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How To Draw A Witch Face

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How To Draw A Witch Holding A Simple Broom

How to Draw a Witch Face – Halloween Drawings

Are you afraid to come face-to-face with this cartoon character? Before you feel the need to burn this gentle lady, why not learn how to draw a witch! Unfortunately, women were persecuted in the past because others had the feeling that these ladies may be born with evil powers. Even more disappointing is to learn that it’s still the case in some countries around the world! You are invited to create a harmless version of this character using a cute and simple design.

Enjoy a license to use this illustration here

Step 1

Step 1 is quite simple. All you need to do is drawn a large oval shape. As you can see below, this shape is similar to the shape of an egg. Make the shape wide to leave enough room for all facial features.

Step 2

The body of this cartoon witch is sketched using a long rectangle. The dress is also made from a rectangle, but the bottom of the shape must be wider. Arms are made from rectangles with hands are drawn using circles. 

Step 3

Add the eyes using circles. The hair is mostly done using long curved lines. The hat is drawn using multiple straight lines. Simply look at the illustration below if you need more guidance. 

Step 4

In this step, you can draw the broom of the cartoon witch using a long rectangle and a small square made from curved lines. Don’t forget to add the pupils inside the eyes using circles. 

Step 5

Step 6

How To Draw A Cartoon Kid Witch :

Step 1: To form a witch head draw an irregular circle, flattened from both side.

Step 2: To form the witch gown start drawing with a long curve line an enclosed irregular shape from the head.

Step 3: Draw a long curve line for the rim of the hat, and hair strand coming out of it.

Step 4: Draw two ears on both sides of the head. Finish it with the curved line.

Step 5: Draw the hat above the rim, a long coned shape. On the back of the hat draw jagged flowy hair.

Step 6: Draw 2 cute sparkling eyes using an oval shape. Above the eyes draw triangular eyebrows, a curved smiley mouth, and a cute nose.

Step 7: Draw the arms using the long curved line for the outline of the sleeves. From the hand draw the end portion of the broom with the rectangular shape.

Step 8: Below the gown draw 2 legs add 2 curved lines for the sole of the shoes. Draw shrinks on the dress with the help of 2 curve line.

Step 9: At the back of the witch draw brooms bush with the help of textured curvy lines.

Step 10: Trace the drawing with the marker and color it with your choice of colors.

Learn step by step witch on broom drawing with the below-given illustration.

Step By Step Instructions For Drawing A Witch

1. Begin by drawing an irregular circle, a bit flattened on each side. This will form the witch’s head.

2. From the head, extend a long, curved line. Enclose an irregular shape. This will form the witch’s gown.

3. Draw a long, curved line through the witch’s head. This will form the brim of the hat. Enclose a tuft of hair between the brim and the face. Use a series of short, connected, curved lines that meet in points.

4. Draw the witch’s ears. For each ear, use a curved line. Add detail within the ear using short, curved lines.


How To Draw A Witch: Finished Drawing

How to draw a witch: finished outline drawing

Here is the final completed witch drawing, after we have erased the sketch lines a cute young witch flying her funky ruffled broom.

How to draw a witch: finished drawing coloured-in

And since every picture looks even better coloured in, here is our version: we went for the green shirt and trousers, with a contrasting dark purple hat and cape. Golden for the details the hat-band and shirt laces to add some flair. The broom handle is wooden, which means brown, and the same yellow for the broom sweep.

Just for fun, we have added some background a nice full moon and a starry night is the perfect time for a broomstick flight!

Drawing Witches From Imagination

How To Draw Wicked Witch Face

Drawing witches from your imagination is quite easy what with all the great reference material out these days in print in books and online with other artists work, you can be soon on your way to drawing some great witch designs and artwork that you will be proud of, but let’s assume that you need a bit of help with forming a good witch drawing from scratch, then this article guide will show you how.

Witch inspired designs and ideas.

Drawing Wizards, Witches and Warlocks are the same thing. But to draw witches for Halloween cards and birthday cards or even your own stories is a great thing, just take a look at other artist designs for witches.

Drawing wizards and witches in the area of fantasy are what I love to draw, but for our purposes here, with witches they can be anything you want them to be, for intance the classic witch look is of the wicked witch of the west from the wizard of oz, so you could go that route if you wished, but also witches could be dark a gothic super model looking types of witches. .

A Traditional witch

Here are detailed instructions for drawing the traditional witch on explaining my take on this I go through steps with actual drawings for each step so enjoy!.

Step Two: Building On Those First Lines And Concepts

 In any drawing that you develop, try to think in terms of what will make a good drawing an excellent one, quick design choices usually worked well for me, but others it will not.

I always get carried away at this point and there is no stopping me once I get drawing. I start off with one idea and end up with multiple drawings that I can spin off into separate drawings themselves so it pays to be a sketcher sometimes.

At this stage your drawing should be looking like it’s going somewhere at least, not in the bin though, I never throw away a drawing that has gone wrong, because A) It’s a waste of paper and B) Return to it another day and quite often it turns out better with a fresh look at it.

Step: Creating Those First Lines

 A witch is made up of a few elements that make up the design, first the hat should be taken into account, for it is to be added in detail later, but we need to acknowledge that it will be added for our reference so we pencil that in with the rough features of the face.

I try to exaggerate the length of the face, sort of like a horse and then the nose becomes like a hook nose that I can make bigger or reduce that later, because it doesn’t matter at this point, all the things will become clearer at step 3.

Ideally your first lines of your with drawing need to be done quickly and almost spontaneous to create a sense of urgency that should be apparent in anyones work, doing it this way you can create some brought to life characteristics if you draw with energy.

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Second Step Sketch In The Head Of Your Cartoon Witch

How to Draw Witch Faces

Using the top triangle as your reference point, design a unique hat for your witch. Draw yours to be bigger, smaller, longer shorter less curved its completely up to you! Then, give her some hair and an ultra-simple face with emphasis on her long pointed nose.

Just like this

With her head in place, continue on down the drawing to the next part drawing her dress, hand, foot, and finally the broom on which she sits

Inking The Witch Head Drawing

Witch Face Inking

When it came to the inking stage on this Witch drawing I decided to not add much shading at all as the Crayola colors would help determine a lot of the dark and light areas. So with a fine line gel ink pen I started to ink the Witch’s face and slightly improve the pencil drawing structure. The key with inking is to find that perfect balance between not adding too much detail or too little detail. I wanted to capture the basic essence of this Goblin like Witch face with simple line art that describes the face simply rather than with a mess of unnecessary detail.

Something I’ll be doing in future drawing tutorials is to mix in thick ink pens with fine point ink liner pens to show you the contrasting effects you can get away with with inking your drawings that way.

How To Draw A Witch: Outline The Drawing Step By Step

Step 1: Draw the witch’s hat

Let’s draw and improve on the witch’s hat. Draw an extra hat band with a nice buckle in front. Then outline the hat rim, double up the sides and join them to the hatband.

Finally, add a little fold to the tip of the hat and outline the remaining sides of the hat cone.

Step 2: Draw the face and hair

Another small but important improvement lets add some spikes to the hair, while you are outlining it, to make it more interesting.

Then draw out the eye either just outline the oval from the sketch, or you can improve the shape with a little corner as we did here. Then add the curve for the pupil.

The rest of the face, nose and ear are just straight outlines of the sketch.

Step 3: Draw the witch’s cape

Now it is time to outline the witches cape. Again, we will be improving the sketch and adding jagged edges to both the sleeves and bottom of the cape. Start with the sleeve, then draw the rest of the cape, where it is not hiding behind the sleeve.

Step 4: Draw the witch’s arms and legs

Here we add a very simple arc for the hand. Then draw out the other sleeve and the second hand. Notice the hand is not completed, as it will be partially hiding behind the broomstick.

Next, outline the legs and add a little line to mark out a very simple shoe. Again notice we are leaving out space for the broomstick.

Step 5: Draw the witch’s broomstick

Step 6: Add final details

Finally, a few crossing strings to dress up the shirt a bit and we are done.

Coloring The Witch Head

Coloring With Crayolas

When it came to the coloring stage of this Witch’s head drawing I wanted to color it the classic colors of green face with a black hat. And with The Crayola color pencils it made sense to use them to color and blend the skin tone with a dark green and a light green. The Witch even has at the end of it some lipstick on it which was created with Red and white pencil which blended together nicely to make a soft pink color.

Whenever you color with coloring pencils try and use ones that aren’t too waxy as those types are no good for coloring at all. The types of pencils I mean are the ones that scratch the papers surface and render it useless to blend over with other colors. Crayolas and Prismacolors are great as they work well together for light and in depth color work.

A good tip with darker colors, but also some lighter colors is to smooth off the color with a White pencil. This helps to get rid of the grainy texture of the pencils. Try and draw a Witch’s face just like this one or the one below!

How To Draw A Halloween Witch Easy For Kids

How To Draw A Scary Witch Folding Surprise

October 08, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Halloween

This is a cute witch. She is wearing a beautiful witch hat, and flying fast on the broom, can’t even open her eyes!

Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw this cartoon witch, very simple. If kids like it, follow the steps to try it out!

1.Draw the outline of the hat first. Then draw the hair of the witch.

2.Draw the shape of the witch’s face, including a small nose. Then draw an eye, eyelashes and cheek.

3.Draw an arm. Then draw her body.

4.Draw a leg. Then draw the handle of the broom.

5.Draw the other leg. Then draw the broom head.

6.Finally, simply color it and the cute witch who is flying is done!

Step Three: Bringing Your Witch Design Together

If you draw like me. You often might start a few pages of A4 sized paper with a few rough sketches all sketched down, and then you can pick and choose different elements from each of these to merge together in your final design.

Your witch design must appear at this stage that it’s character is showing through, whatever emotional expressions you place on that design, witches are usually evil, but you can draw them however you want, happy, sad or just back to evil again.

In this final stage with drawing, your details should beginning to surface and crystalize, and things should be looking a lot clearer now.

As with any imaginative drawing the key is your imagination and then from there you go of and try to build on top of your thoughts and ideas.

Good luck with your witch art and If you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

The very bare bones of how you can draw a witch is here!

How To Draw A Witch: Base Sketch Step By Step

Step 1: Sketch the head and body shapes

Our base body shape sketch is simple as usual.

Draw a circle for the head. Then add a bowling pin body narrower at the top, widening at the bottom. Also, the whole body is bent a little our witch will be sitting on the broom leaning forward.

Finally, draw two straight lines at an angle this will be the broomstick the witch is riding on.

Step 2: Draw the witch’s chin, arms and legs

Lets turn the bowling pin into a human body.

Add a chin to the face two straight sidelines, a curve at the bottom and draw a C shaped ear. Check the how to draw a chibi tutorial for more details this is the exact same head.

Continuing with the chibi style, the arms are simple long ovals. The front arm goes over the broomstick and is visible at the shoulder. The rear arm is hidden behind the body at the shoulder with a hand behind the broomstick.

The legs are again simple sausage ovals, bent at the knees. The front leg is fully visible. We only see the thigh from the rear leg.

Step 3: Sketch the hat and broom

Now it is time to add the first witch trademarks the hat and the broom.

The witches hat is a cone, which becomes a triangle on the flat paper. Draw the two straight sides, and add a bent curve for the hat rim.

Then we sketch the base shape for the broom just two curved lines. Add a small rim on the broomstick.

The final line in this step is the curve for the witches cape.

Step 4: Sketch the witch’s face and hair

Final Step Finish Off Your Witch

Working counter-clockwise to start, go ahead and draw the sleeve, followed by the rest of the dress of your cartoon witch. Then, counter-clockwise again draw in her hand, followed by a pointy witch-like boot!

Like so

The very last thing to do, is draw in the broom. This parts especially easy as all youre doing is following along the original line you began with. For the bristles at the end have some fun, designing it however you like. Make the bristles long and plentiful, or short and few. Its up to you!

And well, thats it! Thats how to draw a simple cartoon witch.

How To Draw A Witch

Learn how to draw a Halloween Witch real easy | Step by Step with Easy – Spoken Instructions

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Want to learn how to draw a witch? Just draw one! There’s no set way to draw anything so grab a pen, pencil or even some chalk and draw a wonderful witch of your own. Or, this tutorial will teach you how to draw copy someone else’s idea of what a witch looks like. Copy either of the two different types of witches shown here if you want to know how to follow instructions or how to copy.

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How To Draw A Witch On A Broom

Step 1: Draw a long oval for the face, a rectangular chest, a line for the spine, and a flattened oval for the pelvis. Draw 2 lines for arms and 2 for legs from the pelvis.

Step 2: Draw the torso area which includes a broader chest and narrow waistline. Draw a hand with simple lines from the chest. Draw legs broader on thighs and narrow at the ankle. Also, depict the broom of the witch.

Step 3: In this step work on the details, draw a pointed hat, outline the dress as a skirt and cape or long jacket. At this point, all the details are added.

Step 4: Add details to the flowy hair, draw a long pointed nose, chin, and eyes. Contour the hat with the clear visible line.

Step 5: In this step focus on the upper body, draw frills at the top arms, and shrinks carefully. Do everything with clear lines.

Step 6: Draw a long dress of the witchs legs out of the dress, add details to the shoes and after it, you can delete all the extra lines.

Step 7: Add fine lines of the broom bristles, its easy to draw the long broom of the witch.

Step 8: Drawing is complete, still you can add some volume to make it realistic, for use hatching technique, or just draw simple shading.

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