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How To Draw An Alligator For Kids

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How To Draw An Alligator With An Adorable Look

How To Draw An Alligator For Kids in Quick & Easy Steps | Basic Drawing Lessons For Kids

This drawing lesson will help you learn how to draw an alligator using a basic step-by-step technique. Featuring a fun character, this lesson can be done is just six steps. Made from shapes like circles and rectangles, this character should be quite easy to complete even for kids and beginners.

As you can see below, most parts of this alligator are lacking complex details. No outlines are visible in the final illustration although I am using some to help you figure out how to draw the character in all six steps below.

Step 1

Great! Let’s draw this cute alligator now! Start with the creation of the head using a long oval shape. On top of the head, draw two small curved lines to illustrate the eyes. The body is made from a long rectangle. The bottom of the rectangle should be narrower.

Step 2

Next, you can draw all four legs/feet using oval shapes. Only the top part of the shape is used. Front legs can be smaller while back legs are larger. It’s not accurate if you think about perspective, but since back legs are larger, it’s still relevant.

Step 3

Nice! Let’s draw the eyes using two large circular shape. The tail can be made from a long triangle. Make sure this one is pointed and larger on the bottom. You can also add a larger shape on the stomach.

Step 4

It’s now time to work on the head of the cartoon alligator. Draw two large pupils using circles. The nose can also be illustrated using two dots. Finally, the mouth can be made from a long curved line.

Step 5

Step 6

What Do Alligators Look Like

Alligators have bodies that are long and a snout that is round in shape. They have nostrils that facing upwards at the end, which allows them to breathe while the rest of their body is under the water. The adults have stripes on the tail that are dark, whereas young alligators have stripes that are yellow in color. The main feature that distinguishes an alligator from a crocodile is its teeth.

Learn How To Draw An Alligator

Step 1

Alligator is about to enjoy a rather large ice cream cone. So draw two very excited eyes looking to the left, which is where youll put that delicious ice cream in a few moments.

Step 2

Lets add the top of Alligators head by tracing the eyes and joining the line up horizontally. It should look like an old-fashioned telephone, or one half of a bone.

Step 3

The snout looks like a ramp, or a door wedge with a small curb that you can make with three simple lines to show the corner. Add two dots for nostrils just on top of the curb.

Step 4

The best place for ice cream is your mouth and Alligator has a big one. Just add a curved line under the snout.

Step 5

Now add a top and bottom row of teeth . You can also add a tongue, essential for full ice cream pleasure. Do this with two curved lines like the edge of a cloud.

Step 6

Were just drawing the top of Alligator, so you draw a couple of lines to mark out his top half one line should come from the back of the jaw and the other from half way between Alligators mouth and front teeth. Draw a nice round patch on the front, like the top half of an egg.

Step 7

Now for the arms. One bends out and downwards as though a hand is on its hip. The other curves up behind the snout in a gesture of scrumptious triumph.

Step 8

Alright, its the all-important cone. Take your time here, because this cone is going to hold that ice cream. It must be strong. It must be of a good size. It should look a bit like an upside down party hat.

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How To Draw Colors To Cartoon Alligator Body

Lets start it.

  • Alligator drawings:
  • After this step by step alligator drawing it is time to add attractive colors to its body. You can take you teachers help to complete this. For this image fill the green color to its body. Dont forget to add more black shades to pupils. At your last attempt mark the outer lining with black color.

  • Colored Alligator:
  • This one is looking cool. This is a perfect match of cartoon an alligator. Fill the purple color so it looks beautiful. Dont worry if colors go out of the body. You can remove at the end. Now make sure the outer lining for this drawing is sketch properly.

  • Pink Alligator for kids:
  • Have you even seen or listen about the pink alligator. Kids its just an art of creativity. just pick up your pink crayon and fill in its body. Eye pupil must have black shades. Now move on last one.

  • Alligator for kids:
  • An orange alligator is one of last alligator in our list. You can find hundreds of Colors Name and give shades as per you want. You can fill orange color to its body. Dont worry if you made a mistake while drawing alligator.

    In Sum up, you have learnt how to draw an alligator easy. Amazing kids you are! Now its your responsibility how you take these drawings for your personal purposes. You can make a superb artwork to give present to your friends.

    How To Draw An Alligator

    How To Draw An Alligator

    In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw an Alligator in 8 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

    The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

    Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

    At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Alligator.

    Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

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    What Is Their Conservation Status

    The conservation status of these reptiles is Not Extinct as per the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Previously, due to hunting for alligator skin, the alligator population had reduced drastically. Due to this, the American alligator was declared as Endangered by the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Their numbers have now reached a safe level, owing to the protection efforts by different authorities at their alligator farms.

    Who Do Alligators Live With

    Large alligators prefer to live alone as they do not like to share their personal space with anyone or anything. They try to defend their territory so that no one tries to get near them. Alligators that are small in size, young and female alligators often live in groups that are near to each other. Young alligators stay with their mothers till they get sexually matured.

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    How Do They Reproduce

    American alligator species reproduces sexually, and the courtship between the male and the female takes place during the months of January and February. The male and the females rub their heads and bodies together before they start mating in the water. The mating process includes rubbing snouts and also submerging, and then the sexual intercourse takes place. The crocodiles reproduce with the help of internal fertilization, and the mothers look after their nests once they lay a clutch of approximately 30 to 50 eggs in a mound nest created from vegetation and detritus. This ensures that the eggs stay warm with the decay of the vegetation. When the eggs hatch and the young ones are born, the females carry them in the mouth to the water nearby.

    Interesting Facts About Alligators

    How To Draw A Cartoon Alligator

    Alligators are reptiles. Reptiles are hatched from eggs, are coldblooded, and have scales or bony protective covers. Alligators have scales. They have been around for 37 million years. There are two living species of alligators, the American alligator and the Chinese alligator. All of the other species are now extinct. The lifespan of the alligator is unknown, but a few have been known to live past 70 years.

    Did you know?

    • American alligators live in the southern United States, specifically in Florida and Louisiana. They are also found in the eastern part of Texas, and in certain areas of Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama. Chinese alligators live Yangtze River of China, and they are an endangered species.
    • On average, alligators grow to be about 6 feet long.
    • If an alligator egg has a warm temperature, then alligator is a male. An egg with a cooler temperature hatches a female alligator.
    • An alligator cannot move its tongue. When it wants to swallow its food, it must raise its head up in the air to help the food go down its throat.

    Humans raise alligators, and they use their skin to make purses and shoes. Alligators are also eaten by humans. Swamps where alligators live are popular tourist attractions in America.

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    Now Draw The Alligators Tail

    Extend the lines on the alligators lower body and draw a line going upwards. This will outline the shape of the tail. The alligators tail on your drawing should be about an inch long.

    In this step, we will also be outlining the alligators underside. Starting below the chin, draw a line following the outline of the alligators body up to the tail.

    Creative Drawing Of Big Alligator Easy Sketch For

    drawing of big alligator easy sketch Alligators are large aquatic reptiles. This easy step-by-step alligator drawing tutorial is here to help.

    Drawing Of Big Alligator Easy Sketch, This easy step-by-step alligator drawing tutorial is here to help. How to draw an Alligator in under 60 seconds. All you will need is a.

    There are two. Learn to draw an Alligator step by step in this quick and easy drawing tutorial by a Sketch W Friends user. How to draw an Alligator in under 60 seconds. All you will need is a. This easy step-by-step alligator drawing tutorial is here to help.

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    How To Meet Alligator

    This alligator is just one of the characters in The Little Boy/Girl Who Lost Their Name, our best selling personalized picture book. In the story, this character offers the protagonist the letter A for Alligator. So children named Anton, Abigail, Thomas and Akira will get to meet it in their books. See for yourself along with some of our other characters by browsing our Wonderbly book below.

    Complete Cute Cartoon Alligator Drawing

    How to Draw an Alligator For Kids Step by Step

    i think you enjoyed this step by step drawing illustration.

    this helped you to draw kawaii cartoonish alligator easily.

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    if you want to draw a realistic crocodile then

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    Create The Alligator’s Teeth

    To make the alligator’s teeth, use the white construction paper. Align the white paper’s edge just underneath the bar across the letter A.” Make sure you slide the side where the teeth are drawn far enough under the letter so that you will have a strip of white to glue underneath the A. Draw zigzag, triangular-shaped teeth along the inner side of the letter, as seen in the photo.

    Drawing the Alligator’s Teeth

    Jason Nicolosi

    Cut out teeth along zigzag lines, making sure to leave the extra white strip behind the teeth for gluing. Then use this row of teeth as your pattern to make the second row of teeth for the other side by simply tracing around them with a pencil.

    Cutting Out the Teeth

    Jason Nicolosi

    Your alligator now has a set of pearly whites, so smile! It’s time for the next step.

    SmileYour Alligator Now Has Its Teeth!

    Jason Nicolosi

    Alligators Are Large Aquatic Reptiles

    This easy step-by-step alligator drawing tutorial is here to help. There are two. Alligators are large aquatic reptiles. How to draw an Alligator in under 60 seconds. This easy step-by-step alligator drawing tutorial is here to help.

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    How to draw an Alligator in under 60 seconds. All you will need is a. This easy step-by-step alligator drawing tutorial is here to help. Alligators are large aquatic reptiles. How to draw an Alligator in under 60 seconds. There are two. How To Draw A Crocodile Crocodile Illustration Crocodile Tattoo Drawings.

    There are two. There are two. How to draw an Alligator in under 60 seconds. Learn to draw an Alligator step by step in this quick and easy drawing tutorial by a Sketch W Friends user. This easy step-by-step alligator drawing tutorial is here to help. All you will need is a. How To Draw An Alligator Sketsa Hewan Sketsa Buaya.

    There are two. All you will need is a. Learn to draw an Alligator step by step in this quick and easy drawing tutorial by a Sketch W Friends user. How to draw an Alligator in under 60 seconds. There are two. Alligators are large aquatic reptiles. How To Draw A Crocodile 2 Easy Slowly Step By Step For Kids Beginners Youtube.

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    Learn How To Draw An Alligator That Gives A Nod To All His Complex Shapes Without Actually Having To Draw Each And Every One Of Them

    After you draw your alligator, you can choose what kind of environment to put him in. Hes one of those creatures that is happy both in and out of the water, so the choice is up to you. Go with nature, or even something entirely different. Either way, this simple view with a slightly curved tail will always fill your paper in an eye pleasing way.

    Alligator Coloring Page

    Add Patterns And Textures All Over The Body

    How to Draw an Alligator | Learning Colors and Letters for Kids | Coloring & Drawing page

    Now, its time to make your alligator drawing appear more realistic. What better way to make a drawing more realistic than adding patterns and textures?

    Draw multiple horizontal lines across the length of the alligators underside, starting from underneath the chin all the way to the tail. The lines should be a little bit apart from each other.

    Afterwards, draw several triangular spikes on the entire back of the alligator. This will be the alligators scutes, a set of bony plates on their back that shields and protects them.

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    Create The Nose And Pupils

    You’ll create the nostrils with black paper. Draw small oval shapes so that two nostrils will fit at the bottom of the letter A.” Use a pencil to do this, as pencil shows up nicely on the black paper. Trace the nostrils, using them as a pattern to also make the pupils of the eyes. The pupils will slip just under the eyelids and over the eyeball for a super-cute expression.

    Drawing the Nostrils

    Jason Nicolosi

    Want to Change Your Alligator’s Facial Expression? Change the Eyelids

    Now that you’ve completed the eyes, try changing the angle of the eyelids to create different expressions and emotions on your alligator. For example, tilt them inward for an angry look.

    How To Draw The Alligator’s Tail

    Next our drawing step is the tail. Draw it as in the example. Like crocodiles, alligators are good swimmers. And tail helps them to move faster. Dont be afraid about exact of your sketch. You will erase wrong lines later. Next step is to draw alligators eyes. Just put two circles on the head and draw dots for the alligators eyes lid .

    Draw Each leg as shown at the picture. Alligators have wide rounded snouts. When their mouths are closed, their lower teeth are inside. Now draw another part of our animal teeth.

    Than ad some details at the picture. Our drawing lesson is over. Today you can draw alligator and you believe that kids might be able to draw fine alligator fast and easy. Good luck.

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    How To Draw An Alligator For Kids

    Do you find Alligator drawing a hard work? Dont worries we have step by step drawing guides. Moreover, in this platform, you will learn hundreds of easy drawings for kids.

    Drawing Structure:

    For your ease, weve divided it into two stages. However, you can skip the 2nd stage. As this is optional work.

    1st Stage:

    You will learn easy alligator drawing with step by step tutorials.

    2nd Stage:

    There are coloring activities you will draw colors to cartoon alligator


    • Colored pencils

    Instructions to follow:

    While drawing you must see every step with great care. Dont worry if you are beginners and make mistakes in drawing. Relax and have fun. Its your practice time.

    How To Draw Alligators By Pencil Drawing Lesson For Kids

    how to Draw Alligator Step by Step Easy For Kids

    At this drawing lesson we find out how to draw fine alligator by pencil. For starting to draw this animal take a pencil and follow step by step tutorial.

    This tutorial helps us to draw an Alligator easy. Alligators are fun and easy to draw even for kids . Lets Get started to draw with information about alligators.

    Alligators belong to the crocodile group of reptiles. And so you can start to draw alligator the same way as crocodiles. Although they are members of this group, alligators and crocodiles are two different animals. Alligators are found in southeastern United States and in parts of China. They eat frogs, fish, snakes, turtles and small mammals.

    Alligators move through the water by moving their tails from side to side. Female alligators lay as many as 50 eggs and guard the eggs until they hatch. Mother alligators care for their young for up to a year.

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    By Step Cartoon Alligator Drawing Instructions

    Step 1:

    An oval shape need to be drawn in first step. Make sure to draw it with the right manner. This is the alligator body.

    Step 2:

    Draw another curve shape for its tail. Kids do you know, alligator tail is most powerful body part of it.

    Step 3:

    Polish you work and combine this tail to ab alligator. Somehow it is looking like the lady finger shape. Kids do you have the same perception do comments us.

    Step 4:

    It is time to give life to this sea creature. You need to draw a set of eyes intersecting with each other. See the image for better perception. You can learn How to draw a realistic and American Alligator same as you did.

    Step 5:

    For the purpose to give it a bulging eyes. Usually an alligator and crocodile have big bulging eyes.

    Step 6:

    This step includes two sub steps.

    • Firstly, draw a wavy line for its mouth
    • Secondly, Add a pair of the circle for eyes. The left eye circle is comparatively big than the right one.

    Step 7:

    In this step for how to draw an alligator easy drawing you need to follow subteps.

    • Add one more wavy line right upper the previous one.
    • Add pupils to alligator eyes.

    Step 8:

    This step is very important as you need to draw a pair of front and rare feet of small oval shapes.

    Remove a little bit at the opening of the mouth to give it real look.

    Step 9:

    Now it is time to refine your work and give a proper shape to its feet by erasing some part. As you are making cartoon alligator drawing so you must keep all the points in your mind.

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