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How To Draw An Alien Step By Step

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Now Draw Another Arm For Your Alien

How to draw an Alien – Step by step

The other arm of the alien will be raised a bit, unlike the previous arm which was hanging at the aliens side.

Simply draw the arm out directly from the shoulder on our left to add this arm. If you wanted, you could have it higher up, perhaps as a friendly wave or to have it holding a less friendly space raygun!

How To Draw An Alien With Large Pupils

Learn how to draw an alien from this world made from cool circular shapes. Carefully drawn using mostly circles, this fun cartoon illustration is very easy to duplicate. Based on the template usually used to depict creatures from outer space, you should not have a lot of trouble duplicating this recognizable character using only a piece of paper and your drawing abilities.

You can purchase this illustrationhere!

Step 1

Nice! Let’s start with the creation of the head using a large oval shape. As seen below, make sure this shape is slightly larger on the bottom and narrower on top .

Step 2

Once you are done with the head, draw the body using a long curved line. If you look closely at the shape depicted below, you can see that the body of the alien is similar in shape to the one of a bottle.

Step 3

Great! To make this cartoon character as cuter as possible, sketch large eyes using perfect circles. Make sure the eyes are close to each other. The feet are made from small curved lines.

Step 4

Next, you can draw large pupils inside the eyes using once again large circular shapes. Huge pupils are needed for this character. When you are ready, add the hands using small lines like shown below.

Step 5

You can complete this tutorial by adding two small oval shapes inside the pupils of the cartoon alien. The mouth can be done using a long curved line. That’s it! 🙂

Step 6

How To Draw A Xenomorph Alien

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The xenomorph alien, also called Xenomorph XX121 or Internecivus raptus, is a fictional creature from the Alien film franchise. It has been included in numerous movies, comic books, video games, novels, and merchandise.

The aliens have a distinct and vicious life cycle. They begin as an egg, which hatches into a parasitic “face-hugger.” True to its name, the facehugger latches on to the face of a host, which could be any creature from as small as a cat to as large as an elephant. It impregnates the host with a “chest-burster” larva which, as its name suggests, bursts from the host’s chest before growing into an adult within hours.

The xenomorph aliens take on the traits of their host through an exchange of DNA. The bipedal alien in this drawing guide had a human host. Quadrupeds like dogs and cattle produce four-legged aliens that bite rather than using their arms. When the host is a Predator, another fictional creature, the Predalien results.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

Did you know? The xenomorph alien was designed by the Swiss surrealist artist H.R. Giger, who is famous for his futuristic images of the link between humans and machines.

Would you like to draw a xenomorph alien? This easy, step-by-step cartoon drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

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How To Draw A Spaceship:

Step 1: Draw a long vertical straight line.

Step 2: Draw a geometrical shape in between the line and at the edge 2 angled line.

Step 3: Following the above-given guidelines, draw 3 rectangular shapes and small triangles above to that, as shown below.

Step 4: In the bottom of the middle rectangle draw a sleek small tube.

Step 5: Draw 2 arcs of the same size from both sides forming a cone.

Step 6: Below the cone and tube draw a rectangle.

Step 7: Draw the bottom portion of the structure following the below image.

Step 8: Draw details to it, like stars, borderline.

Step 9: Above that draw another angular structure.

Step 10: Draw another 2 angular structures on both sides.

Step 11: Draw fume with random curvy lines.

Step 12: To give it a realistic look, draw clouds in the sky.

Step 13: erase all extra guidelines as, geometrical shapes drawn in steps 2 and 3.

Step 14: Color it with your observations or as shown in the image below.

Adding Surface Details To Your Alien

How to Draw An Alien (Step by Step)

After you have created an initial layer of color onto the surface of your drawing, you may want to add further detail over the initial layers of colored pencil.

  • Consider adding texture in the form of drawn scales or patterns on the head and body of the alien.
  • Accentuate the head and the eyes of the alien by adding layers of shadow onto the forehead of the alien. This will give the head a bulky appearance and make it have more of a visual impact.
  • Texture can also be applied to your drawing by creating small areas of any area shadow next to a scales or patterns you have drawn.

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How To Draw Step By Step Spaceship:

To draw your spaceship you need this step by step drawing tutorial with willingness to draw. Focus and practice are the key to perfection. Keep on practicing with this tutorial, here in this tutorial you are provided with the simple spaceship drawing and a alien spaceship. Learning spaceship drawing will also help you in how to draw a Rocket as well. Only increase in your skill will help you to became skilled learner. Always keep on drawing whatever you wish to or comes to your thoughts.

What Equipment Do You Need To Draw An Alien

To begin drawing an alien, you really dont need lots of specialist equipment and materials. A simple sketchbook and pencils with color pencils if you intend to add color is required. If you are looking to create a highly detailed illustration in graphite when good quality paper and premium drawing pencil will help you create a better drawing, which will have a long life span.

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Draw The Arm And Legs

Your simple can remain armless if you wish to convey a basic bloblike appearance. However, drawing arms will add character to the alien figure you are trying to represent.

  • Draw the arms in a simple long and elongated manner, bending them at the elbow is always best as it will make them appear more mobile.
  • Experiment with drawing the arm in various positions.

How To Draw An Alien Avatar Easy Step By Step For Kids

How to draw an Alien | Easy step by Step Drawing for kids

August 26, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Fantasy Mythology

This is the head of a blue alien. Alien is the collective term for humanoid life outside of the earth, and there is no evidence to prove its existence.

Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this alien avatar, very simple. If kids like it, let them follow the steps below to try it out!

1. Draw the outline of this avatar first, as shown above.

2.Draw the shape of two leaves as its eyes. Then draw the nose and mouth under the eyes.

3. Draw two straight lines at the top of your head, and a small circle at each end. Then draw two short curves on your forehead.

4. Finally, simply color it. Blue face, yellow eyes and feelers. The strange alien avatar is finished!

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How To Draw An Alien For Beginners

Today we present you a new drawing lesson we tried to make this lesson simple and completed at the same time. We decided to draw an alien, doing it in the classic view. However, a reservation in our lesson the alien looks friendly and charming, the stereotypical aliens rather frightening. But in todays lesson will be just a funny alien lets learn how to draw an alien for beginners!

How To Draw An Alien Step By Step

Doing alien drawings is a lot of fun and pretty easy to do. Today we are going to learn how to draw an alien in a couple of different ways.

The first method will be a bit easier. And the second alien drawing will be slightly more advanced. But still pretty easy for beginners.

After youve learned some basic techniques for how to draw an alien, youll be able to come up with your own original alien drawings.

Lets go ahead and get started by looking at the art supplies that were used.

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How To Draw An Alien Step By Step Art Tutorial

Learning how to draw an alien is both easy and fun. To learn something new, no matter what it is, just takes practice and patience. Give it a try and if you dont like how your drawing turns out, try it again.

The only way to guarantee failure is by giving up. So just keep working at developing your skills and getting better.

And above all else make sure youre having fun.

Alien Outline And Coloring With Markers

How to draw an ALIEN

Use a black outline pen to add an outline to your drawing. You can use a thin or a thick pen depending on what your personal preference and style is.

Erase your pencil lines when youre done adding your outline.

Use markers or another medium to add color to your alien drawing.

Finish up your drawing by adding in a background and some white highlights using a Gelly Roll pen or another method for adding white.

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Draw Some Legs For Your Alien

Your alien pal needs some legs to stand on, so lets add them in this step of our guide on how to draw an alien!

To add these legs, simply draw a line coming down from each side of the bottom of the aliens body.

Then, draw a line between them to make the gap between the legs, and then finally draw some rounded feet on the ends of the legs.

You could also change the design of the legs and feet a bit if you prefer! Perhaps the feet could have some big long toes for an extra fun detail

How To Draw An Alien: An Awesome Little Green Guy With A Twist

Today you will learn how to draw an alien. This is the classic “little green guy with large eyes” type alien. He must have been visiting Earth often, as he has taken to wearing a very Earthly looking astronaut spacesuit and flashing the friendly “V” peace sign.

The drawing, while looking awesome, is really easy. We are using the easy chibi style for the alien’s body, similar to our princess, fairy or witch drawing tutorials. Hands are built from simple rectangles. It is the many small added details on the spacesuit, helmet and boots that make the simple alien drawing look really great.

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How To Draw An Atom

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The atom is the “smallest unit into which matter can be divided without the release of electrically charged particles.” Atoms are considered the building blocks of chemistry.

Did you know? Atoms are mostly empty space. Just as the planets revolve around the sun at a great distance from one another, the tiny protons and neutrons of the nucleus are far removed from the minuscule electrons. The electrons of one atom can interact with those of another, forming chemical bonds and constructing molecules.

Each type of atom can be identified as a specific element on the periodic table. Our drawing guide depicts lithium, the third element, because it has three electrons.

Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

The atom in our drawing guide is a simplified version of the atom. Such diagrams are often used in science classes, cartoons, and signage indicating radiation. This is an old-style diagram; it is now known that the exact location of the electrons can not be detected. Therefore, the electrons are now depicted as a “cloud” rather than a single object with a fixed rotation.

A number of cartoon characters have had the atom as their emblem. These include Atom Ant, the Atom, and Captain Atom.

Would you like to draw a cartoon atom? This easy, step-by-step cartoon drawing tutorial is here to show you how. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper.

Learn How To Draw An Alien For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

How to Draw Emoijs – Alien Emoji – Step by Step for Beginners | BP

Hello! We have prepared an unusual drawing lesson in which we will show you how to draw an alien for kids. Have you thought about life in space? Humanity has been around for several thousand years, but there is still no confirmation of alien life.

Although more and more rumors are born every day, and fictional images of alien life are replenished with new images. But to this day, the appearance of aliens has a formulaic look: green skin, antennas on the head, interesting ears, and a different number of fingers on our hands. Lets draw an alien of this kind.

Time needed:;20 minutes.

How to Draw an Alien for Kids

  • Draw the head.

    The head has the shape of an elongated oval or ellipsoid.

  • Draw the antennas.

    We draw the antennas familiar to aliens on the head: two vertical lines and circles at the end

  • Add ears.

    Alien ears are different from ours. Lets make them in the form of triangles.

  • Draw the face.

    Draw the eyes in the form of semicircles, and make the pupils inside. An arc-shaped smile will give you a friendly look.

  • Draw the torso.

    The aliens body will be oblong and rounded.

  • Draw the arms.

    Lets draw thin arms using simple lines.

  • Draw the palms.

    You need to draw palms with 3 fingers.

  • Draw legs.
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    Your Alien Drawing Is Complete

    This step-by-step guide on how to draw an alien was created to show you that when you have some easy steps to follow you can create a wonderful picture easily!

    It was also designed to be a lot of fun for you to use, so we hope that you had a blast while working on it.

    Now you can take your drawing to the next level by adding your own touches such as fun extra details, a cool background or with the amazing colors and art mediums that you choose.

    If you enjoyed this drawing guide, then be sure to check out our website for many more like it! We cover all sorts of different subjects, so there will be something for everyone.

    We also upload new guides constantly, so be sure to check in frequently to never miss out.

    We cant wait to see your creative aliens!

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    How To Draw Aliens From Alien

    In this lesson how to draw aliens lets tackle one of the scariest ones ever imagined and then brought to the big screen. Here, Ive created a likeness to the ones you see in the movie series as well as alongside Predator.

    With so many intricate details and various looks too theres lots of room to get creative here and come up with your own homage to this popular sci-fi creature.

    And by the way this is the first lesson that visitors picked as part of the You Decide! section.

    And were off!

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    Details You Can Add To Your Drawing

    If you are looking to create a more detailed and highly finished drawing, you could consider a number of options. Here are some ideas that may help you.

    • Give you alien an Insect like appearance. This could be similar to the hostile alien creature from the movie.
    • You could focus on a portrait of an alien which entirely focuses on the face and teeth.;
    • Tentacles are another option that can be drawn off the top of the side of an aliens head. Additional details can easily be added to these features by adding eyes to the end of the tentacles.
    • Hands, fingers, and tails all features which, if you are looking to add more detail to your drawings and give them a more authentic appeal.

    By Step Instructions For Drawing An Alien

    How to Draw Alien step by step |very easy| Alien Drawing
    How to Draw a Witch

    8. For each antennae, draw two curved, parallel lines very close together. Enclose the antennae with a circle on the end.

    9. Erase guide lines from the arms, legs, and antennae. Detail the torso with several curved lines.

    10. Color your alien. Traditionally, aliens are represented as green in color, but use your imagination! Where will your alien land? Place him on the moon or give him a robot companion.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

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    Follow These Directed Drawing Instructions That Make A Cute Cartoon Alien Ufo Drawing Easy:

  • Start by drawing the body of the aliens flying saucer. Draw a curved line in the middle of the page, followed by two diagonal lines down and out from the ends of the curved line. Then connect the open ends of the diagonal lines with another curved line.
  • Then lets add some lights to the spacecraft. Across the middle of the body of the UFO, draw another curved line to give the alien spaceship some depth. Add some small circles for lights or windows on the space craft.
  • Next lets draw the aliens head and three eyes. Start with a tall curved line on top of the spaceship for the aliens head. Then draw three circles in a row near the top of the head for the space creatures three eyes!
  • Finish the cartoon aliens eyes with pupils facing the same way. Add little arcs inside each of the aliens three eyes and then fill them in except for a little white space near the top for the light reflection.
  • Next up is the cartoon aliens smiling mouth and teeth. Draw a moon shape tipped on its side, just under the eyes, to make the aliens open mouth. Add some bumps for teeth on the bottom.
  • Fill in the mouth, except for the teeth. This gives the drawing a little more depth.
  • Finally, lets draw the aliens ears and an antenna on its head. Draw a triangle on each side of the head for some funny alien ears. And finally, draw a short line up from the top of the aliens head and add a little a circle on top to create an antenna.
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