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How To Draw An Owl Face

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Shape The Neck And Wings

How to Draw an Owl

Erase the outer lines where the head and shoulders connect, then draw new lines that angle slightly inward to reconnect the head to the body. The owl should now have one continuous body shape with a face. Add the wings by drawing curves downward from the owl’s shoulders, within the body shape. The curves should arc in the opposite direction of the outer body shape, with the right wing longer than the left. The right wing should be as long as 3/4 of the owl’s body, not including the head.

Add The Facial Details

Draw the “ear” tufts by making outward-facing curves down from either side of the protruding V lines, as if drawing cat ears. The bottom of each curve should connect to the head.

Draw the eyes by making circles that look out from either side of the V on the face. The bottom of each eye should hang down as low as the point of the V. The circles should be slightly flat on top, as if drawing eyeglasses.

Make the beak by drawing a long, narrow, vertical football shape that starts at the point of the V and continues most of the way down the owl’s face.

Do You Need Construction Lines To Draw An Owl

If you have a lot of experience with drawing birds or owls, in particular, you probably could draw one without the construction lines. If, however, you are new to owl drawing or drawing in general, it is always easier to use construction lines. Construction lines help you to get the shape, perspective, and dimensions of your owl perfect.

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Drawing The Owl With A Graphite Pencil

How to draw an easy Owl | in 5 steps

I outline the general shape of the head. Its width and height are nearly equal. The height of the head shape fits into the height of the body approximately 2.5 times.

With the same rough lines, I add the body and the framework of the leg that is closer to the viewer. There are four toes, but one of them is facing backwards.

I refine the head, adding the characteristic heart-like outline. To draw the eyes and the beak, I help myself by marking a center line that divides the owls face into two halves. Later, well add feathers around and above the beak, making it resemble a nose.

I also add the eyes. The distance between them is slightly greater than the width of a single eye.

Barn owls dont have ear tufts. By the way, all owls have excellent hearing, but barn owls have even bigger advantage.

The heart-shaped facial disk, created by the feathers, form a hollow disk around the entire face. It operates as a satellite dish capturing and locating the sound. Two ear openings are located at both sides of the disk. As it is for other owls, the ear openings are positioned slightly asymmetrically, which allows for greater accuracy in pinpointing the exact location of a sound.

I change the contour line of the body, making it smoother and more organic. Now we have graceful curves in the breast and leg areas.

The legs are long and slender. Theyre covered with feathers, except for the lowest parts. I also draw the long toes with talons at the ends.

Lets proceed to the inking part.

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How To Draw An Owl: Base Sketch Step By Step

Step 1: Draw the base ovals for the owl’s head and body

As usual, our how to draw an owl tutorial starts with very simple shapes to set the base body proportions.

Draw one flat laying oval for the owl’s head. Then attach an overlapped larger oval at a slight angle for the owl’s body.

Step 2: Sketch the wings and mark the face

Then sketch the base wing shapes. These are leaf-shapes made from two curves, starting at the shoulder and meeting at the wingtip. The left wing is partially hidden behind the body – so we only draw one long side and finish with a short line coming back up to meet with the body outline.

Step 3: Sketch the owl’s face

Let’s use our facial cross to place the owl’s beak first. Start the upper beak curve right in the middle, where the lines cross and draw a nice, sharply bent beak, similar to our parrot drawing. Draw the middle line as a simple S-curve to give the owl a nice smile. Then draw a simple curve for the lower beak portion.

Finally, add two large ovals for the eyes – these are again centred around the horizontal face line, spaced equal distances from the vertical face line.

Step 4: Sketch the mask, ears and feet

Let’s add a few final details to complete our owl drawing sketch. First, double up the eye outline to sketch the feathery mask around the owl’s eyes.

Then add two “eyebrows” made from”S” curves that stick halfway out from the head as the owl’s ears.

Step 5: Add final details

Direction Shape And Silhouette

You should start from the line, which will designate the direction of the bird`s body and its pose, and mark the silhouette with a simple geometric shape.

Do not neglect the line it will help to create a symmetrical drawing of an owl and the bird`s body will keep the balance. Build the shape starting from the line.

After we have located the bird on a sheet of paper, we should improve the image a bit and make the silhouette and the parts of the body clearer. Let`s improve the shape of the head, wings, tail and add legs.

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How To Draw An Owl Easy

Step 1 First draw a circle for the head and a tilted egg for the body.

Step 2 By following the shapes in step 1, we draw the outline of the owl i.e. the feathers and some detail as shown.

Step 3 We draw more outlines which includes the eyes and the beak of the owl as shown.

Step 4 Now we have a complete structure of the owl. So begin shading and erase the outlines on the areas that we have worked upon.

Step 5 We shade the feathers are darken them in oval shapes to make the feathers distinct. The end of the oval should be pointed.

Step 6 To define the feathers more and fill empty spaces we draw lines in the feather. And darken some areas of the feather to give it a 3D look.

Step 7 Dont smoothen the feathers as will not look realistic then. Keep the feathers bit scratchy to look better. Darken the eyes.

Step 8 Now at last shade the chest and leg portion to indicate the furs.

Materials For How To Draw An Owl Face

How to draw an Owl
  • Pencil. The Ticonderoga brand are the most reliable, make nice dark lines when you need them, and are the easiest to erase. Buying the pre-sharpened ones will save busy teachers a lot of time.
  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tip erasers, especially when erasing leftover pencil lines after tracing.
  • BlackSharpie Marker. These fine point permanent marker pens make nice black outlines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath to protect your tables.
  • Prang Crayons. These are a bit softer than other crayons so they sometimes look like oil pastels. They also have a some nice brown shades that Crayola does not have unless you buy their larger boxes.
  • Crayola Crayons. The reliable brand that always works well. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors that seem a bit richer and warmer than the ones Prang has.

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How To Draw An Owl

Learn how to draw an owl that is cute, colorful, and beaming with personality!

In this step-by-step drawing lesson, I’ll show you how to draw a whimsical owl that you can decorate with bright colors and patterns. Owls are fun to draw because of their wide eyes and fabulous feathers. They look great when you fill them with detail.

You can really have a lot of fun with this lesson and use different colors and designs each time when decorating the owl’s wings, head, eyes and body. The possibilities are endless!

This lesson is an excerpt from Draw Groovy, my 64-page book containing easy step-by-step lessons on how to draw cute, whimsical images decorated with fun patterns and colorful designs.

Draw Groovy is available on , Book Depository, Barnes & Noble, and other fine booksellers!

As an affiliate of Amazon and Book Depository I earn from qualifying purchases.

Draw An Owl In A Tree

This owl tutorial will show students how to draw a more realistic owl, without getting too lost in the details. In fact, its really more of a silhouette that includes the ears, bumpy feathers on the wing, and pretty scallops on the end of the tails. Color him a pretty brown, OR fill him in black like the tree for a more spooky look.

Drawing Tip of the Day: Remind students to not take any shortcuts on drawing the tree branches. There needs to be quite a few of them, with very curvy shapes so they look old. They are half the fun of the drawing!

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Final Shading And Finishing

Make the owl look even more realistic with shading in areas such as under the wings and the underside of the belly and tail. Shading also makes the owl look more three-dimensional. Draw a background or shaded area for the owl to complete the picture if you like.

Drawing owls becomes easier after you’ve done it a few times. The same overlapping ovals technique can be used to draw other animals as well.

Constructing The Owls Face

How to Draw a Cute Cartoon Owl Easy step by step

Owls are known for their symmetry, so we want to ensure that our owls face is as symmetrical as possible. The easiest way to do this is to use some construction lines. Begin by drawing a vertical line right down the center of the owls head circle. Just above the center of this vertical line, draw a horizontal line that goes directly through the circle. Draw two more horizontal lines below this first one, with the bottom one sitting on the top of the main body oval.

In the next step, we are going to use these lines to position the eyes, nostrils, and beak of our owl.

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Easy How To Draw An Owl Face Tutorial And Owl Face Coloring Page

The great thing about learning how to drawing an owl face, is that you have much more room to draw all those wonderful owl details. The sprig of feathers that look like brows, the many rings of color around the eyes. Students even have room to add those little white shiny spots that show where light is reflecting.

Owls have very flat faces. They are able to rotate their heads some 270° this is because their eyeballs are unable to move . Without peripheral vision and without the ability to turn their eyes, they focus on their food and fly straight toward it. These are all adaptations they made for hunting prey in dim light.

There are many different types of owls, but this tutorial focuses on how to draw the face of a Great Horned Owl. With its long, earlike tufts, intimidating yellow-eyed stare, and deep hooting voice, it is the quintessential owl of many a storybook.

Adding Details And Fine Lines To Your Owl

Now, this step may be an intimidating jump for you, but remember that you have already laid all the difficult groundwork. This step may seem intimidating but with some patience and will, you can achieve the correct and realistic details as shown. Using tiny little strokes, frame the owls face with two circles. You can follow the head construction circle for this. Make sure that these fine lines are drawn in an outwards motion, to mimic the feather patterns on an owls face. Use similar little lines in an outwards motion around each of the eyes, and you can add as many as you like around the face to add texture and detail.

Tip: Begin drawing the outward flowing fur of the Owls face from the center line of the head at the top and split the outward motion into two directions, each side will have the fur going around in their respective directions.

You can now begin to add texture all over the rest of your owls body. Using a combination of short feathery lines, and longer ones, as well as small dots, you can create the impression of feathers. You can also draw swooping layers of feathers long the owls wings, and highlight the direction that they are lying with long, sweeping lines.

Tip: To draw realistic feathers on the wing, draw one layer of feathers at a time, think of it as waves of feathers, one on top of the next layer. Darken the outlines of the feathers.

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Outlining The Shape Of Your Owl

This is one of the biggest steps in the whole process because it involves pulling together all of the work that we have done so far. We are going to use all of the construction lines that we have drawn so far to create the outline of our owl. You can begin by following the curve of the head circle over the entire upper half. Halfway down the head circle on either side, you can bring the line down, away from the circle to join it with the outer line of the body oval.

If you look at our example, you will see that we do not follow the construction lines exactly. The top of the body, for example, where the head joins on, is slightly above the oval construction line.

You can take the line over the back of the owl, and just before you reach the intersect of the wing and body ovals, you can begin to draw little lines that curve up to indicate wing feathers. These feathers can be subtle here. Continue to take the line down onto the wing oval, coming to more of a point at the bottom of the wing, and then curving back up, following the wing oval quite closely until you get to around three quarters into the main body oval.

You can now erase any of the visible construction lines, leaving your fine line outline. We do recommend leaving the head construction circle in place, because that will help in the next step.

How To Draw An Owl With Pen And Ink

How to DRAW an OWL

Eugenia HaussStrigiformes

In this tutorial, well walk through the process of drawing a barn owl. Hopefully, well also learn a couple of fun facts about owls along the way!

First, well sketch our bird with a graphite pencil to create an underdrawing. Then, well complete the artwork with ink liners. Ill be using three ink liners on a relatively small, A4 paper size. You may use nib or dip pens, if you prefer.

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Learn How To Draw An Owl Easy Enough For Beginners Start A Sketch With This Tutorial Step By Step Drawing A Bird For Beginners

In this drawing instruction, you will learn how to draw an owl easily for artists of any level of sketching skills. Owls are a large group of birds of prey with an unusual lifestyle when compared to other species of birds. Most owls are nocturnal, for which they are called nocturnal birds of prey. And their unusualness is due to the fact that eagles, hawks, and other birds of prey are engaged in hunting mainly in the daytime. Owls are very different sizes depending on the species. The length of a small owl reaches a maximum of 20 centimeters, and the length of a large owl can reach 70 centimeters. The owls have big heads that because of feathers seem round, and the face of owls because of the feathers looks flat.

We hope that this step-by-step guide will help you to sketch the owl quickly and without much difficulty. Enjoy your sketching process!

Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw an Owl

  • Outline of the head.

    Sketch the circular shape of the owls head using the first step as an example.

  • Draw the ears.

    Sketch pointed to large owl ears as in showing the example.

  • Face shape and beak.

    Sketch round outlines on the owls face. After that sketch out the owls pointed beak.

  • Draw the eyes.

    Now we need to draw the eyes of the owl. Draw a full circle on the right, and draw a semicircle for one eye on the left.

  • Draw the pupils of the eyes.

    Now depict two solid circles for the owl pupils.

  • Draw the feet of the owl.

    Now draw the owls feet and sharp claws on his toes.

  • Adding Final Shading And Blending It Out

    This is the last step in our owl drawing tutorial! In this step, all we are doing is adding a final layer of shading, and blending that out to make our owl appear as realistic as possible. Begin by using a pencil to add shadow to the areas that are realistically slightly darker, including between the claws, on the leg below the wing, and around the feathers on the wing. You can smooth out this shading with a cotton swab or a brush to make it more realistic. You can also add a touch of shadow to the beak.

    Tip: Only add a layer of shading to each layer of the wing at a time. When using a cotton swab, each layer should be darkened independently for the best effect.

    If you look closely at our example, you will see that certain areas on the wing appear to glow a little. To achieve this effect, take the sharp edge of an eraser and use it to erase small lines of the shading on each feather, following the natural direction. create the glow effect take a sharp eraser and erase small lines of the shading on each layer and feather following the same direction of the streaks/lines drawn on the feathers in previous steps.

    Congratualtions for coming to the end of this tutorial! We hope that you are happy with the result, and that you now have the confidence and skills to draw an owl in a range of positions.

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