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How To Draw A Sphere Easy

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Change The Circles Into Spheres

How to Draw a Sphere in Pencil

The next step in learning how to draw heads is to draw in the lines to divide the sphere into half-sections. You can draw in these guide lines lightly because youll eventually be erasing them.

You need to draw a guide line that goes around the imaginary middle point of the following sides of the sphere:

  • Vertically
  • Horizontally
  • Side to Side

One way to think of these guide lines is if you have an orange, and then you cut that orange in half. That first cut would be the horizontal middle line.

Then you made another cut through the orange to give you the vertical middle line. Finally, the last cut would give you the line that travels along the sides of the orange. In the end, youd be left with 8 equal pieces of orange.

Its a little tricky to explain with words, but when you take a look at this image to the right I think youll instantly understand how this works.

The trick here is to be able to draw these guides from your mind, and its not the easiest thing to do. Just keep practicing, and if it helps you could even get an orange or a ping pong ball and and then draw in the guide lines so that you can look at it from all angles.

Remember that your understanding of objects as having depth and dimension is going to always play a big part in making what you draw appear three dimensional and not too flat.

How To Draw A Sphere Easy Step By Step For Beginner Video Tutorial

We are going to draw a sphere in an easy way moreover in a step by step approach in this simple video tutorial. This video is made for beginners and rookies, so this video tutorial will not take any effort and hard work. Today, we are going to draw the simplest drawing in our beginner course.

A drawing of a Sphere

This is the easy as a pie of all tutorials for anyone. We should have started these tutorials from this one but we got it later anyways here it is now and we have at this moment prepared it for you now. Draw this video tutorial with some serious approach and do not mix up with other things. Be straight and do not confuse yourselves while drawing it.

Now Draw A Shape For The Cast Shadow

One of the ways that you can convey light and shadow is by drawing a cast shadow from the object, so we will plan that in this step of our guide on how to draw a sphere.

Using your light pencil, draw a flat oval coming off from the base of the main sphere.

Try to draw this oval guide with a very light touch, as you shouldnt be able to see the shadow outline later.

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Next Picture Your Circle As A Ball Shape

In this fifth step of our guide on how to draw a sphere we wont actually be drawing anything.

Instead, you should refer to the reference image we provided to help visualize what the sphere will look like.

The lines that we have on the reference image show you what the curves of the ball would look like if it wasnt flat on a page.

With that in mind, you are ready to bring the 3D effect to life in the next step!

How To Shade A Sphere

How to draw a simple 3D sphere.

Shading the sphere / ball is very difficult to do and will most likely require much practice if you are new to drawing. The sphere will consist of 2 radial gradations. A radial gradation is a value transition that changes from a lighter to darker value in a circular fashion radiating out from a central point. See the diagram below for a comparison of the more common linear gradation, which is precisely what you used to draw a cylinder.

Under a normal, single source of light, a sphere will contain a single highlight, which will not be located on the spheres edge but inward slightly. This is the location that reflects the most light back towards the viewer and as a result the highlight appears the lightest in value compared with the other parts of the sphere drawing.

Imagine a point being located in the center of the highlight and each time you visually move away from that point the value of the sphere gets darker. Eventually you will arrive at the spheres darkest value, which is called the core shadow. The core shadow is the darkest value on the form and resembles a crescent shape much like a crescent moon.

Like the highlight, the core shadow should not be sitting against the outer edge of the circle that defines the outer edge of the sphere. Rather, the core shadow leaves a small space between itself and the edge of the sphere, which is taken up by the reflected light. The reflected light is the 2nd gradation incorporated into the drawing of the sphere.

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Iterate On Top Of Your Sketch

Okay, one more time.If you feel overwhelmed at this stage thats normal because its just that you dont know instead below this is why I invite you to get all the techniques on the guides. Right there. All right?

So here is the cube, the sphere, and the cylinder.Here some iterations because I realized that my contour lines were not vertical like the edges.So it is good to some time to just take a little pause and double-check. Because one of the main key to success this is the focus. Right, make sure its parallel to the edges. Okay?

So remember to iterate.

This is one of the key of success. Whenever something can be adjusted, go ahead. Its not about being perfect every time, but you have to iterate to gain some precision. Alright?

So you can draw with precision and also with some very fee lines as well.So remember to keep focus, right here. Draw with some light lines. And this is how you keep going with confidence all along.

And remember to close the cap of your pen when you finish your session because they can dry so fast. I was drawing with the Papermate flair M. And this is one of my favorite pens that I can also recommend you very much.

I hope you enjoyed this video and I see you for the next one.

Start With A Light Pen Pressure

So remember to draw always starting with Light lines. So it allows you some more margin to maneuver with your mistakes. So, you can iterate on top when something is not correct.

From the cube, the top and below the surface I got highlighted with these little stars like these crosses in three dimensions the center of the top surface, the center below the surface and I joined them.And thats the box that actually you could draw the cylinder inside if you want to.

Because for the cylinder I got draw with a reverse-engineered just to show you that actually you can draw the cylinders first. And then when you understand the basics of perspective, you can complete the box around.

And we got the cube, the sphere, and the cylinder as the three main basic forms of design sketching.

And when you enjoy your cylinder, make sure that you take your time to make things neat in the way that makes sure that your ellipses are well horizontal and the minor axis goes to the middle.

And use it as a symmetry axis. Okay?

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Two Great Reasons To Practice Drawing With A Sphere

A sphere is an excellent subject to practice honing your drawing skills. There are two important reasons why a sphere is such a great subject.

1. Spheres have a full range of valueValue is the darkness or lightness of a color. This important element is what informs the viewer about the light within the scene and the form of the object. A sphere, no matter how strong the light source, will most likely include a full range of darks and lights.

This means that you’re likely to see super dark values and light values and many different tones in between. By drawing a sphere, we can practice creating that full range of value in our drawing, paying close attention to subtle changes in tone.

2. Locations of value are easily recognized – Not only is a full range of value important, but the locations of those values are equally important. By practicing recognizing these locations on a sphere, we are better equipped to find them on more complex subjects.

How To Draw A 3d Sphere

How to Draw Spheres

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A hidden spark of the dream sleeps In the forest and waits In the celestial spheres of the brain. Dejan Stojanovic, Circling: 1978-1987

Creating 3D effects is a popular drawing technique. You can make your pictures and cartoons come to life when you employ lines, angles, and shading to trick the eye.

Today, we’ll show you how to draw a 3D sphere. What is a sphere? Basically, a sphere is a ball.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Where a two-dimensional circle is composed of a line on which all points are the same distance from its center, a sphere’s points are likewise equidistant from its middle – but on three possible planes.

This 3D sphere drawing tutorial uses ovals and curved lines to trick the mind into thinking that the flat circle is in fact round.

You can use the skills you learn to add dimension to many types of drawings. For example, learn how to draw a 3D hole or an impossible geometric shape.

Consideration of circles and spheres is an ancient one. For example, many people in the ancient world believed that the Earth was flat.

Around 732 B.C.E., the Bible writer Isaiah spoke of “the circle of the earth” . Later, Pythagoras and Parmenides included the roundness of the planet in their philosophies.

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How To Draw A Shaded Sphere

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The secret to making a two-dimensional circle look like a three-dimensional sphere is the shading. A light will create a bright spot, with a gradient to darker shadows on the opposite side. Read on to learn how you can master this technique for yourself.

Why Draw A Sphere

You may be wondering, “why draw a sphere?”. After all, there are so many other interesting things in the world to draw other than a sphere.

We draw a sphere as an exercise. An athlete spends many hours exercising before the big game. An artist needs to exercise and practice before tackling more complex subjects. These drawing exercises help to train our brain to see as an artist and recognize the elements that we need to address in those complex subjects.

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Easy: How To Draw A 3d Ball Using Lines

Ive always loved to draw, but never been great at it. Most of my people end up looking like Picasso-esque stick figures, and if I try to go beyond drawing a house with a sun in the background, people always comment on how cute my five-year-olds drawing isand what is it, exactly? So Im not the greatest, but that doesnt take away from how much I love it. I think thats why I was so jazzed to find this super easy 3D tutorial. Not only does it give me the chance to draw something super impressive , but it gives me ideas for how to draw other things! Take a look!

Seriously, tell me that didnt blow you away!?! I cant wait to try this one myself, and once Ive figured it out, Im totally using it to impress people, like, all the time. Ill be that person sitting at lunch with a friend and doodling on a napkin. What are you drawing? They ask. Oh, just a sphere, I say, casually, before I whip out my 3D masterpiece. Bam. An artist is born.

In This Tutorial You Will Learn How To Draw A Sphere And How To Shade Easy Step By Step:

How to Draw a Sphere / Ball with Pencil || Very Easy Drawing Tips & Tricks 2

Lets grab all the materials you need, and start to draw with me step-by-step. By following along you can understand this tutorial better and you can shade any object using these methods.

Total Time Needed :

Required Tools: Art Supplies

Lets get started :

Drawing Basic Structure:

Draw a centerline and then with your mechanical pencil or any light pencil draw a circle.Make a couple of overlapping lines to form a good circle, look at the centerline to see if your circle is in proportion.Keep your hand pressure very light so that there are no visible hard overlapping lines.

Outline or Contour Drawing:

Now according to the rough shape draw a proportional circle line and get rid of all the remaining rough lines and the centerline.Keep your drawing paper as clean as possible, So your drawing can be the focal point of the paper. Try to avoid any smudges or extra lines on the drawing paper.When we are learning how to draw a sphere then the sphere should be as round as possible without using any special ruler to draw a circle.

Filling the layer:

Before we start the shading process, we will fill the whole drawing with a light HB pencil.This is to give an even tone to the drawing and to differentiate the drawing tone from the white or off-white paper. Because our drawings shade should not look like the papers shade, our drawing should be like an object placed on the paper.

Shading Process / Adding Dark Tone:

Adding Middle Tone and Light Tone:

Blending All Shades

Adding More Layers

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How To Go From Beginner Doodles To Professional Drawings

When you start practicing, your doodles are clumsy. Thats normal, it is because you are acquiring the knowledge.

Thats a good thing!

Know your brain limits, and you will learn happily. The brain is not made to multi-task.Focusing on learning both the theory + make nice drawings is tough.

So first, absorb the techniques making doodles. Then when you feel ready, practice drawing with fluidity and with lighter lines. your sketch will become much more Lively!

Phase 1: Phase 2:

Drawing The Contour Of The Sphere

Instead of thinking of the contour of the sphere as one solid line, imagine that it is made up of a series of planes created by multiple straight lines.

These planes can be further divided into smaller planes, which begin to represent the contour of the sphere.

At this point, if you erase the excess lines on the outside of the sphere and slightly curve the transitions between the planes, you will be left with a very accurate contour line .

So, begin your contour drawing in the same way:You have already marked the top, bottom and side boundaries of your sphere. From there, create side planes using straight lines as shown in the earlier diagram.

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Sphere Drawing: Finding The High Points Of The Sphere

The next step is to draw in the shadow cast by the sphere. Recall that we began the sphere drawing by mapping out its height and width.

The points of the object that project outward the most, such as the height and width, are called high points.

When you draw anything, you begin by locating and sketching the high points because they show you the limits, or boundaries, of the object. To draw an accurate shape of the cast shadow, we can first locate its high points.

I first draw the points of the cast shadow in closest proximity to the sphere.Use the vertical and horizontal axes that you drew to estimate the location of these points, by visualizing the same axes on the actual sphere .

Now, in the same way that you used a planar approach to drawing the sphere, you can again use light, straight lines to map out the cast shadow.

Create a curved line by connecting the transitions between the straight lines that you have drawn.

Erase the horizontal and vertical axes within the sphere, and map out the placement of the core shadow using straight lines.

Connect the transitions between the straight lines to create a smooth, curved line.

The last step before you begin adding tone to your sphere is to draw in the plane change between the surface on which the sphere rests, and the back plane of the shadow box.

You now have the foundation for a successful, realistic sphere drawing!

F R E E D O W N L O A DGet the Step-by-Step Sphere Drawing Infographic!

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Sphere Drawing Tutorialpart : Blocking In The Sphere

Drawing Easy How to Draw a 3D Sphere with Lines

Sphere drawing is an invaluable exercise when learning how to draw. When you draw a sphere, and other basic forms, you learn much of what you need to know to draw the figure and portrait, such as the basic drawing process, how light falls on form, how to see and draw subtle value shifts, and much more!

Take your time learning about and drawing the sphere.You will come across it again and again, no matter what you draw,whether it is a figure, portrait, landscape, or still life.

F R E E D O W N L O A DAt the end of this article, download a free Step-by-Step Sphere Drawing Infographic!

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