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How To Draw A Tiger Easy

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Why Does A Tiger Have Stripes

How to Draw a Tiger Real Easy

The answer: camouflage! Green tigers? In my work as a zoological veterinarian, Ive seen up close how various animals coats, feathers, colours, spots and stripes have evolved to either help them attract a mate or disguise them. Camouflage or cryptic coloration allows them to hide, undetected.

Materials To Draw A Tiger In A Sweater

  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tips.
  • BlackSharpie Marker. These fine point permanent marker pens make nice black outlines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath to protect your tables.
  • Prang Crayons. These are a bit softer than other crayons so they sometimes look like oil pastels. They also have a some nice brown shades that Crayola does not have unless you buy their larger boxes.
  • Crayola Crayons. The reliable brand that always works well. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors that seem a bit richer and warmer than the ones Prang has.

Tiger Face Finishing Process

Draw the thick outline of the eye

Now draw the thick brush strokes as shown in the image above

Take your time and draw the lines perfectly. Complete the brush strokes one by one.

Draw the fur lines both sides, outside of the face as shown in the image above. Always start to draw with light colors and then medium and finally dark shades.

Check the above video and pause it where ever it is necessary .

Draw fine lines for the hair and fur, thats it for this tiger face tutorial. Hope you like it, please share this to your friends and family members.

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You Can Refer To The Simple Step

Step 1

Take the pencil and outline the circle as a guide for the tigers head. Next, draw the vertical lines of the forehead symmetry and the horizontal line for the eyes.

Step 2

In the upper part of the circle, draw the tigers ear and on the lower part draw the muzzle with the help of a circle. Next outline the contours of the neck.

Step 3

Lets add a few more basic details. Draw lines in the ears. With the help of horizontal lines from the previous step, outline the eyes, from the eyes draw lines and form the cats nose and mouth.

Step 4

Continue the lesson on how to draw a tigers head. Lets make the drawing more detailed. Draw our tigers shaggy cheekbones and cheeks.

Step 5

Here we delete all unnecessary extra lines and make the lines of our drawing clearer. The tigers head drawing is almost ready, still just adding strips and shadows.

Step 6

Now lets work with our tigers bands. Start with stripes on the muzzle. Next, draw stripes around our big cats face.

Step 7

Theres still the final step in which we add a shadow and draw long, slightly curved hairs.

It seemed to us a very enjoyable drawing lesson and the tigers head drawing came out really well. Did you like this drawing lesson? If so, let us know in the comments below this article and write other articles you would like to see on the pages of our website.

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Finish The Tigers Face

How to Draw a Cute Cartoon Tiger Easy

In this step, we will be adding the finishing touches to the tigers face.

The stripes at the top of the head are short and spread from the central vertical guideline that you have drawn.

The stripes on the side of the face are curved, longer and should act as semi circles rippling outward from the eyes and mouth. However, these should not be single continuous lines they are broken up into smaller lines and points of varying thickness. See the image below for reference.

Then, we can add the whiskers. Starting from the little dots that you drew earlier, add long sweeping lines that curve downwards. Each whisker should be unique theyre not all straight lines of exactly the same length and thickness. So, as you draw these whiskers, be mindful of how they would look in real life.

Finally, complete your tiger face drawing by lightly sketching soft spots of fur onto the tigers face.

Now that we finished the tigers face we can move our attention to the tigers body.

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How To Draw A Tiger Realistically

Before you begin your drawing, weve got a few top tips and tricks for you to use in your drawing. By using these techniques, you can ensure that your tiger drawing will look realistic as well:

  • Look at the angle of the back, and think about this carefully. Your guidelines will help you here.
  • Spend plenty of time on the eyes. Be precise with their size, shape and positioning, because this will help you to capture their intensity.
  • Remember that the stripes arent just straight lines. Look at the example drawings in this tutorial, and see how these stripes curve around the tigers body. You should try to recreate this effect in your drawing.
  • Add The Ears And Muzzle

    Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

    Now, we’ll turn our attention to the head, and add a pair of triangle-shaped ears to the top of the circle and a smaller circle to the bottom. If you want, you can also lightly sketch some guidelines at this point to indicate where the facial features will go, but it’s not necessary yet.

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    Draw Lines For The Back Legs

    For the back legs, we will start with the right leg. Start the line just below the left hand circle on the tigers body. Lightly sketch a leg shape that curves down, then add a loop about three quarters on the way down . Finally draw the foot slightly above the horizontal guideline that you drew in one of the previous steps.

    Now, well draw the back left leg. Repeat the same process as above, but in this case start the line lower down, at a point which runs parallel to the bottom of the tigers stomach.

    This leg will be shorter in order to create a sense of perspective, given this leg would be the furthest away from the viewer.

    Trace The Final Lines

    How to Draw a Tiger | Drawing Lesson for Beginners

    Use a felt-tip pen to trace the lines you want to keep, and erase the extra pencil lines.

    Next, bring your tiger to life by coloring it with vibrant orange and contrasting black as shown above.

    Drawing animals may seem difficult, but when you start each drawing with basic shapes and then add the details, it becomes easy. Practice drawing the animals presented in this article to perfect your artwork. You can also use these techniques to draw other animals that we haven’t included. Soon you’ll be an expert animal artist!

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    Sketch Guidelines For The Legs

    The guidelines in this step will help you to get the right shape and positioning of your tiger. They need to be accurate, so we would definitely recommend that you use a ruler for these lines.

    The first line starts at the centre of the thin long oval. From that point, draw a long, straight line through the oval and into the space beneath the bottom of the body. This should be quite a long line, as it will be used to create the tigers front left leg.

    Next, draw a horizontal line towards the left starting from the bottom of your vertical line. The lengh of your horizontal line should be about half the length of the vertical line.

    Now we will do something similar for the front legs . Draw a line that goes through the right oval and passes through the left hand side of the right small circle. The line should go through the point where the right small circle intersects with the tigers torso. Continue this line until it reaches the same point as the guidlines for the left leg.

    Now add two horizontal lines. The first line should be positioned at the same point as the horizontal line at the bottom of the last vertical line. The second line should be slightly longer, and be positioned underneath the other horizontal line.

    If you would like a bit of guidance on how these lines should look, check out the image below.

    What You Will Learn In This Guide

    The tutorial starts with explaining how to draw guidlines for your tiger sketch. Once this is done you will add more details to each part of your tiger with particaluar attention to each part of the tigers body and the tigers face in particular.

    If you would like to learn more about a particular step, you can easily jump to the section that is most helpful for you. Just use the interactive table below:

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    Draw Lines For The Eyes Ears And Nose

    Continue constructing your guidelines for the tigers face by marking lines where the eyes, ears and nose will go.

    To do this we draw six horizontal lines. These will mark the top and bottom of the eyes, nose and mouth. See the drawing below to get a better sense of the positioning of these guidelines, and the distancing between them.

    Then, draw a straight line at the very top of the circle which represents the tigers head. This will help you to position the ears further down this tutorial.

    Finish The Eyes And Nose

    How To Draw A Cartoon Tiger

    Start by adding more details to the nose. Try to create deep nostrils with a curved shape as illustrated below.

    Then, add details to the eyes as illustrated below

    At this stage, you can also add some small stripes around the eye.

    Once you have completed the smaller stripes around the tigers eyes, you can move on to the rest of the stripes on the face.

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    I Created Just A Nine

    Todays lesson on how to draw a tiger in just nine steps will be very useful to you. This lesson is suitable for all novice artists and children.

    The size and formidable appearance of tigers amazes everyone who has ever seen them in real life.

    Did you know that the striped pattern on the tigers fur is unique and inherent only in its owner, like a human fingerprint?


    How to draw a Tiger

  • Depict the head.

    Draw the head as in my example.

  • Depict the face.

    In this step, sketch out the eyes, nose, and mouth of the tiger.

  • Add details.

    Draw the ears and details on the tigers face.

  • Draw the torso.

    To depict the torso, draw an oblong shape.

  • Draw the legs and tail.

    The 5 step is devoted to drawing the legs and tail of the tiger.

  • Add more details.

    Draw a line along the belly. Dont forget the claws and the second pair of legs.

  • Draw stripes.

    Draw the stripes on the body of the tiger as in the example.

  • Erase the guidelines.

    This step is for you to check your drawing and remove unnecessary guidelines.

  • Color the drawing.

    In the last step, color the drawing using brown, beige, orange, and gray colors.

  • So the step-by-step tutorial on drawing a tiger is over. I am sure you have an excellent result.

    Draw A Line For The Tigers Tail

    The next guideline to draw is the one for the tigers tail.

    Start this line just above the halfway point of the left circle that makes up the tigers back. It should curve alongside this circle, so that it looks as if it is a natural continuation of the tigers body.

    Make sure that you delicately sketch this line, and add a little curl at the end.

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    Draw Fur Around The Ears

    In this step we will be adding softness to the tigers face, and sketching fur along the face and ears.

    Firstly, we will finalize the tigers ears and the top of the head. Do this by drawing soft fur marks along the outside of the ears and along the base of the ears. Make sure you draw fur of a variety of different lengths to make it look realistic. Try not to keep the fur around the ears as one straight line instead, the outline of the ear should be made up with delicate fur markings.

    Now add short fur across the top of the tigers head, as illustrated below.

    Next, we will continue using the same practice of sketching fur to create an outline for your tiger face.

    Next, well be adding fur to the lower section of the tigers face. Use the hexagon guideline to help you decide where to draw this fur.

    Then, sketch some fur along the tigers mouth.

    Finish the tigers mouth by adding shades to the inside of the tigers mouth. Shade the area in between the mouth line and the circle that you have drawn for the tigers nose. In your shading, create a slight indent into the circle, along the central line of the face.

    For the final part of this step, add some fur to the top of the tigers mouth. Do this by sketching some fur lines along the outside of the circle guideline.

    Start at a point slightly further down from the nose and eye guidelines, then continue drawing fur along the mouth until you reach the same point on the opposite side of the face.

    How To Draw A Tiger Jumping Step By Step

    How to Draw a TIGER

    June 03, 2021Drawing Tutorial Category: Tigers

    This is a tiger that is preying. It is leaping high, jumping towards its prey! Learn to draw a tiger like this is a very fun thing, suitable for elementary school students.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this jumping tiger. If you like it, pick up the pen and follow the steps below to try it!



    How to draw a jumping tiger

    1. Draw an ear first. Then draw the top of the head and the other ear.

    2. Outline the face. Then draw an eye and a nose.

    3. Outline the head. Then draw some dots and beard.

    4. Draw the back of this tiger, as shown above.

    5. Draw a leg.

    6. Draw its tail. Then draw a back leg.

    7. Draw the belly of this tiger. Then draw the other back leg.

    8. Draw the other front leg.

    9. Finally, simply color it. This tiger is done!

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    How To Create A Nice Drawing Of A Tiger For Beginners

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    Creating your first drawing of a tiger doesnt have to be confusing. Its nice to suggest studying anatomy and sketching these beautiful animals at the zoo but who has time for such a serious approach? So, if youre simply planning on learning how to draw a tiger for your bullet journal or for fun, youre in the right place!

    You can learn how to draw a tiger and then teach your kids it is so easy.

    Lets learn how to draw a tiger the easy way! Plus, we are going to show how to draw a tiger cub as well!

    For practicing your tiger drawing we created step-by-step printable guides for the adult tiger and the cub. Needless to say, there is no real easy way of learning to draw animals like a tiger in just one try. As with anything else, your success depends on your patience and practice.

    Next Draw The Sides Of The Tigers Head

    The previous few steps of this tiger drawing have been quite tricky, so lets dial it back just a bit for this part!

    For this step, you will be using some jagged lines on the sides of the face to create the furry sides of the head. Thats all there is to it for this step, and youre ready to move on!

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    Finish Off Your Tiger Drawing With Some Color

    Tigers are well known for their stunning color scheme, and you can replicate this color scheme in this part of your tiger drawing!

    As you know, tigers have a coloring of bright orange, black and white primarily, and this is the color scheme that we went with in the reference image. Even if you stick to these more realistic colors, there are plenty of ways that you can add some variety.

    You can use different tones and shades of these colors to build up some color texture, and you can also experiment with different art mediums depending on the style that you want.

    We cant wait to see how you use your colors and art tools to bring this image to life!

    How To Draw Cartoon Tigers

    How to Draw a Tiger Easy ?Cute Cartoon Animal

    Whenever I think “cartoon tigers”, its Tigger from Winnie the Pooh, Tony the Tiger of Frosted Flakes, and of course Shere Khan from Disneys The Jungle Book that come to mind.

    Here though you get to create a tiger of your very own one based on a very simple guideline, drawn from top to bottom. Actually, this lesson is very similar to the Cartoon Lion lesson from previous.

    Whats great about this lesson, is that because tigers have such distinct markings when youre finished your drawing, making your tiger look like a tiger with a bit of color, is easily done.

    Oh and remember too this lesson does follow a specific sequence. But with each step along the way to completion, dont be afraid to change your lines as you see fit.

    OK! Lets draw a tiger!

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    Final Step Give It Some Detail

    One detail that needs not mentioning, is of course stripes! You can either draw them in now or like I did up top fill them in as you color your final drawing.

    For now though, give your cartoon tiger a tail, sketch a few lines in the face area , and dont forget some simple curved lines to bring out the paws.

    Now for the actual coloring. Key features to bring out, aside from the obvious orange with black stripes is using white in various places the paws and lower portion of the face to be included. You may want to color the chest/underside white as well completely up to you!

    And guess what! Youre all done! Grrrrrrrrrreat job on this lesson you can now draw your very own simple cartoon tigers!

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