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How To Draw A Tiger Head

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How To Draw A Tiger Head

How To Draw A Realistic Tiger Head

Please PAUSE the “How to Draw a Tiger Head ” video after each step to draw at your own pace.

For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

Step 1: Draw two short, sloping lines for the tiger’s eyebrows. Sketch lightly at first and when you get the angles right, darken the lines. Curve the inner tip of each eyebrow up for a furrowed brow. Make the eyebrows thicker by adding more value at the tops. Try to make the tiger’s eyebrows symmetrical.

Step 2: Under each eyebrow, draw a small oval for the eyes. Sketch lightly at first and when you get the size and position of the eyes right, darken them. As you darken the ovals, make the sides pointier. Make the outline for the tiger’s eyes thick and bold. Make the inner corner of each eye extra long. The corners of the eyes should be pointing toward where the nose will be.

Step 3: Inside each eye, draw a small circle for the pupils. Shade in the tiger’s pupils except for a tiny circle to represent glare.

Step 4: Add the tiger’s nose under the eyes by first drawing a V- shaped line. Close off the top of the V- shaped line with a horizontal line. Make the top corners of the nose thicker and darker. Draw a short line at the bottom of the nose and the nostrils on the sides.

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Step 7 Draw Fur Around The Ears

In this step we will be adding softness to the tigers face, and sketching fur along the face and ears.

Firstly, we will finalize the tigers ears and the top of the head. Do this by drawing soft fur marks along the outside of the ears and along the base of the ears. Make sure you draw fur of a variety of different lengths to make it look realistic. Try not to keep the fur around the ears as one straight line instead, the outline of the ear should be made up with delicate fur markings.

Now add short fur across the top of the tigers head, as illustrated below.

Next, we will continue using the same practice of sketching fur to create an outline for your tiger face.

Next, well be adding fur to the lower section of the tigers face. Use the hexagon guideline to help you decide where to draw this fur.

Then, sketch some fur along the tigers mouth.

Finish the tigers mouth by adding shades to the inside of the tigers mouth. Shade the area in between the mouth line and the circle that you have drawn for the tigers nose. In your shading, create a slight indent into the circle, along the central line of the face.

For the final part of this step, add some fur to the top of the tigers mouth. Do this by sketching some fur lines along the outside of the circle guideline.

Start at a point slightly further down from the nose and eye guidelines, then continue drawing fur along the mouth until you reach the same point on the opposite side of the face.

Part Two: Constructional Drawing

An exploration of how complex objects can be broken down into their fundamental components, then rebuilt from simple forms. We look at this concept of constructional drawing by applying it to many different topics – the focus is not on learning how to draw that specific subject matter, but rather to tackle construction from different perspectives.

Step 3 Add In A Face For Your Tiger

Now that you have the head outline of your tiger drawing, you can start to draw in the face of the tiger. This is another tricky step, so it will help to draw in each element of the face one at a time.

You can use some curved lines with circles inside them to make some thin, fierce-looking eyes for the tiger.

Then you can use a rounded shape for the nose, and then give it a wide-open mouth. Once the mouth is drawn, your tiger definitely needs some sharp teeth inside of it.

I would again suggest using some pencil for this step before you go over it with a pen to finish it off.

If you follow the picture closely and take your time with it, I know youll do a great job of it!

Step 2 Draw In The Outline Of The Head

How to Draw a Tiger Head By thebrokenpuppet

These next few steps could get a bit tricky, so you should refer closely to the reference image for help as you do these next few ones.

For these next steps, I would recommend using a light pencil to draw first and then go over it in pen once youre happy with how it looks.

We shall be drawing in the forehead, open mouth and chin of the tiger with a line for the inner ear to finish off this step.

Step 6 Fully Shaded Drawing

To really make the drawing stand out you can apply some fairly light shading to the darker fur areas of the head and show some basic light and shadow.

In this case the darker fur will be mostly along the nose and forehead/top of head area so you will want to shade in that area.  The main light source will be above and in front of the tiger which will make the bridge o the nose area slightly lighter then the rest o the darker fur. You can also darken the inside of the ears by adding more strokes to that area as those areas will generally be more hidden from the light. You can also smooth out the whole drawing in general by adding some extra strokes where needed .

As you shade you can erase some of the lines from the previous step as you can now show the shape of those areas with the shading.

How To Draw Tiger : Step By Step Guide

Here are some amazing facts about the tiger which I would like to share, before moving on to the tutorial on how to draw tiger. Tiger is the largest species belonging to the cat family. The force of their bite is 2nd strongest among all the carnivores. On getting mature, they always move alone and have a life span of about 14yrs. Their night vision helps them become vicious predators during the night also. Due to poaching and extensive decrement in wildlife areas, it has led to the endangerment of one of the greatest animals. There are only around 3500 tigers left in the wild.

Step 10 Draw A Line For The Tigers Tail

The next guideline to draw is the one for the tigers tail. 

Start this line just above the halfway point of the left circle that makes up the tigers back. It should curve alongside this circle, so that it looks as if it is a natural continuation of the tigers body. 

Make sure that you delicately sketch this line, and add a little curl at the end.

Step 8 Finish The Eyes And Nose

How to Draw a Tiger’s Head – Easy Way, Front View

Start by adding more details to the nose. Try to create deep nostrils with a curved shape as illustrated below.

Then, add details to the eyes as illustrated below

At this stage, you can also add some small stripes around the eye.

Once you have completed the smaller stripes around the tigers eyes, you can move on to the rest of the stripes on the face.

Step 9: Add The Stripes

Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

Finally, it’s time to jazz up your tiger drawing with what makes these animals so specialstripes! Although it may be tempting to try this freehand, there are actually some basic patterns to follow, so be sure you have a few reference photos of tigers handy. Remember to keep the stripes around the head shorter, and the ones on the body fairly long. You’ll notice that in most tigers, the stripes also become thicker as they get closer to the hindquarters.

Step 8 Draw Lines For The Front Legs

Now, its time to create the lines which will represent the shape of the legs. Each of these composition lines have a slight slope, a flat line at the bottom and a small kink in the middle. 

We will start by drawing the tigers left front leg. Start at the top of the small left circle , and then lightly sketch a line going down. 

Just below the bottom of the small circle, draw a small loop. This kink in the line will provide the leg with a more realistic shape. Continue the line going downwards, until it reaches the bottom line of the guidelines . Finally, add a rough couple of lines to represent the foot. 

For the second leg line repeat the same process, but as a mirror image of the other front leg. So, this line will start in the right small circle, and continue downwards. Take note, you should draw the foot for the right front leg at the higher line on the guidelines from the last step.

Consult the image below if youre not sure how this should look.

Step 5: Sketch The Legs

Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

Turning our attention to the tiger’s body again, it’s time to draw the legs. Begin by sketching the upper part of the forelimbs and hind legs as thick rectangular shapes. Then, connect the lower legs at the joints, ending at large rectangular paws. Keep the legs fairly thick, as tigers are muscular animals with heavy coats of fur.

Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

Step 9 Draw Lines For The Back Legs

How to Draw a Tiger Head (Cartoon)

For the back legs, we will start with the right leg. Start the line just below the left hand circle on the tigers body. Lightly sketch a leg shape that curves down, then add a loop about three quarters on the way down . Finally draw the foot slightly above the horizontal guideline that you drew in one of the previous steps. 

Now, well draw the back left leg. Repeat the same process as above, but in this case start the line lower down, at a point which runs parallel to the bottom of the tigers stomach.

This leg will be shorter in order to create a sense of perspective, given this leg would be the furthest away from the viewer.

What You Will Learn In This Guide

The tutorial starts with explaining how to draw guidlines for your tiger sketch. Once this is done you will add more details to each part of your tiger with particaluar attention to each part of the tigers body and the tigers face in particular.

If you would like to learn more about a particular step, you can easily jump to the section that is most helpful for you. Just use the interactive table below:

Step 4: Add The Ears And Muzzle

Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

Now, we’ll turn our attention to the head, and add a pair of triangle-shaped ears to the top of the circle and a smaller circle to the bottom. If you want, you can also lightly sketch some guidelines at this point to indicate where the facial features will go, but it’s not necessary yet.

Step 14 Draw Outlines For The Paws

In this step we will be looking at sketching the tigers paws.

Roughly sketch these paws as illustrated in the picture below. Use the horizontal lines to help with their positioning. 

Now add toes to each paw, and think about how they would be positioned on the ground if you were looking at a real tiger.

Step 18 Draw Lines For The Eyes Ears And Nose

How to Draw a Tiger – Tiger Head With Marker

Continue constructing your guidelines for the tigers face by marking lines where the eyes, ears and nose will go. 

To do this we draw six horizontal lines. These will mark the top and bottom of the eyes, nose and mouth. See the drawing below to get a better sense of the positioning of these guidelines, and the distancing between them.

Then, draw a straight line at the very top of the circle which represents the tigers head. This will help you to position the ears further down this tutorial.

Step 5 Next Lets Draw In Some Legs And A Tail

Your tiger drawing is starting to take shape, and now it needs some legs added to it. The front leg thats closest to us will be quite straight, ending in some curved paws.

You can then draw in a slightly curved line for the stomach and then draw in a more rounded back leg. Lastly, you can draw in a straight tail with a curve at the end.

Step 5 Basic Shading

Shade in the fur stripes stripes with some basic one directional strokes of varying length to make the stripes look more natural. You can also add a few more strokes to the outline area of the head and inside the ears to give the fur a little more detail.

Once you are done the above draw in some whiskers from the whisker lines around the mouth area. Try and make these of slightly different length and with slightly different curves.

When you  finish this step you can leave the drawing as is or go a little further and move on to the next step.

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Pin On Poms

A Quick Preview Of All Steps

How to Draw a Tiger (Head Detail)

To start, well take you through a preview of the entire process to show you the steps that youll be going through.

Take particular note of how the guidelines that you draw first lay the foundations for your drawing. Dont worry well be taking you through each step in far more detail. Its just useful at this stage to get a sense of how your drawing will gradually come to life.

Tiger Full Face Drawing Lesson 2

I found a wonderful photo of the white tiger and really admired the noble features of his face.

Let`s draw him step-by-step.

Start with pencil sketch.

Further it would be necessary to draw the oval of the face,but I decided that it would be better to do features.

Draw ears on top:

Paint black stripes:

Step 12 Draw The Knees

Now, we will draw the outline for the tigers knees. Do this by adding a small circle on top of the kink that you drew in each of the legs. Then, draw a rough rectangle underneath this circle, which extends downwards until it is just above the tigers feet. 

It is important for you to remember that there is no need to worry about these guidelines impacting the end result. They are only designed to be rough guidelines. 

If youre not sure how these knee guidelines should look, have a look at the image below.

Another Free Animals For Beginners Step By Step Drawing Video Tutorial

How to draw a tiger head. I used the 5H to add in the super short fut lines. First draw the tigers nose. Embellishment Drawing More information How to Draw a Tiger Head Step by Step Realistic Drawing Technique FREE Online Drawing Tutorial Added by finalprodigy July 22 2011 21201 pm.

To the left of the circle draw a series of short curved lines. Bridge the gap between the ears and eyes by working on the forehead. How to Draw a Tiger Narrated Step-by-Step Tutorial YouTube.

If playback doesn. Tiger Face drawing step 2. Tiger Face drawing step 1.

Most creatures like this have a little bit of a bump in the middle of the head right between the ears says Elliott. To draw a tiger sketch the head using a large circle then draw another circle inside of that one to serve as the snout. That bump is a slight indentation at the crown of the head where the two curved halves of the skull meet.

Tiger Face drawing step 3. How to Draw a Tiger Narrated Step-by-Step Tutorial Watch later. The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

Keep in mind that the back of a tigers head isnt perfectly flat or perfectly curved. Below are the individual steps you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version. All the best Tiger Head Drawing Easy 39 collected on this page.

Begin by drawing a large circle.

How To Draw A Tiger Head Drawings Animal Drawings Art Inspiration

How To Draw A Tiger Drawings Tiger Drawing Realistic Drawings

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