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How To Draw Anime Head Shape

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How To Draw A Manga Male Head

How to Draw Manga: Head Shape & Facial Features [2016]

In the video, Sophie Chan explains the subtle differences between male and female faces, so this tutorial is especially nice if you want to learn those differences.

The video presents a bit different approach to drawing the head, as Sophie starts from the chin, after the drawing the usual circle. Many starts by drawing the horizontal and vertical lines, but not Sophie, in this video, which makes the process a bit more interesting.

So in a sense, this video shows you how to draw the head before drawing elements like eyes, nose, mouth, etc. In the end, you have a clear head and face structure to draw on further.

How To Draw Manga With Sonia Leong

While the art tutorial video isnt narrated, it still a good video as it shows you and explains to you how to divide features in the head. Drawing the head from a profile might be challenging for some of you, but the simple method shown to you in this video makes the whole process that much easier.

Draw The Face Outline

Down the middle, faintly draw a downwards line from the top of the circle and ending below it by about half another circles length. This will act as the guideline for your characters chin.

NOTE: Older characters tend to have longer chins and more slender faces, and younger characters have rounded faces with shorter chins. From the bottom of the line, draw two curved lines that join it to the edge of the circle to create a rounder or longer chin, depending on the character’s age.

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Drawing Anime & Manga Faces Viewed From Below Hard Angles

This tutorial is a bit advanced, but if you are ready for it, go for it. This tutorial explains how to draw faces from angles that you dont typically see in manga and anime.

One of those is the one where the viewpoint is below the chin, making the chin look big and other features like eyes, small.

The reason why you dont see these too much in the manga is that in manga art, the chin is usually very pointy, aesthetic, or downright beautiful and when you view that from below, you will have to draw the chin based on realism.

Its pretty hard to draw a chin that is pointy when viewed below. It just doesnt work, so in these instances, you cant draw so much in manga and anime style but have to incorporate realism to it.

Which also means that you have to get into the mature style of manga and anime heads.

Keep The Drawing Of The Eyes Simple

How to Draw Manga: Head Shape & Guidelines

The curvature of the eyeball makes it complicated to draw at an angle and symmetrically, so keeping it simple will improve your skill at drawing realistic eyes quickly and relatively easily. Furthermore, take note of the shape of your characters eyes. Does the eye have an inward or downward tilt? Is the iris normally small or large? These will help you sketch your characters eyes at more complex angles.

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How To Draw Anime Faces Tutorial

The video focuses on drawing feminine anime face and head, and what I like about this video is that the artist is pretty thorough with explaining how things work.

Explaining things like which eye draw first and how to draw eyes, etc. makes the video feel complete and entertaining.

If you struggle drawing anime and manga head from an angle, this is one of those videos that covers just that.

How To Draw Anime Girl Face

While the video isnt such a high-quality, the thing that I like about it is the authenticity and the realness of it. There might some coughing and things going in the background, but I still like the drawing that the artist creates.

If anything, the drawing is solid and looks very nice. Its also easy to follow through the video and learn while watching.

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How To Draw Anime Head In Profile / Side View

In this video, the artist shows you how to draw the anime head from the side. When you are drawing the head from the profile view, the principles are the same. You follow the middle horizontal line and place eyes and ears slightly below the horizontal line.

The reason why this video is pretty good is that the artist clearly explains every decision that goes into drawing the manga head.

Draw The First Draft Of Facial Features

How to draw anime head shape

Lets also cut in from both sides of the circle, and create the area for where ears will go .

Okay, this next stage is super important, so keep your focus and energy to get through it. We will now begin to use the markers from Step 2, to carefully place features onto the face, in a very draft-like way.

If you are using a pencil, press lightly and focus more on the overall shape and placement of the feature rather than the details. Eyes can be styled to look like ovals, for now, the nose can be adjusted to just a simple extension of the face. The lips can be simplified as well. We are not looking to draw the final beautiful image we are simply looking to help our minds in the next stage. That is to say, we are placing down a brief sketch for the eyes, the nose, the lips, and ears, to use as an underdrawing in the next stage of the drawing.

It is completely okay, if, at the end of this stage, your drawing looks like a sketchy mess , as long as you can easily identify where you can draw over it.

Keep adjusting your lines and your sketch, to fit the style and expression you are going for. Stop when you are happy with your progress. You should feel like what you have is a good summation of what is to come in the next step. More importantly, you should feel like you have a good base to draw over confidently.

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Use Light And Shadow On The Nose

The nose bridge area of the face is actually a slope, and the protrusion would be less pronounced on a manga-styled character. Instead of drawing a hard line to indicate the nose bridge, I use the shadow or highlights with a sharp edge alongside the nose, which highlights the form of the nose bridge.

Draw A Circle On Your Paper With A Vertical Line Running Through The Middle

How to draw anime head. The proportions dont have to be exact but make the oval narrower at the bottom since that will be the chin. Its been a while since I last uploaded any videos but a lot of people are asking me HOW. When you are drawing the head from the profile view the principles are the same.

Beginner Guide to Picking Colors When Drawing Anime Manga You can draw a vertical line down the middle of the head for the front view to help you insure that both sides are even. To do this lets set a point in the middle of the box formed by the first three rows. How to draw Anime basic Head-Angles Anime Drawing Tutorial for Beginners – YouTube.

How to draw Anime basic Head-Angles Anime Drawing Tutorial for Beginners Watch later. How to draw anime head in any anglesFind awesome drawing courses with amazing teachers. Space out the marks evenly at the beginning.

Step 1 Draw a simple circle. Draw an oval and divide it into 4 sections. Drawing heads can be tough but with the right technique its actually not that hard—–Programs I UseClip Paint Studio.

If you have a too that can help you while painting this circle it will be better but i you dont have it just draw it with your hands and try to practice in order to become good at drawing circles. Once youve drawn the oval draw a horizontal line through the center of it. This will be the basic outline of your anime characters head.

Tutorial Drawing Anime Bodies Drawing Tutorial Anime Head

Pin On Art

Pin On Art

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Get The Head Measurements Right

Manga characters tend to have exaggerated features such as big eyes and tiny noses, but I feel that the profile of the skull should still be consistent with the measurements of the human skull. Above is a simplified drawing of a skull, with the braincase and the facial bones in proportion with each other. Compare this to a more manga head and you can see that the proportions are pretty similar. The ears still sit on the vertical half of the braincase, while the brow line lies on the horizontal half of the braincase.

Experiment With Different Methods


Above is a method of constructing the head with a rounded-edge box instead of the traditional egg shape. I also use the same method to draw three fantasy characters. I skew and manipulate the human skull proportions to fit fantastical characters. Make the eyes smaller, the jaw bigger, or even enlarge the nose. You can use different construction methods to either draw people in a similar style or draw different styled characters, all using the same construction method. Its all about finding the form of the subject that youre drawing. There are many methods of constructing heads, I would suggest testing and trying every one of them that you can find out there! Find a method that suits your art, or develop one for yourself.

This article originally appeared in ImagineFX, the world’s best-selling digital art magazine. .

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Drawing The Smaller Details Of The Face & Finishing The Line Drawing

At this stage you can erase the parts of the face that are covered by the hair and add the smaller details o the eyes such as the eyelashes, pupils, and highlights. You can also shade in the eyelashes and add some more details to the hair.

When drawing the eyes you can lightly outline the highlights with a very light lines so that if you shade the eyes you dont accidentally shade them in also.

Once you are done you should have a finished line drawing of an anime girls head and face.

This is technically a finished drawing and you can leave it as is but if you want to go a little bit further you can move on to the next step for the shading.

You can see the finished line drawing of the facial features without the hair in the way in the illustration above.

How To Draw Anime Heads And Faces

The anime style was created to make animated characters both expressive and easy to animate. This means that many elements of the face have been extremely simplifiedand this means they are easy to draw, too. However, if you want to draw anime characters from imagination, you must know certain rules.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to draw an anime head in various views, step by step. I’ll also show you how to draw manga eyes, nose, lips, and ears, explaining their “anatomy” and styles. You’ll learn how to draw deformed faces as well, and how to create a distinction between males and females. After this tutorial, you’ll be able to draw your own anime heads from scratch!

This is the second tutorial in our series, How to Draw Anime. You may also want to take a look at the first one, to learn how to draw anime bodies:

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Create Frontal Head Tilts

Try visualising the head tilt from the profile view. Using a circle and a box, I can visualise what the head tilt will look like from the side. I draw vertical lines extending from key features such as the chin, centre of the braincase, ears and the top of the head. This enables me to see what Ill need to paint when attempting to draw the head from the front. Above are examples of a manga characters head tilted up and down. Remember to draw the underside of the jaw when drawing a tilted-up head, and the crown when drawing a head thats tilted down.

Drawing The Male Figure

How to Draw Manga: Head Shape & Facial Features
  • 1Make an oval with a pointed bottom near the top of your paper for the head. Place the oval in the top middle of your paper so you have enough room to add hair later on. Draw angled lines down from either side of the oval that extend down to form the jaw line. Sketch the jaw lines so they meet at a point below the oval to form the chin.XResearch source
  • Male anime characters usually have longer, narrower faces than females.
  • Dont draw your circle too large or else you wont be able to fit the rest of the body on the page.
  • 2Extend a vertical line thats 6 ½ times taller than the head down the page. Measure the height of your characters head from the top of the circle to the bottom of the chin. Multiply the measurement by 6 ½ to find out how tall your character should be so its proportional. Start the line in the top center of the head and extend it straight down to the length you found so you know how tall your character should be.XResearch source
  • You can also draw horizontal lines marking the head size along the vertical guide. That way you can visually see where the characters anatomy lines up.
  • 3Sketch in a rectangular shape for the torso. Draw a horizontal line below the chin on your characters head to mark the tops of their shoulders. Add lines down from the ends of the shoulder that angle slightly toward the center guide. Once the torso extends halfway down the vertical guide line, draw a horizontal line on the bottom for the hips.XResearch source
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    How To Draw A Simple Anime Face From 3 Sides Front/side/profile With Guidelines

    Okay, I think Mikey Mega Mega is one of those teachers that are just plain good. I mean, the teaching style is very clear, consistent, and you can easily follow his guidance.

    This video shows you how to draw the anime head from the front, side, and profile. As you can notice from the video, drawing the head and face is not about being super perfect. Its about getting the elements around the right place. The better you can place nose, ear, eye in the head. The better the results.

    But its not about being perfect. Its about being close enough.

    At the end of the video, there is a speed up process on finalizing the head and face to completion.

    Mapping A Cute Easy Anime Face In Real Time

    A very in-depth video on how features a placed in the head. This art tutorial is a bit lengthy, but it does explain rather nicely how to draw manga face and head.

    In the video, you will learn how to draw a nose, for example, from different angles and how the nose curve smooths out when the face is looking more forward than to the side.

    When you are starting out, do use guidelines to help you place the facial features in the right places.

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    Drawing Anime Girl Face Proportions

    Now that we have the construction of the head covered, lets talk about the proportions in Anime and Manga art.

    Proportions of a girls face in Anime and Manga are grounded in reality, with some exaggerated features.

    The most notable are the eyes. The eyes usually appear larger. Eyebrows appear smaller than their average counterparts in real life. . So do the noses, and mouths.

    Studying proportions in Anime and Manga:

    The best way to study proportions is to look at Anime drawings you really like, then measure out the distances between the eye brows and the tip of the nose, the tip of the nose and the chin. As well as measure out the distance between the eyebrows and the hairline, and the hairline and the very top of the head.

    You can also measure our the length verses the width of the head as well. Note that to do this properly you will need to find the head drawing that is at eye level. Various angles of a drawing of the head can foreshorten the drawing and make it hard to measure.

    Once you have these measurements, you can compare them to the Loomis method, note the variation and adjust your Loomis head construction accordingly.

    Compare this with your favorite Anime style, and see what adjustments should be made when you construct the next drawing.

    How To Draw Anime Or Manga Faces

    How to Draw Manga: Head Shape & Facial Features

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    Anime and manga are popular Japanese forms of animation and comics that have a very distinctive art style. If you want to draw your favorite character or design one on your own, start by designing their head and face so you can sketch what they look like. When you first start the head, draw the outline and the basic shapes so you can properly place the features. Once you add the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth, you can erase your guidelines and sketch in a hairstyle. With a bit of practice and patience, youll be able to design anime faces in no time!

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