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How To Draw An Evil Face

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Drawing A Tough Anime Character

How to Draw Smiley Face – Evil Ernie – Drawing Lesson

These are often positive characters that may help protect the protagonist but they can also sometimes smack them around. They also tend to be into some sort of martial arts or kendo and may often get into fights.

A pony tail can be fairly common for these types of characters as it can give them that sporty as athletes often tie their hair back so it doesnt get in the way.

For a tough looking character draw the eyes with the top eyelids down and the bottom eyelids slightly raised. Draw the eyebrows with the inner ends lowered.

Draw the mouth in a very light upside down curve.

Drawing A Crazy Looking Anime Villain Character

To give the anime villain character that crazy or maniacal look they sometimes have draw the irises and pupils of the eyes very small so that there is a good bit of white space around them.

Draw the eyebrows somewhat lower in wave like shapes as the previous example but with their inner ends raised slightly back up again. Again dont add any shadows to the irises and draw only one set of reflections.

Draw the mouth with the teeth showing in a wide smile.

Eventually you should end up with crazy looking eyes and a grinning mouth. Prefect expression for a villain

Drawing A Yandere Anime Character

A yandere is a reverse of the tsundere. A character who appears to be nice and friendly but can actually be quite hostile. The extreme versions of this character can be a downright crazy.

For the yanderes normal face you can draw it exactly the same as you would the ordinary girl with big eyes and a fairly friendly expression.

You can also give her long but slightly more messy hair to give a hint that there may be something off about her.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Devil

Before drawing a cartoon devil like the one on the right, its a good idea to first visualize how youd like it to look.

In my case, I wanted it to have a small body and a big head. And so as youll soon see below, I came up with a simple guideline that reflects these two factors.

As for the pitch fork the classic devil-like weapon its important to plan ahead of time on how youll position it with relation to the rest of the devils body. Here, I drew it after the hands yet before the the limbs and body.

Alright, lets get on with the lesson. And to start, lets come up with a simple framework from which to design a unique cartoon devil of your own creation!

Here goes

How To Draw Anime Or Manga Faces

How to draw an evil cartoon face

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Anime and manga are popular Japanese forms of animation and comics that have a very distinctive art style. If you want to draw your favorite character or design one on your own, start by designing their head and face so you can sketch what they look like. When you first start the head, draw the outline and the basic shapes so you can properly place the features. Once you add the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, you can erase your guidelines and sketch in a hairstyle. With a bit of practice and patience, youll be able to design anime faces in no time!

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Drawing A One Eyebrow Raised Delinquent Anime Character

This is a face anime delinquent characters tend to make when gloating or bullying someone.

For this expression draw one eye squinted with the eyebrow over that eye lower down in a reversed curve. Draw the second eye slightly wider and with the eyebrow over that eye raised.

Draw the mouth in a sort of crooked smile with the teeth showing.

Drawing Tsundere Anime Character

For those that dont know a tsundere is a character that may act somewhat hostile at times but it actually nice. These types of characters usually have trouble showing their true feelings and get embarrassed when they do.

For a tsunderes normal expression you can pretty much draw her the same as you would the ordinary girl.

Some small tweaks you can make are drawing the top eyelids slightly lower down and drawing a slightly smaller mouth to give her less of a smile.

You can also draw slightly smaller irises and pupils than the ordinary girl. This will give her a slightly less friendly but still normal appearance.

Pigtails may be a good hairstyle for a tsundere to give the character a slightly more childish/immature appearance.

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Learn To Draw Lessons

With over a thousand simple drawing lessons for you and your kids to follow along with. We show you how to draw simply with basic geometric shapes, letters, and numbers. We strive to teach you to draw with the most basic learning techniques. Think you can’t learn to draw? Don’t give up until you try drawing with our easy lessons. 😀

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Drawing A Delinquent Anime Character

How to Draw a Scary Monster Face – Halloween Drawings

This type of character can often be a bully/hostile and pick fights. A good hairstyle for the delinquent can be short and maybe slightly messy hair. It will help create a sort of tomboy image for the character.

You can draw the delinquent face similar to the tough girl but draw the bottom eyelids almost straight and the irises much smaller. Draw the top of the irises covered by the top eyelids and leave some space between them and the bottom eyelids.

Draw the mouth in a light upside down curve.

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Learn How To Draw Evil Clowns Drawing Lessons

How to draw scary Evil Clowns for Halloween or any other time of year. Evil Clown Drawing Lessons and step by step drawing tutorials for drawing Evil Clowns Cartoons. Learn how to draw and sketch realistic and cartoon Evil Clowns and create great cartoons, illustrations and drawings with these free drawing lessons.

Drawing An Angry Tough Anime Character

The though girl anime characters tend to be fairly emotional and can get angry easily.

For the angry face draw the eyes a lot more squinted than normal and the eyebrows even lower down.

Draw the mouth open and fairly wide with the bottom being slightly wider than the top.

You can also give her a bit of medical tape on her cheek to reinforce the idea of her active character .

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Part 3 Of 3: Cleaning Up And Finishing The Drawing

  • 1Erase the guidelines to clean up your drawing. Use either the eraser on your pencil or a block eraser to lift up any guide lines that arent a part of the characters face or head. Carefully work around any of the facial features youve drawn so you dont erase their lines too much. Continue erasing the rest of the guides on your drawing until all thats left is the face.XResearch source
  • If you drew your guide lines too dark, then they may not fully erase off of the paper.
  • Use a thin eraser to get in detailed areas, like the eyes or ears.
  • 2Give your character a fun hairstyle. Anime and manga characters can have a variety of hairstyles, so choose one that you think will look best on your character. Avoid drawing every single strand of hair and instead sketch the basic shape of the style onto your character. Work lightly in pencil so you can erase and make changes if you need to. Once you have a roughed-in shape for the hairstyle, erase any parts of the head that the hair covers so its not visible.XResearch source
  • Anime or manga hair is usually broken up into clumps that end in a point. Look at hairstyles of various characters to get ideas of how to style your characters hair.
  • Tip: Practice drawing different hairstyles on a piece of tracing paper over your drawing so you dont have to erase your character if you dont like the style you drew.

  • You dont have to add any additional details to your character if you dont want to.
  • Drawing A Cold Stare Anime Yandere Character

    How to Draw Scary Face – Halloween Drawings

    The cold stare face is one the yandere character tends to make when her true colors come out. Usually its towards a female rival but can be for anyone she is upset with.

    For this type of face draw the eyes very slightly squinted with the bottom eyelids in reverse of their normal cures. Draw the pupils of the eyes very small in relation to the iris with no shadows and small highlights/reflections.

    Draw the inner ends of the eyebrows raised and draw the mouth just very lightly open with the top lip raised and revealing some of the teeth.

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    How To Draw Sneaky / Devious / Evil Chibi Expressions / Emotions In Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial For Beginners

    Here are three;different devious;Chibi expressions / emotions that you can learn how to draw. There is one evil chibi expression, and two sly / sneaky / up-to-something chibi emotions for you to learn how to draw. We broke down these two drawing tutorials into easy to follow step by step instructions. Each step uses just simple steps so you can follow along with them easily. Happy Drawing!

    Final Step Draw In The Legs Limbs And Details

    For the last part of this drawing lesson, finish your cartoon devil off by drawing in the feet, followed by the limbs and then finally the details.

    Use the following two examples to help with yours

    Once youve erased the underlying framework, finalize your drawing with details. Give your devil some pupils, lines for teeth bring out the inner ears and add anything else that you feel will add to the finished look.

    Anything else? Nope thats it! Great work on this cartoon devil!

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    Drawing A Daydreaming Shy Anime Character

    As the shy girl characters tend to be loners they may often be daydreaming by themselves.

    For the daydreaming expression draw the eye/eyes to one side of the face with both the top and the bottom eyelids slightly raised. You can also draw slightly raised eyebrows

    Draw the mouth smiling with the teeth showing and add some blush below the eyes.

    Drawing A Happy Tough Anime Character

    How to Draw Scary Face with Christmas Hat – Easy Drawing Lesson

    As already mentioned these types of characters can be fairly emotional and are as likely to easily be happy as angry.

    For a happy/content face draw the tough girls eyes fully closed. Basically a set of curves with eyelashes. Draw the eyebrows slightly flatter than normal .

    For a detailed explanation on drawing closed anime eyes see:

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    Drawing A Happy Ordinary Girl Anime Character

    A happy face is another expression that can be fairly common for the ordinary girl character.

    For more on drawing anime and manga style blush see:

    For the happy face you can pretty much draw it the same as the smiling face but draw the mouth slightly open showing the white of the teeth and add some blush just below the eyes.

    Anime Character Face Drawing Step By Step

    To draw any of the characters in this tutorial you can use the steps in the above illustration.

  • Draw the basic shape of the head starting with a vertical line to help you make sure both halves are even
  • Positioned the facial features as described earlier including the parts that are hidden by the hair
  • Draw the hair
  • Erase the parts of the face hidden by the hair and if you like apply some shading or color
  • For an explanation of why you want to draw this way and other helpful drawing tips see:

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    First Step Cartoon Devil Planning

    Using a cross and some circles, go ahead and bring into view, the shape and stance that your devil will eventually take on.

    Notice how the circles that are to become the claws are offset. With respect to drawing the pitchfork, you may want to consider one of two different ways. One diagonally across the front, like in the finished example. Or two positioned like a walking stick grasped vertically in the devils right claw.

    If you go for the vertical method, the top of the pitchfork will likely cover part of the devils face. In this case it would be best to draw the pitchfork first before anything else.

    I recommend for now, that you keep yours closer to mine. This way, when youre finished you can always go back and draw it a different way.

    OK lets continue

    Drawing A Smiley Face

    How to draw a scary face
    This wiki page is part of the documentation for The Original Egg-Bot. to return to the Egg-Bot overview.

    Intro: This tutorial is a graphics-heavy, beginner-level introduction to creating a simple drawing in Inkscape for use with the Eggbot. While this guide is not intended as a comprehensive introduction to Inkscape, it may be enough to get you started, particularly if you’ve had experience with other vector graphics applications.

    Egg-bot specific topics covered:

    • Setting up a document for use with EggBot
    • Naming layers for multicolor plots
    • Filling solid regions with a continuous path

    Other Inkscape techniques demonstrated:

    • Changing fill and stroke settings
    • Viewing objects

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    How To Draw A Skull For Halloween

    Use the videos and step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw a scary Halloween Skull. Stay tooned for more tutorials!

    The written step-by-step video tutorial:

    Intro: Start off with a pencil sketch. In the beginning stages, dont press down too hard. Use light, smooth strokes for sketching.

    Step 1: Draw two curved diagonal lines for the top part of the skull’s eyes. The curved lines should curve up like a hook in the middle. Sketch lightly at first to get all the shapes right and pause the video to draw at your own pace.

    Step 2: Draw another curved line under each diagonal line for the bottom part of the skull’s eyes. The eyes should be pretty symmetrical but it’s okay if they’re not exactly the same.

    Step 3: Draw a curved line above each eye for the bony structre of the brow. These lines shouldn’t be long enough to meet in the middle, and they should curve down on the sides a bit.

    Step 4: Draw the nose under the eyes, in the middle. The shape of the nose is similar to an upside-down heart. Add a little spike that points down at the top tip of the skull’s nose.

    Step 5: Under the nose, draw the two front teeth. Try not to draw them too close to the skull’s nose. Start with a couple of lines similar to an upside-down letter T, then add the curved tops. The shape of each tooth should be similar to a triangle with a rounded top, like candy corn.

    • Start

    Good Will Hunting Painting

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    The good shepherd painting. Good means a lack of self centredness. It means the ability to empathize.

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    The meaning of good and evil. Choose your favorite good vs evil designs and purchase them as wall art home decor phone cases tote bags and more. I present to you how to draw good and evil step by step.

    Dragon Or Evil Face Illusions Genius Puzzles

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    Drawing An Embarrassed Anime Tsundere Character

    As already mentioned a tsundere character tends to get embarrased when showing their true feelings so this can be a fairly common expression for them.

    For an embarrassed tsundere face draw the eyes squinting and looking downwards. Draw a horizontally wide mouth with the bottom ends wider than the top. Also keep in mind that when the mouth is open you should draw the jaw slightly lower down.

    Draw the eyebrows lower down.

    Drawing An Angry Looking Anime Villain Character

    How to Draw Scary Creepy Face – Halloween Drawings

    This angry expression is one that anime villain characters tend to make when they are ticked off .

    For the angry looking villain draw the top eyelids lowered and the bottom eyelids raised . Draw the pupils and irises small with no shadows and small reflections same as the previous example.

    Position the eyebrows lower down in wave like shapes.

    Draw the mouth in a sort of bean shape with the bottom ends curving slightly downwards and the teeth showing.

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