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How To Draw A Zebra Step By Step

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Rough Sketch The Body Of The Zebra

How To Draw A Zebra | Step By Step

Draw a curved line right underneath the zebras head to form the neck. Afterwards, draw an irregular sideways oval shape directly connected to the zebras neck and head.

This forms the entire torso of the zebra.

Avoid pressing down too hard with your pencil when drawing a rough sketch of the zebras body.

Its important to draw with light strokes so you can easily remove any part of the outline that you no longer need later on.

How To Draw A Cartoon Zebra

Step 1: Start drawing with the head of the zebra, to draw several curves forming rounded snout, 2 pointed ears and a few pointed lines for the mane.

Step 2: In the head draw 2 big round eyes with pupils and eyebrows, an open smiley mouth, and 2 dots for the nose, also draw another line inside the ear. Doing this will complete all facial features of the zebra.

Step 3: Start drawing a long curvy line from the ear moving left and going downward after some distance. From the face again draw curvy lines to draw lower line of the body. Draw zig zag lines to form mane on the neck and back.

Step 4: Draw 1st two pair of legs with the simple straight line and toes below.

Step 5: Draw the last 2 pairs of legs same as drawn in the last step.

Step 6: In this step draw a cute tiny tail on the back with zig-zag lines.

Step 7: Zebras are known for their pattern, draw pointed triangular pattern all over the body.

Step 8: Outline the whole drawing with a dark pencil and color the patterns black too.

Learn How To Draw A Zebra For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

Hello! For children, the striped zebra from hot Africa is one of the favorite animals. Therefore, we decided to prepare a simple lesson on how to draw a zebra for kids. By following all our steps, you can easily get a zebra drawing.

Zebra is a mammal belonging to the horse family, a subgenus of zebra. The stripes on each zebra are individual. The size of the animal is up to 2 m in length and 1.5 m in height. Africa is the only continent where zebras live. Zebras feed on various grasses, the foliage of shrubs.

After we have gotten to know the animal a little, we can move on to drawing guides on how to draw a zebra step by step. Get your pencils ready and lets get started!

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Draw a Zebra for Kids

  • Draw a zebra head.

    In the upper left of the sheet, draw an oval-shaped zebra head, exactly the same as you see in our instructions. It looks like a chicken egg.

  • Draw the body of the zebra.

    Below and to the right of the first oval from it, draw another oval, which will be the body of the zebra. It is more rounded and not as elongated as the first.

  • Draw the neck and ears.

    Draw two parallel lines between the head and body and you will have the neck of the future zebra. Now at the top of the head draw two rounded ears. Further in the lower left side of the head, draw an arched line, just like in our picture.

  • Draw zebra stripes.

    Draw some simple lines along the withers. After that, draw some lines on the torso of your zebra.

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    Adding The Details To Our Zebra Drawing

    In this step, we will add some details to the drawing of our Zebra.

    We will start with the tail and the mane of our Zebra.

    The mane just consists of a simple form, that follows the neck of the zebra. To make it look more like actual hair we will break the top line of the mane up with a Zick Zack pattern.

    The Tail is a simple organic round shape at the rear of the zebra for now. We will add some more detail to make it look more like a zebras tail later on.

    The eras have a weird shape and it is hard for me to explain how I drew this shape. I think the best way to explain it is an elongated ellipse shape, that is open on the bottom side and tapers down on the bottom side as well.

    The eyes are sitting on the guideline at the center of the head, that we drew in the first step. The forms of the eyes are just simple elongated ellipses.

    Up until this step, our Zebra looked more like a Mule. So its time to give our Zebra some stripes!

    There are some things to keep in mind when you draw the stripes but other than that you can pretty much invent your own stripe pattern.

    The two big things to keep in mind are, that a Zebra is white with black stripes so the stomach of the Zebra is going to be white and the stripes will end slightly above the stomach of the Zebra.

    The other thing is, The stripes can vary in size and sometimes they can even be connected and sometimes they can even have z-shaped forms.

    Finishing Our Zebra Drawings

    How to Draw a Zebra Step-By-Step Drawing Lesson for Kids

    To create a seamless finish to your zebra drawing, you can now erase the outlines of your zebra drawing and add a dab of white in the center of the eye. To erase the outlines, you can simply use the corresponding color at each point of the outline to carefully trace over it.

    After all this hard work, it is finally time to stand back and admire your very own piece of zebra art. Hopefully you are happy with your work and you feel more empowered to tackle tricky animal drawings like the zebra drawing.

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    Tutorials And Guides How To Draw A Zebra

    Drawing any animal or perhaps any person will require skills and more importantly practice this small obstacle highly discouraging children and beginners to draw at times the solution is simple: there are step-by-step tutorials online that will help you achieve better results with your art project. Below tutorials and reference guides to drawing a zebra have been collected and they vary from cartoon-styled drawing to a more realistic zebra portrait for the enthusiast.

    Outlining The Shape Of The Front Legs

    In our zebra drawings, the zebra is standing still, so all of the legs extend straight down towards the ground. Begin with the leg that is closest to us, as this leg will be fully visible. Draw a curving leg line that begins at the bottom of the neck hump and ends on the bottom of the main body oval. Ensure that there is a sharp hoof definition at the bottom of this leg.

    The second front leg is further away from our perspective and will therefore be slightly obstructed by the first leg we drew. Just in front of this first front leg, draw the front line and hoof of the second.

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    Creating The Shape Of The Main Body

    To begin our zebra drawings, we are going to use a construction shape to lay down the foundations for the main body of the zebra. The best shape for the main body is a large oval shape. Draw this oval laying horizontally on your canvas.

    Remember to place the main body oval in the very center of your canvas leaving plenty of space on all sides for the other parts of the zebras body.

    Creating Some Light Shading

    How to draw a ZEBRA step by step

    Shading is one of the primary ways that we can add depth and dimension to a drawing. For this first shading step, you want to use a touch of black paint and a very soft blending brush. Shade around the outline of the zebra drawing and along some of the detail lines including the contours, the top of the nose, and down the front of the legs.

    The areas that are darkest should be the mane, the muzzle, hooves, and tail.

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    How To Draw Zebra

    Step 1: Draw a horizontal oval and a small vertical oval.

    Step 2: Overlapping to the big oval draw a circle.

    Step 3: Outline the snout on the end of the small oval, and a mark for the eyes. Attach both ovals forming the neck.

    Step 4: Draw ears on the head, draw a curve above the oval and circle to form the upper body line. Also, add guidelines for the legs.

    Step 5: Outline the legs with paired simple lines and a tail from the back.

    Step 6: In this step delineate the joint of legs and hooves, also add eyes inside the oval, nostril, and mouth opening to the snout.

    Step 7: In this step draw the mane of the zebra and define other details of it as eyes, toes.

    Step 8: Finally draw zebras black and white random pattern all over the body. Add details to the ground as grass.

    Step 9: Rub out all outlines drawn for guidelines and your Zebra is ready.

    How To Draw A Zebra Easy Outline

    You may be relieved to know that the construction steps have come to an end. You are now going to use all of these construction lines to help you create the final outline of your zebra drawing. In this step, you will see how useful construction shapes can be if you have never drawn zebras before. Begin the outline at the head of your zebra, following the construction lines very closely. Add some additional line details to the ear and mouth of your zebra drawing, and then begin to outline the mane of your zebra with slightly scratchy lines.

    These scratchy lines can be used to outline both the mane and the tail to create the impression of hair.

    Continue to outline the body of your zebra drawing, following the curve of the belly and legs, and joining the head to the neckline. You can finish this step by drawing scratchy lines on the top of the hooves to create separation. Finally, you can erase any remaining construction lines.

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    Establishing The General Form Of The Head Of The Zebra

    Use your graphite pencil and start by drawing a simple circle. This circle is going to be the head of the zebra.

    Keep all the lines, that you draw with the graphite pen as light as possible. Don´t use too much pressure when drawing these guidelines because you will erase all of them later on.

    Add an ellipse to the circle. This ellipse will be the guideline for the middle of the head of the zebra and you will use this line, later on, as a guideline for drawing the eyes of the zebra.

    I also drew another guideline horizontally slightly under the middle point of the circle. This line is the eye line on wich the eyes of the zebra are going to sit.

    Next, up draw a straight line from the point where the ellipse and the horizontal line meet down at a proximity 30-degree angle.

    Then draw a circle at the end of the line. This circle is going to be the nose of the zebra.

    Now we will add the nostrils to the nose of the Zebra and we will connect the circle of the nose with the head of our Zebra with two straight lines.

    And with that, we have drawn the general form of the head of the zebra.

    Next up we will draw the general forms of the body of the Zebra.

    Paint Markers Or Colored Pencils

    How to draw a zebra in easy steps, step by step for beginners

    For coloring my drawings I usually use Copic markers or watercolor. I colored this drawing with markers. But you can use any medium, that you are comfortable with.

    You could use acrylic color, colored pencils, markers, watercolor, etc. for coloring your drawing. The most important thing is, that the kind of paper, that you use works with your color medium.

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    Drawing The Mane Of Your Zebra Art

    Many of you will not have drawn zebras manes before, but it is not very difficult at all. As this is still a construction step, we are not drawing the mane in any detail. Instead, we are simply going to draw a rough outline of where the mane of your zebra drawing will lie.

    Begin the mane line just in front of the ear construction shape, curving it forward before taking it up and back down to join the top of the neckline.

    Adding Complimentary Highlights To Your Zebra Drawing

    Now that we have worked with some black for the shading, we are going to change course and use some white to add highlights throughout the body of your zebra drawing. Use a small soft blending brush, and gently stroke upwards within the mane, blending the highlight into the shading. Finish the face highlighting by adding a touch of white to the back of the ear.

    You can add a touch of highlight to the top of the rump, down the center of the face and neck, and along the side of the main body and the legs.

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    Adding Color To The Zebra Art Pattern

    Now that we have the base shading and highlighting complete, it is time to add color to the signature zebra stripe pattern. Use a fine sharp brush to separate the pattern from the background of the body. With black paint, paint the inner lines of the pattern, keeping a blank stripe between them. It is always best to begin at the face and work your way down the neck onto the body. You can also add stripes within the mane.

    Finish this step by using a little light brown paint to paint four sharp pattern lines in between the black and white patterns on the rump.

    How To Draw A Cartoon Zebra In Six Fun Steps

    How to Draw an Easy Zebra Step-By-Step

    Drawing a cartoon zebra: some fun facts before starting sketching!

    • A baby zebra can run only a few minutes after being born.
    • No zebras will have the same black and white stripes pattern on their bodies.
    • A zebra is smaller than a horse.

    Step 1

    Drawing a zebra scares you? Well, if you already now how to draw a horse, you should not be! But if a horse is a great challenge for you, then try this tutorial! What does the zebra have that the horse doesn’t?

    The zebra has black and white stripes and a mane on top of the head. This is pretty basic. But the two animals are really similar otherwise.

    Step 2

    The shape of the zebra are simple to figure out. A big oval represents the body. The legs are made of rectangles. The head is made of a circle and the jaw is drawn with a rectangle.

    The tail is composed of a small oval shape while the mane is made of a curved line. But don’t worry. We will draw a much simpler zebra for this example.

    Step 3

    First, draw two rectangles, one for the head and another one for the body. Then, join these two shapes by working the outline of your zebra. Add a line to form the nose of your character.

    Then, you can add some ears, the mane and the tail. Continue your creation by sketching the legs. Finally, draw the eyes, the nose and the stripes.

    Step 4

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    Creating The Zebra Art Patterns

    The time has finally come to give the zebra drawing its stripes. This pattern is the most notable characteristic of all zebra art, and in this step, we show you the best method for how to draw zebra easy stripes. Begin, as always, with the head, creating a stripe pattern that follows the shape of the top of the nose all the way down to just above the dotted nose texture. Try to draw one line at a time and keep the stripes at a similar width. As you move back in the face, create a curving stripe pattern around the eyes, nose, and ears.

    You can now begin to move down throughout the rest of the body of your zebra drawing, filling the body with this beautiful striped pattern.

    The stripes on the neck and mid-body should be fairly vertical and can begin to curve around the rump when you get there. You can make the stripes thicker as you get further away from the zebras head. The stripes on the legs should be horizontal, and you should try to make them flow as naturally as possible from the pattern on the body.

    When drawing the edges of the striped pattern on the body and legs of your zebra drawing, try to add a slight curve to give the appearance of them wrapping around the body.

    How To Draw A Cartoon Zebra Step By Step

    So first things first then lets go ahead and get some sort of a framework down, before we go and place our actual lines.

    Here below, you can see a variety of simple circles ones that will eventually take the shape of the head and body of the cartoon zebra.

    Know that while lightly sketching your lines out whether it be with a light blue “Col-Erase”, pencil, or even a low opacity setting in the program youre using

    You dont have to make actual “circles”. Block out the shapes however you like. Get a feel for it

    So next up I just wanted to place in the back, legs and also a curving cross to position the way the head is looking, and where to put the cartoon zebras eyes, too

    And then just a few more details to mark off key positions those like the beginning of the zebras mane, the tail, and the shape of the hooves

    Drawing time!

    Start off but drawing in some key face details, those like the ear, eye and nostril.

    In each case, note how its the ones that would appear closest to the observer that we draw first

    Next thing then, keep going with the zebras head and also, the upper part of its legs like so

    Very nice! Looking good.

    OK so now its back over to the zebras head once again. Sketch in a few more details, just hinting at how the mane will eventually take shape.

    Get going with the body too

    A few more head details, and next using straight lines to mix things up and create a more appealing design overall




    To go!

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