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How To Draw A Spray Can

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Improve Your Drawings Of Graffiti Spray Cans

How to draw a Spray Paint Can

I like doing most of my drawings on artist trading cards. Especially if Im working on my creativity or trying to develop a new style.

You can do several drawings in a reasonable amount of time. And repetition is best for improving your drawings or working through new ideas.

And when youre done you can store them in sleeves or trade them with other artists from around the world.

Best Premium Product: Montana Black Spray Paint

This product ranks among the best. If your budget allows, be sure to try this high-quality brand. The paint is quick-drying and weatherproof, making it a perfect option for street and outdoor art. It also adheres to most surfaces such as glass, wood, concrete, metal, and plastic. This range also boasts an impressive 136 vibrant matte colors.

What Is Spray Paint Art

Spray paint art uses the unconventional medium of aerosol cans to apply paint to a wide range of non-porous surfaces, including poster board, wood, metal ceramics, glass, and plastic. Popular painting surfaces include buildings, trains, and other public structures special permission is required, however, to create spray paint artwork on such surfaces. It is therefore encouraging to note that this art form is not bound to street art and includes all portable surfaces.

The subject matter of spray paint art includes scenes of planets and galaxies, landscapes, nature, cityscapes, portraits, and even abstract pieces. Commemorative, political, and protest pieces are also common, especially in street art.

There are no rules to spray paint art other than using spray paint as the primary medium. Many different techniques are employed to create interesting effects that would ordinarily take longer when using traditional methods and mediums. Some of these techniques will be detailed below. No training is needed to make spray paint art, as it is an art form mastered with practice and patience.

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Instructions On How To Use Spray Paint

If you are new to spray paint art, it is not advisable to head out onto the street with your new cans and throw yourself into creating a life-size mural in a public place. Besides getting into trouble, you may get overwhelmed or land up in the hall of fame of nailed-it memes!

So start small and build your skills and confidence in increments. You will soon have a good foundation from which you can move on to larger projects. This tutorial is a good starting point. You will learn to create a planet and space scene while familiarizing yourself with this fun new medium.

Inking Your Graffiti Spray Cans

How to Draw a spray can 2015

When you have your drawing all sketched out and you like how it looks, go ahead and go over your lines with a black pen.

This is the perfect time to make your drawing a bit more stylized by adding in some thicker lines.

There are a lot of different types of pens you can use. From really thin to much wider.

Or use a brush pen to get some nice variation to your lines. These take a bit of practice to get used to though. But its worth it if you have the time and patience.

Let the ink dry for a few minutes before cleaning up the pencil lines with an eraser.

Now youre ready to add some color to your artwork.

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Test The Smudge Level

Check to see if you need another coat of spray. Use your finger and touch your drawing to see if charcoal comes off. If it does, youll need to do another round of spraying. With every new layer of spray, flip your drawing 90 degrees. If your glove is clean, youre good to go!

Spray your drawing until no charcoal comes off. For drawings with a lot of charcoal, youll need to add more layers. It can sometimes take up to 5+ layers to fix a drawing. If parts of your drawing are fixed and other parts are not, you can spray just on that part. Remember to spray in horizontal layers, starting and ending on the outsides of the paper I wouldnt recommend spraying directly on that spot.

Always read the instructions on the can and use caution when using a fixative spray, as it is flammable and toxic. Your knowledge of what not to do will protect you from the dangers of potentially hazardous materials.

Charcoal, dry pastels, or nupastels, and conté crayon are fantastic mediums that are so fun to play with. Knowing how to spray your drawings is part of the process of drawing with smudgable drawings. If you want to purchase the materials we recommend, to view this list of materials you can buy materials directly from this page.

Happy drawing!

You Can Refer To The Simple Step

Step 1

First of all, use straight and clear lines to draw a long rectangle.

Step 2

At the top and bottom of the rectangle we draw ovals.

Step 3

Remove all unnecessary lines. If you did everything correctly, then you should get such a cylinder.

Step 4

Add curved lines at the top and bottom of the can. Draw the top of the can with a curved line.

Step 5

Can we draw a cap on top of our sprac.

Step 6

With the help of light bloom adds glare and shadows, this will make the drawing more shimmering.

Today we have shown you how to draw a spray bottle. We hope that you have coped with this drawing lesson. And we also hope that you will want to learn how to draw with aerosols, as it is a very interesting art form. If in the old days an artist looked like the guy we drew in the lesson on how to draw an artist, modern artists look like ordinary guys from the street. But of course we remind you that you need to draw where it is allowed.

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A History Of Spray Paint Art

Spray painting developed in the 1940s as a more effective way of painting radiators. Later, the use of spray paint to create graffiti became common during the 1960s. Spray painting became prolific when a young boy known as Cornbread started spraying his name across walls in Philadelphia. This movement spread throughout the United States and into Europe. By the 1980s, spray painting as an art form became recognized as a legitimate modern craft.

Accordingly, spray painting as an art form is said to have originated during the 1980s in Mexico City with the works of an artist by the name of Ruben Sadot Fernandez. He characteristically created his artworks in front of audiences on the street. After some time, he started using spray paint as his primary medium, for which he became most well known.

It is from this founder that spray paint art derives its other name, Sadotgrafia, although it is also known as Aerosolgrafia.

How To Draw A Graffiti Spray Can

Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Spray Paint Can

Learning to make a graffiti spray can drawing is so much fun and super easy to draw. Like with most of our drawing tutorials, youll start with a basic shape.

This makes it really easy to develop your design and ideas without needing to worry about the structure of your object.

Once you get the basic drawing down the possibilities are endless. You can add faces to your graffiti spray can drawings. Or you can leave them without.

Look up some reference if you like having something to look at. Or better yet, find an actual spray can.

Lets get started and look at some supplies that were used to make these drawings.

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Can I Use Spray Paint On Traditional Canvas

Yes, you can use spray paint on traditional canvas. But make sure that it has a coat of acrylic- or oil-based primer. If not, grab a tub of gesso and give your fresh canvas one coat before getting started with your artwork. A primed canvas will ensure that your paint sticks to its surface and that the colors retain their vibrancy.

Graffiti Spray Can Drawing With A Face

You can add a mouth or a face to your graffiti spray can. This gives it a little different look and adds a lot more variety to your drawings.

Drawing a mouth with a tongue and teeth is easy if youre not comfortable drawing the entire face.

Or you can go for it and give it a try.

And dont forget to add some details to the background.

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Why You Should Draw With Shapes

Learning to draw with shapes will save you a lot of time and frustration when learning to draw more complex objects. Drawing with spaces allows you to get the basic structure down first. And then you can build off of that.

For our spray can drawings we are going to begin with a cylinder. This will help us make our drawing 3D.

Next, draw a half sphere on the top of your cylinder. This is where the top part of your spray can will go.

Add an indentation where the nozzle will go.

Then draw another cylinder for the spray nozzle.

Draw a couple of rings at the top and the bottom of your cylinder. Make sure you curve them to match your spray can.

You now have your basic structure that you can work from to draw out your graffiti spray can.

A: Preparing To Spray

How to Draw a 3D Graffiti Spray can step by step

Go outside, or to a well-ventilated area, because just as you dont want the spray on your skin, you also dont want to inhale the fumes. If you spray outside, make sure to do it when it isnt windy weve found that the morning is the best time to spray drawings. If it is windy, itll blow most of the spray into the wind instead of your drawing.

Shake your fixative spray vigorously for 2 minutes. The instructions are on the can, and we cant emphasize how important this step is. If you dont mix the chemicals up, you gamble ruining your drawing. Unmixed fixative spray leaves a white, hazy layer that you cant take off.

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Building And Layering Your Colours

When creating your planet with different colors and textures, remember that starting with a dark shade and then building it up to a light color will result in a dark-colored object. Layering your colors in reverse will then result in a lighter-colored planet. This concept is helpful to keep in mind when working with color layers and textures on any subject matter.

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