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How To Draw A Straight Line In Procreate

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Turn On Symmetry With Drawing Guide

Procreate Tutorial: Drawing a Straight Line

The next thing youll want to do is to turn on the drawing guide and make sure it is set to horizontal symmetry with assisted drawing.;

Go to the wrench icon on the top left hand corner of your screen. Select canvas and then toggle on Drawing Guide.

Next, select Edit Drawing Guide.;

Select the button Symmetry and then choose Options.

Make sure vertical is selected. You should see a line down the center of your canvas. If you dont, you can adjust the color and thickness of that line so you can see it better. Select done.

The first thing you want to do is to go to your circle layer and align your circle to this line. Use the selection tool to move your circle so that the line goes through the center. I find the easiest way to do this is to align the little green dots with that line.;

Now, create a new layer and click on the title on the layer menu. A menu will pop up. In that menu, select assisted drawing.;

Hint: you want to create a new layer for this to make it easier to erase lines from your lines and your circle without having to worry about messing each other up.;

Selecting drawing assist on the layer will make it so that what you draw on one side of the screen will also be drawn on the other side, kind of like a mirror.;

While your Apple Pencil is still on the screen, adjust your lines to meet in a point.

This may take a few tries before you get it right. If you need to, you can hide your line layer and create a new layer with drawing assist and try again. .;

Can You Animate With Procreate

Savage has released a major update for the iPad illustration app Procreate today, adding long-awaited features like the ability to add text and create animations. New Layer Export options come with an Export to GIF feature, which let artists create looping animations with frame rates from 0.1 to 60 frames per second.

Layer Opacity And Blending Modes In Procreate

We can also change the Layers Blending Modes and the Procreate Layer Opacity.

To see these options, tap on the N beside the Visibility Toggle.

Exact below our Layers Preview, we can see the;Opacity Slider.

100% is full, and 0% is invisible.

It can be applied to Groups and Grouped Layers also.

Blending Modes affect how the Layer interconnects with the other Procreate layers in the specific composition.

The Blending Mode is on the Normal option by default.

Numerous procreate blending modes contains Multiply, Luminosity, Darken, Color Burn, Saturation, Linear Burn, and many others.

Yes, its so many!;

One of the top techniques to get to know blending modes is to add and use them individually.;

We can also set the Blending Mode back to normal on any given instance.

To achieve this, we have to go back to the Layers default look.

Lets try to attempt it. Underneath is some line art, on its Layer.;

Then, on a layer above it, there will be a solid color.

Check the variance among the same Layer with alternate Blending Modes.

The left side has the Layer with the red color will be set to Normal.;

In the middle, the same red Layer is fixed to Lighten.

The right side, this same Layers Blending Mode is fixed to Multiply.

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How To Draw A Perfect Line Or Circle In Procreate

This is a super helpful tool that is not immediately obvious when you start using the app. To draw a perfectly straight line, simply draw a line , and when you reach the end, hold your Pencil there for a few seconds and the line will automatically become straight. You can then move your Pencil to change the length or angle of your line.

To draw a perfectly even circle, draw a wobbly circle and again hold your Pencil at the end for a few seconds, and it will automatically link up and create a circle that is even all the way round.

At the top, you will then see an Edit shape button appear, where you can choose to make a perfect circle, ellipse, quadrilateral, rectangle or polyline. This tool is great if you want to do some drawing that is geometric.

Blocking The Metal Shapes

How To Make Straight Lines In Procreate

When creating a spaceship design, including a variety of materials on the body will make it more visually interesting. Try to break up the reds of the spaceship in an appealing and interesting way. Select a warm gray to block in the base of the metals, remembering to zoom out at intervals to check how the spaceship reads overall. This will help you to decide which parts of the spaceship to assign as the gray metal.

Block in the metal material to break up the shapes of the spaceship

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Master The Basic Gestures

Procreate gestures can increase productivity when drawing.

Gestures limit the amount of time used to carry out simple activities.

Instead of looking for undoing or zoom command on the Procreate app, we can simply swipe, tap, or pinch fingers on the screen.

We can easily customize these shortcuts also by going to Actions > Prefs > Gesture Controls.;

Organize Hide Lock Duplicate And Delete Layers

If we want to move the Layer, Tap it and Hold it.

Then move the Layer in which order you want.

We can also group the Layers. In this example, we have three layers.;

Swipe Right on the layers we would like to Group. Selected Layers will be highlighted in blue.

Then, choose the Group Icon on the upper right-hand side.

This is how these Layers appeared as a group.

In this example, we widened the Group to see its contents.

We can hide contents by Tapping on the downward arrow to contract.

We can also organize these Layers within the Group.

Use the same technique to move Layers here and there in a group.

When we swipe left, we will see the same Lock, Duplicate, and Delete actions that we have seen in Layer of standard Procreate.;

Visibility of Procreate Layer can be Switched on and Off through the checkboxes on the right-hand side of each Layer.

The same action is used for Layers within Groups and Layers groups.

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How To Get Started Using Procreate: A Beginner’s Guide

Just started using Procreate, and don’t know where to begin? These tips will help you get started.

If you’re trying to get into digital art, Procreate is a great place to start. Procreate is considered one of the best mobile apps for digital art, and there’s a reason for that.

Once you get the hang of it, Procreate is the perfect tool for both professionals artists and people who love to draw or design as a hobby. That being said, if you don’t know anything about Procreate, it can get overwhelming, and you probably won’t even know where to start.

Whether you’re a total beginner or just want to learn a bit more about the app, here are some tips for beginners.

How To Create A New Canvas

Straight line snapping in Procreate

Creating a new canvas is the first thing;you should do when you launch Procreate. Fortunately, this is super easy, and it’ll only take a few steps:

  • Launch the;Procreate app.
  • Tap on the;plus; icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • A small window will pop up with some default canvas sizes. Choose the size you want to use.
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    Use The Streamline Feature To Draw Smoother Lines

    The second option to draw smooth lines is by using the streamline feature. Within each of the brushes included in Procreate, you can get more options by tapping on the name of the brush.

    If you draw a squiggly line without the streamline on, the line will appear shaky and uneven. If you turn on the streamline option, as youre drawing the squiggly line, the line will appear to be dragging behind the Apple pencil and come out smooth.

    So if youre drawing something curvy or something quite detailed, the streamline option is a great way to achieve a smooth line. The streamline effect is an excellent option for drawing hair or for doing lettering.

    Once you get the hang of it, it becomes a powerful tool.

    Alpha Lock To Recolor

    There are many times when we need to change direction on a color palette half way through a design. The Alpha Lock feature is useful in those situations, allowing you to recolor individual layers. Tap the layer thumbnail and choose Alpha Lock . This now locks the transparency. Next tap your layer again and choose ‘Fill Layer’.

    You can also use this feature to paint a textured grain onto a layer.

    I hope you enjoyed these tips and found;something you can use to improve your workflow. I’d love to know your favorite, please leave a comment below and tell us which you liked the best.

    Sometimes its the little things that make all the difference!

    All brushes used throughout this tutorial are available in The Mid-Century Brush Pack for Procreate. You can also check out our bestselling Complete Mid-Century Brush Collection for Procreate which includes our entire Mid-Century for Procreate line of products.

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    Automatically Color Any Shape

    Now that you have a shape, it’s time to add some color to it. Don’t worry; you won’t have to paint it yourself. Procreate will do it for you! Just follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the color at the top-right corner of the canvas.
  • Drag the color to your shape or drawing.
  • Lift your finger or Apple Pencil, and Procreate will automatically fill the shape with that color.
  • Procreate will automatically paint the shape where you release your finger. Keep in mind that the shape needs to be closed. Otherwise, the paint will cover the whole canvas.

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    How To Draw A Perfect Circle In Procreate

    Procreate’s 10 Best Features (draw straight lines, paint bucket tool, gradients and more)

    A circle is the farthest thing from a straight line but, it uses the same technique, so its worth mentioning.;

    1. Draw a circle2. When you reach the end of your circle, hold down your finger or stylus3. If youre happy with your circle, release your finger or stylus4. If you want to shorten or rotate your circle, move your finger or stylus around the canvas until your circle is the size youre looking for.

    If youre an artist with shaky hands like I am, the ability to draw perfectly straight lines and perfectly round circles is pretty incredible. I use these features SO often and really love how they increase the efficiency and cleanliness of my designs.

    Sometimes, the straight line feature goes into overdrive. Line after line, no matter how hard you try to draw something crooked, curved, or squiggly, all you get is straight lines. Whats going on? Lets find out.

    Recommended Procreate Tools

    These are my favorite Procreate tools that I wouldn’t be able to live my Procreate life without!

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    Shortcuts And Gestures For Procreate


    To enter fullscreen mode, or to take a screenshot of your work without the Procreate toolbars, do this one simple trick. Take 4 fingers and tap on the screen. Done! Thats it!

    Draw Perfect Shapes

    This one is a very helpful trick for drawing shapes in Procreate. You can draw straight lines or perfect shapes with this easy tip. Roughly draw your shape, such as a circle. Instead of lifting up the Apple Pencil at the end, hold it in place. The lines or shapes will snap to a shape. Without lifting up the pencil, tap the screen with one finger for a perfect shape.

    Layer Opacity

    To quickly access a layers opacity slider, do this simple shortcut. Choose the layer you wish to change from the layer panel. Tap on the layer with 2 fingers and the opacity slider will appear. Slide to change the opacity.

    Layer Select

    Similar to the last Procreate shortcut, quickly selecting a layer is just a simple. Tap and hold with 2 fingers on the layer you wish to select. The layer will automatically be selected.

    Layer Alpha Lock

    Also like the last shortcuts, you can quickly apply alpha lock to a layer. Using 2 fingers, swipe quickly to the right on the layer you wish to apply alpha lock. Tada! Alpha lock is automatically applied.

    Finer brush size control

    Quick Swap Colors

    Getting Into The Details

    Next, revisit the shinier parts of the engine. Still using the Damp Brush, start to clean up your edges to create a neat, hard edge around the outer rims of the engine. This will require you to switch the visibility of your line art layer on and off. Use the Selection tool to help create the clean hard edges. In the highlighted areas, apply a scratchy texture to the metal. Next, paint a soft purple light to the underside to imply a secondary light source from the atmosphere.

    Work on the fine details of the engine and create clean edges

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    What Is Quick Shape In Procreate

    QuickShape is a function in Procreate in which you can draw an object and then hold your pencil on the screen until that shape snaps into place as a perfect shape. The Quick Shape tool in Procreate can create:

    • lines
    • triangles
    • quadrilaterals

    You can also create a perfect square, circle, triangle and vertical or horizontal straight line in Procreate by holding your finger on the screen while using QuickShape.;

    This is so useful, especially if youre not great at drawing a straight line.;

    But some shapes are left out. While you can create complex shapes like cogs, teardrops, stars and the like in programs like Illustrator, it isnt as easy in Procreate.;

    In this post Im going to show you how to create a teardrop in Procreate using Quick Shape, Symmetry and Drawing Assist. Sounds complicated, but it really isnt.

    You can follow along in this video I created for you:

    How To Draw A Perfectly Horizontal Or Vertical Line In Procreate

    How to Draw Straight Lines in Procreate | Quickline Tutorial for Beginners

    Drawing a straight line is great, but its hard to know if its crooked or not. How do you get it to be an exact 90 or 180 degrees? If you need a line thats exactly parallel with the canvas, Procreate makes it easy to do.

    1. Click on the Actions tab in the main menu. Its the icon that looks like a wrench.2. Turn on the Drawing Guide3. When you draw a line, try your best to stay along one of their guiding lines. It doesnt have to be perfect, but if you stray too far, the line wont snap to the perfectly parallel line that matches the grid..4. Turn off the Drawing Guide and youll have a perfectly straight and parallel line.

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    How To Use Procreate Quick Shape To Make A Teardrop Shape

    While Procreate App has a pretty cool Quick Shape function which helps you to create perfect lines, circles, squares, and triangles, there isnt a Quick Shape for a teardrop or rain drop. In this post, Ill show you how to create a teardrop in Procreate.;

    This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience. isclosure policy.

    Straight Lines Are A Snap

    If were not familiar, Procreate Layers work only as they sound.

    They allow us to layer various sections of content on top of each other while supporting a level of independence.;

    So, for example, we could draw something on one Layer, and then create a new layer for an additional design.

    We can move and manipulate two layers separately in contrary to one Layer, dependent work in a shared space.

    To disclose Layers, drag on the Layers Icon on the top of the right hand in the work area.

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    How To Use Procreate: 10 Essential Tips

    The Procreate app is the most popular digital painting app on the iPad and its easy to see why. The simple interface is straightforward to learn, allowing anyone to jump in and start drawing. But dig a little deeper and many other powerful tools and features are hiding below the user-friendly surface.

    Procreate works on the iPad Pro as well as any iPad model that supports the Apple Pencil. If youre looking to get up to speed with Procreate youre in the right place. Try out these 10 tips and tricks to send your illustration skills to the next level.

    Straight Line On Ipad Pro App With Photoshop

    How to Draw Perfect Straight Lines in Procreate â?ï¸? â¸

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    How do I draw a straight line using the Photoshop app on an iPad Pro with an Apple stylus?


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    I don’t think there’s a ruler in Photoshop . You can create a rectangular selection and fill, but this is probably not a good solution. Use a physical ruler…?


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    What about the functionality of holding shift like on desktop? This is one of my most used features, workflow is much slower without this, anyone know if this is coming soon? Would be great for this to be added to Lightroom iPad too…


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    Like you, I have been wanting to draw a straight line in Photoshop on iPad Pro.;This is my solution.;If you select the TEXT tool. the keypad will appear. Do not insert any letters, but instead go to the numbers on the keypad , then go to the uppercase key . This will give you access to the underline key, which is below the 4 and 5 numbers. Type a series of these to make a straight line. After this you will be able to change the thickness and length and colour. ;You can then change position, angle and size by using the transform tool on left of screen. ;This all sounds long winded, but it only takes a second.;I hope this helps..

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