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How To Draw A Skull Step By Step

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Easy Skull Drawing Art Tutorial

How to Draw a Realistic Skull: Narrated Step by Step

When learning how to draw a skull, there are many different ways to draw them. You can make them fun or scary. Or maybe you want your skull drawings to be more of a cartoon style.

In this art tutorial youll learn several different ways to draw a skull.

Learning how to draw a skull, or anything else for that matter, takes practice and repetition. The more you draw the better you will get. So practice often. And dont forget to have fun along the way.

Lets go ahead and get started by gathering up some supplies for your skull drawings.

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Improvement In Your Drawing Skills

The human skull is hidden underneath our muscle tissue and our skin. This is what gives each persons head its shape and depth. By studying and rendering what you see from the bone, you will receive an inside look into the similarities and differences of each human head. You will notice how different our faces look when they are not covered in skin, and the act of drawing the skull can feel almost primal. Practicing how to draw the human skull will greatly increase your skills in art and drawing.

Cheekbones are a complicated topic and the shading of someones gaunt face is not any easier. A skull outline might be the answer to your tribulations. Wasting your art resources is no longer going to be a problem because you will be more than satisfied with the skill you have learned by practicing skull drawing.

Why Should You Learn To Draw A Skull

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One of the biggest advantages to drawing a skull is that youre getting to the bare bones of whats underneath our skin. By studying how the nose looks when its not covered by the epidermis and how the teeth appear without lips, its easier to get an understanding of their proportions as well as how all of these things interact.

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How To Draw A Skull Easy And 7 Ideas For Skull Drawings

There are a lot of different uses for your skull drawings, and many other ways to draw your skulls. They can be drawn in a cartoon style. You could leave the lower teeth and jaw off. Or any other variation you can think of.

Try doing an art challenge and see how many different skulls you can make in a week. Youll be amazed by how creative youre drawings will start to get.

How To Draw A Skull Filled With Beautiful Patterns

How to Draw a Skull Step by Step

In this unique tutorial, I will show you how to draw a skull filled with depth and volume using only solid shapes filled with plain colors. Indeed, unlike other similar tutorials from the site , all effects are created from three different grey colors added in various solid shapes. The result is quite unique and visually appealing. Ready? Let’s see how we can create the skull below using this simple technique.

step 1 – drawing a few basic shapes to get started

Before sketching the final lines for this cartoon illustration, it can be a good idea to sketch a few basic shapes to help us locate the subject inside the working space. You can use a different color for the outlines to separate these elements from lines to come.

First, draw a large circle to form the head of the cartoon skull. Then, draw two more circles to illustrate the holes near the eyes. A single oval shape is used for the nose. The jaw is created from a rectangle and a circle while the cheeks are made from tiny squares.

step 2 – Let’s draw our skull!

Using mostly long and short curved lines, it’s now time to draw this basic skull. Pay close attention to the particular shape of the nose, the irregular lines used to represent the cheeks and the numerous lines added to create all teeth. Once you are comfortable with your drawing, you can erase all blue shapes created in the previous step. Lines added here were colored in orange , but they should be black.

step 3 – adding colors inside the nose and eye holes.

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How To Draw A Skull From An Angled View

The entirety of the instructions above is based upon a head-on view of a skull. Sometimes life is not so straightforward and you might have to draw the skull from a profile perspective instead. Fear not! You will not have to relearn everything we just taught you, because the basic foundation lines remain the same. The only addition is that of the foreshortening technique.

What is foreshortening, you say? Well, it is the ability to add depth or dimension to your artwork. Without it, your piece will lack realism. Aspects of the human skull in subjects that are seemingly behind the skull, the opposing profile, will need to be made smaller and filled with much darker shading due to the light shining on the profile facing you. The aspects that seem to be at the front of the drawing, the side of the profile facing the viewer, must be larger and have less shading so that it seems as though the light is shining on it.

How To Draw A Pirate Skull And Crossbones

  • Before you begin drawing the skull, make sure you leave enough space at the bottom of the page to be able to draw the skull with crossbones. With a continuous line begin to draw a basic oval start by the eye. This will be our primary focus around which we will draw an add the form of the skull.
  • Progress onto drawing the eye sockets, ensure that they are symmetrical to each other, to make them appear three-dimensional draw a small line either side which will give this appearance.
  • To draw the nasal cavity in between the eyes, draw to thin but sharp looking triangles, join both together to form the nasal cavity.
  • The next step is to draw the cheekbones beneath the eyes sockets, this is done by drawing lines around the eyes which stop halfway across the length of the eyes. The main thing is not in a hurry, but try to make everything exact

Continue to Add Detail to the Skull

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Try This 12 Step Approach To Draw Nose And Teeth

  • Draw a small circle.
  • The lower part of the circle from the previous section is divided into three segments.
  • Through four points we draw a curve.
  • Draw a circle above the loop. In this place, we will draw a brow.
  • From eyebrow to jaw draw a line.
  • Between the loop and the eyebrow draw a neat curve.
  • Below the oval draw a line parallel to the long line crossing the oval.
  • Under the eyebrow draw another curve. It will be the bridge of your nose.
  • From the tip of the nose, we draw a line to the center of the circle on the jaw.
  • The upper right part of the circle on the jaw is divided into three segments.
  • From the extreme point on the circle draw a line to the lower curve.
  • We draw three curved lines for the teeth.

Your Horizontal Guidelines Will Help You Place The Eye Sockets

How to Draw a Skull Step by Step

Your horizontal guidelines will help you place the eye sockets

In this step, youll learn how to draw the eye sockets and add some other details to your skull drawing, such as the cheekbones and brows.

Remember to keep drawing more horizontal guidelines if you need to. These are really useful for keeping the front and side views of the skull in proportion with each other.

Continue refining your drawing of the human skull, and begin making the lines darker once youve drawn them correctly.

By this stage, you should have most of the facial features added to your drawing, which means youre almost done with learning how to draw a skull!Art Tip: Its a great idea to buy a replica human skull to use as reference. You can find these easily on a certain popular auction website, and they cost around $20.

Buying one of these will really help you understand the anatomy of the skull. For example, youll be able to see exactly what the cheekbone looks like, or how the lower jaw attaches to the rest of the skull.

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Adding Line Weights To Your Skull Drawing

Once the cleaned-up version of your skull is complete, its time to add some line weights. These are areas where you thicken some lines or thin others. That way, you can emphasize overlapping shapes and forms in the image. Try to make sure that the overlaps are exact. Now, your skull drawing is complete!

This tutorial is a great basic drawing workflow for drawing a skull. You can also use these steps for any other skeletal anatomy. Your next steps should be gathering more references for skulls. Pick references at various angles and follow the same process for sketching them out.

Learn How To Draw A Skull With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial Use It For A Very Simple Anatomy Lesson Halloween Or Day Of The Dead Project

When you find a drawing project thats versatile, educational and creative, its smart to save it in a good place. After all, who needs to reinvent the wheel every day?

Save this Skull Drawing project for:

  • Halloween
  • Day of the Dead
  • Anatomy
  • Symmetry practice

Also, this basically white drawing is a great place for students to practice shading. Students that seem to easily master the shapes of this skull, might like to see what they can do with making shadows. A few well placed gray shapes will turn this flat drawing into something that looks like it has some shape and depth.

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How To Draw A Skull Step By Step

  • 5
Step 1 – We are going to start drawing the skull with an oval shape for the upper part of the head and a rounded rectangle for the jaw line.
Step 2 – Draw a vertical line close to the right side and a horizontal line at the lower part of the oval.
Step 3 – Add two circles for the eyes and a rounded triangle for the nose, close to the right eye. Keep drawing the mouth with a horizontal line and a curved line on the left.
Step 4 – You can now start drawing with a marker or a darker pencil, draw the eys and the nose, notice that the eyes are not totally round and the nose looks like an upside down “V” shape.
Step 5 – Draw a small curved line next to the right eye and keep drawing the outline of the skull, then draw a wavy line the same height as the nose on the left side.
Step 6 – Add more details to the skull on the right for the chick, on the nose and next to the eye on the left.
Step 7 – Draw the skull’s jaw shape, notice that lines are not connecting on the right side.
Step 8 – Add the teeth, start with one tooth and follow the guideline we drew before, the shape and size of the teeth doesn’t need to be exactly the same.
Step 9 – Time to add some shading, you can use the pencil softly and put more pressure for the darker parts.
Step 10 – Continue with the shading, now you can make the eyes and nose darker and refine the skull’s features.

      Add A Line Across The Jaw For The Teeth

      Learn how to draw a skull from the front real easy | Step by Step with Easy – Spoken Instructions

      Add a line across the jaw for the teeth

      The next step in learning how to draw a skull is to add the line across the jaw for the teeth. The line of the teeth follows the line of the lower part of the jaw and then curves up to join the major form of the skull.

      Finish off the teeth by sketching in some light lines. Dont worry about making the teeth perfect at this stage. Most of the time, you wont need to draw the teeth individually, because they will be hidden by the lips.

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      How To Draw A Sugar Skull

      Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

      Sugar skulls, called calaveras in Spanish, are edible, handmade representations of human skulls made from sugar or chocolate and decorated with icing, foil, beads, or feathers. The term also refers to similarly adorned decorative clay skulls.

      These skulls are typically made in celebration of the Día de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, a holiday celebrated in Mexico that roughly corresponds to Halloween.

      The holiday has roots in the Mayan and Aztec cultures, and the skulls are often placed on altars as ofrendas, or offerings.

      The name of a deceased loved one may be written on the skull.

      Sugar skulls are also used for the Roman Catholic holiday called All Souls’ Day.

      Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

      If you would like to be able to draw your own sugar skull, follow this easy, step-by-step sugar skull drawing tutorial.

      You will need a piece of paper, an eraser, and something with which to draw, such as a pencil.

      You may also want to use crayons, colored pencils, markers, or other materials to decorate your completed sugar skull.

      Each step in this drawing guide is accompanied by an illustration. In each picture, new lines drawn in that step are highlighted in blue. All other lines are shown in black.

      It is advisable to sketch lightly at first, as you will be erasing early lines, called guide lines, as you go along.

      If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Skull, Skeleton, and Ghost.

      Skull Outline Jawline And Structure

      If you look at what you have drawn now, it might look to someone without an artistic eye more like a kindergarten students attempt at drawing a snowman. This is not the end of the world, as this is what this next step will improve upon. By adding contour lines, you will start to see the image of the skull and not just the oval shape.

      • It is now time to forgo the lighter lines you used earlier for the symmetry shapes. Using a darker pencil and firmer hand, draw the outline of the skulls shape. This is also known as the outer shape of the skulls silhouette.
      • Using the top of where the teeth circles end as the middle of your cheeks, draw the lines that will form the cheeks symmetrically.
      • Now, to get the jawline, turn the bottom of the oval into a more squared shape. Be sure to add some bumps over the line so that it looks more realistic, just like a human jaw and skull.

      Adding all these circles may seem a tedious task and your impatience might want to have you diving right into the jawline with all its bumps and grooves. Unless you have an extreme eye for symmetry, this is the advisable route to start drawing skulls do not skip these steps because you might end up with a skull drawing that looks like it was made out of wax and melted ever so slightly!

      Symmetry is a key factor when it comes to skull drawing.

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      The Spine Originates From The Back Of The Skull Not The Center

      Now its time to add the spine to your skull drawing. A lot of beginner artists draw the spine coming down from the center of the skull, but this isnt really correct. The spine actually comes down from towards the back part of the skull.To see for yourself, reach your hand to the back of your neck, and then feel the bump of your spine. Follow the spine up to where it connects to your head. Do you notice how its not actually in the center of your skull?Art Tip: If youd like to learn more about drawing the human body, your own body is a great reference point.

      It doesnt matter if you are learning how to draw a skull, how to draw a face, or any other part of the body just grab a mirror, a pencil, and some paper, and get drawing. Everything you need to learn is right before your eyes.

      What Do Skull Drawings Symbolize In Art

      How to Draw a Simple Skull Step by Step

      Skulls can have different meanings to many different people. It has been used to symbolize the remembrance of our human mortality and that our time here on this earth is not permanent. It has also been used to represent transformation and the transition between life and death, or into the next realm.

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      Easy Example How To Draw A Skull

      For beginning artists, we suggest drawing an easy way to draw a skull. It is not realistic, but it retains the essence.

      Draw a circle, then draw a U-shaped line to it. Then draw a curve like something like a pot or a horseshoe .

      Paint the eye sockets and oval nose. From your horseshoe, draw the upper jaw and two rows of teeth. Draw a crack on the back of your head.

      Erase the auxiliary lines and circle the skull.

      Stroke the picture, sometimes making blackouts.

      Why Draw The Skull

      It is associated with death or lack of fear of it. This character has actually been used for a long time and not only denote death, vital energy and concentrated intelligence.

      The image of the deadhead is used in Orthodoxy, the so-called Adams head, and also decorated with such a pattern on the Halloween room.

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