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How To Draw A Turkey With Your Hand

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Super Easy How To Draw A Turkey Step By Step Guide For Kids

SPEED DRAW A TURKEY with your HAND with Muffalo Potato

Lets learn how to draw a turkey with few easy steps that anyone can follow. This easy turkey drawing printable guide is perfect for beginners and kids of all ages!

Kids who love drawing and creating their own art are going to love this simple activity!

When you click the download button below, youll get three printable pages with detailed instructions on how to draw a cartoon turkey. We encourage you to print it so you and your kids can use it as a visual guide, and color it too.

Drawing Tutorialart Tutorial Youtube Video You Can Watch The

How to Draw a Turkey Step by Step. Start by sketching a rounded square. Glue on a googly eye. Most kinders can navigate drawing an oval neck and fan shapes and older students have fun adding more details to their feathers. Take a walk on the wild side and learn to draw your favorites with these easy step-by-step tutorials. You may also wish to use paints crayons colored pencils or markers to shade your finished drawing.

Hand Turkey Drawing At Paintingvalleycom Let us Learn How to Draw a Colorful Hand Turkey For Step by Step Guide for How to Draw a Colorful Han… Nov 11, 2011 · This is a guide about making hand print turkeys. Hand print turkeys are a fun craft to make with your children. Whether you use paper, paint, or ink, your turkeys will make perfect Thanksgiving decorations.

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Handprint Turkey Picture Frame

Image source: Glued To My Crafts

No doubt you will be taking many photos over the Thanksgiving holiday. Save the very best ones forever with an sweet and easy handprint turkey picture frame. Glued To My Crafts has a full supply list and surprisingly simple instructions for making this project. Your child can definitely help with the painting part, and of course, with allowing you to trace their hand a few times for the turkeys colorful tail. Or maybe youll be inspired to frame some of the other handprint turkey art you and your child make together!

How To Draw A Cartoon Turkey

How to Draw a Turkey With Your Hand

Animals like turkeys are fun to draw and can be done very easily. Ill show you my method for how to draw a turkey.

The simple technique uses basic shapes drawing to draw a cartoon turkey.

To make the drawing of a turkey, well start by drawing the basic shapes like circles to make the body, then add the wings and then a face to it.

If you prefer to get started on coloring right away, you can also get a on the coloring category page. Just type turkey in the search bar.

This tutorial can be done by both digital and traditional methods. Youre free to use a digital drawing tablet or a pencil and paper.

If youre looking for thanksgiving cartoon drawings, then this is a good place to start. Once youre done, youll be able to upload your finished drawing to your cutting machine and cut a template using your simple turkey drawing.

I get commissions for purchases made through some of the links in this post. There is no extra cost to you. See my full disclosure here.

You can print the instructions and the template below. Follow this tutorial and watch the video to learn how to draw a thanksgiving turkey drawing.

Want to make a whole gaggle of turkeys? Copy and paste or just duplicate the first turkey that you made and move them around the canvas to make a Thanksgiving drawing.

Add more to your Thanksgiving scene by using different colors to color each turkey and adding a few pumpkins.

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Turkey Directed Drawing Step

For this art activity, I used my large chart stand, but you could use your projector or other technology to project the image large enough for all to see. You can grab the FREE instructions at the end of this post.

  • Each person is given a large piece of white art paper and asked to turn it portrait style. They can use a pencil and eraser to draw each step as I demo each step.
  • Start with the head shape. I explain it should look like an upside-down V shape.
  • Add a curved line across the upper part of the head.
  • Add 2 circles close together for the eyes. I let them choose the direction the irises are pointing.
  • Add the turkey waddle to the side of the head. I explain that its a squiggle line down and back up.
  • Add a big circle for the body under the head.
  • 7. Draw on 2 legs under the circle. They can go in whichever direction they choose.

    8. Add 2 wings on the side of the body, like 3 fingers on a hand.

    9. Draw the back feathers starting on top of the head, like upside-down Us, and work their way around each side. Make sure to connect them with the body, not just the head!

    Voila! They will LOVE their adorable and silly-looking turkey drawings!

    What You Need For The Paper Plate Handprint Turkey Craft

    Paper PlatePopsicle Stick Colouring Pencils/PaintTurkey Template

    How to Download the Turkey Template:

    The Turkey Template is available to members of the Arty Crafty Kids club. The template can be accessed via the link following link :

    Members will need to log in to access the template!

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    Draw The Turkey Wings

    How to Draw A Turkey Using your Hand

    The base of the turkey is complete. Lets move onto how to draw turkey wings.

    If you are following the digital instructions, an easy way to make turkey wings is to use the letter W as a base for making the wings.

    Pro Tip: If you are making a simple free hand drawing with paper and pencil, you could draw the turkey wings with your hand. Just put your hand down on the paper and trace around your hand.

    To continue with the digital instructions, draw a W shape on either side of the turkeys neck.

    To do this, find the midpoint of the turkey neck and draw two W lines on the left side of the neck and another two W lines on the right side of the neck.

    This will be the middle of the turkey wings.

    Starting at the left side, draw a diagonal line going down to the left.

    From the top of the right turkey wing, draw a diagonal line from the body up to the W and passed the height of the turkey head.

    Repeat this step on the right side of the body.

    These are the edges of the turkey wings.

    Were ready to connect the wings.

    Start by drawing a curved line from the left edge to the top of the next W.

    Then, draw another curved line from top of the W to the next W.

    Repeat this process until you get to the right turkey wing.

    Once youve drawn all of the curved lines, you shold see the finished outline of the turkey wings.

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    Images For Draw A Turkey With Your Hand

    How do you draw a turkey with your hand? 1 Outline your hand. Grab a fresh sheet of white computer paper and trace the outline of your hand using a sharp pencil. 2 Admire your handiwork. Yay! 3 Color in the lines. Or don’t! 4 Draw wings and feet. 5 Glue on a googly eye. 6 Add a waddle and snood. 7. Nov 17, 2012 · You trace your hand on a piece of paper and the outline of your five fingers and thumb become the empty canvas for an old fashioned turkey. From the kids table all the way to the adult dining space, it’s a holiday custom that everyone enjoys.

    Big Handprint Turkey Wreath

    Image source: Fun Handprint Art

    For a handprint turkey craft that really stands out, head over to Fun Handprint Art for instructions on their paper plate turkey wreath. Using little more than paint, a paper plate, and some craft feathers, you and your child can make this colorful wreath to hang on the front door to welcome your guests on Thanksgiving. Or hang one on the wall on the way to the dining room to delight everyone as they go in for dinner. Make sure you have enough paint for all the prints you will need for the turkeys tail!

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    Lets Make A Thanksgiving Turkey

    Colour in the Turkey Template

    Step 1: Using your Arty Crafty Kids preferred medium, colour in the turkey elements!

    Cut out the Turkey Elements

    Step 2: Carefully cut out the turkey elements. Younger children may need help with the smaller parts.

    Assemble the Turkey

    Step 3: Use a glue stick to assemble the turkey.

    Add a Popsicle Stick

    Step 4: Turn the assembled turkey over and glue the popsicle stick to its back.

    Make Space for the Turkey Puppet

    Step 5: Cut a small slit into the bottom of the paper plate to make a gap for the puppet. Create enough space for the turkey to move from side to side.

    Cut and Trace Handprints

    Step 6: Using a variety of colours, trace around your childs hand OR ask them to trace around their own hand.

    To save time, layer 4 or 5 pieces of paper. Trace a few prints on the top sheet.

    Cut around the prints, including all the layered papers.

    Step 7: Following the outer rim of the paper plate, begin gluing the handprints.

    Step 8: Fill the remaining white space in the centre of the paper plate with more handprints.

    Leave the cut gap free for the turkey puppet.

    Time to play with the Paper Plate Handprint Turkey Craft

    Step 9: Now grab the turkey puppet and thread the popsicle stick through the gap.

    Kids can now move their puppet within the bed of leafy feathers and play!

    Draw A Turkey In Pilgrim Hat For Thanksgiving

    How to draw a hand turkey! (but a better version)

    How to draw a turkey with your hand video. Watch more thanksgiving survival guide videos. If you would like to show me your ‘turkey’, post it on my refrigerator here. I made this video for my younger students to make a higher quality version of the classic hand turkey.

    In this episode turkey tracing your hand. Kids can easily draw turkey hand pencil drawing easily. Please enjoy this helpful tutorial on how to draw everyone’s favorite symbol of the thanksgiving holiday.

    Read this article to know how for step by step. Let’s learn how to draw turkey this drawing is so easy and simple that even kids or beginners can easily draw. Subscribe “the late show” channel here.

    Celebrate by learning how to draw hand turkey. Looking some of the supplies seen used my videos. Follow along & give it a try.

    How To Draw A Colorful Hand Turkey

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    Thanksgiving Inspired Hand Turkey Crafts For Kids

      When November rolls around, the season of hand turkey crafts is upon us. The shape of an open hand traced onto a piece of paper lends itself to the shape of a turkey: a thumb for the head and splayed fingers for the tailfeathers.

      When youre so consumed with holiday prep that your tired brain cant think past tracing your childs hand, check out these 18 awesome ways you can make cool-looking turkeys. From simple paint and construction paper to clothespins and Popsicle sticks, there are plenty of things to do with your childs handprint.

      Some of these crafts are best done well before Thanksgiving so that they have time to dry, or so that you are not rushing through the project. Others are good for classroom activities on that last day before everyone leaves for the long holiday weekend. Still other crafts below will work very well for all the kids you may have coming over: set up the supplies and pieces ahead of time at the kids table and let them get creative. With any luck you and the other grown-ups will be treated to an adorable kid-produced handprint turkey craft puppet show during dessert!

      Adding Color To Your Turkey Drawing

      In the examples shown crayon was used to add color but you could supply your young artists with colored pencil, marker, oil pastels, or whatever you can imagine!

      When using crayons I encourage kids to lay down the color in light layers. For instance, in the pic above I laid down a light layer of brown for the turkey body. Then, I like to go back and add some more intense color around the edges by pressing more heavily with my crayon.

      These light layers of colors also lend themselves well to blending. Lay one layer of color on top of another for more sophisticated, blended colors.

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      A Fruit Loopy Handprint Turkey Craft

      Image source: Making Life Blissful

      Even if you dont usually buy colorful cereal for your household, youll need at least a small amount for this clever and creative twist on handprint turkey crafts. Making Life Blissful suggests sorting the cereal first and then using one color per finger for the turkeys tail. After that its simple enough to add eyes, a beak, legs, and a waddle by drawing them on. This craft is a wonderful way to teach toddlers about colors, patterns, and sorting, all while enjoying craft time together!

      Designed By Ashley Hughes

      How To Draw A Hand Turkey

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      How did your turkey drawing turn out? Did you find it super easy to learn how to draw a turkey?

      Paper Plate Handprint Turkey Craft

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      • Pin

      Keep the kids entertained this Thanksgiving and fall with this super cute Paper Plate Handprint Turkey Craft.

      Handprint crafts are always fun and transform a craft into a special keepsake that can be treasured for years to come which is exactly the type of kids craft you want when celebrating a special time such as Thanksgiving.

      Using one printable turkey template, weve created three versions of this paper plate turkey craft. If youre trying this craft at home or within the classroom, with children both big and small, you have options and can adapt the craft to suit your childrens age and ability.

      Take a look at our Paper Plate Turkey Craft with looped paper feathers and Paper Plate Leaf Turkey Craft.

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      Feathery Friend Hand Turkey Craft

      Image source: Create Play Travel

      Add a little touch of whimsy to the average handprint turkey craft with inspiration from Create Play Travel. By adding extra feathers in the form of cut-out pieces of construction paper, you can liven up a typical handprint turkey craft. Let grade school children practice their writing skills by putting guests names on each turkey to use as place cards that guests can take home and keep as adorable souvenirs. Its easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy and looks absolutely adorable on your Thanksgiving table!

      One Of Your Easy Turkey Drawing

      How to draw a turkey with your hand | Simple Drawings

      This turkey drawing starts out with a simple hand tracing- just like an old fashioned hand turkey!

      Trace your childs hand or ask them to trace their own hand. Then reposition your hand about forty five degrees and trace only your last two fingers. This step is totally optional but creates a couple of extra feathers so youre turkey is nice and full!

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