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How To Draw A Vampire Easy

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Your Vampire Drawing Is Complete

How to Draw a Vampire Bat Real easy for Halloween Spoken Tutorial

That brings you to the end of this step-by-step guide on how to draw a vampire. We hope that with the help of this guide you found drawing this classic monster to not be too scary!

We created this guide to be both helpful and lots of fun, so we hope that it achieved both of those goals for you.

Once you have finished this guide, you can also keep the fun going by adding your own details and elements. We mentioned a few ideas such as drawing a background and other fun additions, but what else can you think of to finish off this image?

We also have tons of awesome drawing guides on our website for you to enjoy! We upload new ones all the time, so be sure to visit us often to never miss out!

How To Draw A Vampire: Outline Step By Step

Step 1: Draw the vampire’s face

We start outlining our vampire by drawing the face contour. Join the squared-off head with the pointed chin by rounding off the cheekbones. Then draw the long pointed nose, outline the mouth, and draw the fangs. Then redraw and fill in the eyes and eyebrows.

Step 2: Outline the hair and ears

The next step is to outline the hair – feel free to make any final adjustments – and the ears.

Step 3: Draw the vampire’s arms and hands

Start with outlining the hands- we are rounding off the finger joints, but keeping the sharp, pointy, claw-like fingertips.

Next, draw the coat sleeves. Notice we have skipped one of the sketch lines used to draw the hand – the forearm is now hidden inside the wide coat sleeve. We have also added a little downfold to the upper sleeve line.

Step 4: Draw the vampire’s long coat

As the final step, outline the long coat – starting at the top, going to the narrow waist, and then widening out all the way down to the floor. Outline the jagged folds on the ground and the front coat split line. Our vampire drawing is done.

How To Draw Vampire

Use the videos and step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw a Vampire . Stay tooned for more tutorials!

The written step-by-step video tutorial:

Intro: Start off with a pencil sketch. In the beginning stages, dont press down too hard. Use light, smooth strokes for sketching.

Step 1: Draw the vampire’s nose as a small angled line. Sketch lightly at first so you can erase if you make a mistake. The shape should be similar to a less-than sign with the bottom end curled up.

Step 2: Above the nose and to the left, draw a short, thick line for the first eyebrow. To the right, draw a long, thick diagonal line for the other eyebrow. Having one eyebrow raised higher gives the vampire a more sinister look.

Step 3: Under each eyebrow, draw a half-circle for the eyes. The vampire’s eye on the right should be a lot bigger. Inside each eye, draw a small circle for the irises and inside each iris, draw a dot for the pupils.

Step 4: Below the nose, draw a long line for the top part of the mouth. Curve the line so that it turns into a smile. Under the mouth, on either end, draw a V-shaped line for the fangs. Add the vampire’s teeth in the middle as a horizontal line.

Step 5: Draw a short line on either side for the bottom part of the vampire’s mouth. In the middle, draw the tongue as a U-shaped line with a couple of curved lines at the top.

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Using Dracula As Inspiration

The most iconic visual representation of a vampire is perhaps that of Count Dracula, a Transylvanian noble character from Bram Stokers novel titled Dracula. The fashion during the Victorian era along with the dramatic cape he wears really make for great illustrations, so Ill be using him as my reference for the vampire drawings below.


How To Draw A Cartoon Vampire Bat Easy Step By Step For Kids

How to Draw a Vampire – Halloweens Drawings – Easy Things to Draw

May 18, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Bats

Bats are the only mammals that can really fly. The earliest known bat fossil is 50 million years old and was discovered in Wyoming, USA.

Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw the vampire bat flying in the air, very simple. If kids like it, let them try the following steps!

1.Draw a big circle first, draw two big eyes inside. Then draw a curve under your eyes as your mouth, and draw two sharp little teeth.

2. Draw triangle-like ears on top of your head, and a small triangle inside each ear.

3. Draw a bat wing on the left. It is very special and is rarely seen in other flying animals.

4. Draw another wing on the right side, as shown above.

5.Finally, simply color it and the cute vampire bat is done!

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Finish Off Your Vampire Drawing With Some Color

You have reached the final step of your vampire drawing, and this is the one where you get to have lots of fun coloring it in!

You can really let your creativity flow in this step, and you should feel free to use any of your favorite colors as you fill it in.

We showed one way that you could color in this image, but this is just a suggestion! This is your drawing and you should feel free to use any other colors that you love for this image.

You can also experiment with different color tones and art mediums depending on the type of mood you would like for the image.

Choices about the colors and mediums you choose can go a long way towards creating a mood for a picture, so be sure to have fun with it and see what happens!

Dont forget to color any background elements or extra additions that you may have drawn as well!

Draw The Cape Of The Vampire

Now lets start drawing the clothes of the monster. First, lets start with the cape and draw the collar with sharp arched lines extending behind the head. Sketch the small collar around the neck using triangles. Then add the fabric behind the monster using vertical lines, and denote the bottom of the cape with a wavy line.

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By Step Instructions For Drawing A Vampire

1. Begin by enclosing a shape that is rounded on the top and pointed on the bottom, like an upside down teardrop. This will form the vampire’s head and pointed chin.

2. Draw the ears, using two curved lines for each. Notice how the ears have rounded points on top. Use two curved lines, meeting in a point, to outline the hair.

3. Outline the vampire’s hairline using a series of curved lines. Notice how the hairline comes to a point at the front, forms a half circle, and then connects to the ear.

How to Draw a Cartoon Skull

8. Draw the mouth. Begin by sketching a slanted, curved triangle. Detail the corner of the mouth with a curved line, and use another curved line to indicate the tongue. Draw two downward facing triangles at the top of the mouth to indicate the fangs. Finally, draw a curved line beneath the mouth to designate the chin.

9. Draw the eyes. For each eye, begin by enclosing an eyebrow, using three curved lines. Beneath the brow, enclose a circular shape. Draw a smaller circle within.

10. Color your vampire. Vampires are often said to live among bats, so don’t forget to check out our bat drawing tutorial.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

How To Draw A Vampire Full Body


If youre up for a full body drawing, then this ones for you. This is more on the realistic side so it will take a few extra steps. But itll be totally worth it, I promise.

Step 1 and 2

Remember when you were a kid and first drew a human figure? Most of us drew a simplified stick figure. Its the same principle for breaking down the complex human form into simpler parts. A modified stick figure that includes all the joints! Start by drawing the head, then the spine, the hips, the shoulders, the elbows, the wrists, the knees, and the ankles. This will be your guide, so draw this lightly as you will also need to erase this later.

Heres a quick look and guide at a proportional human form. Knowing the right proportions will help you draw a human figure that wont end up with arms too long or legs too short. You can watch a video from a live tutorial I did of How To Sketch People Quickly if you want an overview of it.

Once you have that down, then you can start detailing the head in. Using the same widows peak and pointy ears, I outlined the shape of the head and hairline. When drawing vampires, its important to get the head and face right!

Step 3 and 4

Zooming in, draw in the rest of the facial features eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth. If youre unsure about the proportions and the placement, check out this How To Draw A Basic Portrait article to help you out.

Step 5 and 6

Step 7 and 8

Step 9 and 10

Step 11 and 12


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How To Draw A Puppy In A Vampire Costume For Halloween Video & Step

In this free art lesson, you’ll learn how to draw a cartoon Puppy dressed as a Vampire for Halloween step by step.

Following us

To draw this cartoon Vampire Puppy step by step, follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to draw at your own pace. You may find it easier to follow the step-by-step drawings below the video. The new lines in each step are shown in red, so you’ll know exactly what to draw next. You may want to open the video in a new tab and use both drawing methods. Take your time and draw at your own pace.

For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

Step 1: Draw two small circles for the vampire puppy’s eyes. Inside each eye, draw two tiny circles to represent glare. Shade the eyes but don’t overlap the tiny glare circles. The head is going to be tilted, so place the eye on the right higher than the eye on the left. Sketch lightly at first and only darken the eyes when you get the shapes right.

Step 2: Between the eyes, at the bottom, draw a small oval for the nose. Shade the puppy’s nose except for a small section at the top that represents shine.

Step 3: Under the nose, draw a curved line for the muzzle/mouth. The left side of the line should curve up higher to create the shape of the vampire puppy’s muzzle.

Step 4: Below the muzzle, draw two tiny V-shaped lines for the fangs. You can skip this step for a regular dog.

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Draw The Hands Of The Vampire

Draw the fingers, making the thumbs sticking out. This stage is difficult because it is pretty hard to draw hands with geometric shapes. You just need to catch the correct length of the fingers so that they do not turn out to be too long or short. You can practice on a separate piece of paper before drawing on the hands of your monster.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Vampire With Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

How to draw cartoon vampire mouth. Then redraw and fill in the eyes and eyebrows. Then start drawing the vampire in transparent blue. Cartoon dracula vector symbols vampire icons character funny man comic halloween and magic spell witchcraft ghost night devil tale illustration.

Learn how to draw a cartoon vampire with the following simple step to step tutorial. The body and the legs are represented by rectangles. Use picsart drawing tools to bring life a terrifying vampire blog.

How to draw a vampire bat. First, draw a large circle to form the head. Vampire drawings learn to draw a female.

When you are finished, draw a line to illustrate the nose and two triangles for the teeth. Beneath that, draw 2 slanted lines for the neck and a wide, curved line for the shoulders. How to draw a cartoon vampire with sharp teeth.

First, start off by drawing two ovals. How to draw a cartoon vampire in 5 steps howstuffworks. Then draw the other ear.

Drawing vampire pictures is fun and easy! Draw a curved line on both sides of his head. The other half of the face is filled with tints of blue and.

Finish by adding in the hair and ears, then erase any extra lines. Our drawing lessons continue with a super easy how to draw a vampire tutorial. Another little fang and a little pink tongue.

Begin by sketching a slanted, curved triangle. Finally, draw the cape with a few long curved lines. Draw the bottom edge of the other wing.

Shape the cheeks and chin.

Vampire mouth illustration premium image by

Materials For A Cartoon Bat Drawing

How to Draw a Cute Vampire Cartoon – It’s Super Easy!
  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tips.
  • BlackSharpie Marker. These fine point permanent marker pens make nice black outlines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath to protect your tables.
  • Prang Crayons. These are a bit softer than other crayons so they sometimes look like oil pastels. They also have a some nice brown shades that Crayola does not have unless you buy their larger boxes.
  • Crayola Crayons. The reliable brand that always works well. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors that seem a bit richer and warmer than the ones Prang has.

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Draw Some Facial Details And Start On The Arms

Now that you have the head outline done, we can start to add some details in this part of your vampire drawing.

First, we will be adding the face. This is a pretty spooky vampire, but he looks rather friendly as vampires go! Using the reference image as your guide, you can add the eyes, nose and mouth to the face.

You could also change his facial expression a bit if you want him to look scarier or angrier. Finally, draw some curved lines going down from his shoulders, and then add some fingers to the end for his arms.

Easy Vampire Drawing Head Only

Lets start with just the head, a more close-up illustration of the vampire. This step-by-step tutorial of how to draw a cartoon vampire has simpler lines and a bit of exaggeration on some facial features. But dont let this stop you from tweaking it to your own liking, after all were doing a cartoonish drawing style. You can add more details and totally use any medium you prefer to add color.

Step 1

Since this will be just the face, use the portrait orientation of your paper or substrate. It will be much easier to achieve a balanced placement of the subject. Find the approximate center line on your surface and draw the circle above it. Draw this lightly as this is just a guide for shaping the upper part of the head and you will need to erase it later on.

Step 2

Now using the circle guide, add the lower part of the head. This head is at an angle, so the cheekbone and the chins contours are clearly visible on the left, while the jawline is more prominent on the right. I also made the chin long and pointy to give it that witchy look.

Step 3

Lets add a widows peak for the hairline. Start from the left side and continue drawing to the sideburns and then the right ear. Then add the hair on the top of the head. And finally draw the part of the left ear thats visible from this angle.

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8

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Draw The Lower Part Of The Head

Going down from the circle add the lower part of the head. To make the character look more cute make this fairly small in relation to the upper part of the head and not very tall.

As you can see in the above example you can draw each side by first making a straight downwards line that is angled towards the middle of the head followed by a curve and another line that is angled even further towards the center. Both sides should be joined at the bottom with the small curve of the chin.

For drawing different styles of heads see:

Vampire Drawing For Kids

How to Draw a Vampire (head) – Easy Things to Draw

Learn how to make a vampire drawing for kids.

Included are 9 easy steps to follow, kids will enjoy designing their own vampire on paper. Also included is a downloadable version of this vampire drawing tutorial.

Ideal for art teachers and homeschoolers looking to teach kids how to draw their own vampire.

Enjoy creating a colorful vampire drawing for kids and remember to add some unique details. Now lets get started.

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How To Draw An Anime Vampire

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Drawing anime vampires are not harder than drawing any other form of anime. Anime is a realistic, Japanese, way of drawing. It takes years to get anime completely right, but it’s easy to learn and draw basic anime. When you are looking at anime, you’ll see that the hair and clothes stick out and flow. If you read on you will learn how to draw a basic anime vampire to a more advanced.

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