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How To Draw A Snowman’s Face

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Finish Off Your Snowman Drawing With Some Color

Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Snowman’s Face

Now that you have finished the final details, elements and background of your snowman, you can finish off this final step of our guide on how to draw a snowman with some beautiful colors.

Because this is a snowman in a Winter setting, you might think that you are stuck with using cooler blues and greens, but while that can be a beautiful look for your image, there are many options!

You could use some cooler colors for the snowman while using some bright, warm colors for the clothing for one option.

You could also make the picture more stylistic by using your favorite vibrant colors for your snowman.

Once you know the color scheme you would like, you can also have some fun with the art mediums that you use.

For an image like this, I would use some watercolors or colored pencils for a softer, colder look to the image, but it would look equally great to use some acrylic paints and colored pens.

Whichever colors and mediums you use, I know that you will end up with an incredible image!

Now To Start Painting

First, use a thin rounded brush and paint an outline around the snowman in the background color.

I always dip my brushes in water the first time I use them to loosen them up and help the paint flow.

Blot the excess water off on to a paper towel and then dip in your background color.

Mine was black.

Paint around his hat, his face, nose, and scarf on both sides

and make sure to extend those lines around all the canvas edges too.

Then, go in with a larger brush and paint in the whole background well.

Depending on the color you chose, you may need a second coat, but let the first one dry a bit so you can tell where you really need it.

You may only need to just fill in a few places.

Next, repeat the steps of outlining on the hat in your color of choice and outline around the hat band too, leaving it white for now, and then paint in the top half and bottom rim of the hat.

You can probably go back now and finish up the background painting.

Be sure to check out all your edges and if youre using an easel, you can flip it upside down for a few minutes to paint it in if needed.

Let it dry for a few minutes. It is good to get up and give yourself a break for a few anyway, so this is a good time for that.

Choose your buttons now if you want to.

Once the background is pretty dry, go ahead and paint in his face in white. It may seem silly to paint it white when the canvas is white, but it helps the whole thing have the same finish and helps disguise pencil lines.

Now you are all done!

Second Step How To Draw A Snowman Step By Step

First up, give your character a unique snowpersonish shape. The centerline and cross if you need to use one can really help as you mirror and map things out. Have fun get creative lets see what kind of cool-looking version you can come up with!

Here are the steps

Alright pretty well done now, Id say. And coloring is a snap snow is white so just leave your paper blank in those snow-filled areas of the lines.

I hope you enjoyed this lesson see you again soon for another!

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How To Draw Among Us Pixel Art Easy Procreate For Beginners Digital Drawing Tablet

How to draw a snowman top hat. Shade several small ovals to form the snowman’s smiling mouth. The hat should also overlap and run off the canvas to the side and off the top. Now connect the marks using curved lines to form the round head.

You can use more than three balls, just make sure the one you put on top of the others needs to be slightly smaller than the one before. How to draw pixel art | christmas video 4k theme among us multiplayer game online. Add the base of the hat by first drawing a long, curved line on top of the head.

Make its brim/bottom curved slightly upwards and draw its top as a cylinder that is slightly narrower towards the bottom. Frosty the snowman is a beloved family classic in which an animated snowman dons a magical hat that brings him to life and sets off a variety of adventures. Add a scarf as well under the head.

Draw a top hat on the snowman’s head. This how to draw a snowman step by step tutorial will teach you how to make a snowman drawing in no time. This will make your snowman drawing look more natural.

To make the snowman look even. Don’t draw the top part of the head yet Draw a curved line across the crown of the hat to indicate a hatband.

To make a top hat, start by cutting out two large circles of sturdy, stiff fabric for the brim, two rectangles for the sides, and a smaller circle for the top of the hat. You can make a cute snowman, a scary snowman or funny face snowman. Now, draw in the scarf and face details.

First Step Stacking Circles Easy As 1 2 3

Make A Snowman Face

To begin in order to help you visualize how your snowman will very soon take shape have a look at the simple structure below. You can use these images as a guideline with lightly-sketched pencil lines or just as a reference for how the shape will come to be.

Simple enough

Keep in mind there are all sorts of ways to tackle any cartoon drawing. You could reduce the body to only two circles if you like. Or maybe you want to create a more anthro-like character.

Make the necessary changes and then lets draw!

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Adding The Final Details

Once the layers of paint have dried, take some black gouache, watercolor, ink, or even acrylic paint to paint the buttons of the eyes, smile, and body. Its not necessary to paint them black, the buttons can also be gold, brown, or even green. But black is a classic color often popularly used. The nose will be painted orange to represent a carrot, if you dont have orange, mix some red and yellow. To add more detail to the buttons, use the Rigger Brush to add some white gouache. Paint four small white dots inside the buttons to indicate the small holes.

Finally, it is time for the hands, still using the Rigger Brush and some brown mixture, we paint lines at the sides of his body. They dont have to be perfectly straight, in fact, it would be preferable if they are a little wavy to appear more realistic as tree branches. When you are done, make sure to add thinner branches branching out from the main branch using smaller and thinner lines to indicate the fingers.

Lastly, add some light washes around your snowman to make it look like snowy ground with the same colors we mixed before to paint his body. Our happy snowman is done and is sure to impress and bring joy to the faces of your loved ones. Remember nothing is better or more appreciated than a gift you made yourself with love.

Wed love to hear back from you!


How To Draw A Frosty The Snowman

Very first thing then lets go ahead and draw a simple looking framework something to help us visualize the characters structure, before we actually draw him.

Below, you can see how really his shape comes down to two big shapes an oval for the body, and a circle for the head.

Use this example to give you some ideas, of how youll tackle your drawing

And next its up to Frosty the Snowmans head around the cross area

So we can sketch in the beginnings of his face starting with his round nose, and his mouth. Looks like this

Next step fading what we just drew, out to grey

Map out the top of his hat notice how it curves, matching the curvature in the cross lines in the framework. Its tilted, so that we can see a little bit, up and underneath it.

And the eyes. Draw them too!

OK next

Go ahead and begin to bring forth the shape of Frosty the Snowmans head and body.

Notice how Im selective with which lines I place in sequence. Its not necessary to do this, as I do recommend you keep your lines free, and flowing, and sketchy, and messy even.

Make mistakes and always remember

This is only a lesson an example. Its meant to give you ideas, to improve on your own creations.

Moving forward

Next up sketch in four more simple, curved lines ones that help to establish volume and weight in our character.

Amazing, such simple lines are all it takes, when we know ahead of time the specific pose/stance, our character is going to take on

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Coloring The Snowman Drawing

Youre ready to color your drawing of the snowman.

To do this, use the fill bucket tool . Make sure that your areas are bounded .

If you have gaps, double click on the gap, zoom in and pull the nodes to close the gap. Watch the video to see how I did this.

Repeat this process to color in every section of the snowman.

Your easy snowman drawing is done.

How To Draw A Snowman Face

Learn How To Paint A Snowman Face & Make Dollar Tree Snowman Ornament

When drawing your snowmans face, think about what you would use when building a real snowman.

What you would use to make the eyes, nose, and mouth? How does that song go With a corncob pipe and a button nose, and two eyes made out of coal.

Typically, when building an actual snowman, youd use whatever you had access to. Mostly it was whatever we could find around the yard so we didnt get our butts kicked by Mom.

Start by drawing your snowmans eyes. You can draw circles, buttons, or a more organic shape that looks like a rock or coal.

Next, draw the nose. Your typical snowman drawing will have a carrot for the nose. But dont limit yourself to that idea. Your nose can be whatever you want it to be.

For the mouth you can draw a smile or draw several circles to form the mouth. Or maybe your snowman has a stick for his mouth. Be creative.

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Paint The Snowman Face

Using the black chalk paint, paint in the snowmans eyes. Then use orange to paint the nose to look like a carrot.

Let the paint fully dry and then trace around the edges of the eyes and nose with a black paint marker. This really helps them to stand out from the white face.

Finally, trace over the mouth shape as well.

Draw The Snowman Scarf

Remember the gap that we left between the snowmans head and body?

Well, were going to put a scarf on him, right in this space.

To do this, draw a backward number 3 to fill in the gap between the left side of the head and the left side of the body.

Repeat this step on the right side.

From the left side, draw a long flowing line from there down towards the middle of the snowman.

Draw a line from there, across and back towards the top of the 3.

Draw two horizontal parallel lines from the new scarf section that we just made, over to the right number 3.

Under here, well draw another hanging piece of the scarf on the right side.

Our snowman now has a cozy scarf to keep him nice and comfy.

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Starting Your Snowman Drawing

Draw a circle at the top of the cross, it will help guide you so your circle will look even on both sides. Then, draw another circle a bigger one below your first circle, that will be the snowmans body. They should be overlapping each other, with the smaller circle on top of the bigger circle .

Tip: I am using a water-soluble colored pencil in a cool shade of blue. When you add water after applying this blue pencil, it will turn into watercolor, so the lines will disappear and they will perfectly blend with the paints I will later use.

How To Draw A Snowman Hat And Face

How to Draw a Snowman

Now that our snowman has a head and body, we will dress him up and give him some facial features, too. I added a hat on top of his head by drawing a soft trianglular shape, on the natural-looking side like a floppy bonnet. Then I drew two small circles for the eyes, a small triangle shape for the nose, and a semicircle made up of small circles that are buttons for the smiling mouth.

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Start With The Final Lines Of The Snowman Body

Using the shapes that you drew in the previous step, you can start using a pen or a darker pencil to draw the final lines.

You can draw the fluffy base of the hat about three-quarters of the way up the top circle. Then, you can draw the scarf between the two circles.

Then, you can draw the final circles around the guide ones.

As we mentioned in the previous step, you shouldnt worry too much about keeping the outline of the body perfect.

How To Draw A Snowman: Finished Drawing

How to draw a snowman: finished outline drawing

Here is the result of our how to draw a snowman tutorial: a completed snowman drawing, as real and awesome as the best snowman you would build in the winter.

How to draw a snowman: finished drawing coloured-in

As usual, colouring is optional but finishes our drawing so nicely.

We are using light blue to partially shade the snowballs and the snow on the ground -it makes it look so cold and icy!

Just a touch different matching sky blue for the hat. Notice our usual trick of leaving out a white highlight to suggest the roundness of the saucepan.

The nose and broom are a warm orange, with some warm brown for the broom shading to create a nice contrast to the icy blue.

Well, finally we have used the same sky blue to actually suggest some background sky. And do not forget to draw some snowflakes for a really cold winter feel!

And that is it – the very end of our how to draw a snowman tutorial.

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Now Add Some Final Details

In this sixth step of this guide on how to draw a snowman, we shall be adding some final elements and details.

First, use some curved lines coming down from the scarf around the neck for the end of the scarf trailing down. Then, you can draw three small circles going down the belly of the snowman for some buttons.

Finally, you can draw a straight line at the base of the snowman to give him some ground to be standing on.

Those are the details that we would add, but you should also feel free to let your creativity shine and run wild!

You could add a cool background to give this image even more of a Winter atmosphere or draw some patterns on the clothing that he is wearing.

You could even draw another snowman or even a snowwoman to go along with this snowman!

How will you finish off this snowman before moving on to the final step?

How To Make A Snowman Drawing With Students

How to make a primitive snowman face

How To Draw A Snowman Face : You can continue to draw the snowman relying on my example.

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    Draw A Scarf On A Snowman

    How to draw a scarf on a snowman. Draw a broom in the arm of the snowman. Draw the snowman circles with chalk. Now lets draw the snowmans body wrapped in a warm scarf.

    How to draw snowman with scarf. I drew a rake for snowman, but feel free to draw a broom or shovel instead. You can use a ruler for the carrot if you want it to be straight, but carrots arent normally too straight so dont stress that part too much.

    Try different bezier coordinates to see what works. Sketch a curved line, with a long sweep on its lower edge and a tighter, shorter upright. Paint the scarf and hat.

    Snowman needs feet so he can walk around. How to draw angel with a gift. Draw the body and the neck of the snowman.

    The scarf should be drawn after the body and before the head. Snowman made from old tires Draw a line from there, across and back towards the top of the 3.

    Try to experiment with the appearance of your artwork of a snowman, and depict some other details. Paint the snowman circles white Once you’ve got the hang of how to draw one , you’ll be able to improve on this design by making it more three dimensional, more colorful or simply more innovative.

    Draw a scarf and four buttons on the snowman. You should always use loose, slightly wonky lines for your scarf in order to make it look natural Material rarely forms hard lines.

    They should meet at the center, forming a cross pattern. 9 steps to draw a snowman: Now, draw in the scarf and face details.

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