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How To Draw A Skull On Your Hand

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Clean Up Your Drawing

Skeleton hand halloween makeup tutorial

When youre done with the shading, now is the time to look over your work. How does your drawing compare to the source image? Are there areas that need to be redrawn? If so, thats okit happens to everyone, even professionals.

Once youre happy with your drawing, erase any stray marks or smudges. Youre officially done!

Stock Photos from Eric Jennings/Shutterstock

Were rarely looking straight ahead in pictures, so its beneficial to learn how to draw a skull from a three-quarters point of view.

The process of drawing a skull from an off-center view is the same as if you were sketching it straight-on. The main thing youll want to observe, however, is foreshortening thats taking place. The eye that is closest to the viewer will appear larger than the other, and the nose will obscure part of the eye thats farther away from you.

To make sure these proportions look right, be sure to establish the guiding lines before you place where the eye sockets and nose cavities are. They will be drawn at an angle, but as long as you follow those lines, you will be able to render it from an off-center view.

Drawing The Front View

The horizontal guidelines for drawing the skull are:

  • The top of the skull
  • The lowest point of the skull oval shape
  • The lowest point of the jaw bone

To draw the skull from the front, start off by drawing a circle. In the video, youll notice how this circle isnt squished like the oval shape you drew for the side view.

After drawing the circle, draw some lines going down to indicate where the jaw will be.

Skeleton Skull Tattoo With Snake And Flower

The skull is a universally recognized symbol and one that is often representative of death. If you are an individual who contemplates mortality, then this is an interesting choice for you, but one that takes on even more meaning when combined with other images. For example, a skull with a snake and flower tattoo is often seen as a struggle between good and evil the balance between purity and corruption and often desire or sin. Someone who thinks profoundly and wants a reminder not to give in to temptation and stay on a path of righteousness will be drawn to this body art.

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How To Draw A Skull From An Angled View

The entirety of the instructions above is based upon a head-on view of a skull. Sometimes life is not so straightforward and you might have to draw the skull from a profile perspective instead. Fear not! You will not have to relearn everything we just taught you, because the basic foundation lines remain the same. The only addition is that of the foreshortening technique.

What is foreshortening, you say? Well, it is the ability to add depth or dimension to your artwork. Without it, your piece will lack realism. Aspects of the human skull in subjects that are seemingly behind the skull, the opposing profile, will need to be made smaller and filled with much darker shading due to the light shining on the profile facing you. The aspects that seem to be at the front of the drawing, the side of the profile facing the viewer, must be larger and have less shading so that it seems as though the light is shining on it.

Detailing Your Skull Sketch

How to draw a skeleton hand

Whip out yet another and even darker pencil for this next step. This is where things become exciting and a little more tricky. Some say that beauty is in the details, and in this case, it is true.

  • In order to turn the circles or ovals into teeth that look like teeth, take your pencil and draw over each of the circles to give them some detail.
  • The eye sockets will have jagged, bent, or curved lines instead of perfectly rounded shapes. This is an important step if you are trying to draw a realistic skull.
  • In order to draw the eyes, nose, and cheeks in more detail, you can add in some shading with darker colors. This makes them more distinct against the outline of the skull.
  • If the skull is an old skull, it might have a few indents, cracks, or scratches over the surface of it. This is a great detail to add for realism.

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Skeleton Mouth Hand Tattoo

One of the most popular hand tattoos is the skeleton mouth. The idea is for the design to feature the mouth and nose of a skeleton, so when the wearer brings their hands towards their face, it creates a creepy illusion effect, making them look like half their face is a corpse. Why someone would want to get this inked? Well, it is trendy for starters and is easy to find inspiration on social media, but it could also be a nod to The Jokers tattoo in the movie Suicide Squad.

Second Step How To Draw The Central Core Parts Of Your Skeleton

OK then. Before you begin, heres a brief overview of the order by which I suggest you tackle the various parts of your drawing. And sure while it does seem logical to me if youve got another idea for how to go about it, feel free to switch things up.

Order: Skull > Sternum > Humerus > Ribs > Sacrum > Pelvis > Vertebrae > Femur > Patella > Tibia > Ulna & Radius > Fibula > Hands & Feet.

Alright use the following examples to help you move on through

and keep on going with the sacrum, pelvis and vertebrae

As youre working through the lesson, you might notice that a few parts are slightly off with respect to how theyd actually look in real life. For example the humerus bones look more like dog bones! And well its really OK. Keep in mind this is my own cartoony version. If you want to make things more realistic by all means do. Itll be easier as you know exactly where everythings supposed to go.

Alright lets move on to the next step

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Why Are Hand Tattoos A Bad Idea

There are pros and cons to getting a hand tattoo. It is a highly visible placement, for starters, which makes it perfect for a meaningful design. This visibility also makes it an act of rebellion as there is no way of covering it up. Employers may be reluctant to hire someone with body art in this location, especially if you’re seeking employment in more traditional or corporate roles. On the other hand, ink is particularly painful because of the thin skin, lack of muscle and fat, and high concentration of nerve-endings. It is also going to fade faster because of exposure and frequency of use.

A Note On Proportions

Skeleton hand tutorial

We are all quite unique in personality and physique. The contours of our faces and our heads will not be the same as the person to your right or your left. Your facial expressions are defined by your personality and no one will be able to repeat the same. While this may be astoundingly true, there will always be the basics to the shape of a human head.

Learning to draw a skull outline will help you with your accuracy. You can add someones personality once you have their silhouette. In order to begin a skull sketch, you must first take a good, long look at a skulls face from the front. You might notice that it has the shape of an egg pointed downwards rounded at the top and narrow at the bottom. If you plan on drawing an eye inside the skull socket, then it is a good idea to remember that muscles and flesh take up more space. Basically, your eye will seem much smaller than the actual socket. It is important to take note of the following proportions:

  • The length of one eye is the same length as the distance between your eyes.
  • The length of both of your eyes is just about your faces width.
  • If you want accurate proportions, divide the face you are drawing into four sections by drawing a vertical line and crossing it with a horizontal line, both through the middle.
  • The width of one of your eyes is the same distance between the bottom of your nose and either of your eyes.

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Reasons For Skull Drawing

For many reasons, human skull drawings and skull sketches have been the muse for many artists. It might seem strange to you, but the skull holds much symbolism and attracts those that least expect it. It can teach you a lot about shading, where you can create contours and contrast without drawing actual lines. By the time you have completed your work, you will deeply appreciate the subject matter for the amount of time your eyes have looked over its surface for any missing details.

Skeleton Metal Hand Tattoo

The rock and roll hand and the metal hand are the same. Known as a sign of the horns, it is a gesture that has been used by fans of both music genres and is a way to express their desire to keep the music playing. That said, the design can mean slightly different things to the individual who has chosen to get it inked. It could show a connection with music, the metal subculture, and musicians. For some, it is also a way to express love for a particular genre. It is also a sign with various cultural meanings and could also be seen as a symbol of protection to ward off evil.

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What Is The Skeleton Hand Drawing Trend On Tiktok

This trend on TikTok sees users showing how to make your own hand look like a skeleton hand.

The skeleton hand drawing was popularised around Halloween in 2020, and it certainly does make a great Halloween costume.

Now, it has started trending again ahead of the spooky holiday , and people are continuing to give it a go simply because it looks cool.

original sound val af

First Step A Simple Framework For Your Skeleton

Drawing A Skeleton Hand On My Hand

When learning how to draw a skeleton, having structure for your structure is definitely helpful. Proportion is quite important with respect to drawing and when it comes to something like this a little planning ahead of time goes a long way.

Heres how the framework pans out

In the third example above weve got something thats beginning to look a little bit more like Tron than an actual skeleton. But actually, each of these simple lines and shapes acts as an indicator of those parts that REALLY STAND OUT from the rest. These are key parts that I feel you should ensure show up in your final drawing.

In short, these lines and shapes aid in providing a quick visual of things to come those parts that every human skeleton should have.

OK. Got your framework all ready? Great! On to the actual lesson now how to draw a skeleton

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The Human Skull: Weve All Got One

Skulls are the original memento mori and have been used as decor for thousands of years. However, it can be difficult to illustrate them well without some research. Learn about the basic anatomy of the human head by starting with a reference photo and an outline. Once you have the proportions down, you can decide how cartoonish or natural you want your skull to look. Develop your own style and then take on any type of skull tough-looking skull and crossbones, spooky Halloween decorations, colorful sugar skulls for Day of the Dead, and more.

The skulls perfect combination of simple and complex geometric shapes can teach useful lessons about illustration and the human form. With practice, youll understand how each shape and line relates to the next. One of my favorite things about skulls is you get to see how everything flows into one another, says illustrator Lucas Elliott. You have the eye sockets, then the ridge where the eyebrows rest, and then you have your temple, which curtsies right into the cheekbones.

Add The Eyes And Nose

We will now be sketching the eyes and nose.

  • Use the first horizontal line and find the center points on both the left and right sides of the face. Draw two circles to act as the eye sockets.
  • Then, use the vertical line and draw an oval shape just below the first horizontal line, slightly crossing over the second horizontal line.

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What You Will Need For Your Human Skull Drawing

Depending on whether you are painting, drawing, or working on a graphics tablet, the tools you will need for your skull drawing may differ. This tutorial will focus on using pencils and paper/canvas, although all instructions can be translated to be used with a graphics drawing tablet as well. You will require the following:

Skeleton Face Tattoo On The Hand


There are many different designs to choose from, whether that is a full set of bones or just the skull. A skeleton face tattoo on the hand has powerful symbolism, and the location is a fantastic place to show it off. The skull is linked to strength and determination. It could also show that the wearer has overcome a difficult period in their life and wants to remind themselves of their achievement. Or it could be a way to show they are not afraid of death or the unknown. There are many different interpretations of what this piece can mean, so choose the option that best reflects your thoughts and feelings.

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Adding Dimension: Shading Your Human Skull Drawing

Some artists have mastered the skill of dimension and the detail of shading. So much so that it looks like a 3D image has been printed onto paper or canvas. This next step is vital for bringing life into your drawing ironic is it not? In order to get this right, you must make sure that you have a graphite pencil set with all the different light and dark pencils for shadows and highlights, respectively.

How To Draw The Skull: The Oval

There are several different methods you can use to draw the skull, but this is one of the easiest and quickest ways to learn. Itll also give you a pretty accurate base to start from in your drawing.

Begin drawing the skull by sketching an oval shape for the head. This will represent the cranium. The oval shape will help us draw a more accurate skull, because it is not perfectly round, it is a little squished.

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Getting The Right Proportions

In order for you to put the eyes in the correct place without it seeming off-balance, you need to divide the oval up.

  • Do this by drawing a circle within the top half of the oval. The bottom half must be left with the space for the jaw, chin, and teeth.
  • Next, as we have mentioned above, draw a line going vertically right through the middle of the oval shape. This will help us keep the nose in the center.
  • Next, as you might have guessed, is to draw a line going horizontally through the middle of the circle shape, not the oval. This is magical assistance when it comes to symmetrical eye placement.
  • Following that, a second horizontal line is needed, but this time through the oval you first drew. This creates the four sections we mentioned earlier that help exponentially with proportioning someones face and adding symmetry to their cheekbones. This can be helpful when drawing elf-like faces.
  • Yet another horizontal line must be drawn at the bottom section of the oval. This is for drawing accurate mouths that are sitting in the right place. The top lip will be placed above the bottom horizontal line and the bottom lip below it.

Skeleton Clock Hand Tattoo

Skeleton hand tattoo with pen (easy tutorial)

If you want body art that looks cool but is also thoughtful, then a skeleton clock hand tattoo is a great choice. The combination of these two images is compelling and has strong symbolism. The skeleton hand is often linked to death. It can be reaching into the afterlife or represent your life. There are many different ideas of what skeletons mean, but the most common ideas revolve around mortality. A clock has a similar meaning associated with it and is often seen as a symbol of life and death. It could be a reminder of how fleeting our existence is, that everything is temporary, or that time is running out. This can have both negative and positive interpretations.

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The Skeleton Of The Hand

First, lets look at the skeleton of the hand.

As shown in the figure, the hand is divided into three parts: the wrist , the palm , and the fingers .

In addition, the carpal bones are divided into smaller bony masses, but we will not explain and illustrate them in detail here.

The joint that connects the metacarpals to the phalanges is also called the metacarpophalangeal joint.

In this article, the metacarpophalangeal joint is the key point.

Characteristically, the bones of the palm part of the hand are separated one by one, and each of them is connected to a finger bone.

How To Draw A Skeleton

Hands down, learning how to draw a skeleton can be difficult right up there with drawing cars.

And its no wonder there are tons of little parts and details to account for. Here though, Id like to show you an easier way to go about it

In the picture above, youve got a basic-looking yet still cartoonish! set of human bones.

From skull to sternum to fibula *just about* every part is accounted for, simplified to make the whole process a bit easier.

And so, lets get going lets draw a skeleton!

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