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How To Draw An Ice Cream Cone

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How To Draw Cartoon Ice Cream

How To Draw A Cute Ice Cream Cone

I scream, you scream, we all scream for cartoon ice cream! Ok, I may have gone a little bit overboard with this one but hey isnt ice cream most peoples favorite dessert? Sure it is and so its definitely something to get excited about!

Traditionally, its thethree-scoop ice cream deal that gets everyone excited. For sure why have one flavor when there are so many different kinds to choose from!

Well, in this lesson were going to go ahead and draw an ice cream cone topped off with three of THE most popular flavors chocolate, mint chocolate chip and strawberry.

Of course similar to the cake lesson, when youre all finished you can go right ahead and draw which ever ice cream flavors you like.

Lets get a move on!

Learn How To Draw Ice Cream Cones Like American Painter Wayne Thiebaud And Then Shade Them With A Two Values Of A Color

Wayne Thiebaud is a great example of how an artist might first not be taken seriously, but later admired, once critics stop to take a closer look. His paintings of cakes, pies and ice cream were actually mocked when they were first displayed.

After an art gallery took a risk and showcased Thiebauds work, the world finally witnessed for the first time what a truly marvelous artist he was. One early critic described him as the hungriest artist in California, because of his love of arranging sandwiches, pies, or rows of chocolates in a candy store.

Today Thiebaud is considered Northern Californias greatest artist, famous for turning the simple concept of food into a driving force of art. His work defined a half century and made him a beloved figure in the American art scene.

Teacher Note: If you like to add Principles of Design and Elements of Art to your lessons, you might take advantage of Thiebauds examples of Repetition and Value in his paintings of ice cream cones. His use of repeating cones is a great example of one of the Principles of Design, and the changing value of color is one of the Elements of Art. Both add some great vocabulary words for discussions about what makes up an interesting work of art.

Draw The Rest Of The Cone Pattern

This step is a little bit more challenging so if you find it to be too difficult you can just leave the line drawing of the ice cream cone as is and go over it with darker pencil lines, a pen or a marker. Afterwards you can skip straight to the coloring.

If you want to try this step then below each of the cone pattern lines add another line just a slight distance away from them.

The reason for this step is to have a more realistic looking cone as these lines usually have some volume to them.

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Finish Off Your Ice Cream Cone Drawing With Some Color

That brings us to the final step of your ice cream cone drawing, and its a fun step! Drawing the ice cream cone and adding your own toppings and variants is just one part of how you can personalize it.

The colors and art mediums that you choose have a big impact on the feel of your picture, so this is a step where you should really let your creativity flow!

Ice cream cones can come in all manner of bright and beautiful colors, so theres no limit to what you can do!

You could use some colored pens and bright markers to really make the colors pop! If youd like a less vibrant image, then you could use some watercolor paints or colored pencils for a more muted look.

If you have some crafts and stickers, then using them as the toppings on the ice cream would help give it a cool 3D look!

Drawing Can Help Kids Build Bonds With Their Loved Ones

How To Draw A Unicorn Ice Cream Cone (Ice Cream-icorn)

Is your little one a little slow to warm up when theyre around new people? Sometimes this can happen even if they know someone, but dont see them often. Maybe they have an aunt or uncle that only comes around once in a while, so your child might not be totally comfortable around them yet.

Instead of trying to push the kid to answer all sorts of questions, find something that can make the little one feel comfortable, while still trying to engage with them.

Drawing is a great way for kids to build bonds with the grownups in their life. Try to let the little artist be in their own element and let the grandparents, aunt, or uncle go to them. If the grownup is especially good at drawing, they will likely amaze the child and make the interaction more comfortable for everyone.

Even if they are not good at drawing, just sitting down and doodling together may help the little one feel less nervous. Have the adult ask questions about what they are drawing. Your child will be proud to show off their creation, and it gets them out of answering boring adult questions.

If the only time your child gets to visit with their loved ones is on video-chat, this can add another potential wall between them and Aunt Lauren. Drawing together over a video-call can break up these walls and help them connect. It also helps little ones stay put for more than 30 seconds during these video-calls.

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Draw/ Transfer The Ice Cream Cone To The Canvas

Youll need the traceable for this, a sheet of gray graphite transfer paper and a pencil.

First print the traceable on a standard size sheet of paper .

If youre doing this on a larger canvas, youll need to scale the traceable up in your print settings.

Position your ice cream cone so that the top scoop is about one inch from the top of the canvas.

Place a sheet of graphite paper underneath . Then use a standard pencil to trace the ice cream onto the canvas.

Because this traceable does not include the entire bottom tip of the cone, you can easily finish this.

Simply use a ruler or a straight edge to extend the cone to a point. I made my cone kind of rounded on the bottom.

Paint All The Fun Details

Tip: before doing the details, make sure your ice cream scoops are completely dry!

For the ice cream cone texture lines, I used the tip of my #12 flat brush and the color unbleached titanium.

Using the tip, paint diagonal thin strokes going one direction.

And then paint the lines going the other direction.

To paint the cherry stem, I used a black paint pen. If you dont have a paint pen, you can use a tiny 10/0 round brush and mars black.

To paint the red sprinkles on top of the chocolate syrup, I used the back of the paint brush handle to stamp primary red dots to represent the sprinkles.

For the pink oblong sprinkles, I used a pink paint pen. You can use your 10/0 round brush for this step too if you dont own paint pens.

To paint the chocolate chips on the green scoop, I used the back of my paint brush to stamp on burnt sienna dots in little clusters.

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Paint The Ice Cream Cone

You can go in a different order of painting the ice cream cone, however, I will write the directions in the order that I went in. I started with the brown.

Paint the chocolate sauce in with burnt sienna and a #5 round brush .

Then paint the ice cream cone using a #12 flat and burnt sienna.

Then I decided to paint some unbleached titanium in the ice cream cone.

This blended with the burnt sienna that was still wet. It also helped the cone to look more opaque.

Next I painted the cherry with primary red and a round brush.

Then I painted the top scoop of the ice cream with unbleached titanium double loaded in titanium white.

I used a #12 flat brush for this step.

I double loaded my brush in both those colors but did not mix it all the way.

This is because I did not want the color to look solid but more unmixed/ swirled looking like ice cream.

When you paint these ice cream scoops, do so using circular strokes that kind of contour with the shape of the scoop.

I painted the next scoop with dioxazine purple mixed with primary red and a little bit of titanium white.

Because the dioxazine purple is so dark that is why I mixed the primary red and titanium white into it.

Load your 12 flat in those three colors and paint in circular strokes. Let the colors blend on the ice cream scoop but not all the way.

You can see in the purple scoop how the strokes are rounded. You can also see how that titanium white is in the purple but not blended all the way.

By Step Directions For How To Draw An Ice Cream Cone

How to Draw Ice Cream Cone – Art Lesson for Kids

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw an Ice Cream Cone

  • Draw the top of the cone.
  • Add the bottom of the cone below.
  • Draw the texture by adding lines inside.
  • Draw the left side of the ice cream, with four bumps.
  • Add the swirl tip on the top.
  • Draw the right side of the ice cream, also with four bumps.
  • Connect the sides with three horizontal lines.
  • Add the inside divider lines of the flavors.
  • Trace with a marker and color.
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    Learn How To Draw An Ice Cream Cone That Has The Fun Swirly Color And A Textured Cone This Tutorial Will Break It Down Into Nine Easy Steps

    If students first learned how to draw an ice cream cone with a triangle and stacked circles on top thats certainly not a bad way to start. After all, when they are just trying to figure out how to make a pencil do what they want, perfecting simple shapes is all they really need to be concerned about.

    But at a certain point, some may be ready to draw something a little more complex AND maybe a little more yummy looking? Especially if they are into the fun look of soft ice cream.

    So instead of the usual waffle cone and hard scoops on top, heres how you can draw a standing cone with a soft swirl and curly tip. Its not that hard, if you just take it one step at a time.

    First Step Circles For Scoops Triangle For A Cone

    Drawing a framework for an ice cream cone is as simple as it can get. Four simple shapes drawn in a line is all it takes three circles and one triangle.

    I guess the hard part would be getting your various shapes aligned vertically. To help with this, you may want to begin by first drawing a straight vertical line, and then drawing your shapes over it. Actually, this is a great way of ensuring everything runs smoothly.

    Another thing to mention here the overlapping of each shape. Try to get each circle overlapping the next one by the same amount. Try to draw each scoop about the same size. This will make it much easier to draw the scoops in the next step.

    And so, get your cartoon ice cream framework drawn and then, lets move on to the next step

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    Draw Some Ice Cream On The Cone

    It wouldnt be much of an ice cream cone drawing if it didnt have any ice cream on it! For that reason we shall add some to the image in this second step.

    To draw a nice big dollop of ice cream on top of the cone, we shall start with a round, curved line over it.

    Then, once you have that top curved line you can add four smaller curved lines underneath it to show that the ice cream is bulging over the rim.

    Finally, before we move on to step two you can add a slightly curved line across the top of the cone just under the ice cream to form the top of the cone.

    How To Draw A Double Ice Cream Cone Easy Step By Step For Kids

    How to Draw an Ice Cream Cone for Kids

    December 27, 2019Drawing Tutorial Category: Ice Creams

    Around 1700, ice cream was introduced to the American continent. In 1851, American Zakab Fissel opened the first ice cream factory in the United States in Baltimore.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this double ice cream cone out, very simple. If kids like it, let them follow the steps below to try it out!

    1.Draw a layer of ice cream, like a jellyfish.

    2. Then draw the second layer of ice cream, as shown above.

    3.Draw a curve on the first layer.

    4.Draw a shape at the bottom like the letter V.

    5.Draw a lot of grid patterns on this V.

    6.Finally, simply color it, and the delicious double ice cream cone is ready!

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    Second Step From Top To Bottom Draw Your Ice Cream Cone

    Take a look at the four-step example below. As you can see, completing your cartoon ice cream involves working your way from the very top scoop to the very bottom of the cone

    The reason we work top to bottom is that each scoop of ice cream is sitting on top of the one below it. As such, each scoop is sort of squashing the scoop underneath it. To give off this squashing effect, draw some squiggly lines underneath each circle just like I did above.

    When the cartoon ice cream scoops are all drawn, the only thing left to do is draw the actual cone that makes up the bottom of the ice cream cone. Two straight diagonal lines is all it takes pretty simple stuff.

    And now that youre all done, think of your three favorite flavors and color each scoop accordingly! Now you know how to draw cartoon ice cream.

    One: Draw The Ice Cream

    Once you are all set up and ready to draw, the first step is to draw the ice cream. Start near the top of the page. Draw a circle that is open at the bottom.

    The best way to do this is to draw the letter C with the opening facing down. The size of your ice cream will determine the size of the rest of the drawing, so dont make it too small.

    Once you have the open circle drawn, connect the open points with a wavy line. This makes the simple open circle become a delicious scoop of ice cream! You know when you get an ice cream cone, and there is that little bit that hangs over the side? This is what that line represents.

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    How To Draw An Ice Cream

    Let’s have some fun and learn how to draw an ice cream. The base sketch is very simple – just a cone and two circles.

    Same as with a real ice cream, it is how you dress up your cone that makes all the difference – chocolate toppings, sprinkles and wafers make real ice cream taste better and add a lot of detail and interest to our drawing.

    How To Draw A Detailed Ice Cream Cone

    How to draw ICE CREAM CONE – easy step by step

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 24 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 109,588 times.Learn more…

    This article will show you how to draw a detailed ice cream cone both with and without a scoop of ice cream. This ice cream cone will also be semi-realistic in its details. Follow the instructions below carefully to complete this accurately. Let’s begin!

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    How To Draw Ice Cream

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” – “Ice Cream,” 1920s novelty song

    Ice cream, a frozen confection made from sweetened milk, is popular around the world. Its origins are ancient snow mixed with honey and fruit was sold in the marketplaces in Athens, Greece.

    Explorer Marco Polo first brought the idea of “fruit ices” to Europe from China during the 1200s. By the 1600s, successful ice cream shops had been established in France.

    Ice cream was first contained in a cone during the 1800s, but it was popularized during the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. Legend has it that the ice cream vendor ran out of bowls.

    He asked a nearby waffle vendor – who was selling little due to the heat – if he could fold his waffles to form a container, and the waffle cone was born.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    Ice cream differs in various parts of the world. For example, in Japan, you might find unusual flavors such as sesame seed or sakura flower. In Iran, a frozen dessert is made from vermicelli noodles and rosewater – made with real rose petals – served with pistachio nuts and lime juice.

    Specialty shops often make ice cream right before the customer’s eyes, using liquid nitrogen to freeze the ingredients quickly.

    Would you like to draw an ice cream cone? Now you can, with the help of this simple, step-by-step drawing tutorial.

    Your Ice Cream Cone Drawing Is Complete

    With that, you have successfully completed this guide on how to draw an ice cream cone!

    We hope that by having some easy and more manageable steps to follow you were able to breeze through this guide and end up with an awesome picture!

    We also designed this guide to be easily customizable so that you can create your own unique ice cream cone designs.

    We cant wait to see how creative you get with this image, and were sure to see some incredible designs!

    With some extra details, your own toppings and maybe a background, there are so many ways that you can put your own spin on the drawing to create your perfect ice cream cone.

    When youre ready for a new drawing challenge, be sure to head to our website, as we have tons of drawing guides like this one for you to enjoy.

    We also upload new guides constantly, so be sure to check in often to never miss out!

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