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How To Draw A Treasure Map

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How To Make A Treasure Map For Children

How to draw a Treasure Map | Pirate Week

One of the most fun ways to entertain the younger members of the family is to have them go on a treasure hunt. And any worthy quest for treasure should have a treasure map. Here at OneHowTo we’ll give you some tips on how to make a treasure map for children that will be fun, easy to understand and has that old look we expect from a treasure map.

Before you begin, you must decide what you want to achieve with the treasure hunt and how long you want the activity to last. The treasure map can function as a great educational activity.

Discover how to prepare a treasure hunt for children and, once you are settled on what is being looked for, focus on creating a treasure map that works. You can decide on a theme, make up a story and even create characters!

Consider the age of the children involved before making the map: Remember that younger children need simpler explanations that could be boring for older kids.

Have clear instructions in your treasure map for children by using statements, words and simple graphics that will help them avoid having problems in understanding what you are saying.

Signal the way forward with a line that is clear enough, and mark the precise point where the treasure is hidden with a sign that they will understand. You can’t go wrong with the classic X, or you can draw a treasure chest.

Keep the treasure map between the pages of an old book or a small chest so that when the kids find it their game starts with them already role playing.

Diy Pirate Map And Treasure Hunt Games

You may remember that we have been having plenty of fun with all things Pirate related recently, from the picture books weve been reading to the treasure chest that we made!
pirate island treasure map

thick 300gsm watercolour paper

;For an effective map you really need to use good quality, heavy duty paper, preferably watercolour, sugar or blotting paper as these are the most absorbent types. I have included a photo of our watercolour art book so you can see the type of thing to look out for. As an aside, I think children should always be offered the best quality materials and resources, where possible, and theres no reason why they cant use real art products at all. The better the quality, the more we are expecting from them and valuing the outcome, in my opinion.

strong tea paint!

;We put three tea bags in a cup with some boiling water and left it to cool down, by which time it had become a lovely thick stew and also a great natural watercolour paint!

soaking the paper in tea

;The girls had great fun sloshing it all over the thick paper with paint brushes.

painting with a wide brush

;Then C. tipped the cup over and during the mop up with copious amounts of kitchen roll, it actually worked out even better to use those to stain the paper with. Baby Pop thought it was lots of fun and was distraught when I eventually took it all away!

painting with wet kitchen paper
pirate island treasure map
garden treasure map

Ideas for games with the treasure maps

Start With A Paper Grocery Bag

First, carefully cut open a brown paper grocery bag along all the seams and unfold it all so that it lies flat. Then tear around the edges until you have a nice sized area for a map. Ours was about 2 feet by 18 inches.; Tearing works better than scissors and gives it a nice rough look.; Try to use a large section of the bag that does not have grocery store printing on either side

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How To Make A Pirates Treasure Map For Children

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Buried treasure, pirate ships, X marks the spotpirate themed treasure maps are full of fun! You can create an authentic looking map using materials from home, plant pirate treasure at different landmarks, and lead your kids on a fun hunt for buried treasure!

Kids Need To Move Kids Need To Touch

How to Draw a Treasure Map

I believe worksheets became so common because they are simple to produce. We live in a world that makes worksheets super convenient. Headed to Costco? Workbooks. Need any ideas at home? Printables. And who can blame us? The text is cute, and there are fun illustrations added to lure us in.

Only one thing that is missing. One thing that is actually very important.

What is missing is the hands-on learning and play!

Lets take the same amount of time it takes to press print, to create hands-on ways for our children to spark creativity and actually remember what and why they just did what they were asked to do.

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When It Comes To Your Preschooler Writing There Is Much More You Can Do Than Writing Letters

In fact, if you have a preschooler that needs breaks and movements, this Breakfast Invitation is the one for you.

Bottom line, the more you help your child grasp a marker, pencil, crayon, etc., the stronger their hands get for school-age when things become a little more demanding.

Do not rush to letters until they have drawn lines and spent time cutting.

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How To Draw A World Map

Once you create an antique looking paper, the possibilities are endless.

It does not have to be an old pirate or treasure map.

Another option is to create a world map.

The steps for creating a world map are the same.

Start by drawing with a pencil. Do it lightly so it is easy to erase.

As mentioned above, the options are vast. You can draw a city, maze, fantasy land or anything that comes to mind.

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How To Draw A Pirate Map

Maps have been around since the ancient times and they are often associated with pirates: the Sailboats with a human skull on the flag and secret treasures buried in remote islands, which can be found only by relying on a map. One wonders if some of those treasures have never been found. Many books and children’s stories have been written on this subject. Another use for the ancient maps was piloting a ship. In the modern times, topographic maps of the world and cities are a common attribute of any traveling person. In this lesson, we’ll learn how to draw a pirate treasure map leading to hidden treasure.

Have Fun With Your Real Treasure Map

How to Draw a Treasure Map! Treasure Map Drawing Tutorial. â?ï¸?ðº

Now, what are you going to do with your map?; This is great for a birthday themed party, or just an afternoon on the beach

Check out what we did, in my article:;Pirates of Kentucky Lake. And for more swashbuckling fun with kids, learn how to Travel Like Pirates on road trips!;

Have fun and happy treasure hunting! Arrrrrr!!;

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How To Make A Pirate Treasure Map

  • Tear the edges off the paper to give an aged look.
  • Draw a treasure map on the paper with wax crayons . With younger children, try drawing some treasure island outlines which they can colour in with the crayons.
  • When finished, crumple the paper gentle to give a worn look and open back out.
  • Make up a bowl with some black tea. When the tea is cool, allow the children to paint the tea over the treasure map. You can use a brush or try sweeping the tea bag directly over the paper. Dont rub too hard on the damp paper otherwise you will make holes in the map.
  • Allow to dry.

Your treasure map is now ready have a fun adventure! If youre planning a real treasure hunt, have a go at making your own egg carton pirate treasure chest.; Making a treasure map would be a fun activity for a pirate themed birthday party too.

Sketching Our Rough Draft

Each with a paper and pencil, we sat in the yard together to draw our individual maps. ;

It helped my daughter to see how I was doing my map, and she would frequently look at my map when drawing her own map. ;I told her to lightly sketch out the bigger main elements and gradually fill the places with the smaller landmarks.

Both our papers were quite rough looking, so we took these rough drafts into the house to each redraw our final version. ;We spent quite a bit of time together, just drawing and coloring.

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How To Draw An Antique Treasure Map

Drawing an antique treasure map or a pirate scroll in 2 steps:

  • Step1: Drawing with a pencil.
  • Step2: Drawing with a technical pen.

A ruler can be used.

Start by drawing with a pencil. When you reach the desired outcome, go over it with a pen and gently erase the pencil marks.

Supply for drawing:

For pencil drawing, visit my pencil drawing supply review.

A regular pen can be used, though drawing pens for artists are much better. These are my recommended technical pens.

Next Draw The Images On Your Map

How to Draw A Treasure Map | Twinkl Illustrators

Use a sharpie permanent marker to draw islands, main land, a few trees, some rocks.; On the ocean parts add some curvy lines for waves, a sea dragon, birds, a porpoise, and even a ship.;

Next, add a compass rose to show North, South, East and West.; Do a search for compass rose to find an example of one you would like to draw, or use this one that I have posted here, by clicking the image and printing it.;

Somewhere on the map draw a big fat red X to mark the spot for the treasure using a red sharpie permanent pen. Draw a dotted line leading to the X.; Make sure to write Treasure Map on the map using some fancy lettering for the first letter of each word. Use your imagination and see my example below.

Dont worry about being super neat or making mistakes. Remember, its a pirate map. Pirates rarely have good handwriting!

Our map had a special secret to it! If you folded it just right, the two islands became one island, which made the location of our treasure even more secret! .

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Objects To Add For A Treasure Map

It is helpful to use reference photos or search the web for concept art to add to the pirate map.

Objects that can be added to a treasure map:

Legend: Understanding signs such as trails, trees, mountains, treasure, buildings, etc.

Map readability: Compass rose, scale bar, longitude, latitude and even altitude lines.

Epic Pirate Treasure Hunt With Ethan And Ella

Last summer I made a simple local hunt in our garden and the park at the end of the street for Ethan and Ella from Kids Pet Club. It was inspired by the Penny P Pug story you can read HERE. It was SO fun!

You can easily think up clues and hide treats around the spaces you can use, and do with family or even online with friends with the help of a parent.

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How To Play Your Pirate Treasure Map Game

Now you have your genuine pirate map. heres how to play your game!

1) The aim of the game is to follow the treasure map to four different locations, where different letters are hidden that spell out the whereabouts of the treasure. One player is the pirate who knows where the treasure is hidden, and the others are the scurvy plunderers looking for the booty!

2) To set up the game, the pirate must take the letters that spell out where the treasure is, and hide them at each location on the treasure map, along with the treasure in the place that the letters will spell out!

3) Now pass the treasure hunters the pirate map and let them loose. To make it really tricky, give them a time limit of three minutes to get to the treasure! Can they find it in time? Good luck!


Write your clues in pencil, then when the game is over, use a rubber to rub them out, and choose a different location for your next treasure hunt!;

Treasure Maps Are Where Its At

How to Draw a Treasure Map

For one, they look cool. Kids are instantly hooked. no pun intended.

Second, the journey will allow your child to hold a marker as they follow two-step directions. This may sound simple, but it is actually an important skill for children to practice.

How many of your children can follow two-step directions with ease? I know mine can use some work, and this treasure map, Breakfast Invitation, is the perfect place to begin.

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How To Draw A Treasure Map For Kids

I had several learning objectives in mind when drawing a map with my 6 year old. ;I wanted to introduce her to:

  • landmarks and making decisions on what to include on the map
  • using symbols to represent a landmark
  • letting others know what the symbols mean by adding a map key
  • the compass and what it does
  • showing cardinal directions on our map

All of these were much easier to teach with my 100% participation.

Teach Kids Mapping Skills With A Backyard Treasure Hunt

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I wanted to do a treasure map activity with my 6 year old to teach her some mapping skills. I told her we were going to pretend to be pirates and go on a backyard treasure hunt. The first step would be learning how to draw a treasure map for kids.

A quick learn-from-my-mistake word of advice:

Dont tell your kids youre going to be doing a pirates treasure hunt until youre ready to give it your complete and undivided attention. ;

I made the mistake of telling my daughter during breakfast. ;And before I was able to clean up the breakfast dishes, get dressed, and do a few basic morning chores, my daughter had drew 2 treasure maps and dug 3 treasures in our yard.

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How To Create A Childrens Treasure Map

If your child is anything like mine, he or she may get really excited over the strangest things. Dexters current obsession is all about Dora the Explorer. He goes wild when he sees anything Dora related. So much so that we recently had to buy him a hot pink hat with her on it because he threw an almighty hissy fit when we tried to take it away from him at the store!

The funny thing is that hes not overly concerned with Dora, herself. No, his favorite character is The Map!

He goes around singing the maps song, and he is gets so excitable that he jibbers incoherently whenever he sees a map in any form or on any show.

So I thought itd be a great idea to create a fun little treasure map for him so that he could enjoy his very own adventures. And I did it in such a way that he can actually follow it to places around the house!

It was so much fun, and it is now his very favorite thing. So much so that the night after I gave it to him, he took it to bed to cuddle and even made me kiss it good night!

If you would like to make one of your very own, read on and enjoy!

Step 1: Prepare Your Canvas

I used a sheet of basic white canvas, because I figured paper would never last. Dex would have torn it up within minutes or got it wet or worse!

Step 2: Age Your Canvas

So I squeezed a bit of acrylic brown paint into a small mason jar and added water. I shook it up so the paint was dispersed and then I stuffed the canvas inside. I shook it up a bit, and then I simply left it overnight.

How To Make A Treasure Map

How to Make a Treasure Map – easy, even for slow pirates!

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A treasure map can be useful for many things – school plays, homework, games, or just for a fun activity to do with your kids. Making your own authentic-looking treasure map is easy to do.

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