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How To Draw A Sunset Step By Step

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Blend Sky Gradient And Add Light Clouds

For this step,I brought in a bit of Primary Red to help get my gradient between the orange and pink areas of my painting more seamless.

Before I did that I began by adding some of the yellow-orange clouds we see in the picture.

To do this I actually used a technique I saw Bob Ross use the other day. I dont often watch Bob Ross but I happened to come across a short clip where he was demonstrating his technique for painting clouds.

You basically apply the paint with one brush and then use a dry brush to help soften up the areas of the cloud you want to look more like mist.

I also tend to add a few drops of water to my paint mix for clouds so the end up being more transparent. In this way I can carefully build the clouds up with each layer I do to get a better effect.

If the clouds were larger or more thick then you would want to use far more paint and avoid adding any water to it at all. The technique you use for your clouds again will depend on your reference photo.

I as I came down closer to the sun I wanted to get rid of some of the hard differences I originally had between the orange and pink areas. We needed this to be more of a gradient for now.

In one of the next steps we will be adding more layers on top of this area to try and get some of that hazy red pink glow that we have going on in our reference picture.

While Im still not totally satisfied with that color we will see how it looks as we add more clouds and details.

How To Draw A Cute Bunny

If you’re looking for cute drawing ideas then your can’t get any cuter than a bunny.

This bunny drawing tutorial is so simple. Drawing a bunny can be learned by starting with some basic circles and then adding details to the figure to complete it.

Finish it off by adding some color to your bunny drawing.

Introduction: Paint A Mountain Sunset

Acrylic painting is a fun and easy way to introduce yourself to art without investing too much time or money. It is also be an excellent way to relax and the finished products can even be used as decorations or gifts.

I will walk you through step-by-step to paint this picture. Art is highly subjective and everyone has their own style, so taking artistic liberties in your paint color, mountain shape, star pattern, ect. is perfectly fine! It is also acceptable to follow the instructions exactly as they are presented, especially if you are still unsure of the process.

The most important thing to remember is to have fun–whether you enjoy the process, the end result, or both!

Start With Your Background Colors

For the first step, we are just going to try and get the gradient and major areas of colors down on the canvas.

We are laying down the foundation of our painting. The background.

It doesnt need to be perfect we just need to get a basic representation of our colors, shapes, and gradients. The basic layout and composition is the objective of this step.

I decided to lay my painting out vertically and aimed for the top half of the painting to take up roughly 2/3s of my surface. Creating the bright orange sky reflecting the beautiful luminescence of the sunset.

I started at the top with an orange-yellow mixture and brought the blend down into dark orange as it transitions over to the magenta area.

Next I mixed my Light Blue Permanent with a tad bit of Prism Violet to get the slight blue-purple color of the water. I brought my water gradient up from the bottom of the painting making the area where the clouds meet the sun much darker.

Keep in mind with every successive layer and step we do the picture will become more refined and more into focus. So if at this stage of the painting it looks sloppy or you make a mistake that is something we can make better with each successive layer we add.

How To Draw A Snowflake

Snowflakes are extraordinary works of art created by nature itself.

Even though every snowflake differs in shape, they all follow the rules of fractal geometry; therefore, we can recreate a realistic snowflake by applying these rules.

The first thing to remember when making a snowflake is that it needs six points. This will create a more realistic and natural appearance.

Following these simple steps will make this an easy thing to draw for beginners.

How To Draw A Sunset Step By Step

How to draw a sunset will be discussed in detail in this article in 3 versions! Sunset is a very romantic phenomenon when the day gives way tonight, you can sit and take a break from day problems, dream. All this can be shown in the picture, draw not just the setting sun, but also add to it the sea and a couple of palm trees. We start our drawing sunset with the outline of the horizon, the sun and divide the sea and the land, then add coconut palms, decorate the sea, adding light waves. With the help of hatching, we give the drawing sunset a lively look, and at the end we color it. How to draw a sunset very easy to follow the step by step instructions!

These stages will vividly show how simple and fast enough to draw the sunset:But there is a particular time when the light source selected as the main one on our planet goes into a specific mode. Its about the beloved Sun and about the short moment when it is preparing to hide behind the horizon about its sunset. Sunset draws exciting and exciting experience!

This is the most wonderful of phenomena when pink, orange, red colors highlight the clouds floating in the sky. When the suns rays are reflected on the glossy surface of the water when the mountains themselves become pink or orange. These breathtaking shots from the film about the life of the Earth encourage even the most neutral people to take up the brush to perpetuate beauty not only in the heart and memory but also on a pure leaf of watercolor paper.

Paint Second Layer Of Mountains

This step can be optional! However, it creates some nice depth to the painting having a darker shade of mountains in front of a lighter shade. I used pure mars black this time and painted another mountain range that was slightly shorter than the one in the back. Then I mirrored it in the water again. 

How To Draw An Anime Girl

Animation and cartoons derived from Japan are referred to as anime.

The challenge of drawing anime characters can seem overwhelming, especially when you compare your drawings to those of your favorite anime.

If you break up the process into small steps, anyone can learn to draw anime characters.

Panda bears are among the most adored animals on the planet. Their beautiful black-and-white markings, plush bodies, and playful demeanor are captivating.

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to learn how to draw a Panda Bear. That super cute face makes it hard to resist.

How To Draw A Cute Cat

A combination of grace, feistiness, and silliness. It can be difficult to capture the personality of a cute cat in a drawing.

Learn how to sketch cats with this step-by-step tutorial.

A cat can be drawn in countless ways. Whether hyper-realistic or adorably cartoony, cat drawings can convey felines’ distinct personalities.

Step 6: Last Chance To Blend

  • If the colors in your horizon are still looking blocky, this is your last chance to blend them to your satisfaction!
  • A good tip is to start in the middle and work your way out. As long as you keep your brush strokes in the same direction, blending will be much easier.
  • Remember to use very thin layers! It can be tempting to try globbing on some thick paint for a quick fix, but the end result will not be as nice. Take your time and watch a t.v. show, read a book, or do some exercise in between. Thinner layers will dry faster as well.

How To Draw A Sunset Really Easy Drawing Tutorial

A large drop of sun lingered on the horizon and then dripped over and was gone, and the sky was brilliant over the spot where it had gone, and a torn cloud, like a bloody rag, hung over the spot of its going. And dusk crept over the sky from the eastern horizon, and darkness crept over the land from the east. John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

Scientifically, sunset describes the daily disappearance of the Sun below the horizon as a result of Earths rotation. Culturally, however, this frequent phenomena holds much deeper meaning

Various ancient religions held that the sun was a god, pulled across the sky each day in a great celestial chariot. The setting of the sun indicated the gods passage through the underworld. Some religions, such as the worship of Amun-Ra in ancient Egypt, included rituals meant to awaken or revive the sun from its daily death. This idea still resonates in the metaphorical application of sunset to the later years of ones life.

Today, sunsets are often featured in works of art. They are also a favorite subject of photography. Beach sunsets, such as the one featured in this drawing tutorial, are used to represent vacations, relaxation, the tropics, and ample monetary funds.

How To Draw A Cute Baby Elephant

If you’re looking for cute things to draw then how about a baby elephant.

Elephants are kind, intelligent, and have strong family ties. Despite being large they’re also known for their curious nature.

Here is a cute cartoon elephant for you to draw and color.

This tutorial has step-by-step drawings as well as a video tutorial showing you how to draw this cute cartoon elephant.

It might be best to first watch the video, and then copy the drawings, which highlights each new step with a red line, to make it super easy to follow.

Remember to take your time and have fun!

Adjust The Colors And Address Any Annoyances

In this step, do your best to adjust the colors you have where necessary. We are coming close to finishing up so we want to take our time with it.

One thing you can do that might help if youre having trouble with a certain color is to take a clean palette or paper plate and try to experiment with your mixes like you see me trying here.

Unfortunately I still could not get the color I wanted.

Like I was referring to in the last step, this project has made it painfully evident to me that I do not fully understand how to mix my paints to get the colors I want.

I did learn the hard way not too long ago about color bias in paint when I ran out of purple and tried to mix my own. Read about how I discovered that blue and red dont always make purple here!

I am sure that this is part of my problem right now in trying to get the color needed. Now I know Im going to have to do a deeper dive into color mixing and figuring out the color biases of all my paints in order to strengthen my ability to make them do what I want.

Okay, now lets finish this sunset out in step 8!

How To Draw A Simple Moon

Would you like to draw the moon? The following step-by-step tutorial makes it easier than ever to learn how to draw.

A pencil, a sheet of paper, and an eraser are all you need to get started.

If you prefer, you can also shade your drawing with crayons, markers, colored pencils, or paints.

Drawing a perfect circle freehand is pretty tough, but you can simplify the process with some tools.

Crayola Coloring Set

Here’s another cute picture to draw.

With this tutorial, anyone can draw a cute cartoon dog.

It is designed to be as easy as possible for kids as well as adults.

Then you can color the dog in your favorite colors when it is finished.

How To Draw A Dragon

Dragons are mythical creatures that are featured in countless folklore tales. We are so used to seeing images of dragons even though they have never existed!

If you’ve always wanted to learn hot to draw a dragon then watch the video below and follow the step-by-step tutorial.

You’ll start by drawing simple shapes and lines and then it goes on to show you how to add details to create this cool dragon drawing.

A lion is one of the most exciting animals to draw it’s majestic, powerful, and brave.

Many people are fascinated with lions, which has led to a huge demand for free instructions on how to draw lions.

Here is an amazing tutorial showing how to draw a lion face and mane, using easy to follow detailed, step-by-step instructions.

Step 6 Finish Off Your Drawing With Some Color

You already have a wonderful sunset drawing in front of you, but now you can make it even better with some beautiful colors!

Sunsets are famous for their beauty, and that beauty comes from the amazing colors on display at this time of day.

In our reference image, you can see a wide palette of colors, from yellows and oranges to brown and even a bit of blue for the ocean.

These colors are our suggestion, but you should use any colors that you love for this image!

This would also be a stunning image to experiment on with some amazing art mediums and tools! I especially think that watercolor paints would look amazing on this drawing!

These paints can give a beautiful softer look to an image, but they are also just one of many incredible options at your disposal.

Which favorite art mediums will you use to finish off your sunset drawing?

Step 9: Paint Foreground Mountains

  • Once your background mountains are finished and dry, take your pencil again and outline some foreground mountains.
  • These mountains can be lower or higher than your background mountains. Again, find a design that you like and run with it.
  • On your palette, put some pure black paint and fill in these mountains. Depending on how much purple you put in your other black paint, your darker mountains may contrast a little or a lot.
  • This step will probably not require as many coats as the previous, but at least two coats of paint are recommended.
  • How To Draw A Cool Heart


    You’ve probably been doodling hearts since you were little, or maybe even drawing cute hearts for your boyfriend.

    This tutorial shows us an easy way to create the perfect heart by using simple shapes.

    You’ll learn to draw a classic heart as well as a more dynamic curved heart.

    Follow the easy instructions and add some shading to make your cute heart drawing pop.

    Make someone’s day by drawing a lovely heart for them!

    How To Draw A City Skyline

    City skylines might look intimidating to draw but if you focus on the individual lines and shapes of the buildings, you’ll notice that you can draw a skyline using simple shapes and forms.

    There are three tutorials showing you how to draw a simple skyline, a layered skyline and a silhouette skyline like the one above.

    The step-by-step tutorials will teach you how to draw this scenic cityscape in just a few steps.

    Add Your Sun And Begin Refining Your Gradients

    In step 2, we want to refine our first layer a bit. I still had a number of patches on the canvas that I hadnt totally covered that I needed to focus on first.

    Taking more of my orange and yellow I tried to blend my sky a bit more into the area closer to the area where the sun was going to be.

    Then I added the sun. At first, I made it a bit too white so I ended up adding a light layer of yellow but I think it still needs a bit more orange too. I may have made it a bit larger than it needed to be too so that is something I will try to correct on the next layers.

    You may have noticed in the first step that I didnt have a clear separation between the purple bed of clouds the sun is sitting on and the horizon line making up the surface of the ocean.

    In this step, I wanted to add that detail so I mixed a tiny dab of purple with my blue and added a bit of water by dipping my brush. When you want your paint to dry a bit more transparently its always good to do that by adding just a bit of water.

    This will be a good technique to use again in our next steps as we add our clouds and other details in the sky.

    Step 2 Erase Some Of Your Planning Drawings

    In this second step of your sunset drawing, you will see why we suggested that you draw in pencil for the previous step.

    In this step, we will be erasing the part of the circle that is below the line that you drew. You can also erase a small section of the circle above the line that we will be drawing mountains into later.

    Try not to leave too much of a space, and the reference picture will show you more or less what you should aim for.

    At this stage, you could also use a pen to go over the horizontal line and then erase any leftover pencil.

    Learn How To Draw A Sunset With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial A Curvy Road Makes It Extra Pretty

    This is another landscape tutorial that will help young students think more about layers in their artwork. This drawing has three very distinct sections of hills that will easily connect to the fore, middle and background concept.

    To add a little more perspective, a winding road gradually gets smaller and smaller and trails off to the setting sun. Its an easy way to give the drawing even more intrest and depth.

    Finally, when it comes time to color, the choices could easily be adapted for the seasons. This drawing has some fall foliage going on, but springtime colors with pinks and yellows would be really pretty too!

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