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How To Draw A Witch Easy

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Use A Fan Brush To Paint The Tutu

Start with titanium white. Use a dry fan brush on its side to paint the first layer of the tutu. Very important, keep the brush dry! Dont add water to the white at all. These strokes should be whispy, light and see through. 

The first layer of the tutu is titanium white. This was all done with the fan brush. Use the brush on its side to create those sharp pointed lines on the bottom of the tutu. You can also use the full width of the fan brush. 

On your palette mix dioxazine purple and white to create a light purple. 

Paint the next layer on the tutu with this light purple. The goal is to not cover all the white but simply apply another see through layer with the fan brush. 

Rinse the brush and pat DRY. Next add a final layer of dioxazine purple unmixed. Again, this will be see through. At this point you should see the white, the light purple and the dark purple. 


How To Draw A Witch

are usually described as women who practice magic, cast spells, and influence events using supernatural powers. Other witches worship nature or various gods and goddesses. Did you know? Male witches are often called warlocks.

Individuals fitting this description have occupied various cultures throughout history. Ancient “mystery religions” of Greece and Rome involved spells, omens, and magical concoctions. From the middle ages until the end of the 1700s, “witch hunts” took place in Europe and North America.

Supposed witches were often weighed or thrown into bodies of water, as they were thought to have no weight. If the courts decided a person was a witch, they were killed. Today, many tribal cultures employ “witch doctors” as physicians, and certain religions still practice witchcraft.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

The image of a witch wearing a pointed hat is a relatively modern invention, appearing perhaps during the Victorian period. Pointed hats were regarded as evil symbols, resembling the horns of the devil. The idea of a witch flying on a broomstick may have originated with with early use of hallucinogenic plants by budding pharmacologists.

If you would like to draw a cartoon witch for Halloween, this easy, step-by-step drawing tutorial is here to help. All you will need is a pencil and a sheet of paper. In each step, you will be provided with explanatory text as well as a detailed illustration.

Apply Glitter To The Tutu

You could try to sprinkle glitter on wet paint but it may not last very long. I used a gloss gel medium to affix the glitter to the canvas and it worked WELL! That glitter is stuck and its not coming off anytime soon. Also, this gloss medium dries clear.

I also used onyx ultra fine glitter. I found the best way to apply ultra fine glitter is to simply use your fingers and sprinkle it on. 

To apply the gel, I used a fan brush to paint a layer over the tutu. Work fast so the gel doesnt dry. 

Then sprinkle the glitter onto the tutu over the gloss gel. 

Repeat this process for the boots. I applied gloss gel and glitter to the entire boot! I did carefully go around the white details on the boot.


Use A #8 Round Brush And Carbon Black To Paint The Boots

Basically just paint in the shape of the boots solid black! For the smaller areas, I recommend using a tiny round brush, I used a #0. 

For the reflection, I used a 1/4 flat brush and painted left and right zig-zag strokes just under the boots. WATER down that black slightly so its not as bright as the boots. Apply the paint very slightly. 


How To Draw A Witch Halloween Drawings

How to Draw a Witch-Easy Things to Draw for BeginnersHalloween Drawings

Draw a circle as a base for your head. Draw the cheeks and the chin making the bones exaggeratedly prominent. Sketch a cross to guide you in drawing the face details later. Below the head, draw the witchs body. Make it plump and round. Draw a bell shape for the skirt.

How to Draw a Pumpkin Halloween Drawings

Draw long bell shapes for the sleeves and circles for the hands. On her right hand, sketch a broom. On the witchs head, draw a long pointy hat that is slightly bent. Add details to the face. Make the eyebrows thick, big round eyes, draw small circles for warts, nose large and pointy and mouth slightly open showing an incomplete set of teeth to make her look wicked. Outline the face and

Refine your drawing, like the fingers, fine lines on the broom and hat. Draw the witchs shoes. Erase unnecessary lines. Color your drawing. To keep things simple I chose to make a witch flying on a broom, but her body profile will be from the side. I find that drawing things from the side view is a whole lot easier no matter if its people, objects, or animals. I do have a few witches as lessons already, but as you know the tutorials that I made in the past are kind of difficult to replicate. How to draw easy pictures.

First Step Sketch A Framework

Before you begin drawing your witch, it first helps to first picture the stance you intend to draw her in. Most definitely the classic riding on a broom in front of a moon is a popular way to go. And as you can tell from the drawing up top, thats the route Im going to go here.

The broom is the simplest part of the drawing to map out as all it is is a line. So, begin by drawing it

Once the broom line is in place, draw some simple shapes arranged accordingly to bring the position and stance of your witch into view. A triangle for her black dress, and another for her pointed black hat will do the job quite nicely.

Got your shapes arranged and drawn? Great lets continue!

How To Draw A Cauldron

Shawnte is an elementary school science educator and illustrator who studies various life cycles of animals.

I’ve got another Halloween-themed tutorial for everyone! This time, we will learn how to draw a bubbling witch’s cauldron. Although this is meant mainly for Halloween, a cauldron can have other uses as well. You might be drawing a scene involving a wizard or you may simply need to draw a cauldron for a medieval tavern setting.

How To Draw A Witch Holding A Simple Broom

Are you afraid to come face-to-face with this cartoon character? Before you feel the need to burn this gentle lady, why not learn how to draw a witch! Unfortunately, women were persecuted in the past because others had the feeling that these ladies may be born with evil powers. Even more disappointing is to learn that it’s still the case in some countries around the world! You are invited to create a harmless version of this character using a cute and simple design.

Enjoy a license to use this illustration

Step 1

Step 1 is quite simple. All you need to do is drawn a large oval shape. As you can see below, this shape is similar to the shape of an egg. Make the shape wide to leave enough room for all facial features.

Step 2

The body of this cartoon witch is sketched using a long rectangle. The dress is also made from a rectangle, but the bottom of the shape must be wider. Arms are made from rectangles with hands are drawn using circles. 

Step 3

Add the eyes using circles. The hair is mostly done using long curved lines. The hat is drawn using multiple straight lines. Simply look at the illustration below if you need more guidance. 

Step 4

In this step, you can draw the broom of the cartoon witch using a long rectangle and a small square made from curved lines. Don’t forget to add the pupils inside the eyes using circles. 

Step 5

Step 6

How To Draw A Witch For Kids

Witches are scary a few times but our today tutorial on how to draw a witch is super fun to follow for kids and novice. Witches are considered as women who are engaged in magic with supernatural power, worship many goddesses and nature.

The modern era depicts witches wearing a coned hat as it resembles horns of evil. If you really want to draw a witch this easy witch drawing is for you. Just follow the given guidelines step by step after grabbing your tools of drawing. To depict this you need a pencil, eraser and a few colors of your choice.

Paint The Handle With Carbon Black And White

I used a #8 round brush to paint the handle. I double loaded the brush in both black and white and let the colors blend to make gray. 

Then I painted the bristles with a 1/4 flat brush. Start with raw sienna and paint the first layer of the bristles. Use the side of the brush to create sort of sharp jagged strokes. 

Then go back to your round brush and black. Add some details at the end of the handle and on the bristles. See the picture below where I applied black. 

Then I used that black to add some dark bristle lines. 

Then I added some white in the bristles. I also painted some more broom bristles to make it look like it was slightly behind the boots. 

Paint the reflection the same way you did the reflection under the boots. 


Use Foam Pouncers To Paint The Circles

I am in LOVE with these foam pouncers! All they are is a cylinder piece of foam in a plastic handle but the foam itself is very firm and spongy. I chose three different sizes for my circles. 

On your palette, have primary yellow, titanium white and gold green ready. 

Dip your pouncer in mostly titanium white. Then apply a little primary yellow and a little gold green to the sponge. Practice off to the side to create some circles before applying it to the canvas. This also helps the colors on the sponge mesh together. 

When you sponge on the circles, press firmly and twist. 

Apply multiple circles of that size. Then switch to two other sizes. Youll notice some nice color variation when you lightly dip the sponge in some green and yellow. Just make sure youre using mostly white so the white circles will stand out against the background. 

I painted some circles overlapping the pink area but didnt like it and ended up painting over them. 


How To Draw A Cartoon Witch

With this cartoon witch drawing lesson, simplicity is of the essence!

Its important to understand when drawing, that simple shapes, and the way they are arranged is key in manifesting the desired image.

A quick look at the image to right and BAM its a witch! Right away, you can see this. But why? Again, its due to a simple arrangement of shapes coming together to become something more specific and recognizable.

Still, its not to say that there is only one simple arrangement for each thing you want to create. It is however true that within a certain range shapes can be arranged to trigger a recognizing response. Triangle? Pyramid! Rectangle? Building! Like that

Now, with that said lets exemplify this very point by creating a simple cartoon witch!

How To Draw A Witch On A Broom

Step 1: Draw a long oval for the face, a rectangular chest, a line for the spine, and a flattened oval for the pelvis. Draw 2 lines for arms and 2 for legs from the pelvis.

Step 2: Draw the torso area which includes a broader chest and narrow waistline. Draw a hand with simple lines from the chest. Draw legs broader on thighs and narrow at the ankle. Also, depict the broom of the witch.

Step 3: In this step work on the details, draw a pointed hat, outline the dress as a skirt and cape or long jacket. At this point, all the details are added.

Step 4: Add details to the flowy hair, draw a long pointed nose, chin, and eyes. Contour the hat with the clear visible line.

Step 5: In this step focus on the upper body, draw frills at the top arms, and shrinks carefully. Do everything with clear lines.

Step 6: Draw a long dress of the witchs legs out of the dress, add details to the shoes and after it, you can delete all the extra lines.

Step 7: Add fine lines of the broom bristles, its easy to draw the long broom of the witch.

Step 8: Drawing is complete, still you can add some volume to make it realistic, for use hatching technique, or just draw simple shading.

Funny Witch Drawing Flying On Broom

We are going to prepare you a good group of witch drawings to color, because I know that you will like them a lot.

Witches are supposed to be terrifying beings, however they tend to be very nice when it comes to cartoons, and that is what I want to bring you in this article: a good number of drawings of different witches, where most are cartoons, for that you can download them, print and then paint as you like. Surely the witches are not usually very colorful, but in the first drawing I have put it in colors so you can see that you can make beautiful drawings colored with witches.

Coloring Pages Of Cartoon Witch

Do you like the coloring and painting drawings Im leaving you here? I hope so because I prepared them with great desire to give on this website.

In the image above we have another drawing to paint of a witch in an easy drawing for children. If they are encouraged they can even draw it, because it is easy to draw. It is a witch who is taking flight on her broom, and has a very simple profile, where only a large nose, and a large jaw protrude. Dare to copy this drawing and then paint it. If you dare send it to me by mail and I can incorporate it into the article, putting your name, so everyone will see that you are included in the page.

Are you painting the drawings I leave you? Here you have another opportunity with this witch who is a little chubby. She is very happy straining on the broom. It is an unusual image of a witch, because they always draw them thin and tall, so here you have an original witch drawing to paint as you like.

Also funny are the witchs head drawings, because the facial features are best seen. This is what happens with this drawing of a witch who is smiling and happy. When you laugh you can see that he only has one tooth in his mouth and a huge wart on the tip of his nose.

How To Draw A Witch: Base Sketch Step By Step

Step 1: Sketch the head and body shapes

Our base body shape sketch is simple as usual.

Draw a circle for the head. Then add a bowling pin body narrower at the top, widening at the bottom. Also, the whole body is bent a little our witch will be sitting on the broom leaning forward.

Finally, draw two straight lines at an angle this will be the broomstick the witch is riding on.

Step 2: Draw the witch’s chin, arms and legs

Lets turn the bowling pin into a human body.

Add a chin to the face two straight sidelines, a curve at the bottom and draw a C shaped ear. Check the how to draw a chibi tutorial for more details this is the exact same head.

Continuing with the chibi style, the arms are simple long ovals. The front arm goes over the broomstick and is visible at the shoulder. The rear arm is hidden behind the body at the shoulder with a hand behind the broomstick.

The legs are again simple sausage ovals, bent at the knees. The front leg is fully visible. We only see the thigh from the rear leg.

Step 3: Sketch the hat and broom

Now it is time to add the first witch trademarks the hat and the broom.

The witches hat is a , which becomes a triangle on the flat paper. Draw the two straight sides, and add a bent curve for the hat rim.

Then we sketch the base shape for the broom just two curved lines. Add a small rim on the broomstick.

The final line in this step is the curve for the witches cape.

Step 4: Sketch the witch’s face and hair

Step 6 Draw The Witchs Iconic Long Robe

Draw a long-sleeved robe below the head of the witch. See to it that the robe looks flowy and loose, as how it should really be!

Then, draw a rounded shape on the hem of each sleeve forming the hands. Afterwards, draw a stick directly connected to the hands. This creates the handle of the broomstick that the witch is riding on.

Witches are particularly distinguished wearing an oversized robe, so keep that in mind when drawing the witchs outfit!

How To Draw A Witch: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

Step 1: Draw the witch’s hat

Let’s draw and improve on the witch’s hat. Draw an extra hat band with a nice buckle in front. Then outline the hat rim, double up the sides and join them to the hatband.

Finally, add a little fold to the tip of the hat and outline the remaining sides of the hat cone.

Step 2: Draw the face and hair

Another small but important improvement lets add some spikes to the hair, while you are outlining it, to make it more interesting.

Then draw out the eye either just outline the oval from the sketch, or you can improve the shape with a little corner as we did here. Then add the curve for the pupil.

The rest of the face, nose and ear are just straight outlines of the sketch.

Step 3: Draw the witch’s cape

Now it is time to outline the witches cape. Again, we will be improving the sketch and adding jagged edges to both the sleeves and bottom of the cape. Start with the sleeve, then draw the rest of the cape, where it is not hiding behind the sleeve.

Step 4: Draw the witch’s arms and legs

Here we add a very simple arc for the hand. Then draw out the other sleeve and the second hand. Notice the hand is not completed, as it will be partially hiding behind the broomstick.

Next, outline the legs and add a little line to mark out a very simple shoe. Again notice we are leaving out space for the broomstick.

Step 5: Draw the witch’s broomstick

Step 6: Add final details

Finally, a few crossing strings to dress up the shirt a bit and we are done.

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