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How To Draw A Tie Fighter

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How to draw a Star Wars Tie Fighter

Use black, white, and shades of blue, purple, and pink oil pastels.

Color the majority of a black sheet of cardstock with black oil pastels.

Fill in the rest of the spots with blue, purple and pink oil pastels.

Use your finger to smudge the colors together.

Cover an area with newspaper.

Dip an old toothbrush into white paint and flick onto the oil pastels

Allow the paint to dry completely. Now you are ready to make your Tie Fighter ship.

How To Draw A Tie Fighter Step By Step

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It Was Like Hitting The Jackpot

Last year, after discovering my boys Star Wars interest, my brother and his family sent a few holiday gifts one of the gifts, a book of Star Wars crafts, was a big hit with the boys. The book titled Star Wars Mania Crafts, Activities, Facts, and Fun! has a variety of activities for many different ages and skill levels. So, this summer, on an extremely hot day, we started a project. It does need adult supervision since youll need to use a craft knife as well as hot glue. But, my boys were able to paint and help with the majority of the project, which we worked on outside. To keep the paint contained, I mixed it in a disposable aluminum pan so that the boys could paint without it getting all over the porch. We made two TIE Fighters, but you could make a few to hang in a room.

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Easy Cardboard Tie Fighter Craft

If youre like me, then you may feel like you are reliving the 70s and 80s, and not in a gooddisco dancing, rollerskatingkind of way. Nope. Im talking about Princess Leia, Han Solo, Kylo Ren, Finn, etc. I think you get the picture. My boys have become obsessed with Star Wars. How about your kids? For the past two years, we, as a family, have dressed in a combination of Star Wars characters.

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How to draw a Star Wars Tie Fighter

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How To Make A Tie Fighter Desk

A tie fighter is a model of fictional starfighter operated by the Galactic Empire in the original Star Wars film trilogy. The starfighter was made popular at the end of the original Star Wars as it was flown by none other than Darth Vader. You can make a tie fighter desk by first making all the parts that are required for the final assembly.

A Lovely Tie Fighter Drawing

Wow that was ingeniously impressive

These type of posts make me realize of talentless I am

but your username made me laugh , so at least cheer up that you have made one person smile today!

Go take a talentless shit

Its mostly down to practice. We could each do it if we practiced enough. There are a few innate brain properties that give some a higher aptitude. If you have a lower aptitude it just means you have it practice more.

Skilless, the word you’re looking for is skill. Sure this person might have been very talented, but the ones who make it worked to build their skill.

I read your username with the voice, i laughed loudly.

Well that’s just all kinds of cool

After seeing this I had to look up the artist. For anyone else interested:

I feel like this dude wanted to draw a tie-fighter to begin with and the random ink didn’t mean anything.

I do wonder how much the ink really matters here. I feel like you could easily cover up most of the lighter lines with anything

I wish I was artistic. God misheard me and now Im autistic

No he heard you but you also have a speech impediment.

My dad has a fairly thick Brooklyn accent. He was trying to tell my wife that his kids were always very artistic. Of course it came out as autistic and my wife was left wondering wtf were missing and thinking well he is a little aspie I guess

Hilarity ensued before we figured out where the miscommunication was.

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Cut Out Your Tie Fighter Craft

Cut out your Star Wars Tie Fighter ships and set aside ready to glue to your galaxy background.

When your super cool galaxy background is dry, you can glue the Star Wars Tie Fighters to the background. You can place these anywhere in the black and purple galaxy background and allow them to overlap the page if needed.

Simply cut off any excess paper once this Star Wars Craft is dry.

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