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How To Draw A Treasure Chest

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How To Draw A Treasure Chest (parallel lines)

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How To Draw A Treasure Chest

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“Fifteen men on a dead man’s chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.” – “Dead Man’s Chest,” fictional sea song from Treasure Island

Buried treasure is a large part of the mythology of pirates and other outlaws. Popular belief holds that these individuals buried their riches in a remote place, where even they needed a treasure map in order to find it. The idiom “X marks the spot” is derived from this idea.

Historically, the only pirate known to bury his treasure was William Kidd. His fortune was believed to be hidden near Long Island, New York, USA. He was later hanged for his crimes. More often than not, chests such as the one in this drawing guide were used for safely storing linens, clothing, or other items within the home or while traveling.

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Many books, comics, and movies promoted the legends of buried treasure chests. Perhaps the most famous is Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson, published in 1883. One expert stated, “The effect of Treasure Island on our perception of pirates cannot be overestimated,” and asserted that buried treasure “is an entirely fictional device.” Regardless, Treasure Island has been performed and spoofed many times. One futuristic version is the animated film Treasure Planet .

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How To Draw A Treasure Chest With Picsart

Our Treasure Chest Drawing Challenge is underway, and users are already off to the races with their shovels in hand, trying to take home the gold. We expect that users will once again surprise us with ways of drawing treasure chests that would never have occurred to us, but all the same we are posting a drawing tutorial as a source of guidance. This tutorial will take you through the drawing process step by step and show you some awesome tips and tricks on how to use the drawing features of PicsArt to your advantage.

For those who are on Android, dont forget to use the video export feature to instantly share video drawing tutorials when you are finished. Video Export records everything you draw and plays it back step by step as a video. Tag it with #picsart and #DCtreasurechest when you post it on YouTube.

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You Can Refer To The Simple Step

Step 1

Start by drawing a rectangular block. Use the lines to draw three rectangles, connected together.

Step 2

Erase part of the bottom parts of the cube. In each opening, draw two curves that meet at one point, filling the gap. This forms a decorative base of its chest as well as its feet.

Step 3

Adorn the chest by drawing rectangles inside the front and sides.

Step 4

Give the rectangles inscribed the shape of the wooden planks by drawing parallel lines, across them. Then, draw a handle on the side panel. Start by drawing two incomplete circles. Draw two curves to connect the circles, forming a handle.

Step 5

Draw a padlock on the front of the treasure chest, erase as needed. First, draw a quadrilateral. The top and sides of the shape should be made of straight lines, while the bottom part of the shape should be a curve. Give straight edges a three-dimensional shape by drawing a line parallel to the edge of the figure, connecting to the corners with short lines.

Step 6

Erase the top of the cube to make room for the curved upper part of the chest. Draw half a circle on one end of the chest and a quarter of a circle on the other end. Connect the two with a straight line.

Step 7

Adorn the lid of the chest. Draw the second half of the circle in the original half circle. Then, paste the two rectangles onto the top of the lid.

Step 8

Step 9

Draw small circles near the edges of the chest. They represent the nails or bolts that hold the ribcage together.

Step 10

How To Make A Pirate Treasure Chest

How to Draw a 3D Treasure Chest

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Aye, a pirates’ life is for you! No matter if your pirate garb is for Halloween or a pirate themed event, every pirate needs a chest for his treasure. You can fashion your chest with booty from around the house and a little bit of craft savvy. When your mateys see you in your outfit with a treasure chest filled to the brim with chocolate coins in gold foil, your costume will be a step above other pirates at the party.

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Illustrator: How To Draw A 3d Treasure Chest Or How To Add Details To A 3d Object

I’m trying to create a vector graphic of a traditional cartoon style lockbox/treasure chest.

First, I created a simple cross-section using basic shapes:The I used the 3D Extrude & Bevel effect to extrude the depth, and rotated/revolved/positioned the resulting 3D object. Note: The two shapes might need to be grouped or merged to avoid rendering some strange anomalies. I used these settings:Here’s the result:

My question is where to go from here; how to proceed? I’m used to just drawing flat, planer, 2D illustrations. How can I add details to the new 3D object to bring it to life? Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

  • 4Dont use extrude, its a nifty tool but it does not erally do 3D. Once your beyond basics, your better of constructing your dawing on your own.Mar 10 ’19 at 12:29
  • 2Mar 10 ’19 at 13:15
  • 1Imagine how you’d draw a “3d-looking” treasure chest with a pencil on paper…. do that in Illustrator. Don’t use the 3D effect.;ScottMar 11 ’19 at 2:22
  • I rewrote my answer to respect a little more the idea to insert stuff onto the extruded chest body.

Check it yourself! Do an image search for treasure chest. Select a few good ones. You’ll see to match with them you must insert:

  • a lock
  • carrying handles
  • material texture details
  • a treasure, if your chest happens to be open, maybe also the hinges are partially visible in this case
  • lights, shadows and maybe some shine
  • plausible colors.

About HOW?

Crutch 1. Insert clipart where possible

An example:

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