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How To Draw A Wolf Howling

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Gather Your Drawing Supplies

How to draw a Wolf howling

This drawing makes a great reference for beginners. While it does have a lot of detail, this drawing is still achievable for newbies.

Artist Credit: countessileana

Heres a really helpful tutorial for drawing realistic wolves. The text written on the image is as follows:

How To Draw A Wolf Howling

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“A dog cannot make this journey alone, but maybe a wolf can.” – Boris, Balto

The wolf is the largest of the wild dogs. The gray wolf or timber wolf can be found throughout Europe and Americas, and the Ethiopian or Abyssinian wolf lives in Africa.

Wolf howls can be heard for miles and may sound eerie to the human ear. But for the wolves, “this is simply a social activity of the pack a form of communication.” Wolves howl to locate one another, to announce territorial boundaries, or simply because they’re happy. In addition to howling, wolves also bark, squeak, growl, whimper, and yip.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Wolves are commonly depicted in fiction, and they are often howling. One example appears in the animated film Balto, in which the half-wolf title character howls alongside one of his wild relatives. Other wolf films include Alpha and Omega and The Jungle Book.

Would you like to draw a cartoon of a wolf howling at the moon? This easy, step-by-step animal drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished wolf.

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Wolf Art Simple Shapes To Start Drawing And Creating Our Wolf

Step 1.; Click the image to expand the view and get a close up!We start with very simple shapes, but bear in mind where the full body will be located on the picture.; I pay particular attention to the placement of her muzzle as it is critical to the outcome of my composition.; You will see why later in the process.

Step 2. These simple shapes a checked using the proportional divider to check measurements.; Back an forth from the reference photo to the board.; Remember, just do the outline at this point and check measurements.

Feeling pretty good about what I have at this point.; My outline shows a wolf.

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Add The Legs And Paws

Now, with the body in place, we can turn our attention to drawing the legs. Compared to dogs, wolves have very long legs, so keep that in mind as you sketch. You can start with straight geometric shapes for the forelimbs, and rounded shapes for the hind legs. Then at the end, place large ovals for the paws. Remember to include a fluffy long tail at the end of the wolf’s body.

If you feel satisfied with the proportions of the legs, you can go ahead and add more anatomical detail and carve out the toes of the wolf’s paws from the ovals.

Thoughts On How To Draw Howling Wolf Silhouette

How to Draw a Wolf Howling
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    How to draw a wolf howling. The wolf is the largest of the wild dogs. Wolf drawing how to sketch one for a finished drawing or a painting. Drawing tutorials for kids and beginners.

    A Cartoon Wolf Download. Draw the body by drawing a really sloppy oval. Now draw the body and the tail.

    Finally its time to give your wolf a fitting background. Standing Wolf Download Article. Here I begin to put in details that will define where important parts.

    In this quick tutorial youll learn how to draw a Wolf Howling Head in 6 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists. Unlock AD FREE and PRINTABLE. Another free Animals for beginners step by step drawing video tutorial.

    Learn How to Draw A Howling Wolf Step by Step. Draw a circle on the top right side as a guide for the howling wolfs head. Its just a guide.

    Feel free to make it especially large for an impactful illustration. Click the image to expand the view and get a close up. Our wolf drawing outline is complete.

    Hold the howl for as long as you can at least a few seconds. Hilton Carter for Target 15 Shop Now. Build up the volume of the howl so that it grows louder and louder.

    Real Time Narrated drawing tutorial. Draw a bean-shaped elongated oval for. The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

    To begin drawing your howling wolf start with the head and the neck. Learn How to Draw a Wolf Step by Step Step 1. Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for.

    Learn How To Draw A Wolf Howling At The Moon Step By Step

    Photo: Stock Photos from sonsart/Shutterstock

    Nothing captures the wilderness quite like a wolf howling at the moon. It’s an iconic image that is used in novels and films alike to communicate the embrace of nature. So, if you’ve already mastered how to draw a dog, why not venture into the forests and learn how to draw its majestic ancestor, the wolf?

    Although they’re wild creatures, wolves have a lot in common with the lovable domestic companions we keep by our sides today. Some dog breeds, like huskies and malamutes, seem to share a lot of similarities, especially when they howl. Still, it’s important to approach each drawing subject with fresh, observant eyes. If you feel primed to make some art, then follow along this tutorial to learn how to draw a wolf howling at the moon in just seven simple steps!

    Photo: Stock Photos from zef art/Shutterstock

    Its good practice to do a bit of;research before beginning any drawing. In the case of a wolf howling at the moon, try and collect a few images from different angles to better understand the shape of the wolf’s open mouth. Be very selective and find high-quality photos with no obstructions of the wolf’s head, legs, and especially paws . For this reason, it’s smart to collect a couple of images, as it’s hard to find one perfect photo that will show you everything that you need.

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    How To Draw A Wolf Advice

    Before you start drawing wolves you must first get familiar with their anatomy. Its impossible to draw wolves correctly without first having a look at their bones and muscles.

    Im not saying you have to study them, but just take your time to look at a wolf skeleton. You can find plenty of pictures on Google. You must know how many teeth and fingers a wolf has, their size, etc.

    Before you start drawing, Id recommend you to take a wolf encyclopedia and look at the pictures. Or just go to Google and type wolf. Or watch a documentary about wolves .

    Dont reference your pictures from Balto or any other wolf cartoon. Before you stylize something, you must know how to draw it in a realistic way!

    Artist Credit: wolf-minori

    Done with soft pastels and charcoal on grey paper, this drawing is amazing. The wolfs expression is so powerful.

    Artist Credit: wolf-minori

    I think my favorite thing about this howling wolf drawing are the colors that were chosen and how they were used.

    Artist Credit: AmBr0

    This drawing is actually part of a step-by-step tutorial from Dragoart. This tutorial makes drawing a howling wolf super easy.

    Heres a wolf in progress that uses browns and black for the fur colors. Even though this drawing isnt complete, it still makes a great reference.

    Artist Credit: joannaridleyart

    The textures look so real in this drawing. The artist used Faber-Castell Polychromos and Prismacolor Premier pencils for this piece.

    Artist Credit: patrycjapacholskaart

    Go Over The Drawing With Ink And/or Color

    How to Draw a Wolf Howling at the Moon: Step by Step

    To finish your drawing in ink, pull out your favorite pen and slowly trace over your final drawing. Once youve gone along all of the graphite lines, consider adding texture to some of the white areas of the illustration to make it pop. Hatching and drawing dots are two easy ways to cover blank space in an interesting way.

    Finally, once you’ve given the ink ample time to dry, erase any remaining pencil lines. Congrats! You now have a dramatic illustration of a wolf howling at the moon.

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    Lightly Sketch The Basic Shapes

    First, using your pencil of choice, lightly sketch the basic shapes of the head, chest, and hindquarters. At this stage, we are just measuring out the proportions, so consult your reference photo often to see if it roughly matches up to your wolf of choice. After drawing the circle for the head, you can add a rectangular shape protruding from the sidethis will be the open mouth.

    How To Draw A Wolf Howling In A Few Easy Steps: Drawing Tutorial For Kids And Beginners

    How to Draw a Wolf Howling in a Few Easy Steps: Drawing Tutorial for Kids and Beginners. In this digital drawing Video, watch and learn how to draw colorful objects, animals, and your favorite characters. You can also draw this on paper using Drawing and Sketching supplies given below.

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    How To Draw A Wolf References And Tutorials

    Are you looking for wolf drawing ideas? Learn how to draw a wolf with this collection of my favorite wolf drawings from some pretty talented artists.

    If youre interested in drawing a realistic wolf, my biggest piece of advice is to learn the anatomy of the wolf. Thats why below, Ive also included helpful anatomy tips and tutorials.

    Interesting Facts About Wolf Howls

    How To Draw A Wolf Howling

    Wolves communicate in different pitches and tones, just like how humans speak. Sometimes wolves growl or bark-howl . When they play, they chirp, squeal, yip, and yap. One of the most distinctive sounds wolves make is their howl.

    Did you know?

    • Although many people think that wolves like howling at the moon, that is actually not what they are doing. Wolves are nocturnal, so they are active at night. When they howl, they lift their heads to the night sky in order to be heard in the distance.
    • A wolfs howl can travel as far as six miles in a forest or up to 10 miles in clearer habitats.
    • The larger the wolf, the deeper the howl.
    • Leaders of the wolf pack, which are called alpha males, howl more often than the other wolves in the pack.
    • Lone wolves do not howl as often as wolves in a pack. They stay much quieter because they do not want predators to find them, since they are by themselves and do not have protection from other wolves.

    Wolves howl for many different reasons. They do so when they want to attract a mate. They also howl when they want to scare off a predator. Wolves howl when they want to let each other know where they are. Sometimes, they howl simply to say hi to one another!

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    Start With Reference Photos

    Study your subject before you start any step-by-step drawing tutorials. Wolves have a distinctive appearance that sets them apart even from more wolfish dogs like huskies. Before you begin drawing wolves, examine some reference photos to get a sense of their features and proportions. They look like theyre constantly looking out for themselves, says artist Lucas Elliott. Note the wolves long legs, the thick neck scruff, and the leaner torso. A wild animal is typically going to have a more severe and angular look because it has less fat, artist Jonathan Case agrees. Emphasize those angles when youre drawing a wolf.

    Even the body posture of a wolf differs from that of a dog. Wolves carry themselves like apex predators, much more upright than dogs. They move a little more elegantly, says artist Megan Levens. When shes drawing a wolfs body, she says, I think about what this animal is designed to do and focus on those features. So the legs are designed to run fast and catch prey. The jaws are strong to capture prey and kill it. The ears are perked up to stay alert.

    To gain an even better understanding of what the lines of a wolf should look like, practice sketching the basic shapes of some of your reference photos.

    Image by Jonathan Case

    Please Check Out My Other Videos Wolves Both Body And Face

    How to draw a wolf howling easy. Like & subscribe | open the description do you struggle with drawing. How to draw wolf howling in easy steps for children, kids, beginners lessontutorial of drawing technique. How to draw a wolf howling in easy steps for children, kids, beginners lessontutorial of drawing technique step by step.

    Step by instructions on drawing a simple wolf howling at the moon. Check out this step by tutorial and learn how to make your own cool drawings. Drawing lessons for beginners.

    How to draw howling wolf quickly and easily. If enjoyed, please subscribe us. For more realistic tutorial, check out video.

    This video how to draw a wolf howling step by easy drawing for beginners and kids made how2draw easily. In this video i. Thank you for watching.

    How To Draw A Wolf Howling Cartoon

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    Final Part Of The Wolf Drawing Is Started

    Step 4.; My final details and simulation of fur being placed around the head area.;;

    Step 5.; Working left to right, from up to down to keep my hand out of the outline as much as possible so that there is no smudging.; This is pretty close to finishing up my drawing, but it now quite finished as a completed image or piece of art.

    No respectable wolf would be caught howling without that big ol’ moon behind them.

    Details And Description Of How To Draw A Wolf Howling In A Few Easy Steps: Drawing Tutorial For Kids And Beginners

    How to Draw a Wolf Howling (Cartoon)

    how to draw, easy drawing guides,how to draw Wolf Howling,easy Wolf Howling drawing tutorial for kids and beginners,step by step Wolf Howling drawing instructions,Wolf Howling drawing ideas,Wolf Howling,Wolf Howling drawing

    #Draw #Wolf #Howling #Easy #Steps #Drawing #Tutorial #Kids #Beginners

    Learn to draw a wolf howling. This step-by-step tutorial makes it easy. Kids and beginners alike can now draw a great looking wolf howling.

    The wolf is the largest of the wild dogs. The gray wolf or timber wolf can be found throughout Europe and Americas, and the Ethiopian or Abyssinian wolf lives in Africa.

    You dont need any special pens or tools. A regular pencil, eraser, and paper are all you need.

    Have fun!

    You can find the illustrated How to Draw a Wolf Howling drawing guide with a downloadable PDF tutorial on

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    You can find more easy drawing guides on

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    A Few Things To Remember About Drawing Wolves

    • Things to be aware of when drawing your wolf.; They have long legs, with a very long front paw and relatively short hind paw.;
    • They also have a very narrow chest, so they keep their forelegs close. This causes their paws to be splayed outward.
    • The tail is also quite long should reach the heels.;It should be straight with a very subtle curl near the end.;;
    • They also have a large mass of fur around their neck and shoulders, similar to a lions mane cape for protection from cold and fighting.

    Now, back to my drawing.; My moon is placed perfectly.

    After adding some details to my moon, and I think I’m about ready to apply a fixative to the drawing to keep it from being smeared.

    Using the re-touch varnish be careful, fine lines may disappear.; I think I went a bit heavy as some of the fine details were lost, and the graphite became quite dark.

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