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How To Draw Anna From Frozen

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Learn How To Draw Anna From Frozen 2

How to Draw Anna | Disney Frozen 2

Recently, Disney launched a new series on the social media page called ‘Draw with Disney Animation’. The social media page of Disney has been regularly sharing tips and tricks on how one can ace drawing their favourite Disney characters. The latest one to join the league is Frozen 2s character, Anna.

The 30-minute long video takes you into depths on how to ace getting the character right on paper. The tutorial is also conducted by Disney Frozen 2s Animation Supervisor Hyun-min. The artist also gives tips on how to get the emotions of the character right in the picture as well.

Check Out Disneys Tutorial On How To Draw Anna:


Anna is the younger sister of Frozens Elsa. The character gained a huge amount of popularity right from the time when Frozen hit the theatres. The character was praised by critics for its ability to go from a cute younger sister to a raging strong woman who can go to height for her sister, Elsa. The sisters, Elsa and Anna were lauded for the fact they did not need a prince to save them but did it all alone.

The latest sequel titled Frozen II was released in November 2019. The film went on to become one of the highest-grossing animated films of all time and was critically praised as well. The film also received a nomination for Best Original Song at the recent Academy Awards.

Learn To Draw Anna From Frozen 2

Travel to Arendelle and beyond with this delightful tutorial on how to draw Anna from Walt Disney Animation Studios Frozen 2!

Frozen 2 Animation Supervisor Hyun-min Lee walks you through each step of bringing Annas positive and fun personality to life on the page.

From the under-drawing sketch to filling in the final touches, learn about the subtle details that give Anna her signature look.

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How did your drawings turn out? Make sure to share your work with the hashtag #DrawWithDisneyAnimation!

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How to draw anna from frozen. Learn How to Draw the EASY Step by Step Way while having fun and building skills and confidence. Both of the shapes combined form the guide for this Frozen characters head. Now just clean up your drawing and possibly color Anna in.

Draw two long curved lines below Annas head as guides for the neck and shoulders. How to Draw Anna For Kids. Under the circle draw an arc similar to the letter U as a guide for the lower part of Annas head or the jaw and chin.

How to Draw Anna from Frozen Since its theatrical debut in 2013 Disneys animated film Frozen has won the hearts of parents and children around the world. Learning videos for children of all ages. Learn How to Draw cute Anna of Arendelle from Walt Disneys Frozen 2 easy chibi step by step drawing tutorial.

RrEMAIL A PHOTO OF YOUR ART. You can print out the base construction lines and start drawing on tracing paper or you can draw the grid layout yourself using the following steps. Pretty Disney princess drawing.

Home Drawing tutorials Cartoon characters How to draw Anna from Frozen. To match her pretty sister here is how to draw punk Anna step by stepAnna is an awesome character too but she is not as popular as her sister Elsa. Then use two curved lines to form a curved shape above each eye indicating the eyebrows.

Princess Anna is the younger sister of Elsa in this popular blockbuster movie. RrAlso check out how to draw Elsa. Step-by-step drawing guide of Annas portrait.

Pin On Anna Frozen

How To Draw Anna From Frozen *new*

How to Draw Young Anna | Disney Frozen

Follow along with me, and learn how to draw Anna from Frozen!

Yesterday we learned how to draw a cute cartoon version of Elsa, and in this lesson, were going to use a lot of the same steps. This tutorial is great for young artists, but still fun for everyone.

Also check out the official Frozen website, just for fun!

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How To Draw Anna

Use the video and step-by-step drawing instructions below to learn how to draw Anna, Elsa the Snow Queen’s sister from Disney’s Frozen. A new drawing tutorial is uploaded every week, so stay tooned!

The step-by-step video tutorial:

Intro: Start off with a pencil sketch. In the beginning stages, dont press down too hard. Use light, smooth strokes for sketching.

Step 1: Start by drawing a circle near the top half of the page. This will be a guide for the top part of Anna’s head. The circle doesnt have to be perfect. Its just a guide.

Step 2: Under the circle, draw an arc similar to the letter U as a guide for the lower part of Anna’s head or the jaw and chin. Both of the shapes combined form the guide for this Frozen character’s head.

Step 3: Draw two long, curved lines below Anna’s head as guides for the neck and shoulders. Don’t draw the lines too far apart or she’ll end up with broad shoulders.

Step 4: Next, draw two intersecting lines across the entire head shape, one vertical and one horizontal. Bend the lines a bit so that they contour to the shape of Anna’s head. These will be construction lines that will help you when learning how to draw Anna’s facial features later on.

Step 5: Draw two small shapes as guides for Anna’s eyes. Draw them sitting on top of the horizontal construction line and on either side of the vertical construction line. The shape of this Frozen character’s eyes are similar to half circles.

  • Start

You Can Refer To The Simple Step


To draw Anna we will need to start with a circle for the head, then draw an arch for the shoulders. Attach a neck, then outline in the facial instructions.


Start sketching Annas face shape, then draw her hair or bangs to get started with the style. Draw in the ear, then move on to step three.


Use facial guides to draw large shapes of her eyes, then draw her nose and mouth. The top part of the cover must be in bold.


Draw eyeballs, then color in the pupils. Draw and color in the eyebrows as well as outline her lips to complete the mouth, and add some eyelashes, and details of the inner ear.


You are almost done. Draw such long curls, then add some texture details to her hairstyle.


As a final step, draw the shape of her shoulders, then draw on the collar and cut the middle of the clothes. Delete the mistakes then you have completed.


This is the art line when you finish it all. You can now color in drawings to complete everything.

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Details Of How To Draw Anna Step By Step

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How To Draw Anna From Disneys Frozen

How to Draw Anna from Frozen

    Anna is the younger sister in Disneys mega-hit sisterly-love-saves-all movie franchise Frozen. Fans of her character can now grab some paper and a pencil and get ready to learn how to draw Anna in this new video tutorial.;

    Your instructor is Hyun-min Lee, who was the animation supervisor for Anna in Frozen 2. Shes intimately familiar with every line and nuance of Annas character, which makes this a unique video in the new Draw with Disney Animation series.

    Unlike some of the other how to tutorials, this is a very detailed tutorial that will help those with some skill already become better and give those who want to get a start some insight into the process.

    Hyun-min Lee talked to syfy about the evolution of Annas character from Frozen to Frozen 2.

    We really tried to keep our focus on making sure that they stay true to who they were in the first film. But also, we wanted to show everybody who theyre maturing into as they go into this new journey,

    I dont know about you, but I feel like Annas journey is not over. Id love to see a third Frozen film as she learns to rule the kingdom of Arendelle.;

    Did you give it a try? Be sure to sign and date your drawing and then share it with us on Facebook!

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    If You Are Bored At Home Then Disney Is Conducting Online Tutorials On How To Draw Your Favourite Characters They Recently Tried To Create Frozen Iis Anna

    Disneys social media page has started drawing tutorials for some of the most famous characters by real animation artists. You can take these tutorials from the comfort of your homes with just barely a pen/pencil and paper. Disney’s social media page recently brought in;Animation Supervisor Hyun-min to teach their online followers how to draw Frozen 2’s Anna from home easily.

    How To Draw Young Anna From Disneys Frozen : Do You Want To Build A Snowman Song

    My favorite part of the Disney movie Frozen is when little princess Anna is singing the song Do You Want to Build a Snowman. I have to admit that I cried all thru the song. It is so sweet and endearing and really quite heartbreaking! Today I will show you how to draw a picture of little princess Anna singing this song to her sister thru the door. She is peering in the little keyhole in Princess Elsas door. We break down this tutorial is simple to follow illustrated steps.

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    How To Draw Chibi Anna From Frozen With Easy Step By Step Tutorial

    Today I am going to show you how to draw a Chibi Anna from Disneys Frozen. Princess Anna is the younger sister of Elsa in this popular, blockbuster movie. I will show you how to draw a cartoon-baby-like or chibi version of Anna with the following simple steps. Find out how to draw her below.

    How To Draw Anna From Frozen

    Drawing: How I Draw Anna from Frozen – REAL TIME – Narrated- Fan Art

    Click HERE to save the tutorial to Pinterest!

    Since its theatrical debut in 2013, Disney’s animated film Frozen has won the hearts of parents and children around the world. It has since been adapted into stage plays, musicals, ice performances, featurettes, and an animated sequel.

    The story of Frozen was inspired by a Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale called The Snow Queen/. Anna’s sister, Elsa, possesses magical powers over ice and snow. After her powers hurt Anna, however, Elsa pushes her sister away.

    After Elsa is crowned queen, her powers are revealed and she is labeled a monster. She builds an ice castle in the mountains so that she can live in solitude. However, she unknowingly releases an eternal winter on the land. When her sister Anna sets out to find her, they discover together that true love is the secret to controlling her powers.

    Scroll down for a downloadable PDF of this tutorial.

    Would you like to draw Anna from Frozen? This easy, step-by-step drawing guide is here to help. All you will need is a pencil, pen, or marker and a sheet of paper. You may also wish to color your finished princess.

    If you liked this tutorial, see also the following drawing guides: Cartoon Castle, Cartoon Princess, and Fairy.

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