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How To Draw Clouds Step By Step

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Final Step Give It Depth

How to Draw Clouds – Step by Step Cloud Drawing Tutorial

Last thing give your cloud some depth. This is where you can really make your cartoon clouds STAND OUT.

So, go back to the humps that you drew in the previous step. And again, keeping things random and all.. extend the lines of select humps so that they cross the perimeter and enter the inner area of your cartoon cloud. Only do this to some of the humps as too many changes will take away from the overall look.

Wow what a quick and easy lesson! Do you agree? Id have to say indeed clouds are one of the easiest things to draw. And now that you know how to draw cartoon clouds, why not draw a whole bunch more enough to fill the sky!

Congrats on some really good work!

Painting Clouds With Acrylic Colours

Step 1. Paint the background.

First, paint the background. When using acrylic, remember they are opaque. So, do not think that it will later mix with the clouds.

Whatever you are painting, whether a scenery or a simple sky, adding the background first helps to set out a base for adding colors further.

Use the shades of blue and white to paint a beautiful background of the sky. You can use light shades of blue or can make one by mixing ultramarine blue and white.

Step 2. Blending

Blending is easy when you know the trick.

Use wet-on-wet technique. This is the simplest way to blend. But it would help if you were quick as once the paint dries, it would not work. Try following this way as a general way of blending.

Some general steps for blending:

  • Use a brush with a broad surface so you can cover much space at a particular time.
  • Take the canvas. Start by painting the darker shade. For example, if you are using white and blue for the sky. Start with blue.
  • Use a damp brush. It should not be dripping wet. Start painting blue from the top. Stop at the middle or a bit lower.
  • Use the same brush without washing it for painting the second colour. Start where the first layer ends.
  • Mix well the two colours where they are meeting.

You can dry paint as well if you are more comfortable in doing so.

Step 3. Use a pencil.

Now, once you have painted the background and it has dried completely, use a pencil very lightly to make the shapes of clouds wherever you want them to be. That is the trick.

Your Cloud Drawing Is Complete

With step 6 complete, you have accomplished your mission of learning how to draw a cloud!

A cloud is the kind of drawing that can be trickier than you would expect when you set out to draw it.

Because of this, we made this guide to make sure that youll have the opposite effect and find out that it can be easier than you think too!

As long as you follow this guide and take it slow, youll not only be able to draw a cloud with ease but youll also be able to create your own variations.

Once you can draw a cloud, what will you do to make the drawing unique to you?

Your drawing journey doesnt have to end here, though, as we have many more wonderful drawing guides like this one coming out constantly for you to enjoy!

You wont want to miss out on them, so be sure to check our site frequently!

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Includes A Photo Collection

Drawing from life is beneficial to every artist.

But I realize that not everyone can get outside to draw. Nor can every artist easily view clouds or take pictures of them.

So Ive put together a collection of some of my favorite cloud photos. The photos are my own so anyone can start drawing clouds the moment they download the tutorial.

Draw Clouds from Life is perfect for anyone who wants to learn to draw clouds from life.

And once you master cloud drawing, youll be able to draw anything else you want to draw.

Skill Level

Beginner and higher.

This tutorial includes a complete, easy-to-get supply list and suggestions for drawing outside. It also contains a selection of reference photos so you can start drawing clouds today!

If youve ever wanted a good, basic drawing tutorial, this tutorial is for you. Start drawing better drawings now!

About Draw Clouds From Life

How to draw clouds – Easy Step-by-Step for Beginners

I wrote this tutorial to encourage artists to take up the challenge to get outside and draw. So the tutorial begins with tips on setting up to draw outside as well as choosing a subject.

But it doesnt stop there.

A step-by-step tutorial follows, showing how I draw clouds using nothing but graphite pencils and an eraser or two. I use the same drawing method described in Draw From Life in Three Easy Steps. This drawing method can be mastered by any artist from beginner upward who is willing to take the time to draw regularly.

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Subtle Shadow Tones And Expanding The Blue Sky

The composition is expanded by a large cloud being painted in the upper right hand corner. I painted a dark shadow and painted lighter more subtle shadow around the darker shadow.

I mixed a varying level of whites. Some whites are brighter while others are just very slightly darker. For the brightest area of whites I just mixed white with a small amount of cadmium yellow or cadmium orange.

Sky And Silhouette Of The Cloud Drawing

Continue to draw the sky that is around the cloud. As mentioned before, pay close attention to the silhouette shape around the upper side of the cloud.

I also used my finger to create a soft edge between the bottom part of the cloud and the sky. This is where you can work on making the cloud feel like it is in the sky.

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Choosing The Right Clouds To Draw

The first step in drawing clouds is to choose the right subject.

  • A deep blue sky will give you good contrast to work with.
  • When observing the sky, a viewfinder can help you to reduce the scene to a manageable size and block out any clutter.

Carefully observe the values in your sky, examine the highlights on the whitest clouds, and note the shadows underneath the clouds. Where can you see crisp, clear edges and where are the edges soft and blurry?

The example we’re working with has a mix of fluffy cumulus clouds and wispy cirrus clouds. It’s a nice practice for the two types and the same approach can be taken for other cloud formations.

How To Draw Clouds

How to Draw Clouds (Narrated Step-by-Step Version)
  • In the first step, all you have to do is draw a curved line to form a half circle. This will act as the top part of your cloud.
  • Along with the previous curve, draw a smaller curved line overlapping the first. By doing so, you are actually giving your cloud a fluffy shape.
  • Once again, draw another short, curved line that must overlap the first one.
  • Just repeat the steps again. You just need to draw a series of connected, curved lines from one side of the cloud to another.
  • Add more and more short, curved and connected lines. Connect the bottom of the cloud to enclose the shape of the cloud with its remaining side.
  • In this step, you need to add more details to your cloud, giving it texture and depth. To make it more unique, draw several sets of connected as well as curved lines within the interior of the cloud. This will result in causing a fluffy appearance. After this, you must allow some of the lines to curl into deep spirals.
  • Now its time to draw another small cloud behind the first. You may use overlapping or curved lines to enclose an irregular, fluffy shape to your cloud.
  • You may add curved lines in order to add details to the interior of the smaller cloud drawn in the previous step. Furthermore, try to draw more and more clouds all around using connected, curved lines.
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    How To Paint Clouds With Subtle Shadow Colors

    Next I add in some subtle shadows in the clouds. Being able to mix subtle shadow colors is key when it comes to painting clouds! Clouds are all about minute tonal changes. If you ever take a close look up at clouds you will see what I mean.

    Of course, stormy clouds will have much darker shadows than those you will see on a sunny day. However, the changes are still subtle regardless of the weather situation.

    For the shadows in the above image I mixed blue with orange. For some shadow colors I would have more orange mixed in, and others less. Then to lighten the shadow colors I would add varying amounts of white.

    What Type Of Clouds Will You Draw

    Drawing clouds seems like an easy task and it is. Yet, when you’re looking to do a great sketch in pencil, it’s important that you pay attention to the subtle details. This exercise will walk you through the process step-by-step and give you the tips required to create eye-catching clouds on paper.

    Possibly the most difficult part of drawing clouds in pencil is the absence of color. We are using simple graphite pencils , so shading is important. You will need to pay greater attention to highlights and shadows in order to make your clouds pop off the page, so let’s get started.

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    Creating Additional Dark Shadows Along With Warm Lights

    I expand my cloud area with shadows. In addition to painting in shadows I also add in warm light areas in the shadow.

    Just like it is important to create subtle tonal changes in your shadows the same is true for the light value colors. I mix some lights that are not just slightly darker but also mix some lights that are warmer.

    To create just slightly darker lights I mix in a small amount of blue/ cadmium orange mixture to my white. To make my white warmer I mix in some cadmium orange and or yellow!

    Create Shadow Shape When Drawing Clouds

    How to Draw Clouds with Colored Pencil | Step-By-Step

    A big part of learning how to draw a cloud is to create specific shadow shapes. The value tones and shapes in a cloud are incredibly subtle and require a lot of close observation to draw in a convincing way.

    In the image above you can see how I looked for the precise shapes of the shadow of the cloud. I also paid attention to the parts of the shadow that are a little darker and which areas are slightly lighter.

    In addition, I used my fingers to rub soft edge areas of the cloud to blend in with the sky a little more as seen on the right side of the cloud.

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    How To Paint Clouds

    Clouds are a staple of landscape painting. You can use them as the key feature or idea of your painting to create a sense of moody atmosphere or simply as a composition tool for their dynamic shapes.

    Many artists struggle to paint them. That’s perhaps due to their transient, organic, and everchanging nature, making it difficult to apply any step-by-step rules or processes. In this post, you’ll find some guidance on how to paint clouds. I cover:

    Establish A Strong Sense Of Light With First Three Colors

    It is best for your first three colors to be an intersection of light and dark. This might sound a little confusing!

    As an example look at the image above the blue of the sky represents the dark value color, the shadow area on the cloud the medium value color and finally the spot of white paint next to the shadow area the light value color

    I mixed the shadow color on the cloud by mixing ultramarine blue with cadmium orange and then adding a little bit of white to the mix. For my light value color I added in a very small amount of ultramarine blue and cadmium orange.

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    Directions To Draw Clouds Step By Step

    Time needed: 25 minutes.

  • Wide cloud with lots of small bumps.
  • Fat cloud with big bumps and smooth bottom.
  • Fat cloud with a few bumps all around.
  • Wider cloud with a few bumps all around.
  • Tall cloud with a few bumps all around.
  • Wider cloud with large bump in the middle.
  • Wider cloud with lots small bumps all around.
  • Wider cloud with one taller side.
  • Trace with a marker and color.
  • Starry Night Sky And Moonlight

    How To Draw Cloud Strife | Step By Step | Final Fantasy VII

    Fill the canvas with simple gradation of two dark colors.

    Add scattered bright dots for stars. For this, I used spray brush under airbrush tool on Clip Studio Paint.

    Add some smaller dots of stars behind the bigger dots.

    Add some clouds. I wanted to make this a starry sky so I didnt add many clouds here. Clouds are barely visible at night, so I chose colors that close to the skys color.

    The steps can end here, but you can also use darker cloud to make the sky looks brighter.

    If there is a bright moonlight, it is necessary to add some lighter color to the clouds.

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    How To Draw Clouds Step By Step

    Smart Art Institute Online – Drawing and Painting Art Lessons

    Previous | Jump to Clouds Step 1 | Next

    Congratulations you have finished this lesson,”How to Draw Clouds Step by Step!” Go stick your drawing on the fridge and let your friends and family marvel at you artistic ability!Great Job!

    Did you know?…. Clouds have their own appreciation society!

    The Cloud Appreciation Society is an organization founded by Gavin Pretor-Pinney from the United Kingdom. The goal of the society is to foster understanding and appreciation of clouds. The Cloud appreciation Society has over 19,000 members worldwide from 76 different countries. Their site has an excellent gallery of cloud photos.

    Completing The Clouds Drawing

    Here is the completed version of the charcoal cloud drawing! Before calling it complete however, I made sure that the drawing as a whole worked.

    I asked myself two very important questions is there a sense of space in the drawing and does the clouds drawing have a visible sense of light and dark?

    If I feel that I am finished with my drawing and can see those two things in my cloud drawing. Then I can call my drawing complete!

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    Begin To Mix Colors For Your First Cloud

    After starting with how to paint the sky by adding our blue color, as seen in the first image. I work towards mixing the cloud color. Mixing cloud colors is tricky in learning how to paint clouds. As there are a lot of subtleties and minute shifts of tone and color when painting clouds in oil. One tip in particular, you will be working primarily with white, a little ultramarine blue, cobalt blue and cadmium orange.

    So, take some white and mix in a very small amount of blue and equally small amount of cadmium orange. Mix these together to get a darker white. Make sure that the white is not overly orange or blue. You want it to still look white, just not a bright white. We are reserving the bright white for later on in our cloud painting tutorial!

    How To Paint Clouds With Warm Light Shadows

    How to draw clouds with pencil step by step

    Next in our cloudy sky painting, I paint a warm light cloud on the lower middle area of the painting. It is has very subtle shadows on the lower part of the cloud. While the upper part of the cloud is made up of a light value color.

    I create a very soft and fluid transition between the upper light area of the cloud and the darker part of the cloud by creating soft edges.

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    Blend Your Layers Until Smooth

    Next, work with the graphite youve already put down to create a field of smooth shading and value.

    For this job, a tortillon was the most effective. I used it just like I used the pencil and worked across the sky stroking in one direction, then went back over the sky in the opposite direction. I used medium-heavy pressure and the side of the tortillon.

    After that, I rubbed the drawing with folded paper towel to smooth it out a little further.

    Next Draw In The Bottom Of The Cloud

    We will add in a bottom for your cloud in this step of our guide on how to draw a cloud.

    To do this, make a continuous line made up of lots of the smaller curved, lumpy lines that you have drawn previously.

    Make this line extend from one side to the other to form a complete cloud shape. For this step, you could also vary the sizes of the lumps as you see fit so that it looks exactly as you like it!

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    First Step Draw An Oval

    On the page in front of you, go ahead and draw a nice-looking oval just like the one to the left.

    Keep in mind, you can draw any shape you want at this stage. A circle, triangle or even a square would also be perfectly acceptable.

    Still clouds do most often take an oval-like shape. It seems to be a bit of a standard. Anyway, lets start with the oval and if youd like to change it up later on, then please do.

    On to the next step..

    How To Draw Clouds With Dark Values

    How To Draw Cloud Strife | Final Fantasy 7 – FF7 | Chibi Style | Easy Step By Step Drawing Tutorial

    Pay close attention to values when learning how to draw clouds. I noticed that the upper right side area of the cloud drawing is darker and therefore made that area darker with my charcoal stick.

    Notice the difference between the area in the step before this drawing where it is much lighter. This area of the drawing will eventually be developed later on to become a darker cloud in the cloud drawing.

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