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How To Draw A Water Bottle

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Printing And Cutting Labels

How to draw a Water Bottle
  • 1Get cardstock or another type of paper to print on. Cardstock is the best paper to print your label on. Cardstock is thicker than most other types of paper but still has a lot of flexibility. You can buy cardstock paper at your local supermarket or stationery store.XResearch source
  • If you decide to use a different type of paper, make sure it’s durable enough to work as a water bottle label.
  • 2Print the design you created in Microsoft Word. Open your saved design and click “Print.” If you want to print your design at home, make sure your printer is capable of printing high quality images. If it isn’t, you can transfer your label design file to a USB and bring it to the local print shop.XResearch source
  • 3Print a pre-designed label. If you want to use a design you found online, you can print that and use it. Search online for a design that you like. Print the design at home or save it to a USB and bring it to a print shop.XResearch source
  • You can also use any of the 3 label designs at the end of this article.
  • 4Cut your printed labels out of the paper using a paper trimmer. The print shop or your home printer should have printed the labels in the middle of a sheet of paper. When you’re cutting the label out, don’t use scissors. Paper trimmers are much more accurate at cutting paper than scissors could ever be.XResearch source
  • You can buy a paper trimmer at your local supermarket or stationery store.
  • You Can Refer To The Simple Step

    Step 1

    Draw out the top of the bottle cap. Draw the rest of the bottle cap. Draw the middle part of the bottle cap. This is the way to have a detail.

    Step 2

    Draw the base of the bottle cap. This is the twist part out of the bottle.

    Step 3

    Finally, for the lid, draw the usual thin lines at the top of the lid. Now, we will switch to drawing bottles. Draw the upper half of the bottle where the lid and bottle meet.

    Step 4

    Draw the bottle body. They can have many different shapes but currently, you can use example images as your reference.

    Step 5

    Next draw an animated face for the water bottle, with big eyes and a smile.

    Step 6

    Add some details. Draw your bottle the way it will appear to see through.

    Step 7

    Add The Final Details Of This Water Bottle Drawing

    Its almost time for the final step where you will color in your picture, but first we will add some final small details in this step of our guide on how to drawa water bottle. First, you can add some curved lines near the top of the interior of the bottle to show where the liquid is filled up to.

    That will do it for the final details, but that doesnt mean you have to move on just yet! In this step you can also add some details of your own to finish off this picture.

    We mentioned earlier that you could draw some detail on the label, and that would be a great way to personalize your picture. Perhaps you could create your own label design!

    Then, you could try out some ideas such as drawing a background and other objects. Maybe you could show us what kinds of other beverages or foods you would enjoy with whatever this water bottle contains. Be sure to get creative and have fun with it!

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    Cartoon Water Bottle Step

    A water bottle is a container that is used to hold water, liquids or other beverages for consumption. The use of a water bottle allows an individual to transport and carry a beverage from one place to another. A water bottle is usually made of plastic, glass, or metal. Water bottles are available in different shapes, colors and sizes. In the past, water bottles were sometimes made of wood as well. Water bottles can be either disposable or reusable. Reusable water bottles can also be used for liquids such as juice, iced tea, alcoholic beverages or soft drinks. Reusable water bottles can help save the environment and reduce the amount of waste. Water bottles are also easily portable for convenient use.

    Finish Off Your Water Bottle Drawing With Some Color

    Drawing Lessons : How to Draw a Water Bottle

    This is the final step of your water bottle drawing, and this is the one where you get to have fun coloring in your artwork!

    In our reference image, we used different shades of blues and light greys to color in the picture, but that is just a suggestion.

    You could use any colors that you love to color this in, as bottles will usually have bright and vibrant colors decorating them.

    Also, you could show that this bottle contains something other than water. Maybe you could use some shades of brown to show that there is some tasty cola in this bottle.

    You can also have fun with the art mediums you choose for this image. Watercolor paints and colored pencils are great for a more subtle, muted look.

    On the other hand, acrylics and colored pens are perfect for brighter shades. What colors and art mediums do you think you will use for your image?

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    Water Bottle Drawing Aesthetics Pixel Art Cuteness Kawaii

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    Here Are The Steps To Draw Cartoon Water Bottle Enjoy

    Step 1: Draw a cylinder as the lid of the water bottle.

    Step 2: Draw the outline of the water bottle under the lid.

    Step 3: Draw a label and some lines on the water bottle.

    Step 4: Color the label blue and the body grey.

    Step 5: Color the lid red and draw a yellow star on the label.

    Step 6: Draw a shadow beside the water bottle.

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    Designing Labels In Microsoft Word

  • 1Open Microsoft Word on your computer. Click the Microsoft Word program icon, then click “Blank Document” to start a new project. Even though Microsoft Word is a word processing application, it’s one of the easiest platforms for designing water bottle labels.XResearch source
  • 2Draw a text box that is 1.5 inches tall and 8.5 inches wide. In Word, click the “Insert” tab at the top of the screen and look to the far right for the “Text Box” option. Click on “Text Box” and use your mouse to draw a box on the blank page on screen.XResearch source
  • To make the text box the right size, look to the top right hand corner of the screen. There should be a small section called “Size.” This section allows you to enter an exact width and size for your text box.
  • 3 Make sure you have your text box selected when you click the “Insert” tab. To select your text box, click on the outline or in the middle of the box.XResearch source
  • After you click “Online Pictures,” a new box will pop up. You can use the search option to perform an online image search for the design you want.
  • For example, if you want your design to be blue and white, search for “blue and white” and you’ll be presented with images matching those colors.
  • 4Rotate and move the image to fit it in the text box. Once you’ve selected your image, click “Insert” at the bottom right of the “Online Pictures” tab to add it to your document. When the image is added to your document, click and drag it to your text box.XResearch source
  • Which Lid Should You Use

    How To Draw Water Bottle Step by Step

    It might not seem like it, but the lid can really make or break your water bottle purchase. If you have a busy lifestyle, you should go with a lid that hooks onto your bag. Kids, on the other hand, do better with lids that have a built-in straw.

    Want to see all your options? Take a look at this handy chart!

    The right lid comes down to where you’re bringing your water bottle. For instance, a screw-on cap is more leak-resistant than a push-pull lid. You’d easily be able to throw it in your bag without any spills.

    A flip up cap, on the other hand, is a good style for athletes. They can quickly take a sip and get back to playing!

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    Why Should You Drink From A Reusable Water Bottle

    All in all, it’s worth being picky when shopping for a new water bottle. It’s a great item to have as it leads to an overall healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle.

    You should drink from a reusable water bottle for many reasons:

    #1: You’ll Drink More Water

    We need water in order to survive! It’s recommended that you drink at least 64 ounces of water every day, which is about half a gallon. A reusable bottle makes it easier for you to always have that drink in arm’s reach.

    There are many benefits to drinking enough water:

    Improves concentration, focus, and memory

    Moisturizes and hydrates skin

    You save about $255 a year using a reusable water bottle.

    The market for reusable water bottles is expected to reach $10.19 billion by 2024.

    50% of US consumers who own logoed water bottles use them 2-3 times a week or more.

    How To Draw A Water Bottle

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 20 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 140,991 times.

    This article will show you how to draw a clear water bottle with a pencil and paper. This does not consist of very many steps and will be an easy object to draw.

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    Color The Bottle Of Water

    To color the bottle you can make the lid blue, the bottle grey, the water light blue and the label a light yellow/brown. You can use whatever medium you like or a mix of a few of them. For example you can color the lid with a marker to get the darker blue and the water with a pencil to get the lighter blue.

    You can also leave a highlight running along the side of the bottle as shown in the example. If you do wish to add it you should very lightly outline it in pencil before coloring. If it appears to be a little too bright you can lightly go over it with blue for the parts over the water and yellow for the part over the label.

    Once done color you should be finished with the drawing.

    What Is A Normal Water Bottle Size

    How to draw a water bottle step by step

    Most reusable water bottles can hold 16 to 24 ounces, which is about one to one and half disposable bottles. If you’re hiking or working out at the gym, it’s much better to use a water bottle that has a larger capacity.

    Luckily, there are a ton of size options to choose from!

    Remember, it’s never a bad idea to drink more water! You should have at least one higher ounce bottle that you can use.

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    Ten Green Bottles Song Lyrics For Kids

    Ten Green Bottles is a song that is popular in the United Kingdom. In essence, the song is a single verse repeated, each time with one bottle fewer:

    Ten green bottles standing on the wallTen green bottles standing on the wallAnd if one green bottle should accidentally fall,Therell be nine green bottles standing on the wall.

    This pattern continues until the number of bottles reach zero:

    One green bottle hanging on the wall,One green bottle hanging on the wall,And if that green bottle should accidentally fall,Therell be no more bottles hanging on the wall.

    How To Draw A Military Water Bottle Easy Step By Step For Kids

    April 29, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Everyday Objects

    As the name implies, the military water bottle is a water bottle used by soldiers for drinking water. It is the standard equipment of the military of various countries.

    A step-by-step tutorial that teaches you how to draw this green military water bottle, very simple. If kids like it, let them try the following steps!

    1. Draw a circle first. You can do it with the help of a coin, cup, etc.

    2.Draw an oval inside of it. Then draw the lid at the top.

    3. Complete the lid. Then draw a curve on each side of the lid to get the outline of the kettle.

    4.Finally, simply color it and the water bottle is finished!

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    Your Water Bottle Drawing Is Complete

    With that, you have completed this guide on how to draw a water bottle! Objects like this can be deceptively tricky to draw, so we hope that this guide showed you that it can be fun and easy to draw when you break it down into smaller steps.

    Now that you have mastered this guide, be sure to show us what you can do with your own colors and details! There are many ways you can be creative with it, so we cant wait to see what you do.

    The drawing fun continues on our website! We have some awesome guides there, and the collection grows all the time. Be sure to log in often to make sure you find your new drawing challenge soon!

    Attaching Water Bottle Labels

    How to draw a WATER BOTTLE for kids
  • 1Remove the original labels from the water bottles you bought. The size of the bottles is up to you, but don’t buy bottles bigger than 500 millilitres in size. The larger the bottle, the more tricky it becomes to attach a new label. Tear off the labels on the water bottles using your hands or a pair of scissors.XResearch source
  • 2Wipe the sticky residue from the bottle using a damp cloth. The old labels were stuck to the bottle using glue and will probably leave behind a sticky residue. After you’ve removed the old labels, rub the sticky area with a damp cloth until the residue is completely removed from the plastic.XResearch source
  • If the residue is difficult to remove with the cloth, use the rougher side of a dish sponge to scrub the residue.
  • 3Attach your label to the bottle using double-sided tape. Place the double-sided tape over one side of your label, then position that side of the label on your bottle. Push down on the double-sided tape to stick it to the bottle. Wrap the rest of the label around the bottle and attach the other end of the label to the double-sided tape at the end.XResearch source
  • Trim away any excess paper with scissors.
  • If you need to, use double-sided tape to secure the label to the bottle where the two ends meet.
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    Keep Adding Some Details

    Youre doing a great job on this water bottle drawing! We will continue to add some detail in this fourth step.

    As you can see in the reference image, we will be adding some slightly curved vertical lines to the bottle to give it even more shape definition. Details like this are subtle but make a big difference!

    In the next step we will add some final details to finish it off before you start to color it in.

    Draw The Label & Finish The Line Drawing

    Roughly in the middle of the bottle add the label. Draw it with two curved lines. One that is just barely curved for the top and a second more curved one for the bottom. Once done you should have a full outline drawing of the water bottle.

    At this point confirm that you are happy with the way everything looks and make any corrections if required. Afterwards trace over your drawing with a black pen, marker or darker pencil lines.

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    What Type Of Water Bottle Is Best

    The best type of water bottle is a matter of preference. Most people, however, like to use glass water bottles for the cleanest, purest taste.

    That isn’t to say other materials aren’t just as good. Plastic is much easier to carry, aluminum is great to bring to the gym, and stainless steel is trendy and looks good in Instagram pics. It just depends on your lifestyle and why you need to use a water bottle.

    A study in 2018 found that some tongues are more sensitive to the taste of metal than others. This is why certain people don’t like sipping from metal water bottles!

    How Do I Choose A Water Bottle

    AutoCAD Tutorial – How to draw water bottle

    You’re going to carry around a water bottle all day, every day. It may as well be something that you actually like!

    Look for the following:

    Safe to drink from – You don’t want your water bottle to contain any harmful chemicals. Search for a BPA-free label, or a glass bottle to ensure you’re always sipping safely!

    Easy to clean – Even if you have a dishwasher, you should still clean your water bottles by hand at least once a week. Over 60% of the germs on water bottles could make you sick, so a deep cleaning helps get rid of that harmful bacteria.

    Portable – The ideal water bottle has a leak-free lid and is lightweight enough for you to carry around. Bonus points if it has an attached carabiner that can hook onto your bag!

    Large capacity – Look for a water bottle that’s at least 16 ounces. A larger size is even better, especially if you have an active lifestyle.

    Insulation – Lukewarm water tastes fine, but it’s not as refreshing as a cool drink! The best bottles are well-insulated and keep your water cold for a long time.

    Leak-free lid – Nobody wants to deal with an unwanted mess! Avoid any leaks or spills by making sure your bottle has an airtight lid.

    Stylish look – A stylish water bottle can be a bona fide fashion statement! There are plenty of trendy colors, patterns, and designs for you to choose from!

    Price – If a brand name floats your boat, more power to you! Just make sure the water bottle you buy is reasonably priced based on the quality.

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