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How To Draw A Snow Globe

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Dragon In A Snow Globe: How To Draw A Baby Dragon

How to Draw a Snow Globe Easy with Cute Penguin

A lot of vector tutorials start from a sketch. If this usually discourages you from starting a project, this time we’ve created something just for you! I’ll show you how to draw a baby dragon step by step, and then we’ll take it to Adobe Illustrator to cover it with vector scales and put in a snow globe. What’s more, in the third part of this tutorial you’ll learn how to add an animated snow inside! Ready to take on this challenge?

Paint The Faux Wood Background

Youll need the colors: titanium white, burnt umber and .

This combination will create that dark wood background. Also needed is your 3/4 flat brush.

Dip your brush in the burnt umber. Then dip the corners in titanium white and mars black.

Drag the paint out a little on your palette to test how this will look on the canvas.

Paint up and down strokes on your canvas. The colors will blend together to create a dark brown washed wood look.

Dont let the colors mix all the way. Allow them to blend smoothly.

Make sure your strokes are nice and long with no harsh brush marks showing.

As you go to reload your brush, dip it in the same combo but you may want a little more white in some areas and a little more black in others to get that inconsistent look.

Leave a little it of a gap on the bottom of the canvas .

I did not divide my wood up into three panels.

I think its a possibility if you like that look but I was going for more of a simple background since the focus will be on the snow globe.

> > > > > > > > > > > Printable Directions: Click Here < < < < < < < < < < <

Large Group and Classroom Teacher Tip: I prepared as much as possible ahead of time by guesstimating the size of paper they would need. For example: Every child only received 1/3 of a sheet of white paper and about a 1 inch square of orange. I didnt want to have tons of waste left over from the paper. These are also great to make during winter class parties.

Mom tip: Dont worry about the torn up little bits of paper. Hopefully theyll tear and glue quietly so that you can have a few moments to yourself.

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Once You Learn How To Draw A Snow Globe Try These Tips For Coloring A Snowy Sky And Clear Looking Glass

Given that a snow globe drawing really needs a nice round shape for the glass, the linked PDF tutorial shown below includes a page with a circle template. It will help students get to filling their globe with lots of fun holiday things, instead of trying to make the worlds most perfect circle. That can be saved for another time!

A tip for making a pretty blue sky and soft colored snow? Dont trace them in black, just draw them with the sky color, and then add another level to the background to make it a bit darker.

Making A Snow Globe From Household Items

How To Draw A Snowglobe
  • 1Find a glass jar with a tight-fitting lid. Any size will do, as long as you have figurines that will fit inside them.
  • Pimiento jars, olive jars, artichoke heart jars, and baby food jars are all good choices, but anything with a tight-fitting lid will do the trick – just take a look in your fridge.
  • Wash the jars inside and out. If you’re having trouble removing the label, try rubbing it with hot soapy water and using a plastic card or knife to scrape it off. Dry thoroughly.
  • 2 You can put anything you like inside your snow globe. Small children’s toys are a good option, as are winter-themed figurines or cake-toppers from thrift and craft stores.
  • Just make sure the figurines are plastic or ceramic, as other materials may start to rust or turn funny after being submerged in water.
  • If you want to get a little more creative, try making your own figurines from clay. You can buy clay from a craft store, shape it into any form you want and bake them in the oven. Paint them with water-proof paint and they’re ready to use.
  • Another idea is to take pictures of yourself, your family or your pets and laminate them. You can then cut around the outline of each person and place their photo in the snow globe, for a really personalized touch!
  • Even though it’s called a snow globe you don’t need to limit yourself to creating a winter scene. You could create a beach scene using seashells and sand, or something playful and fun like a dinosaur or a ballerina.
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    How To Draw A Snowglobe

    Follow along with us and learn how to draw a snowglobe.

    This is a perfect lesson to change. During the first steps to this lesson, we show you how to draw a snowglobe. Then when we start drawing the snowmen, you can pause the video and draw something completely different. You dont have to draw snowmen in your snowglobe.

    Challenge your kids to use your creativity and have fun drawing something from memory!

    Optional Added Step: Draw Out Christmas Lights With Chalk

    To do the Christmas lights, I first drew them out with chalk. Start by drawing a wavy line for the string.

    Then draw small squares attached to the line. On top of those small squares are the actual bulbs.

    Next paint the string and the sockets in with hookers green. I used a #4 round brush for this.

    Then youll want to white out the bulb shape, let that white dry and paint the color of each bulb over the white.

    Wait for the colors to dry and use a small round brush to paint a white reflection on all of the bulbs.

    I did my reflection on the right side of the bulbs to keep it consistent.

    Finally, I did a reflection on the right side of all the sockets!

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    How To Paint A Snow Globe

    Hi friends! I am going to show you how to paint an easy snow globe on stretched canvas with acrylics!

    This is one of those customizeable paintings. Not only can you change the colors but you get to customize your snowman family & name as well!

    My snow globe includes a family of five snowmen each to represent my own family my husband and my three boys.

    I also added our family name on the snow globe name plate. You get to change this snow globe to represent your snow tribe!

    Lets talk about that globe/ glass illusion. Dont let it intimidate you because the effect is so easy and simple. I used the dry brush technique to do it!

    That circle was traced with a paper plate. If you do not want to draw the snow globe, I do offer an

    Now available in my E-Book Shop!

    Snow Globe Paper Craft Directions

    How to Draw a Snow Globe: Narrated Drawing
  • Snow globe: Draw a large circle on the blue paper and a rectangle on the black for the base, then cut them out. Tip: For the large blue circle, I used the bottom of a globe in the classroom for a tracer and a mixing bowl at home.
  • Snow and Snowman: Tear the white construction paper into small pieces.
  • Glue: the bits to make a snow scene with a snowman.
  • Snowman Details: Add a little piece of orange for the nose, brown for stick arms, black for a hat and mouth, and red.
  • Optional: Add white crayon snowflakes in the sky and/or add clear glitter to make the sky sparkle.
  • Fan Mail! My friends daughter Ashley, age 4.5, sent me her adorable version!

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    Your Snow Globe Craft

    Whether you want create a snow globe to celebrate the season or a trip somewhere special this printable snow globe craft will work for you!

    Print out the template following the directions below. This template is sized to fit standard 8.5 x 11 printer paper. We tried printing on both regular weight copy paper and heavier weight card stock. Both worked but the card stock is definitely sturdier and will have a longer life span. Use what you have and what you can afford given the size of your group!

    Create your snow globe scene the medium of your choice. We used just but this would be a great place for watercolor paints or oil pastels too!

    Cut your template out, loop the ends around in a circle, and use Scotch tape to attach. Your snow globe is done and ready to stand up!

    Details Of How To Draw A Snow Globe Cute And Easy

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    Splatter On Snow With An Old Toothbrush

    To splatter the snow, use a toothbrush. Wet the brush a little and pat dry and dip it in the titanium white.

    You want it ink consistency.

    It shouldnt be dripping but it shouldnt be thick either.

    Try not to get the splatters outside of the globe.

    If you do, keep a damp paper towel handy so that you can quickly wipe off any excess splatters that go out side the globe.

    Dont fret if it doesnt come off! Mine didnt all the way and its not noticeable in the end.

    Making A Snow Globe From A Store

    How to Draw a Christmas Snow Globe Cute and Easy
  • 1Purchase a snow globe kit online or from a craft store. There are many different kits available, some which allow you to simply slot in a photograph, some which require you to sculpt your own clay figurines, and others which provide you with a water globe, base and other materials for making a professional-looking snow globe.
  • 2Construct the snow globe. Once you have your kit, follow the instructions on the packaging to put it together. Some will require you to paint the parts and glue the figurines to the base. Once the scene is set, you will usually need to glue the glass dome to the base and then fill the dome with water from a hole in the base. You will then use the stopper provided to seal the snow globe. Advertisement
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    More Christmas Crafts For Kids

    See 50+ Christmas Crafts for Kids there are so many fun and easy crafts for kids in this list!

    See these adorable Christmas toilet paper roll crafts an easy and a fun way to recycle paper rolls!

    If youre looking for a Christmas card idea, these Christmas handprint cards are really fun for kids to make!

    Pin this for later!

    Snow Globe Paper Craft

    Snow Globe Paper Craft will keep your kids or class busy. There is something therapeutic about tearing paper into little bits. Tear, glue, tear, glue. Its just like our torn paper pumpkin, fun and great for fine motor skills. A win-win in my book. This is a great project for preschool through elementary age children.

    If you love snow globes, make sure to check out this awesome picture snow globe.

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    Why Are Snow Globes So Special

    Snow globes generally illustrate some kind of ideal scene. A beautiful seasonal scene frozen in glass globe? So perfect! We have a few snow globes that come out when the Christmas decorations come out. No matter how old my kids get, getting out the snow globes is still a little mesmerizing.

    Snow globes are also common travel souvenirs. They can be found filled with typical tourist attractions to memorialize those spaces!

    How To Make A Snow Globe

    How To Draw A SNOW GLOBE Easy in PROCREATE // with deer and tree drawing inside

    The shimmering magic of snowfall is always transfixing, whether it’s outside your window or inside this classic toy. Homemade globes let you create a wintry scene straight out of your own imagination.

    Dreaming of a white Christmas? Create your own little winter wonderland this year with a craft that’s easy, charming, and made affordable with household items.

    Children love snow globes, and they’re even more fun when handmade. Most of the supplies required for this project can be found at home: You can use any jarstorage, jam, or jellywhatever you have at home. Glycerin may be found among your health and cosmetic supplies, while epoxy and glitter are likely in your craft room. For a personalized touch, ask your child if she can find the perfect figurine toy to display in her snow globe.

    The details inside are just as important, if not more, than the globe itself. Why not populate the snowy hill with a tiny polymer clay snowman? Roll three white balls in descending sizes, squeeze a few dots of glue, and stack them, then roll off even tinier details to give him a personality. You can also use toy figurines like reindeer, skiers, carolers, or a jolly Santa. One of the secret ingredients to any snow globe is glycerin, a clear liquid typically made from vegetable oils, which is widely used to slow down the effect of shaken water and glitter, to the effect of falling snow. Simply give it a shake, and everyone will love to watch the snow swirl inside.

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    Dragon In A Snow Globe: How To Vector A Baby Dragon

    Do you remember how magic snow globes used to seem when you were a child? We can bring this magic back by creating a virtual snow globe with a little dragon inside. In the first part of this tutorial we’ve drawn a baby dragon, now it’s time to create a home for it! You’ll learn how to use a variety of Adobe Illustrator tools to create a complex illustration textures, Clipping Masks, 3D tools, Gradient Mesh, color management and many, many more!

    Paint The Table/ground White Then Cerulean Blue

    Use a T-square ruler and a piece of chalk to draw out a horizontal line to define the table or ground line.

    This line was approximate, I did not measure it. Id say it was about 4 inches from the bottom.

    Then use a 3/4 wash brush and titanium white to fill in the entire bottom area. The titanium white should cover up any of that brown.

    Then paint the area with cerulean blue. I did not wait until that white dried all the way so my blue turned lighter.

    This wasnt a big deal, I kind of liked the look of the mixed blue with the white!

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    Want To Grab The Printable Pdf For This Snow Globe Craft Today

    Do you want a copy of these free snow globe templates for your kids to color and cut? These beauties are free for Kitchen Table Classroom subscribers.

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    How to draw a Snow Globe

    If you are already a subscriber- thank you! You can still go through this same process to grab these printable snow globe templates. Its quick and easy! You wont be sent duplicate emails- I promise.

    After you become a KTC subscriber youll also receive a password to my Free Resource Library where you can browse all the free printables!

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    Paint The Reflection On The Globe

    First youll need to outline the entire circle using a small round brush and titanium white.

    I used a #4 round brush for better control.

    Your chalk will erase as you paint over it but if there is excess you can always go back and erase when this line is dry.

    Then youll need a #4 bright brush to paint the reflection on the globe.

    Basically dip your brush in titanium white.

    Use a paper towel to wipe off excess paint. Your brush should look like it only has a little bit of white on it.

    This will help you make a dry brush stroke!

    Then paint the reflection.

    Your stroke should look like a dry brush stroke.

    Its a bit translucent.

    You should be able to see anything you paint over. This technique will give you the illusion of reflected glass.

    Add these dry brush stokes on the outer edges of the snow globe circle.

    I did two rows of these type of strokes and did not do them at all in the very center of the circle.

    More Fun And Easy Winter Printables

    This is a busy time of year which makes it the perfect time for easy, creative projects that take little to no prep time from you, the adult. Check out these posts which feature free print and go activities!

    The Christmas Journal is a ten page, full color, printable book perfect for recording holiday memories and making a super sweet keepsake!

    These winter sketchbook prompts are an easy way to get the creativity flowing and fill those few odd minutes with a bit of creativity!

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    How To Draw A Cute Snow Globe

      Today well share how you can draw a cute snow globe. Step-by-step drawing activities are a great starting point for children who are hesitant about drawing or who want a few pointers to help them get started. With a few basic tools, they can add their own ideas and embellish drawing to make them their own.

      While drawing should be a fun and enjoyable activity, its not the case for all kids. For some children, drawing feels like a stressful chore that challenges them in uncomfortable ways. If this describes your child, easy, directed drawing prompts can ease the way by showing children how simple and approachable drawing can really be.

      Lets dive in to todays drawing activity

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