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How To Draw A Straight Line

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Gimp: Draw Line Without Any Tool / Straight Line

How to Draw Straight Lines- Quick Art Tip

Gimp offers many functions. But before you plunge into the depths of image editing, it can also be helpful if you learn the basics. So if you want to learn how to draw a line in Gimp in addition to color properties, youve come to the right place. Because if you dont know, you might quickly wonder how to draw a straight line in Gimp without any tools at all. The function is directly active with only one shortcut and thus allows to work with it without much ado. We would like to explain to you how this works.

How to draw a line in Gimp?

Often it can simply be important to learn the basics right from the start. Drawing a straight line in Gimp is definitely one of them. The advantage: Once you know how to do it, you wont forget it. In addition, you can work much faster with shortcuts, because you can do without the use of tools and the flow of your own work is less disturbed. We recommend that you learn the basics, such as drawing a straight line in Gimp!

Other Gimp Textured Background Approaches

There are many other textured background approaches you can take with Gimp, including using the Gimpressionist tool :

  • Weave was an excellent choice for what I needed today
  • Canvas
  • etc.

For each of these, make sure you click Apply, then Update in the Preview area to save yourself some time. Also make sure you press Reset, unless you want to combine effects.

You can also combine these effects with Paper and Brush settings:

  • Weave preset plus Marble paper was also very good
  • Weave preset plus Burlap paper was also very good
  • Canvas paper plus a Sponge01 brush was excellent

Be sure to adjust the Scale and Relief settings to see how those work.

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How Do I Draw A Straight Line In Adobe Acrobat

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In all other programs, the Shift key is used. How is this accomplished in Adobe Acrobat?


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All lines are straight, by definition. I’m guessing that you mean lines that are parallel to the border of the page.

If that’s the case, then it’s the same as in those other applications. Just select the Line commenting tool and hold down Shift when using it. It will limit you to 45° intervals.


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If I use “comment”, select the line tool, hold down “shift” and attempt to draf a straight line, it DOES NOT WORK.

How do I get it to work? Acrobat XI worked so damn well. DC is cumbersome and slow and non-intuitive.

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That solution works for me.

Another solution is to set the view to “snap to grid”


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And a circle is just a series of many straight lines, right? Don’t be obtuse. I think all of us here know what it means to want to draw a damn straight line in graphic software.


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Tools | Comment | Drawing Tools . Draw your line as you hold down your Shift key. You can change the colour and thickness etc by viewing the Properties of the line .The Pencil icon is used for non straight lines.

PS I know this is an old request but I suspected others may be lookinghere for a solution


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How To Draw A Straight Line In Adobe Photoshop

Drawing or editing an image in Photoshop can be overwhelming with the number of available options. Photoshop has so many tools, in fact, that you may be struggling to find a way to do something that seems like it should be simple. For example, you may be wondering how to draw a straight line in Photoshop.

But Photoshop also has a lot of tools that help you add new objects to that image, such as a line. In our tutorial below we will discuss how to draw a line in Photoshop using the Brush tool.

How To Draw Straight Lines With The Pen Tool

How To Draw Straight Lines In Photoshop

Drawing straight lines with the Pen Tool is pretty easy since Photoshop automatically creates straight lines between each anchor point.

With that said, you can hold Shift while creating anchor points to make sure each line is perfectly straight horizontally or vertically.

Regardless of where your mouse is, this shortcut will only place anchor points in straight lines horizontally or vertically from your initial anchor point.

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How To Draw Lines With The Pen Tool

The pen tool can be found in your toolbar or by pressing P on your keyboard.

Making sure your pen mode is set to Shape to turn your pen path into a line.

Next, change the fill color to transparent, represented by the white box with the red line through it.

Now select a stroke color to choose the color of your line. Like the line tool, this color can be changed later on, so no need to worry!

Set the stroke size to match the thickness of the line you want. If you arent sure, starting around 25px is a safe bet.

With your settings in order, click anywhere on your canvas to create new anchor points. These anchor points control your path while setting the start and endpoint of your line.

While creating anchor points, click and drag to curve your pen path. This will, in turn, curve the line youre drawing.

Continue creating new anchor points to form your line with the pen tool!

Quick Start Guide For Creating A Straight Line With Gimp

Note: images, with lines, are zoomed in at 550%!

  • Grab a painting device like the Paintbrush or Pencil
  • Set the Tool Options for the drawing device to have a hard edge. Unless you want the edge feathered. Also, dont forget to set the brush size.
  • Hold down your Shift key and click once to create the beginning of your line. Continue holding down the Shift key.
  • Now, move your mouse to another position where you’d like the line to end. As you do, you’ll see a straight “guide” line appear as you move the mouse. This gives you a visual cue of the angle of the line.
  • Next, click again to create the endpoint. A line will be drawn between the two places you clicked with your mouse button.

In summary: Shift key + hold, click, move, and click again. Easy-Peasy.

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How To Draw A Broken Line In Photoshop

Ok, but how do you draw a broken line in Photoshop? You can use the same method for this purpose. If you click first, and then press Shift, youll draw an individual straight line. But if you keep holding Shift and click again, the end point of the previous line will become the start point of the new one. So, remember the order: click and press Shift for a separate line, press Shift and click for a continuous broken line.


Changing Line Color With The Brush Tool

How to Draw a Straight Line!

Unlike the other tools that have shape layer settings to work with, the brush tool requires you to set a color before painting. The color your brush will paint is based on your active foreground color. You can find your foreground color at the bottom of your toolbar.

To change the color of a line, click on the foreground color, and choose a new color from the color picker. Click OK when youre happy.

Now begin to create your lines with the brush tool, but now with an updated color!

For general use, using the Line Tool is the fastest and easiest way to make lines in Photoshop. Since you just click and drag, it doesnt get more simple than that! Better yet, you can customize all the aspects of your line at any point after creating it.

On the other hand, the pen tool makes it easy to curve lines or make them follow along a certain edge. Similarly, with the brush tool, you can create just about any type of line since its all created freehand!

No matter which tool you use, one thing is for sure, you have now become a master of creating lines in Photoshop.

Happy Editing!

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How To Use The Snip And Sketch Ruler To Draw Straight Lines

Time needed: 1 minute.

To draw straight lines in Snip and Sketch for Windows 10 using the built-in ruler:

  • Click the Ruler or the Protractor icon in the Snip and Sketch toolbar.
  • Choose Ruler from the drop-down menu again if the protractor was selected.
  • Put the ruler where you want to draw a line.

    Move: To position the ruler, click and drag.

  • Choose the pen, pencil and marker you want to use for drawing the straight Snip and Sketch line.

    Color and size: Click again on a tool to change its size and color.

  • Draw along the ruler to add a straight line.

    Edges: You can craw along all the rulers edges, not just the top.

  • How To Create A Dotted Line In Gimp

    Creating a dotted or dashed line with GIMP is easy with the Paths Tool. In the Stroke Path Dialog window, you can adjust the lines style via the Line Style option. Its located just below the Line Width setting. Click on Line Style to expand the styling options.

    • Capt Style: this option sets how the endpoint of your line looks – Butt, Round, or Square.
    • Join Style: if you’re creating multiple lines at different angles, this will style how they are joined – Miter, Round, or Bevel.
    • Miter Limit: this option will convert a mitered join to a beveled join if the miter extends to a distance of more than the miter-limit line-width from the actual join point.
    • Dash Pattern: this allows you to create a custom dash pattern.
    • Dash Preset: this will provide you with numerous premade dash and dot patterns to choose from.

    Lets not overlook the Stroke with a paint tool option. From here, you can choose a paint device of your choice. You can make some creative line effects with any one of these options.

    My drawing tool of choice is the Paintbrush. Ill then select a custom brush vs. a round one. Dont forget to turn on Emulate brush dynamics for replicating the custom Paintbrushes built in features.

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    Making A Perfectly Straight Line In Procreate With Quickline

    Draw a line and dont lift your Apple pencil from the screen. After about half a second, the line will become straight. Place another finger on the screen and now the line will snap to 15° increments. You can then move the angle of the straight line by moving the stylus around. This is especially useful for creating perfect horizontal or vertical lines.

    How To Draw A Straight Line In Photoshop

    How to draw a straight line – freehand! – Architecture Daily Sketches

    You just started learning Photoshop and you want to how can you draw a straight line in Photoshop. Though Photoshop is basically designed for photo editing, it also works great for graphic design.

    In this tutorial, were going to see how to draw a straight line in Photoshop.

    You can use three methods to draw a straight line in Photoshop. These are

  • Brush Tool: easiest to use.
  • Line Tool: easy to use but not as easy as the Brush Tool. But its more flexible than the Brush Tool
  • Pen Tool: Toughest to use but gives maximum flexibility
  • Lets draw a straight line using all these three tools

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    Draw Straight Lines Using Your Whole Arm

    The proper way of drawing straight lines is using your whole arm and involve as few muscles as possible. One of the main reasons people struggle to draw straight lines is because they involve their fingers and wrist too much. Controlling so many variables is too complicated, and the reach you have is only the length of your fingers and wrist.

    Instead, when you use your arm to control where the line goes, the result is always a much more straight and steady line. This technique is more noticeable when drawing long lines. I recorded two videos to show you examples of how not to draw a straight line and one that shows how to do it properly.

    The videos purpose is to show you how to draw the line properly. A picture of the lines I drew will be below the videos.

    Drawing Straight Lines At A Fast Pace

    These straight lines look better than the slower-paced ones! And of all exercises to get used to drawing straight lines better, I think this one is the best.

    Try this exercise yourself and find your best drawing pace. However, if youre open to getting a piece of advice, do try to make the regular or fast drawing pace your standard.

    Insider tip #3: If youre attempting to draw something similar to what I did on the regular pace example, draw at your regular pace as well. When you draw lines at a faster pace, you gain line quality but lose line control. But you can always try it!

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    The Straight Line Tool List

    Currently there are eight GIMP tools that can use the shift key monitor to get straight lines. These include:

    The Pencil tool, the Paint Brush tool, the Eraser, the Airbrush tool, the Clone tool, the Blur tool, the Smudge tool, and the Dodge tool. If youâre confused about what those tool icons look like, theyâre the ones shown here on the left, inside the pink boxes.

    So Simple They Forgot To Make It Obvious

    How to Draw STRAIGHT Lines with Digital Art Software

    Iâm not going to lie I used GIMP for a very long time without ever knowing how to make straight lines easily. The fact is though, that not only does GIMP have the ability to make straight lines, it has the ability to use these straight lines with many of itâs complex tools.

    It would make sense for one to be able to make a straight line using a the basic paint brush tool, so letâs start with it.

    This simple image was made entirely with the GIMP paint tool and the straight line modifier. How?

    Step 1: Select the Paint Brush tool. Make a single mark on the canvas this will be the starting point of your first line.

    Step 2: Hold down the shift key and move the cursor around the canvas. You will see the âghostâ image of where the line will go. Click anywhere on the page to create the line from our starting point to there.

    Thatâs the only trick to it! The all-powerful shift key. The line will mimic the size, opacity, and shape of whichever brush you choose, so you wonât end up with awkward circles with lines connecting them.

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    Draw A Line Or Align Items

  • Select the slide where you want to use the ruler.

  • Tap the Ruler on the Draw tab to make it appear on the drawing surface of the slide.

  • Position the Ruler at the angle you want.

  • Use one finger to move the ruler up/down or left/right.

  • Use two fingers to rotate the ruler to the angle you want.

  • Use three fingers to rotate the ruler by five-degree increments.

  • To draw a line Tap a pen or highlighter on the Draw tab, and begin drawing.

    To align individual items Select each one in turn and drag the object until its selection handle snaps to the ruler.

    To align a group of items at once Multi-select the items by pressing Ctrl while tapping each item in turn. Drag the set of objects until it snaps to the ruler.

    A shape aligns to the ruler on its edge, whereas an object such as an icon, picture, or text box aligns to the ruler on its bounding box.

  • How To Draw Lines In Photoshop

    To draw a line in Photoshop, there are a variety of different tools you can use. Depending on the type of line you want to create, some options might prove more useful than others. The three best options you have for creating lines is the Line Tool, Pen Tool, or the Brush Tool.

    The Line Tool is the easiest way to create straight lines in Photoshop. It can be accessed within your Shape Tools and is easily customized with the stroke and color fill settings. With the Line Tool selected, simply drag out on your canvas to create a new line.

    Now thats just the tip of the iceberg with the Line Tool and creating lines in Photoshop. Lets get more in-depth with this tool, along with the other options you have at your disposal.

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    Instructions To Draw Straight Lines On Word

    Step 1:

    At the interface on Word, users click on the Insert item and then select the next Shapes tool . In the list below you click on Line line icon.

    Step 2:

    Click at the location where we want to draw a line and drag and drop the mouse to draw as you like.Note that if drawing a horizontal line, the user needs to press the Shift key to limit the line drawing. If you draw a diagonal line, you do not need to do this.

    Step 3:

    After you’ve drawn a line you need a color format, a thickness, a border type for a straight line, right-click on the line you just drew and select Format AutoShape / Picture .

    Step 4:

    Display the interface to correct the line. Here the Line item we can select the color for the line in the Color section.

    Dash section is used to select the style for the line, you can choose the break, round dot, big break, . depending on the presentation needs of the user.

    Part Weight to select the thickness of the line. The Arrows section of the user can choose to add the start and end styles for the straight line, such as 2 round points for the line segment.

    Finally to create a new line.

    The new straight line after being reset will look like the following.

    Step 5:

    To write a line for a straight line, or create the first two points to create a line, click on the Text Box tool and then select the Simple Text Box font .

    Enter text in the box and then right-click and choose Format AutoShape / Picture .

    I wish you all success!

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