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How To Draw A Tulip Step By Step

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How To Draw A Tulip: Finished Drawing

HOW TO DRAW A TULIP Step by Step Drawing Tutorial. Guided realistic spring flower sketch

How to draw a tulip: finished outline drawing

Here is the finished outline drawing in one colour, after we have erased the sketch lines.

While this is a really simple way how to draw a tulip, the result is quite a realistic flower. Well almost – we have squashed the drawing a bit to fit here. If you would like to give your flower more realistic proportions, just draw the stem about twice as tall.

How to draw a tulip: finished drawing coloured-in

Our usual final step is to colour in the picture. There is a wide variety of tulips in many different colours to choose from. We have decided to draw a red flower with some yellow markings for contrast and interest – it could be the Calypso variety. The stem and leaves are of course green, as well as the grassy ground. Finally, we have some nice blue sunny day sky for the background.

And that is it – the very end of our how to draw a tulip tutorial.

How To Draw A Tulip

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This tutorial will teach you how to draw realistic and cute cartoon tulips. Lets begin!

Finish Off Your Tulip Drawing With Some Color

Now that you have completed drawing your tulip and any extra elements that you like, you can move on to the final part that you need to bring your drawing to life. Its a fun step, as now you get to express yourself with some beautiful colors!

Tulips come in a wide variety of different colors, so you have a wide palette of different ones to choose from. While they can come in many colors, one thing is usually consistent: the brightness.

Tulips almost always come in wonderfully bright and vibrant colors, and there are some mediums that you could use to replicate this vibrancy.

The best ones for brightness would be some acrylic paints, colored pens or markers.

While these would be great for some brighter colors, you could also keep it a bit more muted by using something like watercolors.

This could help to give a more classic feeling to the picture, and could even help to give your tulip drawing a bit of a storybook feel.

There are so many options at your disposal, and any colors or mediums you choose will look incredible!

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Now Draw Some More Petals

Tulips have several layers of petals that make up their iconic design, so we shall add some more in this step of our guide on how to draw a tulip.

Carefully draw a line to the right-hand side of the flower as you can see in the reference image.

Then, draw a line with a sharp point near the top in the center of the flower to show a petal on the opposite side of the flower.

For these kinds of elements, you can also change the size and position of the petals to create a unique look. If you do decide to try this, then the reference image will help you position the petals correctly.

Lets Draw A Tulip Bouquet And Learn How To Draw A Flower

How to Draw a Tulip Easy | Realistic

The Tulip Heads

Were going to start with the most important part the heads of the tulips and we want them to fill most of the top third of your page. Beginning with the tulip on the left, draw down, around and up again like youre drawing a large egg but dont finish it. Leave the top open, like a horseshoe well come back to the middle in a minute. Then draw the tulip head on the right in the exact same way. And create the final head by drawing between the first two, as if the tulips on the left and right are in front and overlapping the middle flower.

Once you have your three tulips in place, its time to complete the heads. From the top left of the horsehoes, draw a curved line down to the bottom of the head. Then a second, curved down from the right side. And finally, fill the gaps between the two by drawing a little hat on top it should create a diamond shape between the petals.

Add a Ribbon

To begin the bouquet, draw a square roughly in the center of your page. Now lets add the big bows. On each side of the square, sweep up, out, down and around, back to the square again it looks like you drew two large Micky Mouse ears! Finish your bow with two wavy ribbons flowing down from the central square.

Then its time to add the stems. First, connect the heads down to the central square of the bow. And then draw the ends of the three stems out from the bottom of the bow try not to overlap your bows ribbons.

Color Mixing on Art

Add a Border

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Learn How To Draw A Tulip And Then Turn It Into A Pretty Still Life Arrangement Of Stems And Leaves The Petals Are The Perfect Place To Try Some Color Mixing

Tulips are loved for their bright colors, but they have a background story to them too. Their name originates from the Persian word for turban, as they resemble a turban when in full bloom.

Did you know that the color of tulip blossoms also have symbolic meaning? Purple, not surprisingly, is seen as a symbol of royalty. Pink tulips are connected to happiness, self-confidence and positivity. White are sometimes used as a peace offering, and yellow a sense of achievement.

Every year in January, the city of Amsterdam celebrates National Tulip Day. On this day, tulip growers build a gigantic tulip garden and people are free to pick a bouquet for themselves at no cost. It marks the official opening of tulip season in the Netherlands.

This tulip tutorial will show students how to draw one in full bloom, like the larger flower on the right, and a smaller one that is still growing, like the one on the left. Tulip leaves are also rather distinct in that they are long with a kind of wavy edge. Colors of course, leave all kinds of options. Just be sure to have students press hard with their crayons to get the most vibrant hues possible.

By Step Directions For How To Draw A Tulip

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Tulip

  • Draw a wiggly U shape that is tilted a bit.
  • Add a V shape to make the petals.
  • Draw the top of the middle petal.
  • Add more petals and a curved stem.
  • Start the smaller flower on the left side.
  • Add more flower petals on the sides.
  • Draw the large leaves and a bumpy mound.
  • Add smaller leaves and a ground line.
  • Trace with a marker and color.
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    Abstracted Images From The Above Video

    Step 1:

    In the first step, we have to learn how to draw a tulip flower. In the first step of our sketch of tulip flower is to draw a bowl. First, we have to make a straight line to make the bowl of the tulip flower. Then, we have to make the curved c shaped line to make the body of the bowl.

    Step 2:

    When the first step is complete, now we have to work on the second step on how to draw tulip flower drawing. Now, we have to make the shape of the tulip flower. So, first, we have to make the pedicel of the flower. The pedicel is drawn by the curved line. Then, we have to draw the shade of the flower and then we have to make the middle petals. After this, we have to make the other petals as well first we have to make the left petals and then the right petals.

    Step 3:

    In step three, we have to make work on our sketch on how to draw tulip flower drawing step by step. In this step, we have to work on our sketch to make leaves of the tulip flower. First, we have to make the middle leaf of the tulip flower. Then the small leaf of the tulip flower behind the pedicel of the tulip flower.

    Step 4:

    Art Lesson We Add The Details

    How to draw Tulips | Step By Step Drawing

    Now we come over to the most interesting part. Add the shadows and folds, improve the shape and curves of leaves and draw the stamens the light strokes will help us with this.

    There are shadowed and darker areas in the depth of a flower, under the petals, inside the green leaves, and on the stems. Sometimes it is enough to add several strokes with a pencil to show shadowing. It is necessary to apply the strokes according to the shape which you try to emphasize.Do not try too hard when making strokes and shadows. Finish your work when you are satisfied with everything.

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    Flow Drawing: How To Draw A Tulip Bouquet

    How to Draw a Tulip Bouquet: Learn how to draw a tulip with our easy to follow step-by-step guide. We encourage children to use simple shapes and lines to build their flower, often repeating lines for greater definition. Our tulip drawing guide uses a flow drawing technique that aims to engage children in natural and rhythmical strokes, making this easy step-by-step a great starting place for learning to how to draw flowers.

    This pretty spring flower has the ideal shape for children to explore it includes both curves and points, as well as layers of unfurling petals, for children to study perspective and depth. And since tulips naturally come in a range of bright and cheerful colors, theyre perfect to encourage childrens creativity as well.

    The project is also a great way for children to explore color mixing. Literally using their artwork as the paint pallet, younger children can discover the basics of making colors and get a lovely tactile introduction to shading, whilst older children can explore light and shade, the intracies of tone and texture, and using color to create depth.

    Our flow drawing guide to tulips makes a fun spring art project for kids of all ages its a lovely creative way to support seasonal learning at school, or the perfect no screen-time activity for rainy spring weekend days. And with Mothers Day fast approaching, why not use this technique to create a card or special piece of art that Mom will treasure forever.

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    How many times have we been reading articles on whether the stock market is overvalued and it wont crash? Funnily enough, we havent seen an imminent crash since it was reported that the dot com bubble had burst.

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    The Dutch Tulip Bubble

    The Dutch Tulip Bubble, one of the greatest financial bubbles in history, began in the tulip bulb market in 1636. Tulips are the most popular flower in the Netherlands, and the Dutch in particular are known for their love for the tulip, which is usually bought on St. Valentines Day in special red tulip bulbs.

    The Dutch Tulip Bubble occurred during a period of extensive change in the Netherlands, especially in 1636. It happened in the very year that the Dutch East India Company was dissolved, meaning that private companies no longer controlled the economy.

    Other major changes during this time period include the introduction of paper money in the country, and the end of the Golden Fleece Bullion trading in the Dutch market.

    How To Draw An Easy Tulip

    How to Draw A Tulip Step by Step Flower Tutorial.

    Of course, youll need some art supplies to draw the tulip. Below youll find a short list of supplies for two options whether you want to make a digital drawing or a paper drawing.

    You may already have some of these items. If not, you can easily order them online from Amazon or Etsy. I have included some links below to shops on both of these marketplaces.

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    Draw An Outline Of The Shells Shape

    Begin by drawing the outline of the shells shape without any of the smaller details. As mentioned at the start you should start the drawing in pencil, especially for this particular shell as you will need to erase a part of its outline later on.

    Make the scallop shell wider at the front and narrower at the back ending with a little curve.

    How To Draw Tulips Easy Drawing Tutorials

    Around the world, they are still popular as lawn decorations and cut flowers.

    Tulips, symbolize by their dark centers, associate with love for centuries, represented by a heart that was scorching by passion.

    Tulips come in 75 wild species, and a huge variety of variations is available across the world.

    Tulip festivals hold contests to determine which cultivars have planted the prettiest new tulip types and colors.

    Tulip bulbs use instead of money at one point because these plants were so valuable.

    Are you interest in drawing your colorful tulip? The following step by step tutorial explains how to draw tulips you can do so quickly and easily.

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    Crafts To Make With Tulips

    The nice thing about digital drawings is that they can be easily transformed into physical printed designs for lots of craft projects.

    Here are some crafts that you can make with your tulip drawing:

    Check out this cute nurse clip badge from Crafts by Nurse Nikki

    Want to try a few craft projects? I have lots more ideas for beginner DIY crafts that you can try.

    If you have a Silhouette or a Cricut machine and a heat press, it will make it even easier to cut out. Imagine all of the crafts that you can make with the tulip drawing.

    Like I mentioned before, when you save the drawing as a cut file, youll be able to put it on t-shirts, glasses, cups and other craft blank items.

    Since you like drawing, Im guessing that you may also like making crafts and want to turn it into more than just a hobby. Find out how you can do that in my post about craft businesses to make money from home.

    You can also find more flower drawing ideas here.

    Feel free to add a photo of your drawing to the pin so that I can see that you tried it.

    Draw The Basic Shape Of The Tulip

    How To Draw A Tulip In A Pot – Plant A Flower Day

    Start the drawing with the basic shape of the tulip. First draw the flower and the stem .

    The goal is to establish the overall shape and proportions of the tulip and to make sure it fits well into your drawing area so draw the full height of the stem.

    When you are done the shape should somewhat resemble a champagne glass.

    Finish this step by drawing the shapes of the three petals in the front. Parts of the forward most facing petal will be hidden by the other two petals but you may want to draw it as see through to help you get the correct shape.

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    Latte Art: How To Draw A Tulip On Your Coffee

    The Washington PostThe Boston GlobeThe Wall Street JournalFood & WineBarista Magazine

    Repeat the bring-it-down-low step one more time to create the smallest top part of the flower, and then pierce the design to bring it together by slowly lifting the spout of the pitcher while pouring the last bit of milk in a thin stream through the middle of the circular blobs youve placed on the coffee.

    Your goal is for the layers to be symmetrical and uniform in shape, though slightly different in size .

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    Now that you’ve learned how to make the classic rosetta on top of a latte, let’s talk about another popular design: The tulip.

    A variation on the simple heart design, the tulip has become a favorite not only in latte-art competitions , but also as an elegant flourish atop cappuccinos, in which it’s often difficult to pour a more delicate rosetta.

    The basic principles are roughly the same as for any latte-decoration: You’ll need to start with a base of expertly steamed, microfoamed milk, as well as a sturdy and well-pulled espresso shot with a thick head of crema.

    The milk and coffee really are keypouring a beautiful design with subpar ingredients is the latte equivalent of putting lipstick on a pig, so be sure to make the drink as delicious as it is beautiful.

    Serious Eats

    Painting The Tulip Leaves And Stems

    Then you should draw the green leaves and add thickness to a stem.

    Pay attention to the place and the way how the flower is attached. This is especially important for the flower which is turned back.

    The green leaves of the tulip have a quite simple shape. Their tips are elongated and pointed. The tulip leaves are not attached somewhere alongside but wrap around the stem. It looks very beautiful and it is important to show it properly.

    At the final stage of our pencil.

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