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How To Draw Butterfly Very Easy

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How To Draw A Butterfly: Easy Step By Step Tutorial

Butterflies are so beautiful to watch, but I always found them a bit intimidating to draw, especially due to their delicate, complex designs. That is why I decided to create a step by step, easy tutorial on how to draw butterflies.

Once you start the drawing process and break down each line step by step, drawing a butterfly isnt so hard. It takes practice, but when you finish, its one of the most gratifying things to draw.

How To Draw Butterfly Wing Designs

Now we need to add some lines for the inside of the wings. Draw your first line from the body to the upper corner of the wing.


Avoid drawing a perfectly straight line. Allow your line to curve back and forth a little.

Add a few additional lines coming from that main line, down to the bottom of your wing.


Follow that same process for the lower section of the wing.


We need to add a little more detail to this section though.


Fill in the lower section of your butterfly wing by adding in a few more lines coming from that main line that you drew.


Finish up your drawing by completing the opposite side of your butterfly. Make sure you are keeping everything symmetrical.


Finish up your butterfly drawing by adding in more patterns at the bottom section of the right side wing. And then fill in the left side of your butterfly wing the same way.


How To Draw A Butterfly Step

If you a beginner in this drawing field. Try to proceed step by step in drawing a particular sketch. You just need follow steps. Then it will become easy for you to draw a sketch of butterfly. While drawing butterfly firstly, make sure that you are aware of all parts of body of butterfly. As you are doing it first time so try all steps with pencil. So, that if there occur any mistake you can erase it and can retry it also. After that just follow the steps Im writing below:


  • First step is very easy as you just only need to draw an oval. Its very much easy for a beginning also.
  • Now, draw upper wings of butterfly.
  • In the third step draw lower wings of butterfly. Try to draw proper shape of wings as it is not difficult and you can draw this very easily.
  • Now, just need to draw patches inside the wings. As you see many butterflies and all butterflies have different kind of texture in their wings just try to analyse butterfly wings and draw some outline in your sketched butterfly wings.
  • After completing this task. Now, draw head and antennae of the butterfly.
  • Sketch of butterfly with pencil is ready. Now you can easily extend your pencil to give final touching to your sketch.


How To Draw Butterflies

    I love to play with color, and two of the best subjects for creative use of color are butterflies and flowers. So this week on the blog, were featuring some tutorials on how to draw butterflies.

    Since many of these tutorials are in black and white, your children can have some fun coloring their butterflies and making them beautiful.

    I hope youll get out your art supplies and draw along with some of these artists.

    How To Draw A Butterfly: Outline The Drawing

    Step 1: Outline the butterfly

    Now that we have our butterfly completely sketched, it is time to take your soft pencil and outline the body and wings properly.

    Once you have the outline in place, take your eraser, and clean up the sketch lines we will not need them any more.

    Step 2: Add simple wing decorations

    With our base butterfly drawn, it is time to dress it up a bit. Butterflies have some very colourful patterns on their wings. Here we again go for one of the simple decorations circles in the middle of each wing, and a bit of wing edge outline.

    Step 3: Draw butterflys face

    The final step to complete our easy butterfly drawing is to add some face. Butterflies have large eyes on the side of the head lets add those first.

    They suck flower nectar with a long proboscis kind of a tiny elephant trunk, which can be rolled out and used like you use a straw to suck your drink.

    The final all-important instrument on the butterflys head is two antennae used to feel and navigate.

    Painting The Butterfly Drawing

    I usually complete the activity over two days or periods. On day one, we complete the drawing and the tracing with a black marker. One day two we paint. If your class hasnt used watercolor paints before, you should demonstrate how to make proper brush strokes with a paintbrush and the water to paint ratio. I usually use larger paintbrushes instead of the small ones that are typically included with watercolor paint sets.

    Use watercolor paints to paint the body of the butterfly first, starting in the center and working your way outward. I used black for the entire body, being careful not to let it run anywhere or in the eyes.

    Paint different parts of the butterflys wings in various bright colors . Use one color completely before moving on to the next color.

    You could continue to paint the background a different color or leave it as is. The butterfly pops when left against a white background. You could also cut the butterflies out and glue onto construction or other special paper.

    Once everyone completes their spring butterfly directed drawing, they place them somewhere to dry completely. Dont make a mistake and hang them or put them upright. Paint and water would drip down onto the butterflies. Once dry, I recommend hanging them up or creating a fun bulletin board display for spring.

    Step 3: Add The Wings

    Photo & Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

    With the body of the butterfly drawn, it’s time to add the wings. Beginning at the thorax, sketch a slightly rectangular forewing, which should measure a little longer than the butterfly’s body. Then, attach a more oval-like hindwing that ends in the abdomen. Afterward, sketch an indication of the other forewing, starting at the head and ending halfway into the more prominent wing.


    How To Draw A Butterfly: Base Sketch Step By Step

    Step 1: Draw the butterfly body

    We start drawing our butterfly with a simple, but fairly realistic body outline.

    Draw a small flat oval for the head. Then add a wider barrel shaped part of the body this is called a thorax. Oh, here we have an awesome bowling pin!

    Lets add another part, to make a butterfly body out of the bowling pin. Draw a narrow pill shape down from the pin bottom. This part of the butterflys body is called the abdomen.

    Step 2: Sketch the edge lines for wings

    The next step is very simple just six straight lines. These will mark the edges of the butterflys wings.

    We have two lines going up from around where our bowling pin would have shoulders.

    Two more lines, slightly tilted down from the lower part of the thorax the barrel part of the body.

    Finally, we add two more lines pointing down for the lower edge of wings starting at the upper part of the abdomen that is the pill-shaped part of the butterfly body.

    Step 3: Sketch the wing outlines

    Another easy step draw four vertical lines to complete the butterfly wings.

    Join the two ends of the two upper lines on each side these are the larger wings. They are called fore wings they are forward when the butterfly flies.

    The lines for the smaller lower wings go from the end of the bottom lines to about the middle of the large wings. And to continue our biology lesson, the smaller wings are called hind wings.

    Step 4: Round off the wings

    Step 5: Complete the butterfly wings

    How To Draw A Butterfly Flying

    To draw an image showing butterfly flying. You just need to draw an image which shows one side of the butterfly. Draw in such a way, in which one wing of butterfly overlapping another wing. Make tilt image of butterfly. This will give a look in which butterfly is flying. You can do one more thing to draw flying image in which one wing is little bit shorter than other one and try to draw in some acute angle. Do not draw straight image otherwise it looks like simple butterfly sketch. If you become good drawing artist to draw simple butterfly sketch than you can easily make this sketch of butterfly in which butterfly is flying.

    I tried to share all the different kind of butterfly sketches you can draw and impress kids or other viewers with your drawing skills. But still if you think I missed something important which I have to add in this article. Then you can give your feedback in comment section. I will definitely try to improve myself as per you advises and suggestions. Drawing butterfly is not very much difficult task. You just need to focus that you can draw it very easily and it is your cup of tea to draw sketches. Just try to draw again and again until you are not satisfied. And trust me, with the passage of time you will grew as a perfect drawing artist.

    How To Draw A Butterfly Wing Patterns: Finished Drawing

    How to draw a butterfly wing patterns: finished outline drawing

    And here is the completed butterfly wing pattern. We have filled the wing edges and all the gaps in black that way we get a beautiful looking pattern even in a black and white drawing.

    How to draw a butterfly wing patterns: finished drawing coloured-in

    But of course, butterflies, particularly the tropical varieties, are full of colour. We have decided to give our butterfly a nice combination of orange and dark yellow for the inner wing cells, and a matching bright sky blue for the outer cells.

    That is one good looking butterfly here. What colours did you use on yours?

    How To Draw A Butterfly: Easy Beautiful Butterfly Drawing

    Today we will learn how to draw a butterfly with a simplified, but still fairly realistic body and common, yet very easy to draw round butterfly wings. This expands our insect collection containing the ladybug, , bumblebee and spider.

    Next, we improve our easy butterfly drawing by adding an intricate pattern to the wings. The butterfly wings drawing pattern is inspired by the real butterfly wing structure but simplified into easy oval shapes.

    Step 9 Put A Wide Smile On Its Face

    In this step, we will be giving your butterfly an expression by drawing its facial features.

    Start by drawing two tiny shaded circles to create the eyes. Then, draw a small upward curved line below the eyes to form the smile. Now, your butterfly should look extremely happy!

    Finally, its time to do the most exciting partchoosing the colors and filling in the colors for your awesome drawing!

    Butterflies come in a wide range of vibrant colors, but nearly all of them have a hint of black pigment on their wings.

    If you have a favorite color, there is most likely a butterfly with that color. Most butterflies even have more than one color. This gives you a lot of color options to play around with when coloring your butterfly drawing.

    A butterflys most beautiful and mesmerizing anatomical features are its wings. So, make sure to put a variety of vibrant colors on the butterflys wings to make them stand out!

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    How To Draw A Butterfly: Finished Drawing

    How to draw a butterfly: finished outline drawing

    And here is the complete butterfly drawing. While this is a fairly simple way how to draw a butterfly, it is not far from what real butterflies look like.

    How to draw a butterfly: finished drawing coloured-in

    As usual, lets finish our drawing by colouring it in. There are some really colourful butterflies so feel free to choose any colours you like.

    Here we have decided to continue with the simple theme, and coloured our butterfly in a nice soft pink, with purple and red accents and a simple grey for the body.

    Learn How To Draw A Monarch Butterfly In Five Easy Steps

    Stock Photos from Cathy Keifer/Shutterstock

    Once you have learned how to draw flowers, there is no better way to accompany a bucolic garden than with a beautiful butterfly. These colorful insects go hand in hand with springtime and come in a variety of colors and patterns. The monarch butterfly is among the most recognizable with its striking orange and black pattern.

    Want to learn how to capture a monarch butterfly in pen and ink? Don’t let the intricate wings deter youin this tutorial we’ll break down how to draw a butterfly in five easy steps. So grab some paper and your favorite art supplies and let’s get started!

    Step 8: Start Adding Butterfly Wing Patterns

    Were going to map out some markings now. Look at your bowtie and find the upper corner. We want where we outline the markings to be wider here and thinner at the bottom edge. Make an arc from the bottom of the bowtie shape to the top, but bring the end of your arc in towards the head. On the bottom wings make your arcs so the back of the wings has a crescent moon kind of shape!

    How To Draw A Butterfly Step By Step

    To draw your butterfly, begin by making the main body. To do this, start with a circle and an oval directly below the circle.


    It should look kind of like an exclamation point. Whenever you are drawing something, its important to break it down into basic shapes.  Learning how to draw is really about learning how to see.

    And if you can see the basic shapes in something, then youll be much more successful in your artistic journey. You can learn more about this technique at, How to Use Shapes to Draw.


    How To Draw A Butterfly Very Easy

    In this step-by-step drawing instruction, I will show you how to draw a butterfly very easily.

    This very cute and beautiful insect can look very different.

    I have previously shown the process of drawing a butterfly for kids. There was the simplest version, in which there were few details, and the drawing itself was very simple. This sketch will be a little more complicated. Here I decided to make more complex details and shapes.

    How To Draw Butterfly Wings

    Next, you need to draw the shape of your wings. There are four different sections for the wings. Two on the left, and two on the right. Make a couple of small marks on the top of the body to indicate where you want the placement of the upper part of the wings to be.


    Draw a curved line that is rounded at the corner, and goes up to form the top part of the wing. The top of your wing should come out further than the bottom.


    Start at your other indication mark, curving that line up and connecting to your first line.


    Notice the overall shape of the wing. And be sure to keep your pencil lines light until you are happy with how your drawing looks.

    Now move onto the lower section of that wing. Draw this section of the wing so it comes off of the upper section and curves around and back to the body.


    You want to avoid any sharp edges when drawing your lines, so always curve anything you draw.

    For the opposite side of your butterfly wings, draw a mirror image of what you just drew. Butterflies are symmetrical so the two sides should match.


    Draw a couple of antennae on the top of its head. Thats it for the basic shape of your butterfly. Now lets move and add some beauty to your drawing.


    Materials For How To Draw A Butterfly

    This directed drawing can be adapted for any primary classroom or completed at home with a few simple materials. You will need white art paper, pencils, erasers, fine black markers or Sharpie pens, and watercolor paints. I recommend proper paper meant for art because it can handle the water and paint and shouldnt tear the paper if used properly.

    When teaching this art lesson to a class, I recommend standing front and center and using a large easel and chart paper to draw on. Students can sit at their desks with their supplies. I take things slow and draw each step and give each instruction one at a time. I give my students plenty of time to follow along and ask questions. You will have the most success if you model the lesson this way and take your time.

    Your Butterfly Drawing Is Complete

    Butterflies are absolutely beautiful creatures. They are pleasing to look at and seeing them just simply makes your day brighter!

    Hopefully, with this step-by-step butterfly drawing tutorial, you can learn how to draw a butterfly so you can always have one by your side at all times!

    We think this artwork would look great to be hanged up on a wall once its colored and framed. It will definitely make a great decoration for the interior of your house.

    What do you think? In which part of your house do you imagine your butterfly drawing would look best? Perhaps in the living room or in your bedroom?

    We cant wait to see your colorful butterfly drawing!

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    Step 2: Draw The Body

    Photo & Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

    Using your pencil of choice, begin sketching the body of the butterfly. Start with a small circle for the head and connect it to an oval-like thorax which should be twice the length of the head. Then, draw a long and thin abdomen that protrudes slightly at the end into a bulbous shape.

    Photo & Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

    With the body in place, you can add the legs to the butterfly’s thorax. Move halfway down and draw the forelegs in three parts. Then, sketch the hind leg towards the end of the thoraxagain in three parts. Once you’re satisfied with the legs, go ahead and draw one large eye on the butterfly’s head. This should take up most of the room in the circle.

    Photo & Art: Margherita Cole | My Modern Met

    Next, add two antennae at the top of the head, a little above the butterfly’s eye. Underneath the head, you can draw the curly, straw-like proboscisthis is how a butterfly feeds on flowers.


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