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How To Draw A Truffula Tree

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How To Make Truffula Trees:

How To Draw A Truffula Tree

Take the entire pack of one color of tissue paper and lay it out flat on a table or desk. Then carefully fold it back and forth in equal sections to make an accordion style crease throughout the entire pack.

Youll want to leave your entire pack of tissue paper folded up. Above you can get a closer view of exactly how to fold the tissue paper.

Next youll want to tie a piece of string or use your pipe cleaner to tie the exact middle of the tissue paper together. Make sure you tie it tight so that it stays well!

Then youll need to use your scissors and snip the edges to its more pointy! This will help give your truffula trees a more ruffled design!

Heres the fun but tricky part now! Grab your truffula tree tissue paper in the middle where you tied in and slowly start pulling apart each individual sheet of tissue paper all the way back until it reaches the middle. Do this for both sides!

Keep separating tissue paper layers and fluffing until youve reached the desired look for your truffula tree top!

How To Attach Your Truffula Tree To The Wall:

There are several ways you can display your truffula tree flower. Since I simply used construction paper for our truffula tree trunk and taped it onto the wall I decided to literally just smoosh and tape my truffula tree tuft directly onto the wall as well!

If you are using pool noodles wrapped with duct tape or electrical tape for your truffula tree trunk then you can attach your truffula tree tuft onto a paint stick and jam it down inside the pool noodle for better stability! The pool noodle can then be taped onto the wall or propped behind a bookshelf!

Diy Truffula Party Decorations

Another perfect party craft, these Truffula tree decorations are eye-catching in all the right ways and will certainly add life to any party.

Looking like magical and colorful plants in their plots, this neat craft is made with tissue paper pom poms, metal buckets to act as pots, pool noodles, various types of wood and other general craft materials.

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Dr Seuss The Lorax Craft: Make Truffula Trees

I love preschool crafts that look good and are foolproof enough that even the littlest of kids will have great success when they are done. I think its more effective and inspiring when childrens first attempts at art are successful.

Now that school has started again, Ive been doing a lot more crafts for teachers . I have a few projects I need to dig up from when I used to work in day care, but this one I developed just yesterday to accompany my Lorax Activities post on Classroom Jr.

You might also love this Cat in the Hat craft as much as I do!

Lorax Activity Truffula Trees Craft

To Make Truffula Trees You Will Need:

How to draw a Truffula Tree from the Lorax by Dr. Seuss
  • pencils
  • glue gun
  • feather boa or feather trim

Find feather boas HERE or find them in the craft/sewing section at the store. We couldnt help ourselves and we bought three different colors. They were too pretty.

Step 1. Paint your pencil white. Ours didnt look perfect, but its supposed to be a tree, so drips and bumps are okay. Our pencil took 3 coats to get completely covered.

Step 2. Find the end of your feather boa and add a dot of glue and start rolling. Add a dot of glue every few inches as you roll.

Step 3. Then add black rings around the trunk of the tree. I just dabbed my paint on.

Step 4. Glue the Tuffula tuft to the pencil.

Step 5. This is completely optional, but in the Lorax it explains that Truffula tufts smell like butterfly milk, so my boys insisted that we spray it with body spray. It was vanilla, thats the closest thing to butterflys milk we had.

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How To Make A Truffula Tree

Dr. Seuss has been able to invoke the ongoing imagination and creativity in childrens minds for many generations. His beloved novels with graphical illustrations and nonsensical rhymes are both memorable and fun to read. To give honor to some of his best works, this tutorial on how to make a truffula tree will allow you to bring to life some of his illustrations and works.

Adorable Lorax Craft For Kids

Make celebrating Dr. Seuss Day even more fun with this adorable Lorax Craft. Your kids can create their own Lorax and Truffula trees using this easy craft tutorial.

Read Dr Seuss The Lorax with your kids, then create this adorable Lorax inspired craft. This Lorax is such a fun Seuss craft to make with kids!

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Learn How To Draw Truffula Trees From The Lorax Story

How to draw a tree from the lorax. Then won’t want to miss this project. We’re also giving away a bunch of cool stuffto see who one, watch this video https//wwwyoutu. Learn how to draw the lorax in this simple, step by drawing tutorial.

A simple how to draw that i did with my elementary students for dr. How to draw truffala trees step by. Http//mrsgreeneinfo are you a seuss fan.

520 How To Draw A Cartoon Background From The Lorax

How To Draw A Truffula Tree

How To Draw Truffala Trees Step by Step For Kids Tutorial. Guided easy Dr Seuss Earth day drawing

Learn how to draw truffula trees from the Lorax story.Become an Art Club member more about the art supplies we love to use more about us to our channel here can also find us on:FACEBOOK your kids like to have their art featured in our Monday video?EMAIL a photo to orMAIL their art to:Art for Kids HubP.O. Box 927Pleasant Grove, UT 84062

Launched as a beta version in 2009, SafeShare has gained popularity as the safest way to watch and share YouTube and Vimeo videos, and is widely used all around the globe by educators so their students can watch educational material without the fear of inappropriate videos showing up.

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Making This Craft In The Classroom

If youre planning on making this craft in the classroom, wed suggest it for ages 8 and up.

If you do want to make this craft with younger kids, youll need to have adult assistance. Coloring the popsicle sticks is easy enough for children of any ages, but making the truffula treetop is the trickier part.

You could always make these ahead of time and then just have the kids glue them on when they make the craft.

Alternatively, you could use large pre-made pom poms in place of tying them yourself.

Make Your Own Truffulas

Bring a breath of fresh air to any kids room or nursery with these incredibly simple and easy to make Truffula trees. I find these designs are especially pleasing on the eyes.

Colored tissue paper, construction paper, tape, scissors and pipe cleaners are necessary for these either small or large colorful craft trees.

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How To Make This Adorable Lorax Craft With Kids



Gather colored papers. Youll need orange, yellow, and your choice of two other colors. Print out and cut the template patterns.

Trace the body, legs and arms of the Lorax onto orange paper trace the eyebrows, mustache and tree trunk onto yellow paper and trace the Loraxs nose on a different shade of yellow or orange paper if possible, otherwise the same yellow as the rest of the facial features will work just fine. Trace the Truffula tree patterns on colorful papers of your choice.

Cut out all the pieces.

Glue the legs onto the body as shown below.

Glue the mustache slightly above the middle of the Loraxs body.

Glue the nose right above the mustache, right in the middle. Next, glue the eyebrows at the top of the Loraxs head.

Glue the arms on each side of the body.

Now youll make the Truffula Trees. Use a black marker to draw bark stripes on the tree trunks as shown below.

Use another marker to outline the Truffula Tree tops to make them stand out better.

Glue the tree tops onto the tree trunks.

Use a black marker to draw the eyes and mouth onto the Lorax.

Thats it! So cute isnt he?

You can do so many fun things with this Lorax inspired craft. Paste the pieces onto a larger piece of construction paper and draw the rest of a scene from the book.

Or, glue popsicle sticks to the pack of the pieces for a Lorax puppet show.

How To Make Truffula Trees

How to Make Truffula Trees

Have an adult clip the pipe cleaner into 4 segments, any length will do, and they dont have to be even.

Pour out some glue and let the kids dip one end of the pipe cleaner into the glue, getting a good sized drop on top:

Gluing the Truffula Trees Craft

Stuff the glued end of the pipe cleaner into a pom pom I use a hot glue gun because its a little easier, but even just regular Elmers Glue sticks remarkably well.

Repeat for the next three pom poms and pipe cleaner segments, making four Truffula Trees.


Slap the green play dough onto the tissue paper and push the sides down a little to make it look like a hill. Again, theres no right way to do this, pretty much any slap of the dough onto a surface will look good.

Stick the four Truffula Trees into your green play dough hill.


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Fun Kids Truffula Craft

Last up is a fun kids craft designed for all ages.

After all, if the kids cant get involved in a project about a Dr. Seuss story then somethings wrong here.

Fittingly simple to make, this project consists of pipe cleaners, yarn, pom poms, a hot glue gun and some green playdough.

Quite an enjoyable way to spend some time crafting with the kids, and if you want an easy starter DIY project this one is a solid choice.

What You Need For The Q

We took the larger brush and painted our watercolor page with a thin lay or water. This was to help the watercolors spread easier.

Then we painting the ground green and the sky blue. I love that each of us did something different for ours. This is what makes open-end art projects fun. You have a similar start but different ideas about how you do it. This paper will take a minute or two to cry a little bit.

You then start by coloring the trunks of the trees. We use the q-tips to make our trees. We did brown trucks for the trees.

We used some white on a q-tip to make the strips on the trees. It is fun to see what everyones idea of where the strips should be.

Then we started on making the top of the truffula trees. We use the bundle of q-tips to make our treetops. We dipped them in paint and stamped the q-tips all over the page.

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Dr Seuss Truffula Tree Pencil

Dr. Seuss birthday is on Saturday March 2 and since my boys are loving the Lorax right now I thought it was the perfect time to celebrate. We made Truffula tree pencils today and they turned out so cute that I thought I would share. It also takes less than 20 minutes, and most of that time is waiting for paint to dry.

Make This Easy Dr Seuss Truffula Tree Craft For Kids

Dr. Seuss Crafts: Make Easy Truffula Trees from The Lorax
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Celebrate Dr. Seuss and The Lorax by making this simple truffula tree craft for kids.

Its nearly Read Across America Day, which means kids everywhere will be celebrating Dr. Seuss and his many amazing, quirky and fun stories!

In the past to celebrate weve made fun headbands and bookmarks for kids. Today, were making a super simple, super fun truffula tree to get into the Seuss spirit.

Read on below to see how to make them with your kids or students.

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