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How To Draw A Superhero Step By Step

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How To Draw A Superhero

How to Draw a Superhero – Step by Step for Beginners

The team of Easydrawingart.com is very fond of comics, and so today we want to show you how to draw a superhero. In this lesson, the team of Easydrawingart.com gathered the most important and necessary points in order to draw a superhero. And as you can already see, our crew will show you how to draw a superhero an example of Superman probably the most famous comic book hero.

How To Draw The Justice League Logo

The Justice League is DC Comics’ team of all-star superheroes. Among their ranks are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern, the Flash, Aquaman, and the Martian Manhunter. A number of other superheroes have joined the Justice League’s ranks since their first comic book appearance in 1960… Read more

Second Step Draw The Faces And Heads Of Your Cartoon Heroes

Alright, now its time to do some drawing! And of course, a great place to start is with the faces and heads of your cartoon superheroes.

Before you begin, make sure youve got a decent idea of the route you intend to go with each of your characters. For example, I planned to have four characters from the get-go an average-sized man , an average-sized woman , a child , and one hulk-like character the Rhino Beetle.

Depending on the type of cartoon character youre drawing his or her features from head to toe will most certainly differ. Here, Ive included four fairly different models. And this I think, will help you with the specific route you intend to go.

OK begin then with the faces or your superheroes. Use the crosses to help you keep things aligned

Once youve drawn their faces, go ahead and sketch in the rest of their heads. Keep in mind though depending on how your character looks you may want to omit certain portions at this stage. For example, I didnt draw the rock on Boulders head just yet, nor did I draw the left side of Magmas hair, as its going to fall behind her back obstructed by her shoulder.

OK got the, faces, heads, glasses, masks, horns, hats, hair etc. all drawn? Very nice lets keep going

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Sketch The Muscle & Bone

The next step to drawing your superhero or villain is creating a lifelike structure on top of your stick figure.

If youre drawing a human comic book character, then you have a pretty good idea what an average person looks like in terms of their skeletal and muscular structure; but drawing it is another matter altogether.

For beginners, its now a good time to do a little study of human anatomy. Examine the human skeleton and see how the bones connect and manipulate in various positions.

Add to this a quick study of the layout of human muscles in relation to bones, and pretty soon youll have a fairly good idea on how to tackle everything from elbows and collarbones to pecs and biceps.

Of course, if youre drawing an alien comic book character, this is your chance to really let your creativity shine though you should probably still have some kind of system in place to make sure your character is somewhat recognizable upon completion.

How To Draw A Superman For Kids:

How to Draw a Superhero Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorials for Kids UCIDraw

Step 1: For the first step draw guidelines same as we draw for human depiction, also used same for armor.

Step 2: In this step start adding volume to your superman body, focus on the outline drawn in the last step. Draw torso with wide chest and waist. Draw a strong neck connecting the trunk with the head. Also, draw the shoulder and the front arms consisting of balls and cylinders.

Step 3: Draw legs with muscles to make them look strong, add guidelines for the famous red briefs. In this step also draw the shoes.

Step 4: This is a simple step for drawing facial features of superman, just increase the chin to look longer. Eyes ears, mouth, nose are only depicted but contour it to look realistic.

Step 5: Define hair strand coming on the forehead, outline the long cape flowing on the back of superman.

Step 6: In this step draw the trademark of superman that is his logo. We have given a step by step guidance below for it, follow for your ease.

Step 7: Start working on the masculine body, draw a body with muscles for it, use a curvy line to show the biceps and abs of the superhero.

Step 8: In this step work on the lower body part of the superhero. Define its legs again using a little curvy and straight line.

Step 9: Contour other parts of the superman, add lines on the stomach and arms to depict muscles, outline the boot area and your work savior is ready.

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Visualize Before Drawing Your Comic Book Character

Before even drawing a single line visualize! Establish a basis to build your character on. Think about their pose, placement and proportions.

Constructing your characters pose and placement will give you an idea about how to draw the same figure and head shot from multiple angles and points of view. This will help jumpstart your process of learning how to draw from various perspectives.

What Kind Of A Superhero Would You Be

There are numerous;awesome examples of the most popular artworks, ranging from the Hulk , Spiderman and the Avengers to some epic urban art versions of the famous champions. You could always try to add your own twist to drawing some of your favorite character from a comic, but lets see how you can create a new one by yourself!;If youre looking for a way to start drawing superheroes, begin with super stick people. It is usually easier to create your work around a basic structure, so to give yourself the sense of idea you wish to accomplish, draw a stick figure and go from there. Once youve established the proportions of your character, you can go ahead and start working on the head. You should definitely figure out beforehand what kind of a superhero you want to create, is he/she going to be a normal humanoid, or have some otherworldly attributes, what is going to be uncommon about this figure, what size and powers will define it? Of course, you can work on these things as you progress with your sketching, but give it a thought before you get too deep into drawing.

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How to draw flying Green Lantern. In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw Green Lantern in dynamic flying pose. You will learn to draw his face with mask, hair and body in flying position. This is an easy to follow step by step drawing instruction. First, I usually start drawing with simple geometry

How To Draw A Chibi Supergirl

How To Draw a Superhero Mask Step By Step

Supergirl – just like her cousin, the Man of Steel, Kara Zor-el was sent to earth from the dying planet Krypton. The difference? She arrived as a teenager. The ultimate “new kid,” Supergirl must navigate adolescence while also learning to control her super strength, ability to fly, and other superpowers… Read more

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Learn To Draw Lessons

With over a thousand simple drawing lessons for you and your kids to follow along with. We show you how to draw simply with basic geometric shapes, letters, and numbers. We strive to teach you to draw with the most basic learning techniques. Think you can’t learn to draw? Don’t give up until you try drawing with our easy lessons. 😀

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Final Step Finish Your Cartoon Superheroes With Unique Details

As mentioned above, keep right on going until youve drawn the legs of each of your characters. Notice the difference in the boots between Magma & Thermo and Boulder & Rhino.

And after this the best part of the lesson begins!

There are many different things you can do to really make your cartoon superheroes STAND OUT. A simple line or two here and there really does wonders.

For ideas, have a look at the final image to the right. Notice the patterns of simple lines on each of their costumes. Do this with your characters mix it up to see what kind of unique styles you can create on your own.

And finally, aside from coloring your finished cartoon superheroes sketch in any remaining details that tells the observer what it is that makes them so SUPER!

And thats it. Hope you enjoyed this lesson, and best of luck as you continue to create your very own cartoon superheroes!

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Start With A Stick Figure

Drawing a stick figure doesnt sound like it should be part of the process, but thats how nearly every artist in the comic book industry gets started, before fleshing out their design.

Not only will you decide on the action your hero is engaging in during this step, but youll also make sure your figure has the appropriate dimensions laid out before getting too far into the drawing process, when its much harder to make adjustments.

On average, the male and female superhero is 7-1/2 heads tall, so whatever size you make your heros head, make sure their body is roughly 6-1/2 heads long from where their neck begins and their feet end.

On the other hand, if youre deliberately creating a comic book character that laughs in the face of convention, then by all means get creative!

Follow These Directed Drawing Instructions That Make A Cartoon Superhero Drawing Easy:

How to Draw A Superhero Arm *EASY Step by Step DRAW ALONG!*
  • First, draw the cartoon superheros head and mask. Start by drawing an oval with a horizontal line through it for the bottom of the superheros mask.
  • Draw the eyes of the superhero. Draw two circles above the line, then two more smaller circles inside them for the pupils.
  • Fill in the eyes and add a nose to the cartoon superhero. Draw little circles in the upper right of the pupil circles for the light reflection, and then fill in the rest of the eyes. Then, just under the mask line draw a little arc for the cartoon superheros nose.
  • Next lets draw the superheros mouth and ears. Under the superheros nose draw a half circle for the mouth and then a horizontal line right across the middle for the teeth. Finish the cartoon superheros head by drawing two small arcs on the outside of the head for the ears.
  • Now draw the cartoon superheros body. From the chin area of the cartoon superheros head, draw two horizontal lines out for the shoulders, and then two diagonal lines that connect below to create a waist. A single horizontal line across the bottom makes a belt.
  • Give the superhero some legs. Continue one of the diagonal lines from the superheros torso down a little and then draw a vertical line upward to the edge of one side of the belt. Repeat on the opposite side to create two triangular legs.
  • Draw the superheros cape. Draw a line down from the elbow area and then across the back just above the boots. Finish the cape by drawing a final line up to the other elbow.
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    Fourth Step Give Your Superheroes Arms And Hands

    As for your characters limbs, draw them either muscular or slim . Sure there are other things to account for, but keeping things nice and simple draw either with or without muscles. Use the images below to help you draw the arms of your character

    As for the hands or gloves in the case of Thermo Kid its a good idea to use simple shapes to help you practice drawing them off to the side. For example, in the Cartoon Chef lesson, we use a circle for the core part of the hand, and simple lines sticking out for the digits. You can manipulate these shapes in a number of different ways to help achieve the position youre looking for.

    Once youve got the arms and hands of your cartoon superheroes drawn lets move on to the second-last step

    How To Draw Iron Man

    How to draw Iron Man from The Avengers, Marvel comics, version Mark 6. This video tutorial shows you my painting process of Ironman. For easy Ironman drawing tutorial, you can scroll down below to see step by step images with instruction. I was planning to make a video, but didnt get around to it yet.

    How to draw Batman

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    Humans Behind The Masks And Capes

    Dating back to 1917, the term superhero was firstly used alongside of personas like Robin Hood, Zorro and the Phantom . Remaining a huge trend to this day, such;themed artwork continues to be a popular inspiration for many creators of comic books and authors in general. After all, there is something otherworldly and superhuman in the context of every hero, which inspires us to improve;ourselves and become the best versions we could be. The fascination with caped crusaders and masked champions is growing ever stronger, for we, the “ordinary” people know, deep down, that behind every mask and costume there is a regular human, just like us. So why couldn’t we all be a superhero for a day? Or, at least draw one…

    Now Finish Off Your Superhero With Some Color

    How To Draw A Superhero Step By Step

    Your superhero drawing is now almost finished! Now comes the fun part of coloring it in, and you can really show us how creative you can be here!

    We chose a color scheme for our example, but you should feel free to use your own colors, as this guide is all about creating a superhero of your own!

    What powers would this superhero have? If you have a theme in mind, then you could color him in to suit that theme.

    I think that colored pens would help to give this image a great comic book feel to it, but any art mediums that you love would look amazing!

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    Draw Superheroes Step By Step

    Our team of artists did everything to ensure that your drawing are even more obvious than ever before. And now choosing what to draw even at this moment, you can be confident in the success of your drawing. Finished pictures just surprise you, because they will be perfect. Repeat the Steps we have prepared for you. Steps is very simple and straightforward, even for beginners.

    Cool Superheroes To Draw

    Thanks to a parade of blockbuster comic books, movies, and TV shows, superheroes are a huge part of worldwide culture.

    And with a little help even total beginners can learn to draw these caped crusaders.

    Our list of video tutorials will help aspiring artists learn everything they need to get started drawing their favorite characters. From Spiderman to the Black Panther, these handy guides will show you the ropes of sketching the worlds most famous crime fighters.

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    Draw A Cape And Some Details

    Your superhero drawing is really coming together now! For this step, you can use some straight lines down from the shoulders and behind the arms to give your hero a cape.

    Then use some thin lines by the elbows, chest and knees as shown in the image for some muscle definition.

    Then, we have drawn an example of a logo on his chest, but you can get creative with this step!

    Maybe you could design a logo of your own to create a new superhero? What theme will your hero have? You can show us by using the logo that you design!

    How To Draw Batman For Kids

    How to Draw Superhero Arm (EASY Step by Step)

    Step 1: Draw a square for the face and a rectangular shape below it for the body.

    Step 2: Draw hands on both sides and below the body. For this draw set of simple lines as depicted in the image below.

    Step 3: Draw 2 pointed ears on the top of the head, 2 triangular eyes on the face, and lines depicting the border of the face mask.

    Step 4: In this step, we will draw other details of the dress as the belt, logo, and cape.

    Step 5: Start finishing your drawing with the head, for this use dark pencil and erase all the extra lines.

    Step 6: Now, finish the rest of the drawing keeping the outlines as base, dont forget to finish small details like its logo and the border of the cape.

    Step 7: Color the whole drawing with black, grey, and yellow colors.

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    Lets Give Your Superhero Some Legs

    The legs that we will draw for step 5 of this guide on how to draw a superhero may also look a bit complicated, but if you refer to our example picture closely, you can see that they are composed of some fairly basic shapes.

    There will be a somewhat triangular shape below his waist, and then you can draw his legs coming down from that shape.

    Once youre happy with how the legs look, simply draw in some details like a belt, collar and sleeves for your heros outfit.

    Learn How To Draw A Superhero With Some Basic Shapes And Then You Can Mix And Match To Make Your Own Customized Self Portrait

    One of the really good things about drawing a superhero these days, is that there are so many classic models to get inspired by. From the obvious Superman and Wonder Woman, and all the spinoffs that came before and after, a superhero can be as varied as say all their super powers.

    This tutorial gives both boys and girls some basic shapes to start with, but hopefully inspires some mixing and matching of their own. Add a cape, adjust a skirt, change the monogram, or change the colors. Try using this tutorial as a starting point, instead of an end, and see what kind of new superhero they can dream up.

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