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How To Draw An Orange Slice

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Using Dried Oranges On Cakes And Cocktails

How To Draw A Watercolor Orange Slice In Procreate | Beginner Friendly | Step-by-Step Tutorial

If you are making dried oranges slices for cocktails and cakes I would suggest making them and storing them away from ones you want for decorations. Just to keep them hygienic.

If you are using dried orange slices on cakes or cocktails the moisture will rehydrate the oranges and they might get a little tacky or sticky. There is nothing wrong with this and its completely normal.

I would recommend throwing them in the food waste or bin after theyve been used as decorations for cakes or cocktails, as we want to keep the culinary ones clean and ready to use. If they are in a good condition you can give them a light clean and add them to the decoration box so you arent wasting any.

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450×470 orange slice clipart orange slice vector art clip art house – Orange Slice Drawing. This step is very easy. Sketch the leaf with. 450×470 orange slice clipart orange slice vector art clip art house – Orange Slice Drawing.

How to draw cute style.

Lets draw a leaf.

Remove the intersecting curve and a hollow star on the first shape that you draw in step 1.

Step by step How to Draw an Orange Slice in 5 easy steps.

Begin the drawing with a simple outline of the oval shape of the orange.

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How to draw an orange slice in 6 steps.

How to Draw an Orange Slice step by step learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults.

Instructions For Orange Drawing

Instructions to follow:

You must know how to draw an oval and circle. This is compulsory as there is much use of these shapes. Moreover, consistency and smart work is the key to success. You can take pauses while working on this.

Step 1:

Start your orange drawing with a circle. You can choose a compass or any lid rim for this circle drawing.

Step 2:

Step 3:

Remove the intersecting curve and a hollow star on the first shape that you draw in step 1.

Step 4:

This step is very easy. Draw a small circle in the oval shape. Also, sketch another curve just behind the oval shape. Follow the image.

Step 5:

It is time to give this orange a real look. Draw a raindrop shape slightly oval by keeping the pivot in mind. Draw them left and right side. I suggest you have a look at this image.

Step 6:

Repeat the same, as you did in step 5 but now position will be upward and downward. Do you love Strawberry drawing? An amazing pulpy drawing for kids.

Step 7:

Step 8:

This is your final step. You can skip it or carry it with you. Remove the pivot point to give more authority. You have completed an orange slice drawing too.

Great you are! Well wishing you have completed your orange kids drawing.

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Storing The Dried Oranges

Storing them is pretty easy and they will last for years if done right. Once youve made them pop them in a box or bag in a cool place. If you have time you can put them in a box with greaseproof paper but once they are dried they should be absolutely fine.

I have some which are about 5 years old which are still perfect for decorations. They are great at lasting if you dont get them moist otherwise they might start going bad.

They will change colour over time so I think they will last a few years easily. If they lose their colour and you dont want to throw them away. You can add them to a bag of Christmas potpourri or make your own.

Once youve used the dried orange slices for cake decorations/if theyve come in contact with other food it would be best to dispose of them after use. The moisture from cakes and icing can cause them to start them going bad.

The house will smell amazing and fresh when you make them.

I would recommend checking on the orange slices every 45 minutes to make sure they havent fallen through the oven shelves.

Second Step The Design Of A Cartoon Orange

Learn How To Draw A Citrus Slice — iCanHazDraw!

Circles and curves are the steps to take in bringing your fruit into view. The distances apart, and individual placement of each are what ultimately convinces the observer either YES it is this kind of fruit! or the opposite reaction of what is it!?

Six examples

Consider this. If you were to use an orange marker/vector line/pencil crayon/etc. instead of black you can create some really neat “cartoony-yet-still-sort-of-realistic” effects. Give it a shot!

Alright thats a wrap.

Orange you glad you did this lesson?

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We Draw An Orange In A Cut

In this step-by-step technique, you will be able to learn in detail how to draw an orange with a pencil, and also to avoid typical mistakes.

Let’s consider in detail how to draw an orange in a cut. This stage requires accuracy in drawing details.

Inside the main circle you will need to draw moreone circle. The gap between them should not be large, since in the future it will become a shell of citrus. The center needs to be designated with one more small circle. The second circle is divided into a number of segments. You must understand that they must be different and differ in width.

This technique will make the orange realistic.

When drawing slices, you should start with triangles,gradually rounding the corners to give the desired shape. Now you need to give some thickness to the partitions between the orange slices. It remains only to erase all the roughness, inaccuracies and auxiliary lines, drawn earlier. Your drawing is ready, you can start coloring.

Adding Them To Christmas Presents

Dried orange slices look very elegant tied on to a brown paper wrapped present with string and maybe a pine cone or cinnamon stick too. You can also add them to finely decorative wrapping paper. Dried orange slices look stunning against dark blue and green for a luxurious present tied with a white ribbon.

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How Long Do Dried Orange Slices Last

Dried orange slices will last a few hours if not more if looked after. Over time they will lose their colour but they are still beautiful and useful. At home, I use the older ones in vases of Christmas potpourri where they will be able to blend into a mix. The first one I ever made 7 years ago are still used but not as orange anymore. They still look lovely.

Yellow And Brown Orange Coloring

How To Make A Felt Orange Slice

This is the animated fruit drawing. There are no actually yellow or brown-oranges. Draw yellow and brown color to these images. This is your practice time. You can choose any color for this purpose.

You have completed how to draw an orange step by step. With a happy ending with these juicy fruits. I suggest you find Strawberry Drawing as well. More than these fruit easy drawings you must take care of yourself and take them regularly in your diet. A healthy body has a healthy creative brain.

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Dried Orange Slices For Gin

If you a regular reader of my blog you will know how much I love cocktails and creating easy ones that you can make at home. Making dried orange slices for gin is a great way to use the slices to make a cocktail look extra special so easily and with barely any effort.

Follow the recipe below to make the dried oranges in the oven.

When you are ready to have a cocktail night you can either add the dried orange slices in the hole to the glass or do a small cut to get them to balance on the side of the glass. Both ways they will look gorgeous and take your cocktails at home to the next level.

Check out my cocktail recipes to be inspired on what you can make.

What Can Use Dried Orange Slices For

I have made so many batches of these in time for Christmas. I use them for cake decorations, decorations for the tree and even tied to the presents to add a little foodie treat to go with the gift tag. Since they last for years you can make a load and keep them for last minute decorations.

I love having some saved for a last minute Christmas cake or cupcakes. The dried oranges always look gorgeous so they are a quick decoration which everyone will love.

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Draw An Outline Of The Plate

Finally add the outline of the plate the cake will be sitting on. At the angle the plate is drawn on it will appear as an oval.

The top of this oval should be slightly flattened compared to the bottom. This means that if you divide the plate in half horizontally the top part should be narrower than the bottom.

The reason for drawing this way is to show perspective which makes objects seem smaller as they go off into the distance. As the upper part of the plate is farther away from the viewer it will appear smaller.

You can again see the perspective tutorial linked earlier for more on this.

Draw The Outline Of The Cake Slice

Easy Art (Orange Slice) Crayola Colored Pencil Drawing (Dremico’s Art)

In this case the slice will be drawn in 3/4 view somewhat below the level of the viewers eyes . This is a good setup as it presents the cake in a position you are likely to see it .

If for example you were to draw the cake directly from one side without showing the top of the slice this could look somewhat unnatural. For such a view to occur the person having it would need to hold the cake at the level of their eyes looking directly at one of its sides.

For more more about eye level see:

For the actual drawing process begin by outlining the main shape of the slice as shown in the example above. You can deliberately make your lines slightly wobbly to make them look more natural as usually the cake slice wont be perfect in shape.

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Orange Finished Shaded Drawing

As you continue shading the orange there are a few more things to be aware of. One is that the shadow will be darker towards the base and lighter as it progresses outwards away form the orange. Another is that there will be a lighter spots on the dark side of the orange. This spot is caused by the light reflecting from the surface the orange is sitting on.

For a more detailed explanation of light and shadow when shading some basic shapes see:

Shade the wrinkle areas of the orange darker on the sides that are facing away from the light and lighter on the sides that face towards it.

Once the orange is almost fully shaded you can add a series of tiny dark spots to reinforce its bumpy texture. You can also add tiny light spots using a kneaded eraser with a pointy tip.

It may take some practice and experimenting to really get the texture so dont give up if it does not look right the first time.

How To Draw An Orange: In Stages With A Pencil

This orange fruit is considered the most popularraw materials for fresh and juices. It contains a lot of essential oils and vitamin C. But it will not be about its benefits to the body, but about creativity. After reading this review, you will understand how to draw an orange, using only a simple pencil.

Let’s try to paint this fruit beautifully and professionally.

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You Can Refer To The Simple Step

How to draw slices oranges and oranges

Step 1

Start by drawing a circle to outline the fruit.

Step 2

Draw orange trunk, delete as needed. Draw a cylinder with a smaller cylinder sticking out from one side. Donith forgot the small ovals at the tip.

Step 3

Draw a leaf protruding from the trunk. Sketch the leaf with two curves that meet at one point. Draw a curve down the center of the leaf to form a central vein. Then draw short, curved lines extending from the veins, forming smaller veins.

Step 4

Orange texture. Draw curves extending from the base of the trunk. Then draw dots all over the surface of the orange.

Step 5

Erase part of the orange and draw an oval overlapping it. This will become a second orange.

Step 6

Use a series of curves, connected to surround an irregular shape in the center of the orange. Then draw the curves extending from the center. This is where the orange, or carpentry parts, meet.

Step 7

Fill your orange color. What color should it be? Orange, of course! Unripe oranges are green and blood oranges are red.

How To Draw An Orange Step By Step


Step 1. Start drawing with a pencil sketch. Oranges should be located in the central part of the composition. Draw first one orange. As a basis, the circle will serve you. Below this figure, draw another circle. It will become the basis for the second orange in the section.

Step 2. You will need to draw a more detailed figure of the whole orange. Contours should be uneven for giving realism to the cut and whole lemon.

Step 3. Draw a border on the bottom cut orange. In form, it should resemble a crescent moon. So you will be able to transfer the bulk of the fruit. You can draw a core and outline the lines by which you will draw orange slices in the next steps.

Step 4. In the continuation of the previous step, it is necessary toFor each line drawn, add one more. They form an acute angle between them. The lines must diverge and form the base of the rounded shape.

Step 5. Okantuyte and draw branches and leaves. Put the shadows on the leaves and stroke them parallel to the veins.

Step 6. Draw a citrus fruit surface. Evenly draw it across the individual sections of the cover. Peel is depicted in the form of small commas. Such a technique will give your composition naturalness and accuracy.

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How To Draw A Slice Of Cake Step By Step

This twelve step tutorial shows an easy way to draw a slice of strawberry shortcake in a simplified anime/manga style.

Same as several other tutorials here on AnimeOutline drawing a cake slice is not directly related to anime. The Japanese short cake is however fairly common in scenes where the characters go to a cafe or have some sweets. Drawing a slice of it is not particularly complicated but the examples and drawing tips in this tutorial can make it even easier.

Start the drawing in pencil and make light liens that you can easily erase. You can darken them later on right before adding color.

How To Make A Double Twist Orange Slice

Using a chef’s knife cut off one end of the orange crosswise.

Cut a thin slice halfway through.

Cut another thin slice all the way through.

Cut a slit in the center of the solid half.

Twist in opposite directions.

Arrange on plate with the opening top slices.

CanadianLivingDotCom. “How to Make a Double Citrus Twist.” YouTube. YouTube, 01 June 2016. Web. 22 Nov. 2016.

  • 1.0 Orange

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Add Shading & Finish The Strawberry Shortcake Slice Drawing

To finish the drawing add some very basic shading.

In this case the light will be coming from above the slice slightly behind it and to the right of the drawing.

This means the slice will cast a short shadow on the plate . You can shade this areas a light grey. It also means that the side of the slice facing towards the viewer will be in shadow. To show this shade frosting along it a slightly darker yellow as compared to the frosting along the top.

You can also add some shading below the cream surrounding the top strawberry as well as along the bottom of the strawberry itself and the area right below it.

Finally also add a bit of a shadow below to the plate .

Once done with the shading you should have a finished drawing of a strawberry shortcake slice.

How To Draw A Lemon Simple

How to Make Orange Slice Shaped Soap | Bramble Berry

Stage 1

The fruit itself is not difficult to draw, since it has relatively simple shapes: an oval as a whole and a circle in section. From these basic shapes, we will begin to draw a slice of lemon and whole fruit.

Stage 2

Lets make the resulting sketch more similar to a real fruits contours: slightly lengthen the tail in both pictures.

Stage 3

In the whole fruit, draw attachment to the stalk, resembling an asterisk in shape. The uneven surface of the skin, covered with pimples, can be conveyed simply by dots in the greatest shading place.

At the half of a lemon, on the cut line, draw slices that look like triangles with rounded corners. These triangles are directed to the center of the lemon to the core.

Stage 4

The main drawing is complete. It remains only to trace the images contour with a thin felt-tip pen or pen and add color. Give the bright yellow skin a more natural look by adding shadows, as shown.

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How To Draw A Cartoon Orange

In this lesson, lets draw a simple cartoon orange as it would appear sliced in half, and viewed from the center. Truly, a circular version of this fruit would be easier to draw. A circle with a small green part at the top, would do just fine. Thisll be fun though.

Similar to the pizza lesson in the food section youll notice that I use a very analytical approach to the design here. This way, whether youre just sketching or actually designing youd got a sure-fire way to go about it.


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