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How To Draw A Zebra For Kids

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How To Draw Zebra Step By Step

How To Draw A Cartoon Zebra

Step 1 We begin with drawing two ovals one for the head and one for the body. Then draw the outline for the head.

Step 2 Now draw a circle overlapping the body for the hip. Connect all the figures with a smooth curved line to form the back of the body.

Step 3 Again by drawing a smooth curve form the neck and mouth of the zebra. Also mark the eye with a short line.

Step 4 Draw the outlines for the legs and draw two triangular ears on top of the head.

Step 5 By following the outlines of legs, draw the front and hind legs and the tail as illustrated in the figure given below.

Step 6 Define the leg joints and the hooves of his feet. Draw short simple lines for the eye, nose and mouth.

Step 7 This step requires all the detailing we can do. Draw the zebras mane. Give definition to the legs and a flame like shape at the end of the tail to show the fur. Erase all the outlines.

Step 8 Fill the entire body including the head, mane and legs with long thin double lined black stripes to complete your figure. Have a close look at the figure and then try to replicate it.

Well done children, I think you are really getting better with your drawings. So keep on practicing and check my other posts for many more difficult drawings. If you want me to draw something specific or have any doubts, please do mention them in the comment section.

A Step By Step Tutorial On How To Draw This Standing Zebra

How to draw a zebra easy. Redo the head, mane, eye and ear as shown in picture 5. Easy to draw a baby zebra. Make sure to keep them straight.

Draw a rounded rectangle below the head for the body of the zebra. Draw the head of the zebra. Draw the head around the eyes as if it were a closed sack with an open bottom.

Everything might not be as simple as we think and honestly, we cant help you with everything but when it comes to drawing, i think we have the solution. Draw a small circle for the eye and a small triangle on the top of the head for the ear. Draw a small circle for the eye and a small triangle on the top of the head for the ear.

The bottom line has a little bump halfway along it and is longer than the top line. Easy cartoon zebra drawing pictures in here are posted and uploaded by adina porter for your easy cartoon zebra drawing images collection. Keep all the lines, that you draw with the graphite pen as light as possible.

Draw this simple curve very lightly as shown below. Sketch hairs on the head. This simple tutorial will give you some tips to learn to draw a zebra easily using some basic shapes and a little bit of observation!

Rub out all outlines drawn for guidelines and your zebra is ready. Start by creating two slanted almond shaped eyes. Zebra cartoon in 2019 kids crafts activities zebra cartoon from easy cartoon zebra drawing.

This will be for the mane of our zebra. A cute zebra type, chibi form. Join it with a c curve.

Diy How To Draw Zebra Easy For Young Kids

As part of the Kids Art Workshops we are running here at Artezaar Dubai, we teach kids how to paint, experimenting and thinking out of the box. With art, we want kids to express themselves freely, as they learn techniques of how to paint with confidence.

Watch this drawing and painting tutorial of How to Draw an easy zebra. This is an easy DIY drawing that can be done by yourself or the kids.

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Drawing A Miniature Zebra

This miniature zebra drawing is perfect for kids. Its a simple tutorial, and an equally simple drawing. The artist in the video uses a marker, but you can opt for a pencil as well. Theres no way you can go wrong with a drawing as easy as this. This type of miniature drawing is very common in childrens story books. Hence, I feel that theyll really enjoy working on this.


Learn How To Draw A Zebra For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

How to Draw a Zebra Step-By-Step Drawing Lesson for Kids

Hello! For children, the striped zebra from hot Africa is one of the favorite animals. Therefore, we decided to prepare a simple lesson on how to draw a zebra for kids. By following all our steps, you can easily get a zebra drawing.

Zebra is a mammal belonging to the horse family, a subgenus of zebra. The stripes on each zebra are individual. The size of the animal is up to 2 m in length and 1.5 m in height. Africa is the only continent where zebras live. Zebras feed on various grasses, the foliage of shrubs.

After we have gotten to know the animal a little, we can move on to drawing guides on how to draw a zebra step by step. Get your pencils ready and lets get started!

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Draw a Zebra for Kids

  • Draw a zebra head.

    In the upper left of the sheet, draw an oval-shaped zebra head, exactly the same as you see in our instructions. It looks like a chicken egg.

  • Draw the body of the zebra.

    Below and to the right of the first oval from it, draw another oval, which will be the body of the zebra. It is more rounded and not as elongated as the first.

  • Draw the neck and ears.

    Draw two parallel lines between the head and body and you will have the neck of the future zebra. Now at the top of the head draw two rounded ears. Further in the lower left side of the head, draw an arched line, just like in our picture.

  • Draw zebra stripes.

    Draw some simple lines along the withers. After that, draw some lines on the torso of your zebra.

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    Materials For Zebra Drawing

    • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tips.
    • BlackSharpie Marker. These fine point permanent marker pens make nice black outlines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath to protect your tables.
    • Prang Crayons. These are a bit softer than other crayons so they sometimes look like oil pastels. They also have a some nice brown shades that Crayola does not have unless you buy their larger boxes.
    • Crayola Crayons. The reliable brand that always works well. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors that seem a bit richer and warmer than the ones Prang has.

    How To Draw A Cartoon Zebra In Six Fun Steps

    Drawing a cartoon zebra: some fun facts before starting sketching!

    • A baby zebra can run only a few minutes after being born.
    • No zebras will have the same black and white stripes pattern on their bodies.
    • A zebra is smaller than a horse.

    Step 1

    Drawing a zebra scares you? Well, if you already now how to draw a horse, you should not be! But if a horse is a great challenge for you, then try this tutorial! What does the zebra have that the horse doesn’t?

    The zebra has black and white stripes and a mane on top of the head. This is pretty basic. But the two animals are really similar otherwise.

    Step 2

    The shape of the zebra are simple to figure out. A big oval represents the body. The legs are made of rectangles. The head is made of a circle and the jaw is drawn with a rectangle.

    The tail is composed of a small oval shape while the mane is made of a curved line. But don’t worry. We will draw a much simpler zebra for this example.

    Step 3

    First, draw two rectangles, one for the head and another one for the body. Then, join these two shapes by working the outline of your zebra. Add a line to form the nose of your character.

    Then, you can add some ears, the mane and the tail. Continue your creation by sketching the legs. Finally, draw the eyes, the nose and the stripes.

    Step 4

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    How To Draw A Zebra

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    Below, we have the steps to drawing a zebra. Let’s begin!

    This Super Easy Tutorial Will Show You How To Draw A Zebra For Kids

    How To Draw A Zebra Just For Kids (medium difficulty)

    This tutorial on how to draw a zebra has eight easy steps. Each step consists of really simple lines and details, and I am sure that any child can cope and draw this beautiful animal without any difficulties.

    Zebra is very similar in appearance to horses and donkeys. This means that having mastered the ability to draw a zebra, a young artist will be able to draw horses, donkeys, and other externally similar animals.

    In addition, this lesson teaches the young artist the proportions of ungulates. When drawing a zebra, you need to try to achieve the most correct proportions.

    So lets get started!


    How to Draw a Zebra

  • Draw the head of the zebra.

    Start with the muzzle, sketching it out with a long, flowing line.

  • Sketch the torso.

    Using some smooth lines, outline the top, bottom, and front edges of the torso.

  • Draw the hind legs.

    As you can see, they look like vertically extended flowing lines.

  • Draw the front legs.

    They are similar to the hind legs but have the same thickness along their entire length.

  • Add facial details.

    Draw the eye, ear, and nose with simple lines.

  • Add the mane and tail.

    Dont forget to draw a small tuft at the end of the tail.

  • Draw the pattern and lines of the hooves.

    The pattern can be of any shape, but Ive tried to keep this part of the drawing as simple as possible.

  • Color the zebra.

    Use black or dark gray to paint the mane, tail, hooves, pattern, eyes, and nose.

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    How To Draw Zebra

    Step 1: Draw a horizontal oval and a small vertical oval.

    Step 2: Overlapping to the big oval draw a circle.

    Step 3: Outline the snout on the end of the small oval, and a mark for the eyes. Attach both ovals forming the neck.

    Step 4: Draw ears on the head, draw a curve above the oval and circle to form the upper body line. Also, add guidelines for the legs.

    Step 5: Outline the legs with paired simple lines and a tail from the back.

    Step 6: In this step delineate the joint of legs and hooves, also add eyes inside the oval, nostril, and mouth opening to the snout.

    Step 7: In this step draw the mane of the zebra and define other details of it as eyes, toes.

    Step 8: Finally draw zebras black and white random pattern all over the body. Add details to the ground as grass.

    Step 9: Rub out all outlines drawn for guidelines and your Zebra is ready.

    Rough Sketch The Body Of The Zebra

    Draw a curved line right underneath the zebras head to form the neck. Afterwards, draw an irregular sideways oval shape directly connected to the zebras neck and head.

    This forms the entire torso of the zebra.

    Avoid pressing down too hard with your pencil when drawing a rough sketch of the zebras body.

    Its important to draw with light strokes so you can easily remove any part of the outline that you no longer need later on.

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    Learn To Draw Such A Skunk Farting Is A Very Simple And Fun Thing Suitable For Preschoolers And Kids Of All Ages

    How to draw a skunk easy step by step. Learn how to draw skunk simply by following the steps outlined in our video lessons. Add small ears near the top of the head. Draw the skunk’s head as a circle that is more narrow at the bottom.

    Learn how to draw a skunk. View details of the skunks face. Next, draw the guidelines around the face to help place the facial features and draw two ovals for each eye.

    You can draw a circle for zebra face but normally a zebra has an oval face. Learn to draw even more skunk fu! Standard printable step by step.

    How to draw a cartoon skunk with easy step by step drawing tutorial. And why not check out our collection of free coloring pages for kids! How to draw a skunk.

    Easy to draw a cute skunk. Draw a black circle with two white ovals highlights for each eye. This will serve as the base of the skunk’s head.

    Begin with a really large oval and a medium circle and that line for the tail. This is an easy to follow guide that consists of 11 steps. Then add to the head the eyes and an egg shaped nose.

    Begin your skunk by drawing the head. Since the back legs are placed in the background, you can draw them slightly smaller. Begin by drawing a circle.

    Add a rounded body shape with toes. The skunk rests in the burrow during the day and comes out at dusk and night. Draw two arms and two belly lines.

    Hope you enjoy my easy drawing lessons! How to draw an easy raccoon in 9 easy steps. Now lets draw our easy n cute skunk portrait step by step.

    First Draw The Zebras Head

    How To Draw A Zebra Just For Kids (easy difficulty)

    Zebra cartoon drawing easy. How to draw a cartoon zebra with easy steps lesson for kids. Finish the stripes, add face and ear. Then draw the zebras face.

    We kept it simple as much as possible so you can just sketch few curves and your cartoonish zebra will be ready . How to draw a cartoon zebra easy step by step for kids. Everything might not be as simple as we think and honestly, we cant help you with everything but when it comes to drawing, i think we have the solution.

    Drawing of a cartoon zebra pictures in here are posted and uploaded by adina porter for your drawing of a cartoon zebra images collection. Drawing a zebra time for stripes draw easy zebra face cwoutfitters co. How to draw easy cartoon zebra step by step for kids| drawing tutorials for kids!

    Start by drawing two horizontal, parallel lines. First, draw an oval with guidelines through the center to help place the facial features. Pay attention to the shape of the stripes on the face.

    This is a cute little zebra, full of curiosity and longing for this world. Cartoon zebra drawing stock vector illustration of isolated 139004825 how to draw zebra in easy steps for children, kids, beginners lesson.tutorial of drawing technique. This is the perfect match for your easy zebra cool drawing.

    Stripes are probably the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about zebras. Lightly draw two ovals for the eyes. Today, we will learn cartoon zebra?

    Pin on Cuties

    Pin auf Tattoo Vorlagen Zeichnung

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    Afterwards Draw The Zebras Front Legs

    Below the zebras chest, draw two parallel vertical lines with a horizontal line at the bottom. This creates one front leg of the zebra.

    Afterwards, draw a similar shape right beside the first front leg to complete the zebras two front legs. Since the zebra is facing sideways, the front leg at the back isnt fully visible.

    Dont forget to erase any lines from the torso that overlaps inside the legs! This will ensure that your drawing looks neat, and most importantly, refined.

    Create The Zebras Distinct Stripe Pattern

    The zebra wouldnt be complete without its unique stripe markings all over the coat of its body, so thats what well be drawing in this step.

    Draw multiple pointed shapes on the upper edge of the zebras torso. Make sure to add similar patterns across all four legs of the zebra too!

    Now, to complete your drawing, add the facial features. Proceed by drawing a standing oval shape for the eyes and a tiny circle for the nose on the muzzle.

    Lastly, draw a shape inside the ear following its shape.

    Heres the most exciting partchoosing the colors and coloring the zebra! This is the part where you can showcase your artistic skills, especially your ability to mix and match various colors.

    As we all know, the zebras coat is black and white. You can opt to color the zebra using its original colors or use a unique set of colors.

    We recommend doing the latter so you can customize your drawing and make the most out of your experience!

    Have fun playing with colors and watch as the zebra ultimately comes to life!

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    Your Zebra Drawing Is Complete

    We hope you enjoy this step-by-step drawing tutorial. If you had a good time drawing a zebra, then youll surely have fun drawing other animals like a goat, sheep, and many more!

    Check out our How to Draw catalog so you can explore more enjoyable drawing tutorials like this.

    Once youve finished drawing and coloring a zebra, dont forget to show off the results of your hard work.

    Take a picture of your masterpiece and share it on various social media platforms. And while youre at it, make sure to like our Facebook page too!

    We cant wait to see your incredible zebra drawing!

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