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How To Draw A Sunset With Colored Pencils

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How To Blend Colored Pencil

Drawing Sunset Using Colored Pencils

You can take a few different approaches to blending colored pencils. Each will produce a slightly different look and some require a few extra supplies. Again, experimentation is key, so be sure to test out each on a scrap of the drawing paper you’re working with before applying any of these to an actual drawing.

How Do You Draw A Sunset Sky

If youre planning to draw or paint a sunset, you should start by using washes of color to first paint in the sunset sky. Painting a sunset usually works best when you have something in the distance, or even in the foreground, to give the painting a sense of scale.

If you just have a bright orange and red sky, it can be hard for people to envision what it would be like to see the actual sunset. When someone looks at your painting, you want them to feel the warm glow of the sun and understand the beauty of the scene that caused you to want to paint it.

To do that, you need to put things into perspective, which means painting in the ground and some landmarks. The easiest way to paint a sunset with some background or foreground elements is paint in the sky first. Lay down several washes of bright colors then, after its completely dry, you can go through and use a series of dark washes to indicate other elements in the painting. Should You Sketch Before Watercolor.

Continue To Layer And Blend With Water Until You Have The Color Saturation You Want

Continue to add color and activate with water until you have the color and saturation you want.

I did two more rounds of layering and blending. Each round was essentially the same as those described in Step 1. Same colors in the same areas, though I faded each color a little more into the adjacent colors.

For the second round, I layered Deep Vermilion over the top third of the sky, then added Orange Chrome over the top two-thirds. Finally, I layered Deep Cadmium over the entire piece. That unified the colors and toned down the blues and purples, which got too dark. I used medium pressure or slightly heavier to put a lot of pigment on the paper.

Then I washed the whole thing with water and a large soft brush to blend the colors.

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How To Give Your Cat A Bath Without Getting Clawed To Death

If not, dry your cat with a towel and be sure to brush her. Yuri burstyn of helpful vancouver vet demonstrates the proper way.

Trim her nails a few hours before bath time so that he has enough time to calm down. I will show you the ways on how to give a cat a bath without getting scratched because when she is angry, she might do anything to you. How to give a cat a bath without getting scratched preparing for the bath.

The best way to bathe a cat without getting hurt is by following the processes below. A shower or bath with a handheld shower head. Keeping one hand free to restrain the cat, use a small cup to scoop water onto the cats coat wetting the entire body except the head.

Start bathing from the neck down. The best way to bathe a cat. You just brush your cat, sprinkle the shampoo on the cat, and then brush the shampoo out again.

Are you seriously telling quora writers that you fear a teeny kitten in giving him / her a bath? This vancouver vet has you covered. Try using an aromatherapy calming spray to help relax your cat and minimize stress.

Be careful on what to use to bathe a cat, in case you like training on a thank you to bathe one, digital mail me and that I will supply you the stairs. The key is to not bathe your cat more than once a month as you will damage his skin and. Avoid any type of shampoo with essential oils.

If you want to wash your cats ears, you can use a moistened cotton ball to clean the ears .

How To Color Sunset With Colored Pencils

Extended Tutorial: how to draw a sunset in coloured pencils

Hobbies have greater benefits for our overall health. It relaxes our mind and gives a pleasureful moment after passing a stressful day in the office. They can also drive your mind to another way from the distressing facts. Thats why every one cherishes their own hobby, among them, drawing and sketching are preferred by most of the persons. You may have sketched many wonderful scenarios that have given several praiseworthy complements. But now, when you have gone to draw a sunset scenery, you got stuck! Tried several ways but can actually find a way how to color sunset with colored pencils?

Watching a sunset is honestly the most pleasure scene out there. So, why not draw it and express your artistic zeal on the paper? Dont worry if you have really planned to draw this wonderful picture, I am here to help you out. Under my guidance, you will not only be able to color your picture but also make them as attractive as you have always dreamed of seeing. Even if you dont know how to draw a straight line with your pencil, I can show you the exact way to do that. So, leave all your works for a while and concentrate on the article.

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Clouds Add Depth To Any Drawing

Clouds are like snowflakesno two are alike. Burnishing is what makes clouds look fluffy and dimensional. The subtle tonal changes give them depth. I love the colors and shapes they create. This little drawing has a lot of depth because of the colors and the layers of the clouds. Although it is all in blue tones, it is very rich in hue. You can create the same drawing and turn it into an entirely different look by simply adding or changing colors. You could also take this and use it as a background, adding some trees in the foreground. Or you could add a horizon line and create a lake or ocean below it.

Colos Used

Sky Blue Light, True Blue, Cloud Blue, Imperial Violet, Ultramarine Blue, White


Clouds and atmosphere always move side to side, not up and down. All pencil lines associated with a sky should be placed horizontally. Always study your subject or reference photo and note the direction of the sunlight. In the example at right, the sunshine is centrally located and peeks through the clouds a little off center and to the right. It streaks through the sky in a horizontal fashion.

Create a Subtle Sunset With Complementary Colors

This example shows what can be done with very few colors and the layering approach. Layering gives the drawing a gentle appearance, while the use of opposite colors adds punch. Study your reference photos carefully before you begin to draw, so you know which technique is required to obtain the look you want.

Rays of Hope

Aim For A Thick Consistency Of Color

Only after you get to the first couple of layers blended in the background will you go thicker Color pencil is easy to rub off onto clean paper unless you have a softer hardness. What youll want to be continually paying close to attention is the consistency of your color. All the layers involved need to give you the visual impact without the picture looking so flat. You eventually want to have the viewer thinking they are looking into the picture.

Keep your color pencils sharp, so you can still have nice even color lines that are still pretty thick. If you have to soften them later, its up to you. This is why you should have stencils of your objects to use as background reference.

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How To Create Realistic Stars

Ill offer you one last tip, which is one of my all-time favorites. Its often called the sandpaper trick and makes a lot of starts very quickly. What youll need is a used medium grit emery board. Take your white pencil and start to sand at the tip along the edges. These will start to scratch-off little tiny granules onto your paper. This is a delicate procedure, so sneezing is just not an option.

Brush away any granules that arent supposed to be in the darker silhouettes or shadows. When you feel you have enough stars, then wait for the fun part. Take a simple piece of silicone baking paper and carefully lay over your picture. Use a rolling pin or anything that will smash these little granules into your picture. It takes patience, but the compression deposits the color pencil onto the drawing surface.

If you have any stray white spots, you can scrape them away with an X-Acto blade edge. Now your night sky drawing is completely finished. Im sure this wont be the only way youll learn how to color a night sky, so practice makes perfect. Good luck!

Activate Watercolor Pencils With Water

Tutorial: how to draw a sunset in coloured pencils

Blend colors with water. Work from light to dark and stroke across the paper horizontally.

Use a large, soft brush, and try to stroke only once across each color. The more you stroke over each area, the more likely youll end up with streaks. The streaks in this illustration happened because I got too fussy.

Youll notice two things immediately when using watercolor pencils. The blended color is darker than the dry color. Derwents pencils are very pigmented, so they produce excellent color.

The other thing youll notice in this sample is the streakiness in the darker colors. Thats my fault. I used a small brush to blend and didnt blend fast enough to produce smooth color

At this stage of the process, thats not a major concern, but its still best to avoid whenever possible.

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Build And Burnish The Colors

Finish the drawing by building up the colors until they burnish together. Create the patterns of the water’s ripples by drawing elliptical shapes that mimic the movement of the water. In the water, use four different shades of greenLimepeel, Apple Green, Grass Green and Dark Greenusing the lightest tone at the top of the drawing.

Add White to the reflections and streaks of Non-Photo Blue. Add White to the duck’s highlighted areas and soften the Greyed Lavender and shadows. Using Black, continue to deepen the ripples of the water. Use elliptical shapes to create the illusion of water movement.

skies and clouds


Skies and clouds are one of the most beautiful things to draw. You can use a variety of approaches when creating skies and clouds because each one is different. Thick, white clouds can be burnished to make them appear light and

fluffy, and wispy clouds can be layered to help them fade into the sky, especially if they are darker in color than the sky. Here are some examples that show you the different techniques for skies and clouds.

Drawing Clouds And Shadows

Adding clouds into your picture is always a nice touch because this adds realism to your picture. If you do it right. The secret is following the radiating flow of light thats around your moon. The closer that clouds appear in the foreground, the more edge lighting around the cloud can be seen. With distant clouds, the reflection will be on the top edges only and along the extending rims.

A rule about clouds is that you dont want to completely cover your moon either. Give some accents here and there as if night clouds are cruising along slowly. Stormy clouds will look darker and have ominous looks and shapes. Since there are different kinds of clouds, decide on the type that appeals to you the most. When the moon is behind them, there will always be darker shadows below them.

This helps to build a three-dimensional illusion that makes a night sky drawing enjoyable and calming. It can also do the opposite if you mean to make the viewer feel insecure or worried. Clouds in any picture add emotions that are often subliminal if they are done well. You just need to find the reason why the clouds are in the picture in the first place.

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How To Give Your Cat A Bath Without Them Freaking Out

Anthony, DVM, is an experienced practitioner of feline-exclusive medicine and the medical director and owner for the Aurora Cat Hospital as well as Aurora Cat Hospital and Hotel situated in Aurora, Colorado. Many people ask me when they get a new cat how often they should be bathing them and how to bathe a cat without getting scratched, she says. In their nature, cats are extremely meticulous creatures, and they are capable of keeping themselves well-maintained.

If a bath is inevitable, being calm can help both of you. Get ready to:

  • Select a time that she has taken a break or eaten, since shell be more relaxed.
  • If you can, trim the nails prior to the bath, and then file the ends after clipping them to reduce their shine.
  • Place all the bathing supplies easily accessible, and include treats that you can reward her with at the end of the day. Some cat lovers will even warm towels in dryers and then use aromatherapy so that they feel more relaxed. It is important to use shampoo and rinse designed specifically for cats.
  • You can plan a quick grooming session that will make handling her fur much more comfortable.

Here are some more suggestions from Anthony for bathing your cat without scratching them and, most importantly, without overstressing your pet.

  • Find a friend who is understanding to assist. One of you can pet the cat while another is bathing her.
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    1280×600 – I will draw this so easy but very nice fantatisk beautiful and ?????

    1280×720 – Easy trick a beautiful purple moonlight scenery drawing oil pastel tutorial step by step.

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    How To Draw A Sunset

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    A large drop of sun lingered on the horizon and then dripped over and was gone, and the sky was brilliant over the spot where it had gone, and a torn cloud, like a bloody rag, hung over the spot of its going.

    And dusk crept over the sky from the eastern horizon, and darkness crept over the land from the east. John Steinbeck, The Grapes of Wrath

    Scientifically, sunset describes the daily disappearance of the Sun below the horizon as a result of Earth’s rotation. Culturally, however, this frequent phenomena holds much deeper meaning

    Scroll down for a FREE PRINTABLE PDF of this tutorial.

    Various ancient religions held that the sun was a god, pulled across the sky each day in a great celestial chariot. The setting of the sun indicated the gods passage through the underworld.

    Some religions, such as the worship of Amun-Ra in ancient Egypt, included rituals meant to awaken or revive the sun from its daily death.

    This idea still resonates in the metaphorical application of sunset to the later years of ones life.

    Today, sunsets are often featured in works of art. They are also a favorite subject of photography.

    Beach sunsets, such as the one featured in this drawing tutorial, are used to represent vacations, relaxation, the tropics, and ample monetary funds.

    Would you like to draw your very own sunset? Doing so is easy with the help of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial.

    Add A Dark Layer Of Color To Fill The Mountain Profile

    Once you have your mountains sketched in you cant leave them as a single line on the horizon, you need to fill them in. What color should you use? A lot of people use brown, please dont be one of those people.

    A big brown mountain in your painting looks ugly and out of place in your sunset painting. What color should you use instead? Believe it or not, purple works very well. Its dark enough to contrast a bright sunset, and the purple color works well with the warm colors of a sunset.

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    Organize Your Color Scheme

    Depending on your location, the gradual colors toward the horizon line will always be lighter. This gives just a hint that the horizon is where a light source used to be. Have your primary sky colors starting from light blue to dark blue. You can mix black towards the upper portion of the frame. Just dont wash-out the dark blues effect and instead replace them with light washes of light to dark purples.

    The purples you use are neutral tones that help give any blue color a richer appearance. The further north you happen to live, the deeper these colors tend to be. If you live closer to the city, the horizon line will reflect light back into the air, making a horizon line glow more apparent.

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