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How To Draw A Tree Trunk

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No Actual Leaf Shapes Please

Pen & Ink Drawing Tutorials | How to draw tree trunks & branches

I learned how to draw leaves from a fellow student in a drawing class many years ago. I was amazed at how real her tree foliage looked like leaves farther in the distance.

In other words, they didnt look like actual leaf shapes at all, yet it was convincing.

So I asked her how she did it specifically, what stroke, how to apply it, etc. Her answer? Well you just kind of do this, she said as she demonstrated moving her pencil about in a wiggly, very random and scribbly way.

Ergo, I coined the term the squiggles. Thats the only term I can use to describe the motion.

It comes as second nature to me now, having been doing it for years. Yet I have found it is as difficult for my students to do as it is for me to explain how to do it. But here goes.

First, hold your pencil underhand like I am pictured here. This allows you to place the side of the lead against the paper which you will be using to create the leaves.

Next, you just start squiggling below the lowest branch then continue to squiggle above them, in between them, and well beyond where you ended the limbs.

You simply move the pencil back and forth, forward and back, all around, randomly as you travel the pencil. Keep in mind to shape your foliage to look like a treeno green cotton balls on the tree lol.3.

It helps to look at a few tree references. Its best if you dont think of leaf shapes but rather how foliage looks in the distance.

How To Draw A Tree: Tree # 1

I start with a line and the general shape that I would like the crown to be.

Then I add a few lines to indicate the main branches.

Make the trunk thicker. It is thick towards the bottom and the roots, and narrows closer to a point toward the top.

The same thing with the branches. They are thicker toward the base and narrower towards the tip. Easy-peasy.

Now each one of the main branches gets a few branches of their own, but smaller and added a squiggle on the bottom to indicate a bit of grass.

Even more smaller branches splitting off from the bigger ones. I also pick an spot where the sunshine is coming from. I also shade the trunk a bit, using long straight lines.

Putting my pencil sideways, I shade in the area in the crown where the leaves are. I am going in a sort of irregular pattern of peaks and troughs.

I finish shading the crown area.

I keep working on the crown, now by adding some layers, and outlines. I also erased the line that was giving me the initial crown shape idea. When shading, keep in mind where the sun is coming from: areas facing the sun should be lighter then the areas facing away from it.

And keep working on the crown. Just doodling away until you feel your tree crown is complete.

I decided that the tree shouldnt just hang in the air, so I gave it more grass, and shaded in the background.

Even more shadows in and around the tree.

Then I went all out and decided I am going to use my eraser and add some sun rays coming out of the corner.

That Wasnt So Bad Was It

Easy, peasy, right? Just kidding. I truly dont expect you to master this in one try. Drawing trees takes practice, lots of practice.

But you can do it! I know you can. Just like I never gave up and now am quite happy with my trees, you can be, too.

And remember, theres no pressure here. Just have fun trying.

Lowering your expectations and just having fun will take the stress right out of it. And who knows, you may just pleasantly surprise yourself!

Please let me know how you did drawing your tree by leaving a comment below. I promise your email will not be shared.

Thanks so much for reading and please, if this was helpful, by all means share!

Have an artful day!

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Sketching In Color Is Recommended

You can draw your tree in graphite if you enjoy sketching in it. I do enjoy drawing in graphite, so for my step-by-step you certainly can use regular pencil.

Or, if you read my last post, I discussed all the advantages of sketching in erasable colored pencil. Here is the link if you want to take a look at the article.

Since using the Col-Erase is fresh on my mind, I will use them for my pictures of each step.

Constructing The Tree Trunk

Draw Tree Bark, How to Draw Tree Bark

Before you even put pencil to paper, try to find the center point of your piece of paper or canvas. Using this central point, draw a vertical construction line to represent the main trunk of your leafy tree. The most important part of this first step is making sure that you leave enough space all around the main trunk construction line because we will be adding much more detail all around it.

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How To Draw A Cherry Blossom Tree For Kids

Step 1 First we will draw the roots which are upside down Vs.

Step 2 Now we draw the trunk, which is in the shape of a concave lens thin in the middle and thick at top and bottom.

Step 3 In this step we will draw the branches of our tree. We begin from the left side of the trunk, we draw two curved lines coming out of the trunk going towards the left only. We draw more of these double curved lines coming out of the trunk in both the directions to fill it. Now we make more sub branches of V shape starting from a branch only or in between the branches.

Step 4 Now we draw the twigs that come out of our branch and they can be subdivided further. Twigs should be present on all sides of the tree.

Step 5 We now draw the leaves around the twigs and as well as some in the branches which are small oval like shapes.

Step 6 Last step is to show the cherry flowers. We draw a small circle and ovals surrounding it to form the flower. We can place as many flowers as we want in the twigs. Your cherry blossom is ready. Are you proud of your drawing? Feel free to leave a remark in the comment section.

How To Draw A Tree : Step By Step Guide

Everybody knows how to draw a tree. So what is the point of this tutorial? The main point is the detailing. Since, drawing this is easy we are concerned how to make it more realistic. You can think of various types of trees such as during the Christmas eve and draw it for further practice. I will also be showing various types of techniques to draw different kinds of trees.

Trees are the most important part for maintaining our ecosystem. Trees help to clean our air and provide us with oxygen. They help to clean our water and provide a cool environment. The key factor is they try to minimize the climatic change effects. Deforestation leads to global warming which further leads to melting of glaciers and which in turn causes climatic changes. The human greed has rose so much that it will adversely affect us in the upcoming future. So kids I hope you know the importance of trees. So, after learning to draw a tree, you have to go and plant a sapling in your own garden. These small steps taken by you children will help us secure our future.

Kids always be energetic and use your own creative ideas while drawing. If you find some new ways or you disagree with me, please be free to leave a comment. Now, get ready with your pencil and paper and follow my steps.

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How To Kill A Tree Stump

From home remedies to professional solutions, heres everything you need to know about getting rid of a tree stump in your yard.

Cutting down trees in your yard is a great way to improve the natural lighting for other plants and make way for new trees to grow. If youve removed a tree in your yard, you know how pesky its leftover stump can be. While you could leave it alone, it could start to grow, sprouting annoying shoots from its roots, or it may take years to naturally rot and decompose. Try the following techniques to kill the tree stump and remove it from your yard.

Adding Shading To The Conifer Canopy

Don’ts & Do’s: How to Draw Realistic Tree Trunk | Easy Step By Step | Pencil Drawing Tutorial

In our leafy tree sketch tutorial, we used a shade of light grey for the shading, and we are going to do the same for this tree. Choose a light to a medium shade of grey, and use it lightly to add shadows on the undersides of the branches, from the top of the tree to the bottom.

Shading on the underbelly of the branches will make them appear more three-dimensional and realistic.

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Way To Draw A Palm Tree

Step 1 Draw a curved line for the trunk and five more curved lines at the tip for the outline of the leaves.

Step 2 Draw the leaves by keeping the 5 lines in between.

Step 3 Draw some extra leaves in between the main leaves.

Step 4 Lets shape the trunk. Thinner near the leaves and becomes thicker slowly and thickest at the ground.

Step 5 Now we draw the bark of the tree by drawing curved lines.

Step 6 Some detailing is done to the leaves and the palm tree is ready.

Outlining The Shape Of Your Branches

In this step, use the construction lines we drew in the previous step to help you with the tree branch drawing process. Begin at the bottom of the tree, drawing a single line with spikes and curves that roughly traces the bottom of the triangle. The easiest way to get the texture of these branches right is to draw abstract W shapes that are joined together around the outline. These W spikes should always flow outwards from the center of the tree, never inwards.

Tip: Remember to trace around the branch construction lines, leaving an even amount of space on either side.

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How To Draw A Pine Tree

Pine trees are a popular choice for artists who enjoy drawing trees because theyre fairly basic in shape but also easy to individualize. Most pine tree drawings begin with a triangular shape, representing the characteristic growth pattern of pine trees. From there, its up to you to decide what kind of details to add to make the pine tree unique

When it comes to pine tree drawings, options for creative expression abound!

Outlining The Conifer Tree Trunk And Roots

How to draw a tree stump

In this step, we begin to use our construction lines to create the final shape of our conifer tree sketch. Using the main trunk construction line from the first step, draw a slightly curved line that goes ever-so-slightly inwards as it goes up. You can take both of these lines slightly above the triangle construction line. Once you have outlined the tree trunk, curve each side and outline the tree roots by spreading them with sharp and curved lines to either side.

Tip: Make sure that you keep the trunk construction line in the center of your trunk outline, with an even space on either side of it.

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Adding Details And Shadows To The Tree Trunk

For this step, we suggest using a darker shade of brown to add shadow and texture to the trunk. With your darker brown shade, follow the bark lines you drew in step five. Adding shadow along these lines makes the trunk appear more three-dimensional as if they were bulging outwards. You can add this shadow detailing to the roots of your conifer tree too.

By Step Tree Trunk Painting Tutorial

In this step by step video tutorial, youll get to see how to paint a tree trunk using acrylics. The steps start on a beginners level, and end on a more advanced level. You can work your way up to the step that suits you the best. Its an elaborate lesson, and youll get to learn a lot. Pay attention, and watch the video at least two times to get a good grip on the content.


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Next You Will Be Adding The Leaf Details

Your tree drawing is almost complete at this point and just needs some details. For this step, we will be adding lots of small, curved lines to the interior of the treetop.

You can do these in the same way they appear in the picture, but you can also add lines as you wish!

There isnt really a wrong way to do these kinds of details, and you should add them in a way that looks great to you.

Compositions With Video Demonstrations:

How to Draw Tree Bark and Wood Grain | Drawing An Old Tree

In this tutorial, the focus was on learning to draw and texture trunks. Next step is to learn how trunks can be used together to create simple pleasing compositions. This is done here along with links to video demonstrations on my YouTube channel.

Try to study how trunks are done if you see one in a drawing. Following are some examples of how I have done it in some of my drawings.

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Conifer Tree Drawing Tutorial

Now that we have covered how to draw a leafy tree, it is time to make learning how to draw a tree easy for anyone with this step-by-step tutorial. Conifer trees, or pine trees, can be quite tricky to get right, but with our easy-to-follow tutorial, you can draw one in no time! You can use the same equipment for this tutorial as you did for the previous one, so let us dive right into drawing trees.

How To Preserve A Tree Stump

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A tree stump can add a rustic touch to your home, especially if it has a nice wood grain. You may come across a tree stump in the forest or have 1 cut at your local lumber yard and wonder how you can preserve it. Start by cleaning and sanding it so it appears smooth. You can then apply wood stabilizer and sealer to the stump so it does not crack, warp, or rot, leaving you with a beautiful, natural piece for your home.

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Is It Better To Grind A Stump Or Remove It

The stump removal process is the more intrusive of the two. Grinding is much more efficient than stump removal, however, it does leave the trees roots behind. If the stump is large, the chip pile produced can also be quite large, but the chips can be used as mulch for other plants in your landscape.

How To Draw Tree Trunks With Pen And Ink

How to Draw Better Tree Trunks and Branches

In this tutorial we will learn to draw tree trunks using pen and ink. There are many ways of drawing tree trunks and I will explain few of the simple techniques here.

To believably draw a tree trunk, two things need to be accomplished:

  • Show the roundness of the trunk.
  • Show the bark texture.
  • Roundness is indicated by darkening one side of the trunk more than the other. Bark texture is indicated by using pen marks that imitate bark shape and texture.

    Drawing an effective outline of tree trunk is also very important as without an effective outline, any texturing will not bring out the desired effect. Drawing outline of individual trunk and landscapes based on trunks is discussed in detail here.

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    How To Draw Trees: Overlapping Branches

    Trees are complex overlapping shapes. Your drawings will have a greater sense of depth if you incorporate several layers of overlapping branches. The secret is drawing front to back. Start with the parts of the tree that are closest to you, then move progressively back. With each successive layer, draw more lightly and add less detail. Lets use this technique to draw the trunk of an oak. Click on the first drawing to start a step-by-step annotated tutorial on how to draw tree trunks.

    Different Types Of Trees

    There are countless species of trees around the world, ranging from those with large and luscious green leaves to those with needles and cones. In this detailed drawing tutorial, we are going to provide you with the steps for drawing both of these types of trees. We will begin first with a leafy tree that resembles an oak and finish with a conifer or pine tree tutorial.

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    Outline Your Drawing With A Pen

    Again, youll want to outline your pencil tree sketch with a pen to preserve your work. This helps make the journey of tree drawing simple: Create and add this tree to a reference catalog to use when you want to draw specific types of trees, or to simply measure and reflect upon your progress.

    Outline your pine tree drawing to complete your work.

    Palm trees, synonymous with tropical locations and warm ocean waters, make fun subjects for a tree drawing. From their tall, curved trunks to their big, bushy leaves, palm tree drawings can be created by using basic shapes and techniques.

    Palm tree drawings by Skillshare instructor Katrin Graff.

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