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How To Draw A Soccer Ball Easy

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And Thencartoon Soccer Ball Complete

How To Draw A Soccer Ball

Minus the original circle, as well as the cross the finished product is just what you were looking for a nice, crisp, simple cartoon soccer ball!

If you like, leave your drawing be just as it is in the example to the left. Or

Take things a step further by bringing the interlocking hexagons into view. Simply connect all of the pentagon points and PRESTO mission accomplished. To see what I mean, have a look once again at the finished soccer ball at the top of the page.

Great job on this one! Be sure to come on back soon for yet another cartoon sports drawing lesson.

By Step Drawing Instructions

Draw an oval.

Draw upside down letter V shaped ears.

Draw a circle.

Draw circle eyes.

Draw a letter J shape.

Draw a backwards letter J shape.

Draw a sideways S shape.

Draw a triangle with curved corners.

Draw curved lines.

Draw V-like shapes.

Draw a tall U shaped tail.

Draw the tops of the pentagons.

Finish up the line drawing.

Color in the cartoon kitty.

How To Draw Soccer Ball Step By Step

How to draw a soccer ball is illustrated below with easy steps. If you are willing to draw it on paper just follow the images. Firstly, you need to draw a circle for the base. Then draw a hexagon at the side of the circle, keep on drawing hexagons keeping the same base for adjacent ones. after drawing 7 hexagons, one in the center and 6 around it, continue the drawing forming half of the hexagons. Your 2d ball is ready, to give it volume and 3d effect add shadows in it. Also draw a shadow out of the soccer, at paper forming balls shadow on it.

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Now Draw In Some Final Details

Its time to add some final details before moving on to the last step of this guide on how to draw a soccer ball!

These details should be pretty easy for you to draw in. using your ruler, simply draw in some lines from each shape point on the edges of the outer-most shapes to the outline of the ball.

The reference picture will give you a great idea of how this should look.

Before you move on to the final stage of your soccer ball drawing, you could also draw in some final details of your own!

For example, you could draw in the logo of your favorite soccer ball brand or even the logo of the soccer team that you support.

Or, you could draw in some background details like the lines on a grassy field or even a boot about to kick the ball.

What details do you think would look good to finish off your soccer ball drawing and give it some personal touches?

Your Soccer Ball Drawing Is Complete

How to draw a Soccer Ball – Easy Drawing for kids and beginners

With step 6 complete, that brings us to the end of our guide on how to draw a soccer ball!

This drawing subject can often be harder than it looks when people attempt it, due to the specific positioning of the various shapes within the ball.

However, we know that if you follow this guide and take your time with it that you will have an easy time drawing your very own soccer ball!

Once you have drawn and colored it in, its up to you to personalize it and put your own spin on it.

Some of the ways weve mentioned have included drawing in backgrounds or extra details to your soccer ball drawing, so you can use our suggestions or come up with your own for some unique pictures. We cant wait to see what you come up with!

The fun doesnt stop here, as we have plenty more drawing guides that you will love coming out soon! Please check out our site frequently to catch each new awesome drawing tutorial!

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How To Draw A Cartoon Soccer Ball

Cartoon soccer ball? How about a football? After all, you kick it with your feet! The debate is never ending.

Of all the sport balls there are, these ones are HANDS DOWN the most tricky to draw. The circle part easy. The thirty-two panels of pentagons and hexagons all coming together to form a perfect sphere? Thats another story.

Still, like with anything that can be drawn, its possible to simplify things such that creating this ball a more easy task. This is where the use of a framework as well as the maintenance of symmetry comes into play.

Alright, lets kick things off and get drawing this soccer ball!

How To Draw A Ball

In todays drawing lesson the team of will show you how to draw a ball. We will draw a classic soccer ball made of black and white hexagonal panels. We have divided this instruction into seven super simple steps consisting of elementary lines and having a very simple and accessible description. So, lets start the tutorial and learn how to draw a soccer ball!

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How To Draw A Soccer Ball

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Would you like to learn how to draw a soccer ball? It’s easy with the help of this cartoon drawing tutorial. Let’s play!

Soccer or football is considered the world’s most popular ball game. “Folk football” had been played in Europe since medieval times, but the modern game was developed in Britain during the 1800s.

The soccer ball or association football ball originated as stuffed animal bladders or stomachs. These fell apart with use and were eventually replaced with leather and rubber.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Standard soccer balls have a diameter of 8.66 inches and weigh about one poun

How many panels does a soccer ball have? The 32-panel ball was developed in 1962. In recent years, 24- and 42-panel balls have also been used.

Some have exteriors different from the classic pentagon and hexagon pattern, perhaps resembling a volleyball.

How good are your drawing skills? Improve them today, and you might even win a trophy!

If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Hockey Sticks, Golf Ball, and Tennis Racket and Ball.

First Map Out And Draw The Pentagons As Viewed From Straight On

How to Draw a Soccer Ball Easy

Ok. First thing then, go ahead and draw a circle. Yes any old circle will do just fine. Then, similar to how you drew the faces of animals, people, etc. in other lessons again draw a cross. This divides your circle into four equal segments, making it easier to use as a reference point.

Then, when youre all set to begin go ahead and draw a simple pentagon in the very center of your circle like so

Its obvious the help of the circle and cross really do aid in maintaining symmetry as you draw not one, but six pentagons as they would be viewed when looking at a soccer ball from straight on. Take your time and dont be so concerned with perfection. Youll be surprised how equal everything looks when youre all done.

And well thats pretty much all there is to drawing a cartoon soccer ball! Lets finish it off now

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How To Draw A Soccer Ball & Goal Easy Steps To Draw

A soccer ball is nothing more than a circle with few boxes but still, it looks complicated to draw the ball. If you are also willing to draw a soccer ball with perfection then today in this article we are going to provide you with different steps which will help you in drawing the soccer ball without any problem.

How To Draw A Soccer Goal

While playing soccer along with ball soccer goal is also a very important part.

  • To draw soccer goal, first of all, you need to prepare the base of it, for this, you just have to draw different lines making a kind of open rectangle as shown in the image below.
  • After it, we are going to prepare the net within this shelf. For it, you just have to draw parallel horizontal lines and after that, on these lines, you have to draw parallel vertical lines. It will create a net-like structure and your soccer goal is all set.
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    Learn How To Draw A Soccer Ball The One Used In The Worlds Most Popular Sport Youd Be Surprised How Much Detail You Can Add When You Have The Help Of A Step By Step Tutorial

    Soccer, also called football in many countries, is a game in which two teams of 11 players, using any part of their bodies except their hands and arms, try to get the ball into the opposing teams goal. Only the goalkeeper is permitted to use theirs and hands and may do so only within a specific area near the goal. The team that scores more goals wins. With about 4 billion followers, soccer is by far the most watched sport on the entire planet!

    Soccer balls are a little more complex to draw than a basketball or football, thanks to all their hexagon shapes. Some more thought is involved, but thats not to say it cant be done with a little help. This tutorial directs students in how to start their pattern with a center hexagon, and then gradually work out until their entire ball is filled with a pattern.

    Bonus Tip: Color the black hexagon shapes first with a black crayon, and then trace the other seam lines with a light gray crayon. The result is a nice subtle shadow that gives the ball slightly padded look.

    How To Draw A Cartoon Soccer Ball Filled With Simple Shadows

    How to Draw a Soccer Ball / Football – Easy Drawing for Kids & Beginners |

    Perhaps one of the most popular sport in the world, you will learn how to draw a cartoon soccer ball in this easy, seven steps tutorial! And don’t ask yourself why this great sport is so popular in many countries! You only need some shoes and a ball to play at it . Let’s start with the video version of this lesson. The written version is located below the video. 🙂

    Step 1

    First, draw a big circle. Your shape doesn’t need to be perfect. Don’t hesitate to take the whole area!

    Step 2

    Next, sketch two lines to locate the center of your shape.

    Step 3

    Continue working on your object by drawing an hexagon in the center of it. You’ll notice later that the white areas are made of hexagons while the black ones are made with pentagons.

    Step 4

    Like I said in the previous step, the black areas are made with pentagons. Draw three pentagons like shown in the image above.

    Step 5

    Filled the ball with other hexagons and pentagons. Try to maintain the same pattern.

    Step 6

    Next, fill all the pentagons with a black tone.

    Step 7

    If you feel like it, you can also add some great lighting effects to your drawing. Your ball will look more convincing that way. Great! You are done. Congratulations! I hope you had fun illustrating this great piece of equipment. You can also try to draw more fun images related to soccer and sports using fun lessons from this site below. Enjoy and have fun with these extra resources! 🙂

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    S To Draw A Soccer Ball On Fire

    A soccer ball giving out the fire looks damn beautiful and attractive. If you also looking forward to getting steps for drawing one then you are at the right place following the below steps.

    Step 1: At first you need to draw a soccer ball. So make a circle for the ball and then inside this circle draw small rectangles some fulfilled with black color while some will be white. This will complete your soccer ball.

    Step 2: After completing the soccer ball next we are going to set fire along the ball.

    Step 3: Completing these lines will set the ball with fire, to look over this you can go through the below image which will help you in drawing the perfect structure.

    How To Draw A Soccer Player Video & Step

    Step 16: To the left, add the soccer ball by first making four small marks to determine the width and length. Then connect the marks using curved lines to complete the circle. On the right, draw a few lines for speed lines. If you’re struggling to draw the circle, just trace the outer rim of a circular object like a coin or a bottle cap.

    Step 17: Draw the classic soccer ball pattern using a series of geometric shapes. The pattern consists of a few hexagons and pentagons connected by their sides. The shapes closer to the edges aren’t completely visible, so they’ll look like triangles. If you’re struggling with the soccer ball pattern, you can skip this step entirely and just have a blank ball.

    Step 18 : Draw a bit more detail throughout the athlete’s uniform. Add a number across the chest. Most of the number will be blocked by the arm, so only draw the top. You can add details like bands at the ends of the sleeves and a circle on the shoulder. You can add a stripe on the side of the soccer player’s shorts using two curved lines. If you’d like, you can look up your favorite club or national team and try to duplicate its design on your drawing.

    Step 19: Using a pen or marker, carefully draw over the lines to make soccer player drawing permanent.

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    Another Example With Chiaroscuro

    So, lets go to the last example of drawing a soccer ball. He, too, with light and shade, but the way of drawing the ball itself is a little unusual.First, we draw auxiliary lines, draw a square and divide it into equal parts.With the help of auxiliary lines draw a circle.Draw polygons. Previously, we have already drawn polygons in various ways, so we will not dwell on this topic.At the last step, we shade black polygons. Stroke from top to bottom. Since the light falls on our ball from the top left, then the black polygons are darker from below than from above.Shading the right side of the ball is darker, because less light falls on it than on the left, and the lower part needs to be made entirely dark because light does not fall on it at all.Draw a shadow under the ball.

    Do You Want To Know How To Draw A Soccer Ball Easy

    Very Easy ! How To Draw A Soccer Ball Art Hub Art fo – art on paper

    This post includes : 1- An image for every step explaining it. 2-A page includes all steps. 3- A free printable drawing practice paper with 6 steps only. 4- A free printable coloring page for the soccer ball.

    1- Draw a circle.

    2- Draw a pentagon at the center of the circle.

    3-draw 5 lines from each vertex ,and keep the lines length equal to the pentagon lines.

    4- Draw a circle smaller than the first circle .

    5- draw 2 lines to intersect with the circle and form a triangle shape then continue drawing two lines to form a rectangle shape.

    6- repeat step 5 for each line to form pentagon shapes .

    7- paint the pentagon shapes with black.

    free for personal use, non-commercial use.

    Its really an easy tutorial, below are all the steps together.

    you can print this page by saving it to your pc then print it and enjoy drawing and coloring.

    A free printable drawing practice page contains 6 steps, click the link below.

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    Learning To Draw A Soccer Ball With A Shadow

    Its time to chiaroscuro! Draw a soccer ball with light and shade.As before drawing a circle.At the second stage, we draw a polygon which is already familiar to us.We draw three more polygons.Starting from the polygons that we already have we are sketching the entire ball with polygons.The fifth is the most exciting stage for us. Here we have chiaroscuro.Shade polygons that should be black. At the top of the polygon, the strokes should be darker than at the bottom this will create an imitation of glare and give our football a three-dimensional look. White polygons do not touch, and they will remain white.After hatching black squares, we draw our own shadow on the ball in the lower left. In our example, the light falls on the ball from the top right side. That is why the shadow is in the bottom left of the ball. Own shadow is drawn as a month, which smoothly flows from dark to light.But the last step is to draw the shadow of the ball on the ground. Such a shadow is drawn much more comfortable than the balls own shadow. Just draw a narrow oval under the ball, and thats it.

    If you have difficulty with the shadow, then be sure to read our article on chiaroscuro and try to take the ball with a flashlight. Having twisted a flashlight around the ball, directing the light from different angles, you will understand the whole point of view and shade and how to draw it in the case of the ball.

    Today We’re Learning How To Draw A Soccer Player

    How to draw a girl kicking a soccer ball. In this video drawing tutorial i will show you how to draw vector sports summer soccer girl. We were so excited that the us women’s soccer team won world cup.

    This is a very fast version of my video. Remember design your own jersey and change the style of player. How to draw cartoon football player creation process sketch vector in adobe illustrator https//wwwc.

    Soccer ball drawing on fire drawn with tombow dual tip watercolor markers.

    Draw A Girl Soccer Football Player How To 100 Original C

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