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How To Draw A Whale Step By Step

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How to Draw a Whale | Gray Whale Step by Step

Step 1

Start by drawing a large oval. This will outline whale heads.

Step 2

Below the oval, draw a long curve to form the stomach of the whale.

Step 3

Draw another curve from the top of the oval, to outline the head of the head and the back of the whale.

Step 4

Draw a curve to form the mouth. Detail the corners of the mouth using a short curve.

Step 5

Draw a curve from the mouth to the stomach.

Step 6

Extend the back with a curve.

Step 7

Draw a curve stretching from the stomach. Note how this line is near the rear line, narrowing the shape to fit the tail.

Step 8

Draw a curve that extends from the center of the whale. This will form the pectoral fin.

Step 9

Draw another curve to form the lower edge of the pectoral fin.

Step 10

Remove the guide lines from the whales body and face.

Step 11

Draw curves from mouth to belly. This shows the tendon structure of humpback whales and some other breeds.

Step 12

Draw two curves at the tip of the mouth to create the lips.

Step 13

Draw two curves extending from one side of the tail, allowing the lines to meet at a sharp point. This forms a half of the caudal fin.

Step 14

Repeat this process to draw a reflection on the opposite side, completing the tail extension.

Step 15

Draw a curved triangle extending from the belly of the whale to indicate the pectoral fin on the opposite side. Draw a curve down the length of the fin.

Step 16

Step 17

Step 18

Step 19

Add depth to the drawing by adding curves to the pectoral fins and caudal fins.

How To Draw A Cartoon Whale:

Step 1: Start your base of drawing with an oval for the front body. Then extend a curved line from the top and from the below front going back towards the body.

Step 2: Then from the center of the oval draw a curved line, draw another curved line from the below end of it, and meeting the lines of the last step. This will also form a pointed tail for the whale.

Step 3: From the middle of the whale draw a curved line and attach this with another curved line coming from the bottom of it. It will form the pectoral wings of the whale.

Step 4: Draw 2 small curves in front center of the whale depicting the mouth, and draw multiple lines on the lower body of the whale.

Step 5: At the back and top of the tail draw 2 deep curved lines and draw a pointed wing shape depicting the fins.

Step 6: Below the mouth draw a small fin attaches to the lower body. Draw small round eyes and a line above that. Draw 2 straight lines going upward and bifurcating into many water strands.

How To Draw A Whale Step By Step Easy Drawing For Kids

Hello, I hope you are all well by the grace of God. Today we are going to draw a cartoon marine blue whale for kids. The whale is a favorite animal of all kids. Many people face difficulty drawing a whale, but we will teach you how to easily draw a cartoon whale step-by-step. Now lets learn to draw whales in a very simple way.

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How To Draw A Beluga Whale Step By Step

February 16, 2021Drawing Tutorial Category: Whales

The body of the beluga whale is very light and unique white. Beluga whales are quite capable of diving and live in the sea near the Arctic. Learn to draw a cute beluga whale is a very simple and fun thing, suitable for preschoolers and kids of all ages.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this cute beluga whale, very simple. If you like it, pick up the pen and follow the steps below to try it!


Preschoolers and kids of all ages



How to draw a beluga whale

1.Draw a curve to get the top of your head. Then draw the back of the beluga whale.

2. Draw a curve to the top right.

3. Draw the tail of this beluga whale.

4. Draw a curve down.

5. Draw the mouth of this white whale. Then draw the abdomen.

6. Draw a fin at the gap.

7. Draw an eyebrow and eye on your face.

8. Draw two curves on this beluga. Then draw little circles as bubbles.

9.Finally, simply color it. This cute beluga whale is done!

How To Draw A Whale

How to draw a Whale | Step By Step Drawing

Step 1: Draw a flat, long, slant oval for the body and an overlapping oval for the face.

Step 2: Extend the line from the back of the whale and draw a blunt end tail.

Step 3: Draw 2 arced lines at back for the outline of fins, and draw snout again using curved line.

Step 4: Finish the fins with a curved line and pointed end. Draw pectoral fins in the middle of the body, finish the snout.

Step 5: Draw mouth on the center of snout and a round eye at its back.

Step 6: Draw numerous lines at the lower part of the body just below the mouth.

Step 7: Finish your drawing withdark pencil and draw conical small patches as scale on the lower body of the whale.

Step 8: Give a contour to the drawing and erase extra guidelines also draw water droplets.

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How To Draw A Fin Whale

In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Fin Whale in 5 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Fin Whale.

Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

To Draw A Cute Whale Follow These Super Easy Steps

Step 1: Start drawing the bottom of the body of the whale.Step 2: Draw the head and narrow it towards the tail.Step 3: Draw the end of the tail.Step 4: Now add the lip line.Step 5: Draw an eye of the whale. Add a simple brow.Step 6: Now add a small flipper near the bottom of the body.Step 7: Draw the spout.Step 8: Draw a wavy water line in the background.Step 9: Outline your whale with a marker and color it. Color the background with different shades of blue.

Did you enjoy this little art project with us? We hope you learned something interesting about whales too!

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Your Whale Drawing Is Complete

Hopefully you had a lot of fun working through this step-by-step guide on how to draw a whale alongside us!

We aimed to make this guide both fun and easy to use, so we hope you had a great time while realizing that drawing a whale is easier than you might think once you know what to do!

Now its up to you to show us what you can do with some extra details, elements, colors and art mediums. We cant wait to see what you come up with!

We have so much more fun in store for you on our website, so make sure to check in to our website often to never miss the new guides that we upload frequently.

Start Adding Some Details To Your Whale Drawing

How To Draw a Whale – EASY – Step By Step

We will start to add some final details in the next few steps of this guide.

First, using the reference picture as a guide, you can draw some thin lines into the area below the face and heading down to the flippers.

These small lines will give this area, called the ventral pleats, have a wrinkly appearance.

Next, you can draw some lines onto the face and flippers for even more details to your whale.

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How To Draw A Whale: Base Sketch Step By Step

Step 1: Sketch the base body shapes

Start your whale drawing with a simple base sketch. Draw an oval for the whale’s large head. Then add two curved lines to mark out the whale’s narrowing body – similar to our cartoon shark’s “prawn” body. You can curve your whale any way you like – here we are making the whale’s tail bent up into the air.

Step 2: Sketch the whale’s flippers and tail

For the next step, add the flippers and tail to the body sketch. These are all drawn from simple “S” curves.

One flipper is hidden behind the whale’s body, so the lines start at the head oval and merge together as the fin narrows. See that we have left a small gap between the lines – we will close and round of the tip of the flipper later, when we outline the sketch.

The front flipper overlaps the whale’s body. Draw it again as two “S” curves, starting in the middle right of the head oval.

The tail is drawn in a similar way and looks like an upside-down moustache. Draw two “S” curves on each side, this time meeting together at the end pointing up.

Step 3: Mark the lines for the mouth and belly

The next step is easy: draw the mouth line, splitting the head oval roughly in half. Again, feel free to draw any smooth line for the mouth – here we are staying with the “S” curve theme, and giving our whale a bit of a cute and cheeky smirk.

Step 4: Add the final details

Next, add the throat grooves, that many whale species have. These are just parallel lines down on the whale’s “chin”.

When You Want To Learn How To Draw A Whale But One That Is Maybe More Cute Than Realistic This Tutorial Might Be Just What You Need

When you need to learn how to draw a whale, and youd like it to be pretty easy, try this whale out for size. Its shaped rather like the sperm whale, with the blunt head, but the rest is pure cartoon fun. The smiling mouth and cute eye add a fun finishing touch.

Drawing tip: If your students are young, and you notice that they tend to draw small and not fill up their paper, then Id like to add a reminder about how useful center guides can be. My tutorials have dashed lines so you can see them, but students can easily just fold their paper in half to create their own. A fold in both directions does the job. It helps them gauge when their lines should be in the top or b0tt0m or right or left section. Try it out if you havent already done so. Ive had teachers take time out to write how much it helped, so thats why I stand by that advice.

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Now Draw The Face And Tail Of The Whale

We will begin to build on the whale drawing in this next step. Using the line from step 1, use a round, curved line on the left-hand side to create the head of the whale.

Then, on the right-hand side, you can draw the forked tail of the whale.

Because of the angle that the whale will be at, the tail will be quite small compared to the rest of the body, which will show some perspective.

How To Draw A Humpback Whale Video & Step

How to Draw A Whale | Drawing Lesson for Kids | Step By Step

In this free art lesson, you’ll learn how to draw a Humpback Whale step-by-step.

Stay tuned for more free drawing lessons by:

Following us

All of the tutorials on are good drawing tutorials for beginners and experienced artists alike. The online tutorials are easy to follow they teach you the how to draw basics while showing you how to draw animals step by step. Each animal has a video drawing tutorial option, as well as step-by-step photos and written text to follow.


To draw this Humpback Whale step by step, follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to draw at your own pace. You may find it easier to follow the step-by-step drawings below the video. The new lines in each step are shown in red, so you’ll know exactly what to draw next. You may want to open the video in a new tab and use both drawing methods. Take your time and draw at your own pace.

The step-by-step video tutorial:

For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

Step 2: To the right, draw another circle using the same technique as a guide for the back portion of the body. Make this circle bigger than the first one and place it slightly higher. The farther apart you place these circles, the longer the whale’s body will be.

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Draw An Eye And Another Flipper

In this part of our guide on how to draw a whale, you can draw an eye for the whale. Whales have relatively small eyes compared to the rest of their bodies.

The eye can be drawn with a small circle that has a black dot inside of it.

Once you have the eye, you can close off this step by drawing one more flipper next to the one that you drew previously.

Because this second flipper is further away, you can make it a bit smaller than the first one.

Interesting Facts About Gray Whales

Gray Whales grow to 45 to 50 feet long. They have tough gray blubber that keeps them warm down in the cold ocean. Gray Whales search the ocean floor for food by shifting through the sand to find crustaceans, clams, krill, and plankton. The whales can be found in the Northern Pacific they can weigh up to 44 tons. They have a ridge along their backs where most whales have a pointy fin. The ridge goes all the way to the tail. Their tail is 10 to 11 feet wide and comes to a point at the end.

Did you know?

  • Gray whales have problems with barnacles sticking to their skin. For that reason they often have scars that are noticeable.
  • A pod of whales is 3 or more.
  • People think the reason Whales breach or jump out of the water is to knock the barnacles and worms that have attached to them.
  • It takes 13 ? months for a Gray Whale to be born.
  • Gray Whales can live to be 80!

Theme: Its whale day! Teach your class about the various whales around the world. Gray Whales can of course be a classic choice. As well as Killer Whales, Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, and etc.

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Here Are Some Fun Facts About Whales

  • Dolphins are Whales, but Whales are not Dolphins.
  • Whales communicate by using sound.
  • Whales dont chew their food.
  • Killer Whales arent actually whales they are the largest species of dolphins.
  • Blue Whales are the largest animals on the earth.
  • Whales are born tail first this means that their heads come out last.
  • World Whale Day is celebrated on 20 February.
  • Whales love to sing.
  • Wind turbines were inspired by Humpback Whales.

How To Draw A Whale Step By Step

How to Draw a Baby Whale Cute and Easy
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Next in the line in our how to draw sea animals tutorials is this super simple how to draw a whale step by step tutorial.

This is a fun cartoon like tutorial and as its easy its perfect for beginners and kids as young as preschoolers and kindergarten. Perfect for boosting drawing confidence!

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We are really excited to add another tutorial to our growing collection of how to draw sea animals instructions.

We had fun with learning how to draw a dolphin a couple of days ago so now we are moving on to another mammal of the sea, this time the largest one.

As this is a tutorial for kids and beginners I though a cartoon whale would work best and I do think this is one of the easiest ways to draw one.

Your kids might think this is a tricky one to draw but once they follow the steps they will be able to draw a whale on their own in no time. And once they master this pose, they can then go on and draw different poses, different settings and go on and develop their drawing style.

Lets draw together!

You can also grab our printable step by step directed drawing guide at the end of this tutorial.

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Learn How To Draw A Whale For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

Hello and welcome to the best drawing site ever! In this lesson, you can learn how to draw a whale for kids step by step. In sketching a cartoon whale, there are no particularly difficult and small details in the whole appearance. You can draw a whale very quickly and easily. Thanks to our step-by-step instructions, you will be able to portray this cute sea creature perfectly.

Whales are marine mammals of the cetacean genus. They do not belong to dolphins or any other marine life. Whales are often very large. There are many orders and species of whales, each of which is unique and attractive in its own way. Enjoy drawing the cute whale!

Time needed: 20 minutes.

How to Draw a Whale for Kids

  • Draw the outline of the whale.

    To depict the shape of a whale, first, draw a large semicircle, and on the right side a small curved tail.

  • Draw the eye.

    Draw a small circle in the middle of the drawn shape, inside which put a bold dot for the pupil. Draw a small line at the top for the brow.

  • Draw a smile.

    At the bottom of the whales head, sketch a small, curved line.

  • Draw the bottom of the whale.

    The lower part has a slightly unusual shape. Draw several vertical lines that extend from the line of the whales mouth.

  • Draw a fountain.

    Draw a fountain at the top, which is formed due to the fact that the whale releases water. Refer to the instructions provided for sketching a stream of water.

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