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How To Draw A Small Rose

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Method 1 Of 9:a Sunflower

  • 1Draw a big circle and then draw a smaller one at the center.
  • 2Draw the stem and draw leaves on each side
  • 3Draw a thin elongated heart shape for the petal.
  • 4Repeat step 3 until you have fully covered the edge of your inner circle.
  • 5Add more petals to cover up empty space using pointed angles.
  • 6Draw slanted lines crisscrossed over each other inside the small circle.
  • 7Refine details of the leaves and the stem.
  • 8
  • Rose Step By Step Drawing For Kids

    Kids, learn how to draw the Rose by following the steps below.


    Draw a swirl in the centre of the paper. It is the bud of the rose.


    On the left side of the bud, draw a small half circle with extended curve.


    Similarly, draw the other side. It is the petal of the rose.


    Repeat the step 3 and 4 to draw petal on right side.


    Draw 2 more petals in different sizes.


    Draw a curve extending opposite to the rose, on right side.


    Similarly draw an other side. It is the leaf of the rose.


    Put a small simple curve inside the leaf. Now the leaf is complete.


    Repeat the step 6, 7 and 8 to draw one more leaf on left side.


    Draw a slanting line downwards.


    Draw another slanting line parallel to the first line but goes narrow gradually.


    What Is Flow Drawing

    Flow Drawing is an art technique developed by us to encourage children to understand shapes and create illustrations, in a much freer way.

    You can think of the flow drawing technique as a how to draw guide with a difference children wont just draw a picture, theyll create a unique work of art, right from their soul.

    How To Draw A Rose Step

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      Drawing a rose presents a few challenges for beginners. In this How to draw a rose step-by-step guide we tried to make the rose flower drawing process easy enough to follow even for complete beginners yet not excessively oversimplified. 

      Using simple initial shapes for drawing a rose has been the traditional way of learning to draw this beautiful flower.  In our tutorial, we also use a grid frame to make the first step of sketching a roses outlines easier to position it on the canvas. Successfully learning how to draw a rose takes practice, patience, and a bit of information about the parts of this beautiful flower. 

      For practicing we provide a with step-by-step drawing instructions. Keep in mind that each time you repeat your rose flower drawing exercise, youll be getting better and better. It is very similar to how small children learn to write letters. If you managed to learn how to write then you already know the system repeat, repeat, repeat

      Before we actually start drawing a rose flower lets learn some useful facts about the rose parts that well be dealing with in our exercises. 

      SepalsSepals are the green, leaf-like coverings that protect the rosebud before it blooms. As a flower opens, the sepals turn down and may eventually be hidden by the flower. Note that roses have 5 sepals.

      HipHips serve a base for rose flowers. Sepals and petals are attached to it. 

      *Read more about rose flower structure.

      Draw A Long Stemmed Rose

      The flower petals are complete, lets add the leaves to the bottom of the rosebud.

      Draw the leaves in one piece.

      Pro Tip: To make this step easier, draw 3 triangles and connect them.

      If you only want the rosebud, you can skip the next step and move on to coloring the outline.

      Draw the stem by making an irregular rectangle.

      Draw a leaf. Again, think of making a teardrop shape on the left side of the stem.

      Continue to draw leaves on each side of the stem.

      Draw a thorn by making a triangular shape on the side of the stem. 

      Final Step Some Leaves For Your Rose

      Theres one last thing to do before your rose drawing is finished. When looking down at a rose from above, you can often see a few leaves peaking out from underneath the rose. So, draw them if you like

      From above, there wouldnt be all that much detail. So, something like a few pieces of grass would do just fine for adding in leaves. Just like I have on the left, draw in a few “spikes” to give your rose some leaves.

      And then its time to get rid of your rose portal guideline and give your rose some color. Red, white, yellow, pink surely youve got some sort of favorite rose color!

      Well, congratulations! You now know how to make rose drawings in a much easier way. The sweet smell of success is finally here!

      How To Draw Roses: Detailed Step By Step Directions

      I drew three roses, the first one is facing the viewer, the second one is a bit sideways, and the last one is facing half way away from the viewer.

      Start by drawing a small oval shape. That will be the center of the rose. Add a few lines for the inside of the center and the outside of the center. Then begin adding petals.

      Keep adding rose petals radiating from the center. They are just slightly curved lines going around in the circle when you think about it.

      Keep adding more and more petals as you go. I like to make some of the petals a bit pointy toward the center.

      For the rose that is facing the viewer, just keep working in a circle, adding anywhere between 3 to 5 petals for each layer.

      Try to make sure that the flower looks somewhat balanced. For the photo on the right, I put dots to indicate which petals were drawn first.

      Add a few more petals going all around the circle. All done with the first flower!

      Dont forget to add a stem and a few leaves.

      Here is the first rose completely done, and the beginnings of the second rose.

      Time to do the second flower!

      For the second flower, start with a tube with a slight opening, like the photo on the left. Then, change the opening by adding a few curved lines to indicate petals.

      To make a slight opening, draw two curved lines going from the back of the rose .  The lines should form a heart like shape in the front of the rose.  Then add a few more indications that the petals are bent and curved .

      How To Draw A Rose Easy

      Drawing TutorialsStill Life

      A rose is a very strong and at the same time delicate flower with expressive curves of petals, a unique bud shape, and a whole palette of colors. If you are interested in not only how to draw a rose easy, but also how to color it at this tutorial can find useful tips.


      How To Draw A Rose

      How to Draw Grass, Ground, and Rocks

      Roses are very popular flowers, commonly seen as a symbol of love. They’re very difficult to draw, thoughthey’re made of many layers of petals. You need to add them carefully one by one, and then shade the whole construction. In this quick tutorial I’ll show you how to do it if you want to learn how to draw a rose with a pencil, without relying on a reference. But if you want, feel free to check out any of these Envato Elements references to help you:

      To get started with this realistic rose drawing tutorial, you’ll need a few things:

      • Hard pencil
      • Medium soft pencil
      • Soft pencil
      • Sheet of paper

      Do you have everything together? Then let’s get going and start our rose pencil drawing.

      Another How To Option For Your Kids

      If the familiar shapes werent enough for your kiddo, you might try another super easy rose drawing tutorial. After all, sometimes things just dont stick the first or second time you try them, right? Sometimes its the teacher, other times its the technique. And every once in a while, the student just isnt in the right mindset. This kid-friendly video on how to draw a rose might just be the answer.

      Step 11 Apply Shading

      If you want to shade the rose in the anime style you can use what is known as Cel shading. You may already be familiar with it if youve seen some of the other tutorials here on .

      To shade the rose in such a way simply apply a darker red for the shaded areas. Apply the shading with no gradients, just a hard line between the light and dark areas.

      Method 9 Of 9:a Cartoon Flower

    • 1Draw a vertical oblong. Below the oblong, draw a slender rectangle that would serve as the plants stem.
    • 2Draw two curves at the oval one from the left and the other at the right.
    • 3Draw lines extending from the lower part of the oblong which spread in four directions. Draw a curved loop also at the bottom of the oblong.
    • 4Draw curves which connect the lines to form petals for the flower.
    • 5Draw curves which extend upward in the oval to resemble budding.
    • 6Draw another petal using the same principle and lines along the oblong.
    • 7Refine the drawing and trace with a pen. Erase unnecessary lines.
    • 8
    • Third Step The Outer And Final Layer Of Your Rose

      Well, youre just about finished now. This step plays out much the same as Step Two. Move on out to the fourth and outermost circle of your rose portal and draw five more petals. Just like this

      Its at this point where we really begin to see our rose drawings coming into shape. The bigger picture reveals a flower instead of a group of odd-looking blob-like shapes. These final five petals should be the easiest of all as they are larger, and furthest from the center. Experiment a little so that you get them looking the way you want.

      OK one, two, three, four, five petals and youre all done! Well, almost

      How To Draw A Detailed Rose

      Video by Classy Cheapskate

      Once youve mastered the easy drawing tutorials listed above, would you like to try your hand at drawing a more detailed flower? In this easy video tutorial, the artist begins with simple lines and shapes, as in the other tutorials. Once the outline is completed, the artist demonstrates a simple shading technique that will add realism to your drawing.

    • learnhowtodraws.comsays:
    • Method 2 Of 9:a Rose With Stem

    • 1Draw curved line. Sketch another one below the first until you are able to draw three similar shapes.
    • 2Draw a curved vertical line to represent the stalk and add a leaf on one side.
    • 3Sketch a rough outline of the rose, and then start drawing the petals. Use the “U” >> shape first.
    • 4Sketch the petals so they seem to overlap each other, on the first “U”.
    • 5Add petal shaped details on the second “U”.
    • 6Use the last “U” to guide you in sketching the petals similar to what you did on the first and second “U”.
    • You can also add more petals if you wish for a more appealing rose drawing.
    • 7Draw the roses sepal using pointed angles.
    • 8Add thorns on the stem. This is best drawn using pointed angles. Add details to the roses leaf, do not forget that it has a serrated margin.
    • 9
    • Drawing The Rose Blossoms Exterior Petals

      9. Draw the outermost back petal.

      10. Then, add another petal, swooping the front of your egg and touching the wider heart at its bottom point.

      11. Now draw the second back petal.

      12. Draw the next petal that swoops down the front of the rose diagonally. Think of this as the v petal.

      13. Complete the v by adding the petal which connects to it.

      14. Feel free to add another petal peaking out the back. Nature is sometimes asymmetrical!

      15. Clean things up by erasing the skeleton lines. Below is your image with skeleton lines.

      Below is your image without skeleton lines.

      Step 3 Add The Front Petals & Sepals

      The example shows dark lines for the petals to make it easier for you to distinguish them from the construction lines. You should however continue to make light lines if using pencil and paper.

      Start drawing the rose petals by first adding their front sides . Draw these going from the larger petals at the bottom towards the smaller at the top.

      It may also be helpful to keep in mind that the petals are basically stacked inside one another and tend to alternate like a braid.

      At this stage leave out any of the smaller bends and curves that the rose flowers usually have. These will be added in later steps.

      You can see a large example of the front petals drawing above.

      Draw the front set of sepals with pointy ends curving slightly downwards. You can draw two of them pointing towards the sides with one pointing more towards the viewer.

      Method 8 Of 9:a Basic Flower

    • 1Draw a small circle in the middle of the page.
    • 2Draw a bigger circle which has the same center point with the small circle.
    • 3Draw the petals of the flowers using curves. Use the circles as guide.
    • 4Draw the petals as to revolve around the circle.
    • 5Draw other petals which occupy the space left in the circle. They dont all have to be in the same length.
    • 6Draw the stem and the leaves by using curves.
    • 7Refine the leaves to resemble a real one.
    • 8Trace with a pen and erase unnecessary lines.
    • 9
    • How To Draw A Rose Step By Step

      This step by step tutorial shows how to draw a rose. Its focus is on the anime and manga style but most of the tips and drawing examples can also be applied to traditional art.

      Roses are a fairly common flower in anime and manga. They can be a used for background scenery, as a part of a characters outfit and in various romantic scenes and effects. However due to their complexity such as the irregular shapes of their petals roses can be very difficult to draw.

      This tutorial provides a drawing approach that starts with a simple shape which you then use to construct the more complex shape of the rose.

      Please note that unless you are drawing digitally you should to make very light pencil lines until the final stages of the tutorial.

      How To Draw Roses

      I made this quick poster to show how to do it right away, and then if you want more details, scroll below.  You can see that I used different colors for each step.  Pink/red was the first color: as in the first line to be done on each step, purple is next, and blue is last, the light green is what was erased at the end of the step. Beyond that, its just imagining the petals, like in step 1, and putting them together to form a flower. Whether you are doing a sideways view, or view from the top, its all about putting the petals together.

      ***This page contains affiliate links.***

      For the three roses I drew below, I used the which I got for my birthday. They were different then the that I love and use all the time, but a decent cheaper option for anyone that would want to color with pencils. I also used for this drawing.

      How To Draw Rose Drawings

      Creating rose drawings usually isnt the easiest task. Unlike many other flowers whose petals take on a simple and symmetrical arrangement, roses are different.

      This is especially true when it comes to drawing a rose from a “birds eye view“. As the petals of a rose spread out from its center, they curved up and out revealing a number of different possible shapes.

      In many of the lessons on this site flowers included, we often do better when working with a small number of simple basic shapes. Its usually easier to avoid random formations when it comes to drawing.

      In tackling rose drawings then, things get a lot easier if we first have some sort of guideline to work from something that allows us to maintain some sort of pattern while at the same time, allowing us to still be creative and random.

      And so, heres one solution to the trickiness involved in drawing a rose heres how rose drawings are “Made Easy”

      Find The Egg Shape In The Petals

      Successful drawing is more about logical thinking than having a trick up your sleeve. Start by observing your subject and asking the most basic question: What is the shape of this thing Im drawing? Is it round? Square? Roses are complicated shape-wise because their unfolding petals distract us from the flower’s basic shape.

      A rose is an unfolding bud, so its egg-shaped: wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. So start by drawing the egg-shaped bud and then add in all the petals unfolding and opening around it. Make sense? Now that’s an example of great thinking surpassing simply drawing what you see.

      How To Draw A Rose Bud

      Video by How to Draw and Paint

      Before a rose flower opens, the cluster of petals is known as a rose bud. You will learn how to draw a rose bud in this easy video tutorial, while learning rose vocabulary and facts along the way. For example, did you know that the small green leaves around the flower are called sepals? Or that rose hips the bulbous portion of stem just below the flower are edible?

      Step 2 Sketch The Inner Shape Of The Rose

      This stage of the drawing can be a little bit tricky as it may be hard to pick the exact petals that you want this inner shape to consist of. Try and pick the best defined shape you can. The goal is to establish some structure of the inner part of the rose so that when you draw the individual petals later it will be easier to correctly proportion them in relation to one another.

      Without this step if you move on to drawing the petals individually you may find some of them to bee too big or too small.

      Step 3 Draw The Back Petals & Sepals

      Now add the next set of petals. Draw these starting with the smaller center petals and working outwards. Try and draw the overall shapes of the petals to sort wrap around the shape of the wine glass. Use the oval to help you.

      You can see a large example of the drawing with all of the petals above.

      Draw two more sepals at in the background with each one in between the front and side sepals.

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