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How To Draw A Straw Hat

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Drawing The Straw Between The Rope

How to Draw Straw Hats

Draw the straw in the center of the loops in the same way as before.

Just look out for the shadows cast by the hat onto the straw and rope when drawing this area.

To really make the rope stand out from the background, make the gaps between the rope as dark as you can get it.

I finish off my drawing with a touch of fine tuning here and there.

How To Draw A Men’s Straw Hat Step By Step For Kids

June 17, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Clothing

Straw hat was originally from the Apennine peninsula in Italy, and was later brought into the United States by immigrants. Its popularity is mainly attributed to the Hollywood movies at that time.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this hat out, very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below!

1. Draw a curve first. It will look like a curved spoon.

2. Start at the right end and draw a curve down. Then draw two horizontal lines at the bottom.

3. Draw a wide brim, as shown above.

4.Finally, simply paint it and the straw hat is done!

What To Use Instead Of Straw

The straw of various other grasses besides wheat has also been employed in this country and in Ireland, especially that of the Traneen, or crested dogs tail grass , which was at one time in much repute.

Many other stalks of grain are utilized for plaiting for millinery purposes, and in addition, rushes and grasses of many kinds, raffia and wood pulp, as well as nettle stalks and other vegetable fibres, have also been used.

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Wool, chenille, horsehair, tinsel, leather, cotton and paper pulp are constantly used for fashionable plaits. The Yedda plaits, made of Japanese and Chinese grass, are soft and pliable Bass and raffia are also very pliable and form artistic plaits Crinoline and tagel are, perhaps, the finest plaits, as well as the most transparent

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Resize A Hat Using Your Own Head

Lightly spray water on your straw cowboy hat.

Pull the hat onto your head and leave it on for 20 minutes.

Take the hat off when the fit feels comfortable.

Stuff the straw hat with crumpled newspaper, plastic bags or paper bags.

An alternative would be to leave the hat on your head. In a description of resizing straw cowboy hats, the David Morgan Hat Company reports that “The old cowboy method was to wear the hat in the rain for a day, and pull it down hard on the head, lower than normal, and let it dry.”

Let the hat dry overnight and try it on in the morning.

Shaping A Straw Cowboy Hat

How to draw a straw hat easy
  • 1Feel for the shaping wire. The shaping wire is a thin, malleable wire that runs around the circumference and is inserted at the edge of the brim. Straw cowboy hat brims are either pre-shaped or made with a shaping wire. The wire may be woven into the straw or covered with a decorative edging.
  • You wonât be able to shape a pre-shaped straw hat made without a wire, as the methods used for other materials will damage the straw.
  • 2Shape the brim as you want it to look. Bend the wire in the hat’s brim until it takes on the shape that you’d like it to hold.XResearch source
  • The shaping wire is made to be reshaped more than once, so donât be afraid to experiment with different looks.
  • 3Avoid re-shaping the crown of the hat. Straw cowboy hat crowns are pre-shaped by the maker. You wouldn’t ordinarily need to shape the crown unless you want to exaggerate a crease. Since there is no wire in the crown, attempts to alter its shape will only damage the hat.
  • More complicated reshaping or re-blocking of a damaged crown should be done by a hat maker.
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    How To Draw Anime Sun Hat Step By Step

    The sun hat is a very commonly worn by female anime characters during during the summer.

    To start draw the outline of the head/hair.

    Draw the top portion of the hat a slight distance away from the hair on the sides with more distance between it and the hair at the top.

    Draw the brim of the hat with a twist and afterwards add a curve on top of it as shown in the above example.

    Finish the drawing by adding the hair.

    You can see the fully drawn out hat with some basic shading above. In this case only the underside of the brim is shaded as that part will usually be in shadow.

    Where To Buy Hat Stretcher

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    Freeform Straw Hat With Wire

    Another and favorite way with the best Parisian designers is to run fine wire through the inner edge of the braid, or if this is not practical it is darned in finely by this wire the rows are drawn to shape and size, the scallops of each row pinned over the inner edge of the previous row till the desired shape is obtained. This is then sewn, usually with the slanted slip or invisible stitch between the two braids, so that the work is absolutely neat on both sides. Such hats can be bent to any shape .

    Victorian Handmade Straw Hats

    How to create a decorative straw hat

    Many of the labourers now make their own straw hats to wear in summer. Poor rotten things, made out of straw of ripened grain. With what satisfaction will they learn that straw, twenty times as durable, to say nothing of the beauty, is to be got from every hedge?

    In every labourers house a pot of water can be boiled. What labourers wife cannot, in the summer months, find time to cut and bleach grass enough to give her and her children work for a part of the winter? There is no necessity for all to be platters. Some may cut and bleach only. Others may prepare the straw .

    Groups of women were standing at the garden gates or cottage doors talking and plaiting, rarely looking at their work little girls just out of school were walking along the road with a similar inattention to the work of their fingers.

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    How To Draw Anime Winter Hat Step By Step

    Somewhat similar to the previous example is the winter hat with the pom pom. This is another very common item for female anime characters to ware during winter.

    Draw the head with the outline of the hair.

    Add the top part of the hat as one big curve that is farther away form the head on top and closer to it on the sides. Next draw the bottom part of the hat wrapping around the hair/head. Finally add the pom pom as pretty much a circle that is partially hidden behind the the hat.

    Once done erase the parts of the head and hair covered by the hat.

    Around the circle of the pom pom draw the fluff in small pointy clumps of slightly different size similar to the example above. Erase the circle line once done.

    To make the hat look a little more interesting you can add some lines along its bottom as a small design element. Draw the lines farther apart towards the middle of the head and closer together as they move to the sides. This will help show that the hat is actually wrapping around the head.

    You can finish the drawing by adding the details of the hair.

    Above you can see the finished drawing of the winter pom pom hat with some basic shading.

    How To Draw Anime Baseball Cap Step By Step

    Start by drawing an outline of the head and the estimated volume of the hair underneath the hat as shown int he above example. Draw the baseball cap over top of these to get its correct placement on the head.

    Draw the top part of the cap close in shape to the outline of the hair but slightly farther away from it on top then on the sides. Draw the bill curving up around the forehead area.

    After you draw the main shape of the hat erase the parts of the head and hair outline that should be hidden by it.

    Next add the smaller details to the hat. As anime hats are often simplified compared to real hats you really just need to add a few small touches. In this case simply add a line tracing the outline of the bill to show the stitching that baseball caps usually have around that area. Next add a few lines going from the edges of the bill up along the sides of the hat to show the splits in the different panels baseball caps are usually made up of.

    You can see a larger drawing of the finished hat along with some basic hair shading above.

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    How To Join Straw While Braiding

    If a straw becomes too short, the plaiter then takes another straw, and puts it under the short end at the point of the angle , and, by another straw coming under and over the joined one from both sides of the angle in the operation of plaiting, it will become fastened the short end being then left out underneath the plait, and the newly fastened straw taking its place on that side of the angle to which the short one was directed.

    How To Draw Anime Explorer Hat Step By Step

    Making a Straw Hat – Anthony Peto – Chapelier

    The explorer hat is often worn by anime characters that are on some sort of an adventure, often in a jungle type environment.

    Stat by drawing an outline of the head and hair.

    Draw the top part of the explorer hat as close to a half circle in shape and a much lighter curve for its bottom. Make the brim fairly short. Draw its shape following the bottom curve of the top part of the head a slight distance away and then sticking out a little bit more to the sides.

    For the finishing touches you can add the split lines between the different panels that are so icon of these explorer hats along with a button like shape on the very top.

    To show the panels simply draw a pair of curved lines from each side of the hat towards its top tip and add the button at the very top where those lines meet.

    Finish the drawing by adding some basic hair details.

    You can see a close up drawing of the explorer hat above along with some basic hair shading.

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    Which Part Of The Straw

    The part of the straw used for platting is that part of the stalk which is above the upper joint that part which is between the upper joint and the seed-branches. This part is taken out, and the rest of the straw thrown away.

    But the whole plant must be cut and bleached because, if you were to take off, when green, the part above described, that part would wither up next to nothing. This part must die in company with the whole plants, and be separated from the other parts after the bleaching has been performed.

    The straw used is rye-straw It is sorted according to its thickness into some eight qualities.

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    How To Draw Anime Hats & Head Ware

    This tutorial shows how to draw different kinds of anime hats and head ware. It includes a total of twelve examples with step by step drawing instructions for each.

    The types of hats and head ware included in this tutorial are:

  • Baseball Cap
  • Winter Hat
  • Fedora Hat
  • Explorer Hat
  • Newsboy Cap
  • If you are going to be drawing any of the hats in this tutorial using pencil and paper be sure to make very light lines until you are nearly finished. You will need to erase some parts of the drawing when moving between the different steps. The lines in the example have been made dark simply so that they are easier to see.

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    How To Sew Straw Braids Together

    Stitches must never show on the right side Never use more braid than is absolutely necessary only lap the rows just enough to sew firmly and stretch enough to take out all possible fullness from the inner edges. To join braids that are of the insertion kind, and do not lap nicely the lacing is really flat slipstitching, weaving the needle back and forth into the edges of the two braids held in correct position together.

    British plait is usually joined by making the several rows of plait overwrap each other a little, and then stitching through the two overwrapping pieces with a needle and thread. The surface of a hat or bonnet joined in this manner consists of a series of ridges, and part of each row of plait is concealed by that next above it, so that an unnecessarily large quantity is required to form a given extent of surface. Leghorn plait is formed in such a manner that it may be joined without this loss, the edge of one row being, as it were, knitted into the edge of the other in such a way that the pattern may appear uninterrupted, and the line of junction may be almost invisible.

    The work is done entirely by hand, the use of the sewing machine being impossible in plait-sewing . Its best to sew the straw braids together by hand so that the hats and bonnets may be readily unsown without injury, and made up again into other forms, suitable to the prevailing fashion or fancy of the wearer .

    How To Dye Straw

    How to Draw a Pirate Straw Hat

    Straw may be dyed, for ornamental purposes, of many different colours. Blue is given by a boiling-hot solution of indigo in sulphuric acid yellow, by decoction of turmeric red by cochineal, salt of tin, and tartar. Brazil wood and orchil are also employed for dyeing straw.

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    Many valuable patterns have been produced by mixing the white straws with others dyed. Of late years beautiful colored plaits have been produced of the newest colors, viz., mauve, magenta, blue, brown, etc. Brown and gray are now in demand to a great extent both by men and women.

    Hats or bonnets may be dyed black by boiling them three or four hours in a strong liquor of logwood, adding a little copperas occasionally. Let the bonnets remain in the liquor all night . Spotted or discolored straws are dyed either in pipe or in plait.

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    Whole Straw Or Split Straw

    Straw for Victorian straw hats and bonnets was either used whole or split before braiding. Some straws are plaited whole, being merely pressed flat to facilitate the working. Others are split into four, six, or eight strips.

    Whole straw is used for all except the fines work. For this latter, split straw is used. The plaiters work up the material in a damp state, either into whole straw or split straw plaits. Split straws are prepared with the aid of a small instrument having a projecting point which enters the straw pipe, and from which radiate the number of knife-edged cutters into which the straw is to be split.

    In plait made of split straw, unless two splints are laid together with their inside surfaces towards each other, as in the patent Dunstable, it necessarily happens that the face of the plait exhibits alternatively the outer and inner surfaces of the straw, which differ from each other in colour and gloss. Articles made of split straw are also inferior to those of whole straw of equal fineness, in pliability and durability.

    I dont like the look and feel of split straw for straw hats and straw ornaments therefore I used whole straw for my hand-braided straw hat.

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    How To Use A Hat Stretcher:

    • Insert the hat stretcher into the hat.
    • Turn the knob clockwise. This will start moving the wood pieces further apart to begin stretching.
    • Leave the stretcher in for 24-48 hours to allow for proper stretching.
    • The longer the stretcher is inside the hat, the more the hat will stretch.
    • If you want to make the stretching process go more quickly, you can introduce some steam from a boiling pot or kettle to the hat and stretcher.

    There are many ways to use a hat stretcher. Some are simple like the hat stretcher being placed in a hat for days to stretch it. Some are a bit more complicated, using the steam from boiling water and a blow dryer to size and shape the hat.

    Please be aware that hat stretchers are not going to make a huge size difference. They normally can stretch a hat another ½ to 1 size at most. So, you do need to pay attention to size when shopping for a hat try the hats on. Only rely on hat stretchers for small size adjustments.

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