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How To Draw A Unicorn For Kids

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Some Interesting Facts About Unicorn:

How To Draw A Cute Unicorn
  • It is very interesting to know that unicorns absorb energy through their horn.
  • As its a mythical character so mentioned in Asian myths.
  • Firstly its a mythical character, not based upon facts.
  • Its a beautiful horse with colorful patterns on its body.
  • They have colorful eyes of purple and sky-blue color.
  • Alicorn is the second name of a unicorn.
  • They feel very pleased while in a group.
  • Unicorns live on grass and hay.

For more drawing tutorials you can visit Kids Easy Drawing. After learning how to draw a unicorn easily step by step, you can find more sketches lessons here.

Heres An Easy Unicorn Drawing Project With Step

Of all the animals to draw, I think horse-like ones rank near the top of the list as far as difficulty is concerned. With all those bends and curves in their head, neck and legs, its just plain tricky to get them to look right. Draw them too straight and they look kinda wimpy. Make them too curvy and they appear kind of strange.

And unless students have a real horse in front of them, or a good photo at least, theres a good chance they will get stuck along the way. Not to worry though, Im pretty sure that drawing anything horse-like has vexed many an artist over the years.

The solution? A unicorn tutorial that focuses just on the head and mane. All the cute and colorful fun is still there, without any extra frustration.

For some extra inspiration for how to color your unicorn, scroll down to see more finished samples. Yes, a rainbow painted background is always lovely. But even if you only have access to crayons, that doesnt mean your unicorn has to be any less colorful.

Unicorn Coloring Page

How to Draw a Unicorn

  • Start the simple head shape.
  • Add the cheek and neck line.
  • Draw the outside of the horn.
  • Add inside diagonal lines.
  • Start the mane as shown.
  • Add the mane details.
  • How To Draw A Simple Unicorn + 15 Cool Facts

    Unicorns are timeless fantastic creatures that have been become hugely popular in modern culture again. They represent rarity, magic, fantasy, and kindness. Unicorns are much more on paper than just a horse with a horn. Now that science has discovered historical fossil remains that suggested ancient unicorns existed over 29,000 years agoI was so excited I just had to show you my version of the fictional unicorn drawn in a simpler and easier way.

    And why not check out our collection of free coloring pages for kids! We update our resources library regularly so feel free to check back as we add more and more content. Were currently at over 1000+ coloring pages and creating more how-to-draw stuff art tutorials!

    Note: This tutorial and our many others are suitable for ages 3 to 10

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    Basic Facts About Unicorn

    A unicorn is a legendary and unreal creature. It looks like a horse with one long, single, and white horn on its head. The word unicorn means one-horn literally. Unicorns are discovered in many stories and myths from different parts of the world, primarily China and India. In mythology and heraldry, unicorn symbolizes innocence and purity. The unicorn is the official animal of Scotland. In some pictures, unicorn feet look like horse feet and tail like a lion. A unicorn is as tiny as a normal-sized goat. Kids mostly love unicorns because of their cute looks. Unicorns are performed in many cartoon shows.

    Easy Unicorn Step By Step For Kids:

    How to Draw a Unicorn Kids Art Tutorial

    1. Start with a pointed ear like the steep roof of a house.

    2. Next, connect the ear to the face + snout of the unicorn in a lopsided half football shape.

    3. From the head, draw a thick neck stretching down to the body.

    4. Sketch out the round outline of a long oval body that will become the unicorn.

    5. Now the next important thing is legs unicorns have 2 front legs and 2 hind legs. On the left side of the body, draw out a cone shape with the wide side down. Draw a cone shape leg on the right side of the body again.

    6. Now add 2 more legs in the back, partially hidden, on both ends of front and hind legs.

    7. Add the unicorn horn on the top of the head, this is a simple cone like pictured. But you can add a slight curve to the cone shape horn as some unicorns are thought to have.

    8. Give the unicorn life by drawing a big eye on the side of the head. I used black but unicorn eyes can be any color

    9. Draw a unicorn mane with 3 soft waves on the back of the neck.

    10. Next draw a small fluff of mane on top of the head too.

    11. On the upper rump of the unicorn, draw a fluffy tail, and voila! You just drew a very simple unicorn. See, unicorns dont have to be hard!

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    How To Draw A Unicorn Face: Coloring And Highlights

    If you want to color the drawing, fill the face and ears with flesh tones and the fill the bow, hair, and horn with any color youd like. In the example drawing at the top of the page, we use highlights that mimic light shining on the side of the face. You can try this yourself by leaving small areas uncolored or by adding layers of color in lighter shades.

    Want to see how to draw a more realistic unicorn face? .

    To download the printable tutorial below .

    Learn How To Draw A Unicorn For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

    Hello boys and girls. In this tutorial, we want to show you how to draw a unicorn for kids step by step. Probably, every child at least once in his life wanted to become a part of a small miracle, and drawing a unicorn is one of the easiest ways to feel next to this fabulous creature.

    Unicorns are unusual fairy-tale creatures with which many legends are associated. They are a symbol of honesty, wisdom, and justice. Therefore, a unicorn can be drawn on a greeting card, which will make such a gift original.

    Thanks to our step-by-step drawing a unicorn for beginners guide, you will know exactly how to draw a fairy-tale character with a pencil step by step, the lessons are not complicated, therefore they are suitable for even the smallest children.

    Time needed: 15 minutes.

    How to Draw a Unicorn for Kids

  • Draw the head of the Unicorn.

    In the upper left of the sheet, draw an oval-shaped zebra head, exactly the same as you see in our instructions.

  • Draw the body.

    Draw another oval to the right of the head, which will be the body of the Unicorn. It is more elongated than the head.

  • Draw the neck, bangs and ear.

    Draw the neck in the form of two parallel lines connecting the head and torso. Draw bangs and ears on the head, as shown in our sample.

  • Draw facial expressions and a tail.

    First, draw the closed eye and nostril of the Unicorn, as shown in our drawing. Next, you need to draw a tail in an arbitrary wavy shape. The final touch at this stage is the lines on the horn and mane.

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    Instructions For How To Draw A Unicorn

    1. Start by drawing a circle in the middle of your paper.

    2. Then draw the snout of the unicorn. Start at bottom of the circle and curve the snout around to above the circle.

    3. Then draw the front part of the unicorns neck so that it is slanted.

    4. Then draw the top of the unicorns head. Draw this line to connect the unicorns back and then draw a spiral at the bottom. This spiral will a part of the unicorns hair.

    5. Then draw the unicorns horn. Start at the bottom of the horn and draw a curved line for the base. This base should overlap the head a bit. Then make the horn go to a point like drawing a triangle.

    6. Then draw the eye so that its inside of the initial circle. Draw an upside down curve for its nostril. Also notice that a portion of the circle is erased so that only the bottom part shows.

    7. Next draw the ears. The bottom part of the ear on the front overlap part of the head. The back ear does not overlap. Also draw the inner part of the back ear.

    8. Daw the hair. Start by drawing a line from the left part of the horn and overlap the back ear. Go behind the front ear and draw the line to the edge of your paper on the left. Then draw a curl in front of the unicorn horn.

    9. Then draw the curl next to the front ear. Also draw a line on the inside of the front curve and a few lines on the hair on the back.

    10. Draw the portion of the unicorns hair on the right side of its neck. Draw a spiraled lines to make it look curled.

    Unicorn Features And Abilities

    How to Draw a Unicorn easy

    The unicorn is characterized by its elegance. It is usually a noble and proud horse-like creature with a flowing mane, which has a straight, sinuous horn in the middle of its forehead. Magic abilities are attributed to this horn.

    It is said that a touch with a unicorn horn can heal sick people from their diseases. The tears of the unicorn are said to dissolve petrifactions and bring the dead back to life. Drinking the blood of a unicorn is said to make one immortal. However, here we dedicate ourselves to the comic-like depiction of unicorns, where it is much easier to draw the animal.

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    How To Draw A Unicorn

    Most students and children cant make drawings properly because they dont know how to draw correctly. If you also dont know, then do not worry. Now I am going to share step by step Tutorial On how to draw a unicorn. Follow all the steps given below thoroughly to draw a unicorn in just a few minutes.

    Add Patterns And Details On The Unicorn

    Draw two parallel diagonal lines across the horn of the unicorn. Then, draw an upright oval shape within the ear to form the inside ear.

    Afterwards, draw a curved line to create the outline of the unicorns muzzle. Next, draw an oval shape for the eyes and a small shaded circle inside the muzzle for the nose.

    Moving on to the details of the unicorns body, draw a curved line at the bottom of its body to outline the bodys underside.

    Now that weve successfully drawn a magical unicorn, its time for the much-awaited step, which is coloring the unicorn!

    Unicorns are typically depicted with a white color, which signifies purity and grace. However, it is believed that unicorns also exist in a wide range of colors such as silver, green, and more vibrant colors.

    Feel free to use any color you like to create a one-of-a-kind unicorn. Always remember, the skys the limit to your imaginationmake use of it!

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    The Ever Popular Unicorn Trend

    Talking about a trend is an outdated concept here because the unicorn has established itself as a long-standing figure. Especially among female fans, it stands for being girlish and innocent. Unicorns stand for the positive and good, with which many people can identify. So we will assume that we will continue to see many drawn unicorns in the future. Read on for our how to draw a unicorn easy guide.

    Draw The Tail Horn Ear Mane And The Last Remaining Leg

    Kids drawing# 10 || How to draw Cute Unicorn easy for kids || Easy step by step ||Online Tutorial

    Begin first with the unicorns tail. Start a flowing line that curves downward from the top of the rump and comes to a point. Then curve it back upward to the bottom of the rump.

    Next comes the unicorns horn. Since its head is tilted, start the base of the horn at the top of the line you drew for the face, and either draw the horn as a pointy cone with diagonal lines inside, or as individual segments that narrow and come to a point .

    Now start a line just above the horn for the unicorns mane. Draw the same sort of downward curving line that you drew for the tail, only larger and drawn in the opposite direction. Like the tail, it should also come to a point.

    Now begin a line at the top of the unicorns neck and draw the ear as youd draw an upward-pointing leaf.

    Finally, draw the last remaining leg, being sure to draw it shorter than the one its next to. If you do this well, it will make the unicorn appear to be standing on the ground, and give your drawing a nice 2D look.

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    Unicorn Drawing Templates And Ideas

    If you are looking for further inspiration and unicorn designs, we recommend taking a look at coloring pictures. You can use them as excellent painting templates and sources of inspiration. We have compiled the best unicorn coloring pictures in a separate article.

    If you wanted to know how to draw a unicorn step by step, then the guide above should have covered everything you wanted to find out. Unicorn drawing is fun for everyone, and knowing how to draw these creatures can be fun for kids or help adults to grow as artists. We hope that this quick guide on unicorn drawings has helped to inspire you!

    Fill Colour In Drawing

    Now you have successfully completed the drawing of a unicorn. Now is the time to give this drawing a great look. You can use watercolour and pencil colours to provide a realistic look to this drawing. You can draw forest and small tress in the background to enhance the look of the unicorns drawing.

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    Draw Shape Of Face Of Unicorn

    So guys, now you have to draw the shape of this unicorn face. Do not make any mistake in drawing the shape that has been drawn. Friends, seeing this image, you will feel that we have to draw this drawing only with a black sketch but I will tell you some other way which will be very easy for you. To make friends drawing, you first have to draw it with HB pencil. After that when you create this drawing, you have to outline it with a black sketch. This will benefit you that whenever you make mistakes while drawing, you erase the mistake.

    Learn How To Draw A Unicorn With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial Its Perfect For Those That Want To Draw The Entire Body Including A Candy Colored Mane And Horn

    How To Draw A Cute Cat Unicorn

    Technically, a unicorn is a mythical, usually white animal generally with the body and head of a horse and a long flowing mane and tail. A single often spiraled horn is in the middle of the forehead.

    Realistically though, unicorns something showing up all over childrens lives these days, thanks to a fascination with these creatures. Many cant seem to get enough, and so they are found on clothes, in books, in TV shows and probably many birthday parties too.

    Now, if children want to draw more than just a Unicorn Head, this new tutorial will help them do just that. The horse-like body is simplified to keep things easy for young artists. And the mane and tail are drawn with curly segments so children can have fun filling them with lots of colors.

    Older students or those with an eye for detail will have fun adding some shadows to their white unicorn body too. Turns out that light gray Crayola® crayon that seems to have almost no pigment at all, is perfect for adding shadows to white shapes. It adds a subtle gray that never gets too dark, no matter how hard you press down with it. See? Who says you need paint to learn about shading?

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    How To Draw A Unicorn Step

    Heres how to draw a unicorn step-by-step.

    In this step, you will be drawing two lines one for the unicorn face, the other for the unicorn upper body. For the face, draw a shape that looks like a bottle on its side or a bowling pin on its side. You can also see this step on How To Draw A Unicorn Head For Kids.

    Now draw a curved line for the unicorns chest. Notice how the lines vary in thickness. This adds interest to the shapes.

    Draw The Unicorn Mane

    The mane follows the shape you drew for the neck, but is bigger and more bulgy. Start at the horn, draw a wave-like crest as you did for the bangs, and then sweep down, ending your arc in a point. Begin a second line at the level of the throat and draw sweeping hook-like shape. This creates a curly lock of hair. Start a third line that connects to the lock of hair and sweeps downward to a point. Sweep back upward to a point where the unicorns shoulder would be. If you draw these lines well, the mane will appear to sweep down the back of the unicorns neck and break over the unicorns shoulder.

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    Cool Facts About Unicorns:

    • In fiction, not all unicorns have wings to fly and are therefore earthbound. But some unicorns have large wings and are able to fly.
    • Unicorn families spend their lives alone, living deep in the forests in peace.
    • Unicorns can have sky blue, light silver, or purple eye colors.
    • A girl unicorn would be called a filly and a boy unicorn is called a colt. Young unicorns like baby horses are called foals.
    • Scientists believe ancient unicorns did not have the body of a horse but were shaped more like rhinos or oxen instead.
    • Some believe that unicorns extract their powers from its horn. Unicorn horns are called Alicorns
    • Unicorns, reflecting purity, curing powers, and immortality, is used as an allegory for Christs life.
    • Some old myths even claim unicorns are born with the genitalia of both males and females.
    • In 1603, to symbolize shared supremacy over England and Scotland, King James I adopted the unicorn into the British royal coat of arms.
    • In King James edition of the Old Testament, there are a total of nine unicorns.
    • Unicorns are the official symbol of Scotland because unicorns are seen as proud and independent beasts They would rather perish than be captured.
    • In France, it was a tradition to hold a Unicorn horn cup to test whether or not the food and liquids were poisoned.
    • Some people claim that good luck would be given to them after seeing a Unicorn.
    • In the 1700s, unicorn horns were used in pharmacies for water purification and as anti-poisons.

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