

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Tip 5 Learn The Use Of Color

The best anime artists are the ones who use color to their advantage. Its always important that you know which colors go together well and what types of character personalities theyll help create, but it can be difficult remembering all those different combinations! You dont need to worry though because we have a nifty little tool for helping with this: The Color Wheel! There are two main points in creating colorful art understanding color theory and using complementary colors.

To make an anime character more interesting and attractive, you can use the right combination of colors. For example, if yellow eyes are used in conjunction with blue hair it creates a visually appealing look because these two complementary colors balance each other out while still looking striking on their own.

To be able to use color effectively you should learn at least some of the basics such as warm and cool colors. You can always look at a color wheel if you need help remembering which colors are what. An example, yellow is considered one of the warmer tones whereas blue is counted among cooler shades within your palette but they both compliment each other on opposite ends in terms of contrast when it comes down to personal preference so dont fret too much about this!

By Step Instructions For Sugar Skull Drawing

How to Draw a Realistic Skull – Step by Step for Beginners – Skull Drawings – Draw Tattoo Art

Todays tutorial printable pack will be useful for kids who love drawing and coloring.

Your kids will be able to create their own beautiful sugar skull

This pack includes 3 printable pages with detailed instructions to make a beautiful sugar skull. Just follow the easy instructions and color the sugar skull once youre done!

Step 1

First, draw an oval as the basis of the skull.

Step 2

On the lower quarter, draw a rectangle.

Step 3

Draw a second oval inside the square you just drew.

Step 4

Now erase all the extra lines of the ovals and rectangle.

Step 5

Lets add ovals for the two eyes.

Step 6

Draw an upside down heart for a nose.

Step 7

Draw a curved line for the smile and small vertical curved lines for teeth.

Step 8

Erase all the extra lines and you are done with your skull drawing! You can stop right here if you desire a simple skull drawing or move on to step 9 to make this a sugar skull drawing!

Step 9

Get creative and decorate your Sugar Skull!

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Preparing Proportions And Symmetry

Here, we will begin dividing the face into separate parts in order to help us correctly place the eyes and nose in relation to each other.

  • First, draw a circle within the oval shape of the face, leaving some pace underneath it for what will become the teeth and jawline.
  • Now, find the center of the oval shape and draw a line down vertically. Doing this will help us achieve the correct proportions and symmetry when drawing the nose, mouth, and teeth.
  • Following this, find the center mark of the circle you have drawn within the oval, and draw a horizontal line slightly below. This will help us to identify where to draw the eyes, and will also aid in providing symmetry, as per the human skull.
  • Next, still using construction lines, draw a second horizontal line through the center of the oval this should cross both the oval shape and the circle drawn within. This will help add symmetry to the cheek lines later on.
  • Lastly, copy the previous step and draw another horizontal line crossing the oval shape, about two-thirds of the way down. Doing this will help with drawing the bottom of the cheek lines, and of course, it will help to keep symmetry as well.

Sketching The Front View Of A Skull

  • 1Make a circle. Press lightly with your pencil to make a faint circle. Sketch the circle so it’s as wide as you’d like the whole skull to be. You’ll use this outline to make the top portion of the skull.XResearch source
  • If you’re struggling to draw a circle, use a compass or trace a round object that’s as large as you want the skull to be.
  • 2Draw a straight horizontal and vertical line through the center of the circle. To make guidelines for placing features, lay a ruler on your paper so it passes through the middle of the circle. Make a straight horizontal line and then turn the ruler to make a vertical line.XResearch source
  • Make the vertical line extend below the circle so you can use it to draw the jaw.
  • 3Create 2 hexagons along the bottom of the horizontal line. Draw an eye socket in both of the bottom quarters of the circle. Make the top line of each hexagon along the horizontal guideline and sketch each hexagon large enough to fill half of each quarter.XResearch source
  • Leave a space that’s 1/5 the width of the circle between the hexagons.
  • 4Sketch the nose cavity along the vertical guideline. Make a short horizontal line on the vertical guideline so it’s halfway down the eye sockets. Draw a straight line that comes down from each end and away from the center of the circle. When your pencil is close to the bottom of the circle, bring the 2 lines together in a point at the very bottom of the circle on the vertical line.XResearch source
  • The top sides of the skull
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    Instructions On How To Draw A Skull

    Proportions are now in the bag! Your artwork when drawing human faces will no longer look like a depiction of an alien. The next thing to work on is drawing the actual skull. Below, we will provide a list of recommended materials as a well as step-by-step instructions on how to draw a skull realistically.

    What Do Skull Drawings Symbolize In Art

    How to Draw Simplest Skull Ever – Step by Step Drawings for Beginners Easy – Tattoo Art

    Skulls can have different meanings to many different people. It has been used to symbolize the remembrance of our human mortality and that our time here on this earth is not permanent. It has also been used to represent transformation and the transition between life and death, or into the next realm.

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    Improve Your Drawing Skills

    The major advantage here is that you will be getting a better understanding of how the body looks and works beneath that which is visible our skin. You will see how the bones of your nose look in relation to your eye sockets, or your teeth when they are not being covered by your lips.

    Being able to visualize the proportions of these elements and how they interact will improve your skills as an artist.

    Without the knowledge of our anatomical foundations, you will find it very difficult to create a human face or head realistically. By learning how to draw a skull, not only will you find the act of sketching any part of the human face much easier, but the overall look of your art will also improve.

    How To Draw A Sugar Skull

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    Sugar skulls, called calaveras in Spanish, are edible, handmade representations of human skulls made from sugar or chocolate and decorated with icing, foil, beads, or feathers. The term also refers to similarly adorned decorative clay skulls.

    These skulls are typically made in celebration of the Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, a holiday celebrated in Mexico that roughly corresponds to Halloween.

    The holiday has roots in the Mayan and Aztec cultures, and the skulls are often placed on altars as ofrendas, or offerings.

    The name of a deceased loved one may be written on the skull.

    Sugar skulls are also used for the Roman Catholic holiday called All Souls Day.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    If you would like to be able to draw your own sugar skull, follow this easy, step-by-step sugar skull drawing tutorial.

    You will need a piece of paper, an eraser, and something with which to draw, such as a pencil.

    You may also want to use crayons, colored pencils, markers, or other materials to decorate your completed sugar skull.

    Each step in this drawing guide is accompanied by an illustration. In each picture, new lines drawn in that step are highlighted in blue. All other lines are shown in black.

    It is advisable to sketch lightly at first, as you will be erasing early lines, called guide lines, as you go along.

    If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Skull, Skeleton, and Ghost.

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    The Spine Originates From The Back Of The Skull Not The Center

    Now its time to add the spine to your skull drawing. A lot of beginner artists draw the spine coming down from the center of the skull, but this isnt really correct. The spine actually comes down from towards the back part of the skull.To see for yourself, reach your hand to the back of your neck, and then feel the bump of your spine. Follow the spine up to where it connects to your head. Do you notice how its not actually in the center of your skull?Art Tip: If youd like to learn more about drawing the human body, your own body is a great reference point.

    It doesnt matter if you are learning how to draw a skull, how to draw a face, or any other part of the body just grab a mirror, a pencil, and some paper, and get drawing. Everything you need to learn is right before your eyes.

    How To Draw A Skull Filled With Beautiful Patterns

    How to Draw a Skull with Sombrero – Beginner Drawing Lesson

    In this unique tutorial, I will show you how to draw a skull filled with depth and volume using only solid shapes filled with plain colors. Indeed, unlike other similar tutorials from the site , all effects are created from three different grey colors added in various solid shapes. The result is quite unique and visually appealing. Ready? Let’s see how we can create the skull below using this simple technique.

    step 1 – drawing a few basic shapes to get started

    Before sketching the final lines for this cartoon illustration, it can be a good idea to sketch a few basic shapes to help us locate the subject inside the working space. You can use a different color for the outlines to separate these elements from lines to come.

    First, draw a large circle to form the head of the cartoon skull. Then, draw two more circles to illustrate the holes near the eyes. A single oval shape is used for the nose. The jaw is created from a rectangle and a circle while the cheeks are made from tiny squares.

    step 2 – Let’s draw our skull!

    Using mostly long and short curved lines, it’s now time to draw this basic skull. Pay close attention to the particular shape of the nose, the irregular lines used to represent the cheeks and the numerous lines added to create all teeth. Once you are comfortable with your drawing, you can erase all blue shapes created in the previous step. Lines added here were colored in orange , but they should be black.

    step 3 – adding colors inside the nose and eye holes.

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    Tips And Tricks On How To Draw A Skull

    • As with any drawing of a face or head whether an animal or human your skull drawing should always begin with the draft of how large/small you want the end result to be, including a vague iteration of the desired shape.
    • Learn to break down parts of the skull face into different sections to help you with proportions and symmetry. For example, you can use the above-described technique to separate the face into four sections by using vertical and horizontal lines. This will allow you to identify the best spots for you to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth in order to achieve the most realistic skull drawing.

    If you are not familiar with an object you are drawing, try to use reference images or objects to aid your perspective and detailing.

    Drawing A Skull Side View

    I remember the famous lines: To be or not to be? That is the question. We tell you: To be! Follow the diagram below, and you will have a fantastic image.Outline the main outlines this is directly the shape of the head, eye socket, temporal bone and other trifles.

    Paint the eye, cheekbone, mark mouth gap. Draw outlines and start shading.

    Draw your teeth and paint a shard with small strokes, draw a piercing in the temporal bone. Add shadows.As our object lies on the surface, show the darkness falling on it. Done!

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    How To Draw A Skull

    Recently, I showed you how to draw a skull in profile. This time, I’ll show you the more interesting view, perfect for tattoos and scary illustrations. This view is also very simple, so you don’t need to be a skilled artist to follow this tutorial!

    A hint before you start: it’s easier to keep the proportions right when you’re drawing small.

    Extend The Horizontal Lines Across The Page To Draw The Front View

    How to Draw Skull on Fire – Draw Tattoo Art – Drawing Step by Step for Beginners – Skull Art

    Extend the horizontal lines across the page to draw the front view

    The horizontal guidelines for drawing the skull are:

    • The top of the Skull
    • The lowest point of the skull oval shape
    • The lowest point of the jaw bone

    To draw the skull from the front, start off by drawing a circle. In the video, youll notice how this circle isnt squished like the oval shape you drew for the side view.

    After drawing the circle, draw some lines going down to indicate where the jaw will be.

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    Why Should You Learn To Draw A Skull

    Stock Photos from fotoslaz/Shutterstock

    One of the biggest advantages to drawing a skull is that youre getting to the bare bones of whats underneath our skin. By studying how the nose looks when its not covered by the epidermis and how the teeth appear without lips, its easier to get an understanding of their proportions as well as how all of these things interact.

    What You Will Need For Your Human Skull Drawing

    Depending on whether you are painting, drawing, or working on a graphics tablet, the tools you will need for your skull drawing may differ. This tutorial will focus on using pencils and paper/canvas, although all instructions can be translated to be used with a graphics drawing tablet as well. You will require the following:

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