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How To Draw A Whale Easy

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How To Draw A Whale: Finished Drawing

How to draw a Humpback Whale Real Easy

How to draw a whale: finished outline drawing

You have just learnt how to draw a whale! Just finish the drawing with the usual cleanup erasing the sketch lines, and you have drawn one lovely whale.

This one turned out to be a cartoon style whale with a cheeky smile and some real-life humpback whale details added for extra body texture and a more interesting look.

How to draw a whale: finished drawing coloured-in

And here is our usual colouring step. While most whales are dark grey, on many underwater pictures they get a nice blue tint from the water. So here our whale is coloured in dark blue for the upper body, and in a very light blue on the “white” parts of the belly and flippers.

And we could not resist adding some romantic scenery with a bright orange setting sun to add colour contrast to the shades of blue.

How did you finish your whale drawing?

Now Draw The Face And Tail Of The Whale

We will begin to build on the whale drawing in this next step. Using the line from step 1, use a round, curved line on the left-hand side to create the head of the whale.

Then, on the right-hand side, you can draw the forked tail of the whale.

Because of the angle that the whale will be at, the tail will be quite small compared to the rest of the body, which will show some perspective.

How To Draw A Whale

Please PAUSE the “How to Draw a Whale ” video after each step to draw at your own pace.

For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

Step 1: Draw two curved lines next to each other for the whale’s eyes. Sketch lightly at first so that it’s easy to erase if you make a mistake. When you get the shapes right, darken the lines and make them thick. The shape of the curved lines should be similar to a half-circle. Pay attention to the placement of the curved lines. Don’t draw them too far apart.

Step 2: Under each curved line, draw a small circle for the irises. The circle on the left should be in the middle of the whale’s eye. The circle on the right should be close to the left tip of the line.

Step 3: Inside each iris, off to the side, draw a tiny circle to represent glare. In the middle of each iris, draw a big dot for the pupils. As you shade the whale’s pupils, don’t overlap the tiny glare circles.

Step 4: Below the whale’s eyes, draw a small U-shaped line for the mouth.

Step 5: Draw the whale’s head by first making a small mark near the eye on the right. Now make a mark high above the eyes and another mark below the eyes. Now connect the marks using curved lines to create the shape of the head. Sketch lightly at first. When you get the curve right, darken the lines. Make the lines longer so that they stretch farther to the left. As you make the line at the top longer, curve it downward too.

  • Start

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Follow These Directed Drawing Instructions That Make An Elephant/whale Optical Illusion Drawing Easy To Do:

  • First, lets draw the outline of the elephants head, which is also the body of the whale. Start with a big curved line that goes a little higher on the left side. Then draw another line up from the right side and bend it to the left and down towards the first line. Then sweep that line up to come close to the end of the first line, but leave it a little open. Finish by connecting the two lines with two bumps that will be the end of the elephants trunk and the tail of the cartoon whale.
  • Next, draw the eye. This will be the eye of both the cartoon whale and the elephant. Draw the eye closer to the left side. Then add a pupil to the eye, which can be facing either left or right. One animal will be looking forward and the other backward depending on which side you choose! Finally, add an eyebrow just above the eye.
  • Now lets draw the elephants ear, which will also be the whales mouth and blowhole. From the bottom right of the shape, draw a curved line to the left and up towards the eye. Stop just before you reach the eye. Then draw a small curved line at the top of the shape to finish the top of the ear. This is also the blowhole for the whale.
  • Add a fin to the whale, which will also be the tusk of the elephant. Just below the eye, draw a curved line to the left. Then turn it sharply back to the right and curve it towards the start of the first line.
  • Add some wrinkles to the elephants trunk and the whales back. Three little lines at the top bend in the trunk will do it.
  • How To Draw A Whale: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

    How to draw a Killer Whale Real Easy

    Step 1: Outline the mouth and front flipper

    With the sketch done, let’s start outlining and improving our whale drawing. Start outlining the head, and join it with a smooth corner to the mouth. You can draw the joint as a little “lip” sticking out from the head oval as we did.

    Next, outline the front flipper, drawing out the knobs on the flipper, and joining the two sketch lines with a rounded off tip.

    Step 2: Draw the whale’s body

    Now you can outline the rest of the body, breaking the belly lines where the flipper covers them.

    Step 3: Draw the whale’s flipper and tail

    Outline the other flipper, again drawing around the little knobs. Then draw out the whale’s tail – this is a straightforward outline of the sketch.

    Step 4: Draw the eye and grooves

    Our whale drawing is almost finished – here is the first round of the final detail improvements. Outline the throat grooves. Then add a light line in the middle of each flipper, and two marks on each side of the tail for some texture.

    Step 5: Draw the water spout

    In our last step, we improve on the simply sketched water spout. Outline the two main lines we have sketched, and lightly mark a few more streaming water lines in between. Then add a few waterdrops for some variety.

    Our very final detail is to add a few knobs onto the whale’s chin for some extra texture – just little ovals, to complete the humpback whale look.

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    How To Draw A Beluga Whale

    In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Beluga Whale in 5 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

    The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

    Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

    At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Beluga Whale.

    Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

    How To Draw A Blue Whale

    Blue WhaleBlue Whale

  • Blue Whales can reach up to 33 metres in length and 180 metric tons or more in weight.
  • They are the largest animal to have known existed.
  • Long and slender, the blue whales body can be various shades of bluish-grey dorsally and somewhat lighter underneath.
  • Blue Whales can reach speeds of 50 kilometres per hour over short bursts, but generally move at around 20 kilometres per hour.
  • Blue Whales most commonly live alone or with one other individual.
  • Follow each of the next 6 steps to see how to draw the Blue Whale. This is just one version of how to draw the Whale, you can find many other lessons and tutorials in our How To Draw Animals books.

    Step 1: Begin by drawing the top portion of the Whales Head.

    Step 2: Complete the mouth and sketch in the lower mouth.

    Step 3: Add the dorsal fin

    Step 4: Complete the body of the Whale but finishing the rear body.

    Step 5: Draw the fins on the Tail section, add the Teeth details and dont forget the eye.

    Step 6: Add the final details to the lower body and youre done!

    Heres a quick video lesson on drawing a Blue Whale.

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    Interesting Facts About Blue Whales

    The blue whale is the largest living animal in the world! In fact, it is the largest animal ever to have existed on this planet. A baby blue whale, called a calf, weighs two tons at birth, and every day of its first year it gains 200 pounds. Blue whales are mammals. They live in all seven of the worlds oceans.

    Did you know?

    • Blue whales eat krill, which are similar to shrimp. An adult blue whale can eat up to 40 million krill a day.
    • In the wild, blue whales can live to be 80 to 90 years old.
    • On average, blue whales grow to be 82 to 105 feet long and weigh about 200 tons.
    • A blue whales tongue alone can weigh two or three tons!
    • Although the blue whales mouth is quite large, it cannot swallow anything larger than a beach ball.
    • Blue whales tend to travel at a pace of five miles per hour, but they can move as fast as 20 miles per hour.

    Blue whales are an endangered species. There are only a few thousand left in the world. They used to be hunted by people called whalers for their oil and fat called blubber. Laws now protect blue whales from being hunted.

    How To Draw A Big Blue Cartoon Whale + Whale Trivia For Kids

    How to draw a Sperm Whale Real Easy

    Im not sure why whales are so popularoh wait, I do! Theyre big, gentle, and majestic! Besides sharks, whales are probably the second most recognizable ocean buddies. They are the largest mammal there is currently, they can grow up to 300,000 pounds! Due to whale hunting in the 1900s, there are only 10,000-25,000 left in the wild which makes blue whales an endangered species. There are lots of different types of whales: orca, sperm, humpbacks are some of the most popular besides the most famous big blue. Were drawing a big blue whale today in this tutorial. Its really easy, kids love drawing this cute big blue dude. Lets start!

    And why not check out our collection of free coloring pages for kids! We update our resources library regularly so feel free to check back as we add more and more content. Were currently at over 1000+ coloring pages and creating more how-to-draw stuff art tutorials!

    Note: This tutorial and our many others are suitable for ages 3 to 10

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    Start Adding Some Details To Your Whale Drawing

    We will start to add some final details in the next few steps of this guide.

    First, using the reference picture as a guide, you can draw some thin lines into the area below the face and heading down to the flippers.

    These small lines will give this area, called the ventral pleats, have a wrinkly appearance.

    Next, you can draw some lines onto the face and flippers for even more details to your whale.

    Learn How To Draw A Humpback Whale With This Easy Step By Step Tutorial This One Looks Like Hes About To Jump Out Of The Water

    When children are really young and just learning about the world around them and how to draw it, a whale can be a whale. But as they get older, and can absorb all the many variations of species there are, they can start to notice all their different shapes and sizes.

    Most generic drawings of whales tend to have the blunt end Sperm whale shape, but Blue and Gray and Humpback whales have mouths that look more like the one above. All of the species are fascinating creatures, but its good practice to notice how different they are from each other, especially when it comes to drawing.

    After all, if students happen to be writing a report about one, it helps to have a drawing that is as detailed as their writing. Those two things go hand in hand.

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    How To Draw A Killer Whale

    In this drawing lesson well show you how to draw a Killer Whale in 6 easy steps. This Free step by step lesson progressively builds upon each previous step until you get to the final rendering of the Killer Whale.

    This is a simple lesson designed for beginners and kids with real easy to follow steps. Feel free to print this page and use as a drawing tutorial.

    Here are some fun facts about the Killer Whale you might find interesting.

  • There are three to five types of Killer Whales.
  • Killer whales have good eyesight above and below the water, excellent hearing, and a good sense of touch.
  • They have exceptionally sophisticated echolocation abilities, detecting the location and characteristics of prey and other objects in their environment by emitting clicks and listening for echoes.
  • The lifespans of killer whales depend on the will of the animal.
  • Day-to-day Killer Whale behaviour generally consists of foraging, travelling, resting and socializing.
  • Step 1: Draw the beginning of the head and nose.

    Step 2: Draw the first fin of the left side of the Whale.

    Step 3: Draw the upper and lower body section back towards the tail.

    Step 4: Draw the top fin and the tail.

    Step 5: Draw the body details.

    Step 6: Draw the body details to finish this drawing of the Killer Whale and youre done!

    Heres a quick video showing ;you how someone drew a Killer Whale, its hard to follow but its a fun video to watch that might give you some ideas or inspire you in your drawing.

    Interesting Facts About The Bowhead Whale

    How to Draw a Whale Easy Step by Step

    The Bowhead Whale is a member of the mammal family and the scientific term for them is Balaena mysticetus. The proper name Bowhead comes from the bent shape of the whales face. The word Balaena refers to the baleen nature of the creatures mouth, which traps plankton food when it swallows water and strains it back out. Other common names for this animal are the Greenland Right Whale, Arctic Whale, Polar Whale, Russian Whale, Russia, and Steeple-Top.

    Did you know?

    • The animal was first documented in 1758.
    • This species has baleen strands that are almost 10 feet long.
    • The crown of their head can break through ice that is 2 feet thick.
    • The animal can live to be about 200 years old.
    • The animal can weigh up to over 200,000 pounds.
    • They commonly grow up to over 66 feet long.

    They weigh more than any other whale, except for the Blue Whale, but this animal has the largest mouth of any other animal in the world. Similarly, it has the longest baleen strands of any other animal. Also, no other whale lives exclusively in the Arctic waters, except for this species. They use their powerful head to break through the ice of cold water to breathe. No other animal has blubber under their skin as thick as theirs.

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    You Can Refer To The Simple Step

    Step 1

    Lets start by drawing the body of the blue whale. Blue whales are very long and can weigh up to 400,000 pounds! Then draw a straight line starting from the left side of the body and stop a quarter of the way. This will be the whales mouth.

    Step 2

    Draw another line for the bottom of the whales mouth extending to the bottom of the whales body. Then draw eyes at the end of the mouth.

    Step 3

    Next, draw the fins. The first fins are on the side of the body and are long and narrow. The second fin is a short spot on the top of the body, closer to the tail.

    Step 4

    Then draw the tail. The tail is a large shovel at the end of the body and the blue whale uses it to propel itself through the water.

    Step 5

    Your last step is drawing points on the back of the whale. Now you are ready to whale coloring and draw the environment in the water! Green whales are very large, although they can only swallow small animals such as krill. Ask students to draw smaller fish next to the whale to show how big it is.

    Learn How To Draw A Whale Tutorial And Printable

    With this being;one of the easiest whale;drawing tutorials ever it is perfect;to use in preschool and kindergarten classroom. Print copies of our printable drawing template with guided drawing and have the kids build their drawing confidence.

    What you need:

    • our printable template
    • sheet of paper
    • black marker

    Optional: coloring medium to color your finished creations.

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    Learn How To Draw A Whale For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

    Hello and welcome to the best drawing site ever! In this lesson, you can learn how to draw a whale for kids step by step. In sketching a cartoon whale, there are no particularly difficult and small details in the whole appearance. You can draw a whale very quickly and easily. Thanks to our step-by-step instructions, you will be able to portray this cute sea creature perfectly.

    Whales are marine mammals of the cetacean genus. They do not belong to dolphins or any other marine life. Whales are often very large. There are many orders and species of whales, each of which is unique and attractive in its own way. Enjoy drawing the cute whale!

    Time needed:;20 minutes.

    How to Draw a Whale for Kids

  • Draw the outline of the whale.

    To depict the shape of a whale, first, draw a large semicircle, and on the right side a small curved tail.

  • Draw the eye.

    Draw a small circle in the middle of the drawn shape, inside which put a bold dot for the pupil. Draw a small line at the top for the brow.

  • Draw a smile.

    At the bottom of the whales head, sketch a small, curved line.

  • Draw the bottom of the whale.

    The lower part has a slightly unusual shape. Draw several vertical lines that extend from the line of the whales mouth.

  • Draw a fountain.

    Draw a fountain at the top, which is formed due to the fact that the whale releases water. Refer to the instructions provided for sketching a stream of water.

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