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How To Draw An Angel Easy

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Now Draw The Face And Body

How to Draw an Angel step by step Cute and Easy

We will be adding a lot in this step of our guide on how to draw an angel, so we shall take it slowly!

Firstly, you can finish off the face of your angel, and as you can see in our reference image we chose a simple yet effective design for the face.

With some fairly simple dots and lines, you can create a gentle, smiling face like our one.

You might want to use a pencil for the arms of your angel drawing before you use your pen, as it can be a bit tricky.

First, draw some long oval shapes for the sleeves of the gown. Then, draw another oval within that one before drawing the arms coming out from that one.

It may sound complicated, but if you use the reference image then its easier than you think!

Finally, draw the rest of the gown coming down from the sleeves and make it so that it is trailing on the floor a bit.

Tips For Drawing Angel

  • in order to practice start with birds, their wings are similar to an angel
  • dont make the wings of your angel small, make them big to stand out
  • you are going to do mistakes, dont worry about it enjoy the process
  • make the feathers spread and add different shapes to them
  • invest time and practice, the more you practice the more you improve your skill level

To summarize, any artist can know how to draw an angel if he studies the rules behind and has the drive to learn. There is no secret behind all of its, it all comes down to how much you want to do it and if you are consistent with it.

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Drawing Angel

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Draw Cartoon Angel Wings For Preschoolers

  • Angels wings sometimes look like broken hearts in a horizontal position when they are about to fly. Lets imagine an angel whos about to fly, and draw a broken heart on the left side with five small u curves at the bottom.
  • Inside the wings, draw two series of curve lines parallel to each other, making it more feathery-like. Dont worry about a feathers detail. From afar, angel wing feathers simply look like soft fluffy waves.
  • Now were halfway through and you can already see how close you are to an angels wings, but all angels have a pair of them. All you need to do is, repeat the first two steps but place the horizontal broken heart on the opposite side parallel to the other wing.
  • Wow! You already have a pair of wings! Since angels have nimbus halo, lets draw one for you too. Draw a circular nimbus at the center-top of the wings.
  • Your wings are beautiful! For the finishing touch, lets color it blue or whiteits up to you!
  • We added a simple nimbus halo but you can draw an actual halo, just repeat step 4 again. Draw two flattened oval circles embedded with each other and youll have a halo ring. They are often a glowing bright yellow.
  • How To Draw An Angel: Step By Step Sketch

    How to Draw an Angel Cat – Easy Pictures to Draw Easy

    Step 1: Sketch the base head and body shapes

    Here is our chibi-style bowling pin again: A simple circle for the head, divided by the face cross to help us place the facial features.

    The body is a simple bent cone two curved sides, slightly wider at the bottom, and a curved line to close the shape.

    Step 2: Sketch the jaw, ear and legs

    Next, we add a chin: a kind of rounded rectangle, placed at an angle starting near the face centre line. This is exactly the same chin as in our chibi base tutorial if you need more detailed steps.

    The ear is a simple C shaped curve. It starts again at the face centre line and curves down to the chin.

    Finally, we draw legs these are definitely the very simplified chibi legs just two bent U shapes.

    Finally, we draw legs these are definitely the very simplified chibi legs just two bent U shapes.

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    Angel Drawing: Step By Step Outline

    Step 1: Outline the hair and face

    With the angel sketch complete, it is time to outline the drawing and smooth out the lines.

    Starting from the head, outline the outer hair shape with bold, smooth strokes. Then, use a thinner line to draw the chin and neck.

    Step 2: Outline the arms and hands

    Next, we are using again the lighter line strokes to outline the arms and hands. Notice the rounded elbows on the outer line.

    Step 3: Draw the body and skirt

    Back to using our thicker bold lines, outline the upper body. Then start again at the hip line, and draw the smooth S curves for the long skirt.

    Step 4: Draw the outline of the angels wings

    Time for two more long and smooth bold strokes, outlining the wings. Notice we have rounded off the sharp points at the top of the wings, which gives them a more friendly shape.

    Step 5: Add details to angel drawing

    We are almost done with our angel drawing, all thats left is to add some small details. First draw a few extra strains to better define the angels long hair.

    Next, add a few random lines at the bottom of the skirt to suggest the folds on the skirt and the body shape mysteriously dissolving into the space.

    Finally, add few lines to the bottom edges of the wings to suggest the soft feathered wing tips these are staggered upwards at an angle.

    Step 6: Draw the angels inner wings and halo

    And last but not least, outline the angels halo.

    Angel Drawing: Step By Step Sketch

    Step 1: Sketch the base head and body shapes

    Lets start our drawing by sketching the simple shapes that will make the angels body.

    Start with a circle for the head. Next, draw the upper body as a slim oval some distance apart from the head. Then add two more curves. These will mark the hips and thighs and would almost make a third larger, slightly wider oval.

    Join the head to shoulders with two curves crossing over from left to right these will mark out the chin.

    Step 2: Sketch the neck, arms and hands

    Now round off the chin, and add two lines for the neck.

    Next, lets draw the arms. Start with the outer line, a curve from the shoulder to the elbow. Then bring the lower arms back together. Next add the inner arm outlines.

    Finally, draw the simplified hands pressed together in a prayer or gratitude a narrow oval, or two short curves meeting in a point, separated by a straight line.

    Step 3: Sketch the hair and skirt

    Lets sketch the outline of angels hair next. Here we are adding long flowing hair down to the waist. Draw the outer shape first, then add the inner hair lines split over the forehead.

    Next, extend the hip lines further down with wide Scurves to draw a narrow skirt widening out at the bottom.

    Step 4: Sketch the halo and wings

    The final small detail is the halo ring around the head.

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    You Can Refer To The Simple Step

    Step 1

    First draw the eyes of the angel, drawing two equal circles, Add eyelashes to the eyes and polish the eyes as pupil eyes.

    Step 2

    Then draw the face of the angel, face is quite round with small mouth smiling, The extra eyebrows are a short, thin curve.

    Step 3

    Finish the first part by drawing long hair and angel round on the head as shown below

    Step 4

    Next, draw the body of the angel, this part is quite simple, pay attention to drawing lines neat and decisive. Draw skirts and legs with flying designs, Austria draw more hearts.

    Step 5

    Draw wings like wings flying for angels

    Step 6

    How To Draw A Cartoon Angel With A Cute Posture

    How To Draw An Angel Step By Step | Angel Drawing EASY

    Drawing a cartoon angel: some fun facts before starting sketching!

    • About half of Americans are convinced that angels really do exist.
    • Angels are present in many religions around the world.
    • Some think that demons are simply fallen angles…

    Step 1

    Learning how to draw an angel is really not a big challenge if you already know how to draw human figures. They have an aureole on top of the head , wings on their back , long hair and a light robe .

    They also play music with a harp . An angel might fly above the ground, so the feet are usually hidden. Let’s take a closer look at the shape of this cute angel.

    Step 2

    In this example, for a better overall view, I did not draw the hair of the character. The body is made of a big triangle . The head is made of a circle while the arms are drawn with rectangles.

    The wings are represented by two small triangles. In this case, the harp is sketch with two small lines. The aureole is made with a simple circle.

    Step 3

    It’s time to try to draw a simple angel. First, sketch the head with a circle and then draw the body using a triangle. Work the outline of the body a little bit and then sketch the arms and the hands of your angel.

    Next, draw the wings of your character and add details like the mouth, the eyes and the aureole. Finish your work by sketching the ears and the hair. For a more professional look, you can also add colors.

    Step 4

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    How To Draw Angel In Easy Steps Step By Step For Children Kids Beginners

    How to draw Angel easy steps for children, kids, beginners lesson.Tutorial of drawing technique. Drawing tutorial,Art Tutorial Youtube Video You can watch the video at slow speed or pause if you want. It is fun to draw Angel Try to draw and you will like the result.Draw step by step. Happy drawing Visit the artists youtube channel here.

    How To Draw An Angel: Step By Step Outline

    Step 1: Outline the face and hair

    We start outlining the angel by drawing the face and hair.

    Start with the eyes. Here we have improved on the simple circle eye by splitting it into upper and lower arc line. That gives our eyes a bit of a sharp corner on each side.

    The rest of the face and the hair outline is a straight copy of the sketch lines.

    Step 2: Draw the head, jaw and ear

    Another improvement comes outlining the face and jaw smooth out the sharp corners on the sketch where jawline meets the faces.

    Then outline the part of the ear that is not hiding behind the hair.

    Step 3: Outline the arms, sleeves and hands

    Moving down with outlining our angel, draw out the arms and sleeves of the shirt. Again, notice the subtle improvements to the sketch: Define the shoulders a bit more. Add the inner edges of the upper arms. Draw a small fold on the shirt on the left elbow.

    Then draw the hands they are a simple C shapes, with his right hand overlapping the left one.

    Step 4: Finish the long shirt and draw legs

    We are almost done, lets just complete the lower part of our angel drawing. Outline the bottom of the long shirt notice we have added some folds to the bottom edge. And finally, draw the angels legs.

    Step 5: Draw the angels wings and halo

    The very last step to complete our angel is to draw out the wings and outline the halo these are both just a straight outline of the sketch, no modifications here.

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    Next Draw The Hair And Neck

    Using the curved face line, you can start to add some hair to your angel drawing. The outline for the hair is quite simple, but we will add more detail to it later.

    Dont be afraid to carefully refer to the reference image in order to get the hair to look like our example!

    Once youre happy with how it looks, then you can draw some curved lines coming down from the face to form the neck of your angel.

    Finally, draw some more lines coming off the neck for the shoulders, and then add one more line underneath the neck for the neckline of her gown.

    Second Step Draw The Upper Portion

    Drawing: How To Draw Cartoon Angel Draw Angels for Christmas Nativity – Step by Step Easy!

    As I mentioned up top in this lesson sequence is of the essence. This cartoon angels arms are set in front of the rest of her body. So, it only makes sense that we draw this part first. After, sketching in the lines in and around her torso will be much easier.

    In three parts, heres how to sketch her upper half

    And yes I really did stick with the ovals for hands didnt I! Well, actually its not a bad way to go about it. To see what I mean, take a look at what real hands would look like when viewed from straight on in this position. The ovular shape Ive drawn here is pretty close likeness, Id say.

    Sequence considered, carry on like so: Arms> Sleeves> Hair> Lower Head> Neck> Shoulders. Thatll get you to the next step no problem at all.

    Ready to continue? Alright, lets do just that

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    Angel Drawing: A Graceful Female Angel In A Few Lines

    This is a very different angel drawing to our cheeky little angel from the How to draw an angel tutorial. It was inspired by a ceramic angel statue we saw in one European art shop before Christmas.

    The beauty of this drawing is in its simplicity. The graceful female figure is defined with just a few lines. The tall and thin body and full length wings, powerful hand posture and almost no face make this a mysterious and peaceful angel. Hope you will enjoy this tutorial.

    How To Draw An Angelfish

    In this Lesson were going to show you how to draw an Angelfish step by step. Actually we will show you how to draw this fish in 6 easy steps.

    Some interesting facts about the Angel fish that you might not of known are:

  • They can grow up to 15 cm.
  • The Angel Fish are originally from the Amazon River in South America.
  • They have a flatish body.
  • Their nature is to attract attention when someone is nearby or when it is time for food.
  • The Angel Fish are of various varieties Silver, Zebra, Black Lace, Black, Half Black, Veiltail, Marble, Golden, Blushing and Pearl Scale.
  • Step 1: Begin by drawing the lips and the front of the Angel Fish

    Step 2: Draw the upper and lower body

    Step 3: Add the tail

    Step 4: Sketch the upper and lower fins

    Step 5: Add the eyes and small details

    Step 6: The Final step to drawing the Angelfish, Draw the stripes and add some small details to finish the Angelfish.

    Heres a quick video on how to draw an Angel Fish if you prefer to watch Videos

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    Learning How To Draw Angel Wings

    Its pretty easy to learn how to draw angel wings. But you can also make them very detailed and much more complex.

    You could add them to people, animals, or other subject matter such as hearts.

    How you make your angel wing drawings and what you do with them will be entirely up to you. But today youll learn some basic concepts and techniques to help you get started.

    Lets begin by looking at some art supplies well need to get started.

    * Some of the links in this post may be affiliate links. This means I receive small commissions for purchases made through these links at no extra cost to you.

    How To Draw The Anatomy Of A Winged Human

    How To Draw An Angel Step By Step ð¼ Angel Drawing Easy

    If you want to draw an angel, or simply a winged human, you need to modify their chest first. It’s not necessary, of course, but it will add to the realism. I used this as my model. He looks perfect for this purpose!

    First, I added the fake bones inside the chest, with coracoids landing somewhere behind the shoulder-neck muscles. I tried to keep the sternum big, but not absurdly so .

    Now, I attached the muscles to the bones, using the real muscles as a reference where possible.

    After I turned the photo into a piece of line art, the new anatomy merged nicely with the original one.

    If you need a reference for both the front and back view of a winged man, feel free to use these:

    You can also simply copy these drawings to follow the rest of the tutorial.

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