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How To Draw A Smiling Mouth

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How To Draw Evil Smile

How to Draw a Smiling Mouth

How to draw evil smile | anime drawings Like + subscribe How to draw anime smile Easy to draw .. . . . .. all songs i use on …

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  • Apply Detail And Shading To The Teeth And Inner Mouth

    When learning to draw the inside of the mouth, make sure that you remember that this is an area thats usually very heavily shadowed. Its almost like drawing the inside of a cave, but hopefully, its a little more attractive than that. The level of darkness depends on the amount of light present, and how much of the teeth are showing. If a person is speaking and you cant see much of their teeth, then the rest of the interior of their mouth should be in heavy shadow, since very little light gets into that area.

    Make sure that when youre drawing the interior part of a persons mouth, their teeth are the brightest thing in the area. Teeth are white or off white, and they naturally reflect more light than the rest of the interior of the mouth. When rendering shadows on them, its better to do too little than too much. After all, you can always go back and darken them if necessary.

    How To Draw An Angry Mouth

    First start out with the underlying teeth and then draw the basic shape of the mouth stretched both vertically and horizontally. All of this stretching is going to cause the lips to extend past the sides of the teeth, and allow some of the gums to be shown.

    Shade in the sides of the mouth where the lips have extended past the teeth. This area of the mouth will naturally fall into shadow.

    To finish off the angry drawing of a mouth add some shading to the gums. Then draw in the lips, which should be quite thin due to all of the stretching they are doing to make this extreme pose.

    Lastly, add in some creases on the sides of the mouth where the lips are pulling back into the cheeks and causing the skin to bunch up.

    For more reference, go back in front of the mirror and test out making this extreme pose for yourself and take a minute to study the finer details of your own angry mouth.

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    Shade The Bottom Lips

    While the upper lip has more shadow on it due to its shape, thats not to say that the bottom lip lacks shadows. When the light source comes from above, or even from above and the side. There will always be shadows on the bottom of the bottom lip. When rendering in these shadows, make sure that you follow the contour of the lip. The shape of a bottom lip is rounded, so you want shadows that follow this round shape. If you render in shadows in a straight line, its not going to look right, and you already know that a mistake made when drawing a portrait is usually pretty glaring and obvious.

    How To Draw A Puzzled Anime Mouth

    How to Draw A Smiling Mouth & Teeth Step by Step

    This type of an expression can be used for a character that is confused, thinking or trying to remember something.

    Once again as the mouth is open you will generally want to position the jaw lower down when drawing it.

    Make the shape of the mouth itself similar to an O. You can also add a small curve below it to give a hint of the bottom lip.

    Like in the previous example you can again shade the inside of the mouth to be fairly dark.

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    Drawing Tips For Beginners

    I couldn’t resist drawing some other happy faces. In this scribbling, I have compiled a bunch of happy faces on some of the characters I draw every day.

    I want you to know that drawing comes very easy to me now because I have more than 50 years of daily practice and learning under my belt. The best part: I don’t have any more drawing ability than you. I just worked very hard at it and developed the ability. You can do this as well. You can learn to draw if you commit to learn and practice daily. Here is a great product to get you started.

    I’d love to know how your drawing turned outwon’t you leave me a comment below? Also, be sure to take a look at some of my other drawing tutorials listed below. Good luck!

    Draw A Smiley Face Using Graphics In C Language

  • Last Updated :19 Apr, 2021

    The task is to write a C program to draw a smiley face using graphics in C.To run the program we have the include the below header file:

    Approach: We will create a Smiley Face with the help below functions:

    Take a step-up from those Hello World programs. Learn to implement data structures like Heap, Stacks, Linked List and many more! Check out our Data Structures in C course to start learning today.

  • fillellipse: A function from graphics.h header file which draws and fills an ellipse with center at and as x and y radius of ellipse.
  • ellipse: A function from graphics.h header file which is used to draw an ellipse are coordinates of the center of the ellipse, stangle is the starting angle, end angle is the ending angle, and fifth and sixth parameters specifies the X and Y radius of the ellipse.
  • setcolor: A function from graphics.h header file which set the color of pointer.
  • setfillstyle: A function from graphics.h header file which sets the current fill pattern and fill color.
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    How To Draw A Face : Step By Step Guide

    If you are searching for drawing a face, that means you have completed the amateur stage. Congratulations you are no longer an amateur. So lets begin the intermediate level without any delay. Drawing a face is not an easy task for novices. But dont get disheartened as I will be sharing as many possible simple tricks to help you out. First of all, before going to draw a face, we will try to draw a normal human figure for kids as practice. Drawing a face requires a lot of patience, skills and confidence among yourself which is a key factor. We need to take care of each and every feature of the face. Hence, before drawing a face please practice each and every body part individually to make it more realistic.

    So without any delay grab your pencil and a blank sheet of paper and follow my steps.

    Shading The Oral Cavity

    How to Draw a Smile, Mouth, Lips, Teeth

    Once you have drawn your lips, teeth and gums, you can begin shading the mouth with a dark 4B pencil. Vary the pressure on the pencil depending on how deep the area lies in the mouth. You should press harder on the deep areas at the corners of the mouth and in the central area between the teeth.

    If you want to imply a tongue, press softer and draw the surface in a lighter grey.

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    Drawing Male And Female Mouths / Lips

    Drawing a mouth can be a challenge, but you can draw realistic lips when you break the process into simple steps. Follow along to create a full, realistic mouth and avoid making simple mistakes, like defining hard edges, that beginning artists tend to make.

    When studying the mouth, you will notice the upper lip is usually smaller and will appear darker than the bottom lip. It creates an M shape.

    There are differences between male and female lips. Female mouths are much more defined and seem fuller and shinier. The edges of male lips are more subtle and are described by the shadows around them more than the edges themselves.

    Drawing Lips | Female

    1. Create a Line Drawing

    Use the grid method and a mechanical pencil to create a line drawing of female lips.

    2. Apply the Dark Patterns

    When you are sure of your accuracy, carefully remove the grid lines with a kneaded eraser. Apply the dark patterns of the lips with a pencil.

    Make the upper lip darker than the bottom one. This is because the upper lip angles in, and the bottom lip angles out.

    3. Blend Tones and Light Highlights

    Blend the tones smooth with a tortillion. Be sure to create the tones of the skin around the lips so that they look realistic. Use a kneaded eraser to lift the bright highlights of the lower lip to make them look moist and shiny.

    Drawing Lips | Male

    1. Create a Line Drawing

    Use the grid method and a mechanical pencil to create a line drawing of male lips.

    2. Add Dark Tones

    3. Blend and Lift

    Draw The Guide Lines For The Smile

    Begin the drawing with a pair of lines, on vertical and one horizontal. The horizontal line should run through where you wish to have the middle of the smile. Its goal is to help you see if both halves of the mouth are relatively even in width.

    Th horizontal line should be positioned at the level where you will add the corners of the mouth. The goal of this line is to help you make sure that the lips are not overly skewed to one side.

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    How To Draw Anime Or Cartoon Face

    Step 1 Draw a circle and divide the circle by a vertical line extending it beyond the circle.

    Step 2 Draw a diameter to mark the centre.

    Step 3 Draw 3 parallel lines parallel to each other below the diameter as shown.

    Step 4 Draw a pair of tilted line from the 2nd line starting at the intersection point to the third line for the jaws and cheeks. Continue that line till they meet in the 3rd horizontal line.

    Step 5 Draw the eyes between the first and second line and eyebrows above the first line.

    Step 6 Draw the nose below the 2nd line and the mouth on the 3rd line.

    Step 7 Draw the ears beside the eye.

    Step 8 Give finishing touches by drawing the hair and shading it lightly.

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    How To Draw A Face For Kids


    Step 1 Draw round shape for the face and give the outlines as shown.

    Step 2 Draw the lower part of the face which shows the characteristics of a boy or a girl. Start to make the eye.

    Step 3 Draw circular eyeballs and give thick strokes for male eyebrows and thin in case of female. Mark the nose.

    Step 4 Draw simple hairstyle as your favorite cartoon heroes.

    Step 5 Give details to eyes and ear. Lastly, erase the outlines.

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    History Of The Iconic Happy Face

    The creator of the iconic happy face was a man named Harvey Ross Ball, co-owner of a public relations and advertising firm in Massachusetts. Harvey took about 10 minutes to design this classic symbol for an insurance company back in 1964. The smiley face logo was designed to get employees at the insurance company to smile when they filled out forms, answered the phone or paid claims.

    Harvey made about $45 for designing the smiley face. Neither the insurance company nor Harvey and his firm trademarked the now-famous symbol. That $45 would be the only profit Harvey would receive from creating the smiley face.

    In September 1970, the phrase “Have a Nice Day” was added by Bernard and Murray Spain. It was at this time that the smiley face caught on and became one of the most recognizable images in the United States. The Spain brothers were in the business of creating fad items. This time, the Spain brothers copyrighted both the smiley face and the “Have a Nice Day” phrase.

    It wasn’t long before the smiley face caught on and appeared on just about everything from buttons and greeting cards to cookie jars and keychains. Like most fads, this one would only last for a short time. By 1972, the smiley face “fad” was declining. In that year, about 50 million smiley face buttons were produced.

    So, there it isthe short and sweet history of the smiley face. Now, let’s get on with this tutorial…

    How To Draw A Female Face From Side

    Step 1 Draw a circular outline at the center for the face.

    Step 2 Now draw a X shaped outline within the face.

    Step 3 A reverse E is drawn for the mouth.

    Step 4 Draw a C in the lower sector for the ear and a S for the chin within the E shape.

    Step 5 Within the ear draw a heart like shape and V for the mouth.

    Step 6 Connect the C with the upper half of E and draw curved line in V to show the lips.

    Step 7 Draw a curved line for the earlobe and an S to mark the beginning of the nose.

    Step 8 Draw the nose and curved lines as shown.

    Step 9 Draw a curved line above the nose for the eye.

    Step 10 Draw a curved line in the ear. Mark the nostrils and eyelashes.

    Step 11 Draw a semicircle for the head and a curved line for the neck.

    Step 12 Draw lines for the hair and small lines for the eyebrows.

    Step 13 Shade the picture.

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    How Male Lips Differ From Female Lips

    When drawing male lips, theres a fine line that youll have to walk where you depict the shape of the lips, but you dont allow them to dominate a portrait. When drawing a man, the lips should be depicted, but they shouldnt be as prominent as when you are drawing a woman. Male lips, like most other male features, tend to have a slightly more square appearance than their female counterparts. This isnt to say that this is true with all men, but its true with most of them. When youre trying to draw a realistic portrait, its essential that you accurately depict your subjects features and proportions. But, when youre drawing the lips on a man, its okay to use a little artistic license to make them appear more masculine when necessary.

    How To Draw A Creative Anime Mouth

    HOW TO DRAW MOUTH SMILE REALISTIC Step by step for beginners

    This is is a create expression a character can have when doing something like writing or drawing.

    While the mouth will look like its closed it will actually need to be slightly open to stick the tongue out in a such a way. For this reason you may want to yet again draw the jaw slightly lower down.

    However this is optional for this particular expression even for anime characters that are not very stylized.

    Draw the mouth itself as a curve that is tilted to one side with the tongue sticking out to the side of the tilt.

    You can also slightly shade or color the tongue to finish.

    For drawing this type of a mouth on a more stylize head as well as other expressions with the tongue out see:

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    Practice Sketching The Shapes Of The Lips

    The shape of each persons lips is going to be a little different. Some will be fatter, some thinner, some longer, some shorter. While the shapes are going to differ, the basic shape remains the same. The upper lip usually is smaller, it has an indentation in the middle, and its usually in shadow because its angled slightly downward. As an artist, the best thing you can do to master the shape of lips is to sketch them frequently. You dont have to go into great detail, in fact, you shouldnt go into detail. Focus on the shape, indicate highlights and shadows, and then move onto the next practice sketch.

    Draw Mouth With Teeth

    Step 1: Firstly, we will start drawing an outline for the upper and lower lip. Draw inward curve for upper and outward curve for the lower lip, as shown in the image below.

    Step 2: Give shape to the lips, draw lip shape around the outline drawn in step 2, basically draw arc or heart shape for upper lip and curve for the lower lip.

    Step 3: In the middle of both lips draw teeth, broad in middle and small as leading toward end, refer image below.

    Step 4: Over each tooth draw the gum for the teeth, do this by drawing a curve over each teeth.

    Step 5: Draw fine lines on each lip for the wrinkles. In this step also shade the gum area lighter and fill the inner portion of the mouth with dark shade.

    Step 6: To contour the lips and give it a more realistic look shade the lips near to the wrinkles drawn, finish the lower lip with darker shading.

    Below we are providing the 3 easy steps to how to draw a mouth from different angles. If you practiced the above drawings, it will be easy for you to draw a mouth from different angle also.

    Learnig facial feature also builds our confidence while drawing flawless face. Imagination and creativity build confidence in our drawing. Once you are confident in what you are drawing you will be able to do it in perfect way.

    How to Draw a Mouth Open

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