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How To Draw An Octopus For Kids

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What Is An Octopus

How To Draw A Cartoon Octopus

An octopus is one of the weirdest looking marine animals ever. It has a dome, or globe-shaped head and eight arms with suckers, or tentacles. Octopi are found all over the world, in subtropical, tropical and temperate shallow water. Kids love octopi, as they are fascinating creatures. An adult octopus is 60-90 cm long and has eight limbs that protrude from the globe-shaped head. A recent study by experts, shows that two tentacles work like limbs and help the octopus to move, walk across the sea floor.

How To Draw A Cartoon Octopus:

  • Create a base so that you can start easily, for doing this you need to focus on what type of shape basically you needs, and the parameters of it.
  • Draw a big oval which will be head for the octopus later and a small circle at its base from where legs will generate.
  • Draw 2 intersecting lines to mark center of head. Then nicely draw 8 curved lines as outline for legs, coming out from the small cirlce.
  • At one side of the intersection draw a big circle to draw first eye of animal.
  • Draw a semi-circle on the outer wall of the head for the second eye. Add a dark spot in the center of the eyes for the pupil.
  • Once you are done with eyes draw the big bulky head for it.
  • Draw a small curve over the second eye joining a big bulky half curve going downward to the first eye.
  • Draw a curve above the second eye.
  • Draw 2 long curved line meeting at same point to draw the very first leg of it.
  • Draw small curve joining through the frill to the upper part of leg.
  • Keep on drawing the other legs too, just keep their folds in different directions.
  • Draw all the legs in the same pattern, the length of the back legs is smaller than the front ones.
  • Also dont forget to draw frills in between.
  • Draw a very thin line at the lower line of every leg.
  • Draw very small tiny curves in between these 2 lines and form suction of the animal.
  • Your drawing is complete, fill it with the colors, use orange, white, and black.

How To Draw An Octopus Really Easy Drawing Tutorial

Id like to be under the seaIn an octopuss garden in the shade.Hed let us in, knows where weve beenIn his octopuss garden in the shade.– Octopuss Garden, by the Beatles

The is a fascinating ocean animal. The octopus has no bones, and it can contort its body into many shapes; for example, it can make itself long and skinny to fit through a tiny space. This animal is smart, too; the octopus can solve puzzles, such as unscrewing a jar to reach a treat, or finding its way through a maze.

The octopus can change the color of its skin in order to blend in with its surroundings or display its mood. At times, you can even observe pulsing, changing colors on an excited octopus.

The octopus famously squirts ink in order to defend itself. The ink blocks a predators view of the octopus, allowing it to escape, as well as covering the octopus scent. What is octopus ink made out of? It is composed of melanin, the same pigment that tints your skin and hair. Some, such as Australias blue ringed octopus, also have a venomous bite.

The octopus has been featured in art for a long time, including a stone carving from as early as 1900 B.C. Did you know? If you are talking about more than one octopus, three plural forms of the word are grammatically correct octopuses, octopi, or octopodes.

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How To Draw An Octopus Step By Step

The theme of this tutorial is drawing an octopus; well base it on the anatomy of this mollusc but also bring some stylization into our artwork.

Ill show you an easy way to create a pencil sketch from scratch, and then well explore the step-by-step process of drawing with ink liners. We’ll also learn to use dots and mix artistic techniques to our advantage!;

How To Draw A Funny Octopus Easy Step By Step For Kids

How to Draw an Octopus for kids super easy

November 01, 2019Drawing Tutorial Category: Sea Animals

The octopus can not only spray ink six times in a row, but also change its color and structure like a chameleon, to avoid natural enemies or capture food.

Step by step tutorial on how to draw this funny octopus is very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below.

1.Draw a large oval first, leaving a gap at the bottom.

2.Draw two ovals, then one small oval in each oval, and one black dot in each small oval. These are the eyes of this octopus.

3.Draw a small mouth, and then draw two legs.

4.Draw two more legs, as shown.

5. Make some details. It doesn’t need precision.

6. Finally paint color, you can choose your favorite, the funny octopus is done!

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How To Draw An Octopus:

Step 1: To begin your octopus we will start with the mantle of the octopus, draw a pointed oval as depicted below with a curve below the upper line.

Step 2: Draw guidelines for the tentacles in different directions, also mark 2 lines for the further guidelines to draw eyes.

Step 3: Draw guideline for the tentacles, begin each one from the mantle in the outward direction ending with the spiral.

Step 4: Double the line of tentacle in the manner they are thick at starting and thin at the end. Draw 2 eyes at the mark drawn in step 2.

Step 5: Draw a more line to draw suction cups of the tentacles, add more details to the eye.

Step 6: Draw a very small flat oval in the area draw for the suction over tentacles also add another small circle inside the eyes.

Step 7: Add suction cups to other tentacles in the place we have defined.

Step 8: Vary the thickness of the drawing by shading where ever required, add small dots in the background as it is an aquatic animal.

Step 9: Erase all overlapped lines, guidelines drawn for your ease and octopus is ready.

Learn How To Draw An Octopus For Kids Step By Step With This Elementary Drawing Tutorial For Schoolers And Preschoolers

Hey! In this drawing guide, we have prepared a lesson on how to draw an octopus for kids. Despite the fact that people have been studying our planet for several decades, the ocean has not yet been practically studied and one can only guess about its deep inhabitants. But we know for sure about the aquatic inhabitants of the water with tentacles octopuses. Moreover, we can easily draw an octopus in just 8 steps.

are unique marine animals that move by pushing out water with their tentacles. Its easy to draw an octopus, just draw long limbs and an elongated head. Follow the advice of our instructions, and you are sure to get a cute drawing.

Time needed:;20 minutes.

How to Draw an Octopus for Kids

  • Draw the head.

    First you need to draw the head of an octopus in the shape of an elongated oval.

  • Draw the face.

    Inside the resulting oval, draw a face: two inverted arcs for the eyes and one arc in the shape of a smile.

  • Draw the tentacle.

    Using curved lines, draw one of the tentacles to the side of the head.

  • Second.

    Draw a second limb slightly to the right.

  • Add more.

    Draw another one in the same way.

  • The last.

    There is very little left, draw the last tentacle.

  • Add suction cups.
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    Learn How To Draw An Octopus With All Eight Of His Legs This Step By Step Tutorial Will Help You Draw Them Curly Yet Evenly Spread Out

    Classroom experience taught me that curves are some of the hardest shapes for new artists to draw, in the sense that it is initially tricky to see just how curvy something needs to be. A gentle slope of a hill is vastly different that a head of curly hair, and it takes practice to conquer all the levels of curl that are in between.

    So, that being said, adding an octopus to my collection of tutorials has always stumped me because a somewhat real one sounded too complex, and yet I couldnt get excited over an oval and eight straight legs either.

    This guy is a mix of the two, and may look a little complex, but the plan for how to add each legs is broken down into simple steps. By drawing the two outside legs first, then one in the middle, then filling in the rest, students are much more likely to get legs that are all spread out, for a very active looking octopus!

    To learn more about these amazing creatures, theres a great documentary on Netflix called My Octopus Teacher. Its beautiful and fascinating, just be forewarned that theres some circle of life footage, so preview it first to see if its right for your age level. I almost reached for a tissue box while watching it myself!

    Draw Octopus For Kids

    How to Draw an OCTOPUS! Kids Learning Videos

    This article is about how to draw an octopus for kids and beginners in easy and simple steps. Octopus is an aquatic animal and a mollusk, ie, it doesnt have bones only muscles. This is a smart animal that can fit into any small space by stretching itself long and skinny.

    It is a very interesting animal with brilliancy, I hope you all would love to draw this animal. Then why not begin, just grab your paper and pencil to start with. Follow the given tutorial step by step and render this beautiful animal for yourself.

    As octopus can change its colors also according to the environment or the mood, so you can fill it with your choice of color.

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    How To Draw An Octopus Step By Step Tutorial:

  • You should divide the page into four halves. Begin by drawing a circle for the head and draw a horizontal and a vertical line inside the circle, touching both ends.
  • For the eyes, draw two big ovals inside the face
  • Erase the horizontal and vertical lines inside the circle; make sure that the eyes arent erased.
  • Draw a mouth just below the eyes
  • Now you need to erase the edge of the circle, just enough so that you can draw one of the eight tentacles.
  • Now, its time to draw the rest of the arms, just go with the flow.
  • Go ahead and give those eyes some shading, and color the octopus.
  • You can also draw some water around it.
  • What Is Flow Drawing

    Flow Drawing is an art technique developed by us to encourage children to understand shapes and create illustrations, in a much freer way.

    You can think of the flow drawing technique as a how to draw guide with a difference children wont just draw a picture, theyll create a unique work of art, right from their soul.

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    How To Draw An Octopus Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

    This how to draw guide uses the flow drawing technique. Flow drawing is all about drawing with simple lines and shapes that are repeated often to create definition. This technique is perfect for kids and beginners, as it focusses on engaging in the process and developing natural rhythms in creation. Children will use this process to create the simple outline of their octopus and are encouraged to use their imaginations to come up with their own designs.

    Cute Octopus Drawing Easy Step By Step For Kids

    How to Draw an Octopus | Cartoon Octopus Drawing | Easy Art For Kids

    June 24, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Sea Animals

    The octopus can change its color and structure like a chameleon, becoming like a stone covered with algae, and then suddenly rush to the prey.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this cute octopus, very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below!

    1. Draw a large oval and leave a gap at the bottom. Then draw two curves at the gap, and then draw two small ovals as the eyes.

    2.Draw the eyes completely. Then draw a tentacle below eyes.

    3. Draw another two tentacles on the right. It doesn’t have to be precise.

    4. Draw two tentacles on the left.

    5.At last, color it carefully, and the cute octopus is finished!

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    How To Draw A Cartoon Octopus

    In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Cartoon Octopus in 5 easy steps – great for kids and novice artists.

    The images above represents how your finished drawing is going to look and the steps involved.

    Below are the individual steps – you can click on each one for a High Resolution printable PDF version.

    At the bottom you can read some interesting facts about the Cartoon Octopus.

    Make sure you also check out any of the hundreds of drawing tutorials grouped by category.

    By Step Tutorial For Octopus Craft:

    Kids always learn faster when they see pictures. Below is a quick and easy octopus craft that your kids can stick in his room. Craft is a good way of introducing your kid to tools, techniques, and materials. Drawing and craft can teach kids everything from alphabets to numbers to animals and their shapes. Craft helps expand textbook lessons and express concepts and ideas visually .

    The octopus craft listed here is fantastic. With fun materials and simple instructions, it will capture your kids interest and teach him about this unusual creature. The activity will help hone his motor-development skills and hone his hand-eye co-ordination. Follow these simple steps below:

  • Print an octopus template, cut it and trace it on a purple craft foam. Now cut the foam octopus
  • Now use buttons to make googly eyes. And then stick red yarn to make it smile.
  • The best way to help kids do this craft is squeezing some glue on the paper plate, now ask the kid to dip the bottom of each bead into the glue.
  • Now, glue colorful pony beads on each limb of the octopus
  • Now, the colorful purple octopus is ready.
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    Facts Your Kids Should Know About Octopus:

    Before you teach them;how to draw an octopus step by step, you should make him learn some facts about the animal.

  • It is a marine animal and is classified as a soft body animal or mollusk.
  • It is said that an Octopus spends most of its life in hiding
  • It has a well-developed brain and eight tentacles, with two rows of suckers each
  • An Octopus grows up to 1 meter long
  • The animal is one of the most intelligent invertebrates.
  • Studies show that an Octopus learns easily, often from watching another octopus
  • There are close to 300 Octopus species
  • When caught, an octopus will release a cloud of black color ink to obscure or block the attackers view
  • They are jet swimmers and can vanish in water
  • An amazing mimic, the species is capable of changing body shape to match other animals.
  • An Octopus has the tendency to lose an arm to escape a predator and regrow it later
  • They are active predators and remember the environment and lifestyle. They are capable of complex behavior.
  • How To Draw An Octopus Step By Step Guide

    Teaching Kids How to Draw: How to Draw an Octopus

    Learn how to draw an octopus with our super simple and fun Octopus How to Draw step-by step-guide! Our how-to makes drawing octopi easy and paired with the flow drawing technique, this happy octopus can be drawn in just a few simple steps.

    The octopus is such an exciting subject for children to draw, especially in an animated cartoony style as they can experiment with different emotions with just a few small changes to the eyes, mouth and arms. For instance: bold, wide and bright eyes create the impression of a happy octopus. Angular shapes and sharp lines will create the impression of an entirely different set of emotions. To enhance character and create emotion, the octopuses arms could cross over, be tangled or chaotic, swaying in all different directions. Exploring these little changes can expand the entire how to draw tutorial into a full blown art project that encourages children to use their imagination and think about characterization and story-telling in their design.

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    How To Draw An Octopus

    • Pin

    Another sea dweller joins the ranks of our drawing tutorials learn how to draw an octopus. This one is perfect for both kids and kids at heart ,

    This tutorial will show you how to draw an easy cartoon like octopus in just a few steps. Grab our printable and learn how to sketch one of your own wherever you want.

    *this post contains affiliate links*

    Our step by step tutorials make drawing for kids easy peasy! Clear step by step images will guide you from the first stroke to the end character, which will always turn out great!

    To make the drawing process easier, and also classroom friendly, theres always a sheet with all the steps you can print and give to your kids, or to use yourself.

    If you want to draw a fun ocean scene, why not also grab our how to draw a turtle tutorial, or for a bit of fierceness the shark drawing tutorial.

    How To Draw A Cartoon Octopus Easy Step By Step For Kids

    April 07, 2020Drawing Tutorial Category: Sea Animals

    This is a cute octopus, with a big head and many tentacles, especially like a creature from an alien planet.

    Step by step tutorial, teach you how to draw this cartoon octopus out, very simple. If kids like it, follow the steps to try it out!


    How to draw a cartoon octopus

    1.Draw two eyes first, just like looking at something.

    2.On the left side of the eyes, draw a few tentacles.

    3.Draw a tentacle under your eyes, and a few rings on the tentacle.

    4.Draw two more tentacles on the right side.

    5. Draw the outline of the head on the top, as if wearing a high hat.

    6.Finally, color it carefully, and the cartoon octopus is done!

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