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How To Draw A Wolf Head Easy

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Shape The Back Section Of The Body

How to Draw a Wolf Head Step by Step Easy for Beginners Simple Wolves Drawing Tutorial

From the hip, draw a line down to the knee located where the stomach meets. The upper section of the hind legs is curve to the back of the knee, and tapers down to the heels. The heel should be located higher than the wrists. The back paws are just like the front, only smaller in size. Draw in the tail.

Finish The Line Drawing

To finish the line drawing add the collar bones and a hint of the clothes. In this case the clothes will be lined with fur to again emphasize the wolf like character.

To draw this fur you can pretty much outline it with a set of random zigzags. Try and draw these with some light curves.

For more on drawing collar bones see:

The Meaning And Symbolism Of The Wolf

Humans are likely to have associated wolves with symbolism since the early days of interaction between them. The symbols and their meanings have changed over the centuries, depending on the development of humans. The wolf was often negatively associated with darkness, aggression, and Chthonic powers, and positively because of their intelligence, excellent hunting skills, protecting their young, pack loyalty, and a well-defined social structure.

Wolves are believed to be closely linked to the sun, moon, light, and spirit. Some cultures believe wolves are guides to the dead and linked to Hades, God of the underworld.

Wolves have a history of being portrayed as evil in childrens stories such as the hungry wolf in The Three Little Pigs. The phrase, the wolf at the door was a symbol of the fear of hunger and starvation, which was widespread during the Great Depression in America and Europe. Additionally, the tale of Little Red Riding Hood may have been the inspiration for symbolizing the wolf as a sexual predator in the 20th Century and later as a symbol of male aggression.

Although legends of werewolves go as far back as Greek Mythology, the concept was embraced by more recent popular culture a man turning into a wolf every night of the full moon. Brought to life in comic books and horror movies, the legend of the man-wolf lives on.

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Guides To Drawing Wolves

This instructable is going to be a collection of four guides that I’ve managed to find on the internet on how to draw wolves that I’ve found helpful. Because of this, the credit for the guides does not go to me since I did not create them. Each step will have one guide and beneath some information about it .

How To Draw A Wolf Face

How to Draw a Wolf Head Drawing | Easy Outline Wolf Head Front View Step By Step Sketch

In this tutorial, we will show you how to draw a wolf. This instruction will be useful both for those who want to draw a wolf face and for those who want to depict a whole wolf.

The process of drawing a wolfs face and a dogs face is very similar. And this is no coincidence because these animals are very close in nature.

This lesson on how to draw a wolf face will be pretty simple, but you will end up with a very realistic wolf head if you follow our instructions exactly.

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Add The Legs And Paws

Now, with the body in place, we can turn our attention to drawing the legs. Compared to dogs, wolves have very long legs, so keep that in mind as you sketch. You can start with straight geometric shapes for the forelimbs, and rounded shapes for the hind legs. Then at the end, place large ovals for the paws. Remember to include a fluffy long tail at the end of the wolf’s body.

If you feel satisfied with the proportions of the legs, you can go ahead and add more anatomical detail and carve out the toes of the wolf’s paws from the ovals.

A How To Draw A Wolf Head

Step 1: Draw two lines to make the wolf’s head. One vertical line passing through the middle of your sheet and the horizontal line passing through the other middle. Make sure that the intersection of these two lines creates a cross in the center of your sheet.

Add the top shape of the head by creating a curve on each side of the vertical line. Then draw the jaw of the wolf.

Step 2: Make the ears slightly triangular and connect them together by drawing a curved line.

Step 3: From the horizontal line, draw a pair of vertical lines downwards. Then, from these, draw another set of oblique lines going towards the large vertical starting line.

Draw a semi-circle with its open ends and connects the two oblique lines from the previous step. From these points of intersection, draw two curves pointing upwards to define the shape of the muzzle.

Step 4: Place the eyes so that their upper ends slightly overlap the horizontal starting line. A little higher up, the “eyelids” are formed from two lines that run towards the outer sides of the head.

Next, draw the muzzle in a round shape and then the mouth.

Step 5: Now we will refine the shape of the face by erasing the starting straight lines and replacing them with various more natural curves. These will help to better define the shape of the wolf’s head while making it already more realistic.

Step 7: Draw the fur for the inner area of the face. For this step, add fur patterns for the inner part of the animal’s face.

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Things To Consider When Drawing A Wolf Face

  • Begin with a simple oval shape and break down the wolfs facial features into separate parts.
  • The wolfs key facial characteristics are important to emphasize.
  • A wolfs outer and inner fur will always spread outwards.
  • Some minimal shading can make a big difference; try repeating and doing it slowly for a more realistic look.

How To Draw A Wolf Head Step By Step Beginners Dra

How To Draw A Wolf Head (Easy! Kinda!)

How to draw a wolf head easy. For more realistic tutorials, check out these videos. Http//www/user/drawingsimple learn how to draw in this simple and easy step by video.

Http//wwwgfxguidescouk its me again, this time drawing you a wolf head, first it in pencil then going over berol, sharpie, please r. Http//www/user/drawingsimple learn how to draw wolf in this simple and easy step by video.

How To Draw A Wolf Head Step By

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Learn How To Draw A Wolf Its Easier Than You Think With This Step By Step Tutorial

There are many qualities that a wolf shares with a dog, but a few key features make them look much different than mans best friend. The face and chest need to look extra furry, the waist really narrow, and the fur colored with at least two tones, the lighter being on the bottom.

Animals that need to have a fuzzy, furry edge are much easier to do when you approach it in two steps. First draw a smooth general body shape, then add the zig zag edge along the outside. Lastly, erase the initial smooth line and voila! A very furry looking animal. If students try to draw the fuzzy line first, it can be hard to control, especially for those without a lot of experience.

Wolf Coloring Page

How to Draw a Wolf

  • Start with a bean shaped body.
  • Add a nose and mouth.
  • Draw eyes and ears.
  • Draw The Fur And Details Around The Shoulder

    At the top of the shoulder section, the fur covers the bump at the top, shoulder and elbow. The front side of the leg has a subtle curve coming down, while the back has a bunch of smaller fur in the back. At the wrist joint, there is a small pad in the back that sticks out. The fingers of the paws are shaped almost like big long triangles. The front paw has a fifth toe on the inside and two long toes in middle.

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    Adding Shading And Details

    Here, we will start using darker shades of pencils to add detail and shading. We will add a darker color to the outer fur on the top part of the wolfs head and ears. The key elements of the wolfs face, which include the eyes, nose, and snout as well as the curve of the mouth, will be emphasized by adding darker shades. As you work on this, you will start to recognize the wolf in your drawing.

    Once this has been finished, you simply need to fill in the inner fur with strokes to reach the outer fur. To help guide your fur direction outward on both sides, use the horizontal and vertical center lines. This will create a symmetrical look to the fur, and give the effect of a breeze blowing in the wolfs face.

    At this point, you can erase the construction lines and begin to add two to three layers of fur. Start at the top of the head with harder strokes to create denser fur, then change to softer and fewer fur strokes for a fading effect down to the neck. With the construction lines erased, further layers of shading added, and the key facial features darkened for emphasis, your wolf drawing will likely be instantly recognizable by everyone who sees it.

    You can make your wolf even more realistic by adding details, fine lines, and shadows around the eyes, snout, nose, jawline, ears, as well as the fur surrounding your wolfs face.

    D How To Draw A Wolf Pup

    How to Draw a Wolf Head Easy ? Drawing on a Whiteboard

    How could you not fall in love with those little pups? Far from the image of the powerful and ferocious wolf, this animal is above all a head of a family who would give his life for his offspring. If you can’t be the happy owner of a baby wolf, we suggest you discover how to draw these adorable little beasts. And if you wish to acquire your little wolf, the adorable one should also fill you with happiness. Get out your most beautiful pencils, we explain you how to draw a wolf in 6 steps. 

    Step 1:For this first step, use a pencil so that you can easily erase the lines later.Let’s start by drawing the base of the cub by tracing two oval shapes. The upper oval shape is cut out of a curve which we will use to draw the details of the cub’s head. Once you are done, go to the next step.

    Step 2: Draw the cub’s ear and muzzle with the help of previously drawn lines.

    Step 3: Now we’ll add some details to finalize the head of the wolf. Draw an arc of a circle at the muzzle to draw the nose. Then, draw the eye just above the first curve that cuts the oval shape on either side.Finally, draw the second ear of the wolf. You are done with the wolf head. Let’s finish the body.

    Step 4: Trace the wolf’s body following the oval shapes previously drawn until you get the same result as the picture above.

    Step 5: You are almost done! Draw the wolf’s paw to finalize your masterpiece.

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    Follow Easy Drawing Overviews

    The procedure of drawing a wolf face is really similar to the procedure of drawing a canines face. And this is no coincidence because these pets are really close in nature. Now, your wolf is basically complete. All that is entrusted to do is to add the final information, like a little bit much more fur, as well as some hairs.

    Carve Out The Mass Structure Of The Head

    Draw the top of the head and muzzle flat, and block in the shape of the nose and chin following the base drawing. The chin has a subtle curve as it reaches the neck and mane. The ear is almost like a cone shape with a line in the middle to indicate the front plane. Indicate the cheeks connecting from the ear, down the head and across to the chin. Add the eye as a thin slanted diamond shape, drawn right above the muzzle closer to the front of the oval.

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    Making A Cartoon Wolf

    Draw a circle. Add pointed, somewhat triangular shapes on the circle, making those popping ears of the wolf. Draw the nose using curves.

    Coming to the body, draw a circle below, almost the radius of the wolfs face for the lower body. Now add a smaller circle in the middle for creating his tummy. Connect all the circles forming his body as shown.

    For creating legs, draw four standing lines. Add two semicircles down the lines for the feet. Refer to the image for adding another semicircle for the hind leg foot. Draw an S-shaped tail for a tail pointing upwards.

    Add details to the face. Draw egg-shaped eyes, and add circles within the eye pupils. Draw tiny, curved lines for the eyebrows. Add a curvy triangle as the tip of the nose. Draw those sharp wolf fangs with the help of curved lines.

    Its time to make your wolf go furry. Add a few curved strokes on the head, in the chest area and at the tail. Chalk out slanting lines on the feet for separating toes.

    Erase unnecessary lines.

    Color your cartoon wolf in shades of brown, with the eyes and nose tip being black or darkest brown.

    How To Draw Wolf Fur

    How To draw WOLF head in easy way with marker | Talha Saleh

    A one-piece pajama skin is what makes felines look cat-like. A wolf can be created by following some other rule: a special direction of fur over the body. It may look complicated at first, but if you draw it a few times, youll see its quite easy to remember.

    Of course, you dont need to draw all the strands every time. Just use the rules to create outlines of all the areas. The most important elements that should be stressed are the neck mane, the shoulder cape, the butt cape, and the bushy tail. The rest can be stylized in your preferred way. In fact, if you outline the most important areas, you may not need to draw the rest of fur at all!

    Wolves look very intimidating when theyre so furry, but theyre not always this way. Their summer coat is less impressive, making them more similar to a German shepherd. The areas of fur are still visible, but you can draw them with subtler lines.

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    How To Draw A Wolf Head And Face Simple 10

    Wolves are magnificent creatures that symbolize loyalty, spirit, trust, and guardianship. The ability of the wolf to make strong emotional bonds and its sense of intuition are qualities that we as humans can learn too how to trust both our hearts and instincts in order to lead a fulfilling life. If you would like to learn how to draw this beautiful and fearless creature, look no further than this simple tutorial on how to draw a wolf, step by step, with concept artist IzzyBll. Follow along as we show you how to achieve the correct proportions, perspectives, and finishing touches for creating a realistic drawing of a wolf face. This tutorial can be completed either by drawing by hand on paper or with a graphics tablet. 

    Table of Content

    In This Tutorial I Will Show You How To Draw The Wolf Face This Lesson Is A Continuation Of The Instruction About Drawing A Whole Wolf

    This lesson on how to draw a wolf face will help you depict not only the face of this beautiful animal but also the face of a fox or dog.

    As mentioned in the lesson about the wolf, you can color the resulting picture orange, and get a drawing of a fox. Or you can paint the sketch white and get an arctic fox. All these animals are very similar to each other.

    Also, you can complicate the work by adding shadows and highlights. This will make your drawing of the wolfs head more voluminous and lively.

    So lets get started!


    How to Draw a Wolf Face

  • Sketch out the outlines of the head.

    The wolfs head is somewhat similar to a lemon with pointed sides.

  • Draw the ears.

    The ears of a wolf look like two symmetrical pointed triangles.

  • Draw the nose and mouth.

    The nose looks like an oval, and the mouth looks like a letter W.

  • Draw a pattern on the face.

    Try to keep the pattern as symmetrical as possible.

  • Detail the wolfs face.

    Draw the oval eyes, then the lines in the ears, and sharp protruding fangs.

  • Color the wolf face.

    As I wrote at the very beginning, you can use gray or light brown colors.

  • This wolf face drawing tutorial was simple, and I hope you like it. To have access to this tutorial at any time, you can download the PDF version of the tutorial. In addition to the steps themselves, you will find a coloring page, a tracing worksheet, and a grid drawing worksheet.

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    How To Draw Anime Wolf Girl Step By Step

    This tutorial shows how to draw anime wolf girl with animal ears. It includes step by step illustrations and drawing instructions.

    There are many variations of animal like characters in anime and manga. This tutorial will focus on drawing a wolf like female anime character.

    For drawing a cat girl see:

    If you are going to be following this tutorial using pencil and paper be sure to draw light lines that you can easily erase. You will need to do so as you go through the various steps.

    How To Draw A Wolf Video & Step

    How to draw a Realistic Wolf head easy

    In this free art lesson, you’ll learn how to draw a Wolf step-by-step.

    Following us

    All of the tutorials on are good drawing tutorials for beginners and experienced artists alike. The online tutorials are easy to follow; they teach you the how to draw basics while showing you how to draw animals step by step. Each animal has a video drawing tutorial option, as well as step-by-step photos and written text to follow.

    The Time-Lapse video:

    To draw this Gray Wolf head step by step, follow along with the video tutorial below and pause the video after each step to draw at your own pace. You may find it easier to follow the step-by-step drawings below the video. The new lines in each step are shown in red, so you’ll know exactly what to draw next. You may want to open the video in a new tab and use both drawing methods. Take your time and draw at your own pace.

    The step-by-step video tutorial:

    For the first few steps, don’t press down too hard with your pencil. Use light, smooth strokes to begin.

    Step 2: Draw a long, curved, horizontal line across the circle as a guide to help you place the wolf’s facial features later. Draw this line slightly higher than the middle. Add a curved, vertical line on top for another guide.

    Step 5: Inside the muzzle, draw a small oval as a guide for the wolf’s nose. Don’t make the oval too small. Place it on the lower, left side of the muzzle.

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