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How To Draw Curly Hair Step By Step

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Drawing A Strand Of Hair

DO’S & DON’TS: How to Draw Curly Hair | Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

As is the case with any subject that you draw, practice is important. The more that we practice with a particular subject, the better we understand it. Drawing a whole head of hair will give you lots of practice. However for some, the thought of doing this may be intimidating. Instead, it may be better to tackle a portion of the hair first. In this case, a single strand of hair will do.

You may start by taking a photo of someone’s hair – perhaps your own. Try to isolate one portion of the hair. Look for a defined collection hair that forms a shape.

The four step approach that we explored above can also be used for a single lock of hair…

  • Start by defining the shape with light, loose lines.
  • Break the shape of the lock of hair down into simpler shapes.
  • Look for the dominant shapes of light, dark, and middle values.
  • Develop the texture and the value with directional strokes.
  • What Tools Do You Need For This Guide

    I used a 6b graphite pen and a kneadable eraser. But you can use any pen, from HB to 8B, that you want. It doesn´t realy matter all that much. If you dont have a kneadable eraser you can also use a regular one, I just recomend becorse it is a lot cleaner than a regular one.

    As for paper, a regular drawing paper of any size, you are comfortable with, will do the trick. Just don´t use regular printing paper, it is not strong enough for drawing.

    Drawing Image Curly Hair

    So friends, This is the image of this drawing. If you think this drawing is difficult to draw that is wrong its not like that. If you watch the video tutorial of this drawing so you can understand the drawing is easy to draw but the drawing took more time to draw. I hope you understand what i want to explain in this drawing.

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    How To Draw Curly Hair For Beginners

    When drawing hair the most common mistake is to forget that when you see someone, you don’t notice every single hair on their head.

    Individual hairs form together to create sections or hair strands.

    So, when we’re drawing, we have to focus first on the volume of the hair, on finding those sections and shapes and not on individual hairs.

    There are different ways of drawing curly hair, here are the three I use the most:

    Start Defining The Curls

    How to draw Curly Hair step by step (Real Speed) Part 1

    Heres where the fun begins and you start to bring the curls to life. While all hair is different, there are some general guidelines when defining curls:

    • Think of curls like ribbons. They start at the part and hang from there. Imagine that youre wrapping a package and curling ribbon. Think about that structure as youre drawing the hair. The strands are going to twist over onto themselves, so youll have parts that are the front of the curl and the back. The front will overlap with the back, which will appear smaller and less curved.
    • Not every curl can be super curly. Hair is layered, and the pieces that are toward the sides and the back of the head generally arent as curly. Instead, theyll probably be more of soft waves. So, to make your drawn head of hair appear natural, focus on several ringlets and imply a wavy texture behind them.
    • Vary curl length. If you, or you know someone that has curly hair, theyll tell you that layers are an important part of their hairstyle especially if the texture is ringlets. This keeps the hair from being one large poof. With this in mind, vary the length of your curls. One near the top of the head will be shorter than whats at the bottom.
    • Longer curly hairstyles will be more curly at the tips. The top of the head will have straighter hair because the length of the curls will weight them down.

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    Tip #1 Curve Variation

    When drawing hair I recommend using variations in the curves of the hair to give it a more natural feeling. I tend to keep the curves larger towards the top and then smaller as the hair thins out. This happens because the hair tends to have more strands towards the base so there is more hair that needs to bend to create the initial curves.

    Now Draw In The Final Details

    With this step of our guide on how to draw curly hair, you can start to add in the final details!

    Just a few more lines will be needed for the remaining portion of hair, and you can add in some lines to make the collarbone under the neck.

    Once youve added in those details its time for the last step!

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    Five: Go Over The Drawing In Ink

    Finally, when you’ve fleshed out your sketch enough, it is time to go over it in ink. So, using your pen of choice , slowly go over the lines. If you want to add some variation to the hair texture, then try mixing up your pens with broader and finer types. All that’s left is to erase the pencil marks.

    Congrats! You’ve finished drawing short hair.

    Lets Talk About Curly Hair Drawing


    So friends, talk about this drawing. To make this drawing, some material will be required, which can be easily made by the need of a few simple materials. In this article, you will also get information about the material. By the way, you do not have to show each of the hairs by drawing a special thing, in this you just have to draw a bunch of hair together, in which some groups of hair will be divided. I hope all of you will be ready to make this Curly Hair drawing.

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    Erase Inner Lines Within Curls

    For this curl, there will be no shine on the inner edges, and when we create the shading you will want to keep the area where it folds in mind, so outline that as the space between your two crescent moons and keep that your darkest spot.

    In addition to that keep in mind that you have hair overlapping so where they overlap you will want to make the shading darker.

    Tips For Drawing Hair

    • Understand the flow of the hair and start from there
    • Create the overall shape of you want the hair to look in the end
    • Choose the light source before you start drawing the hair, it will help you get better shadows for it
    • Use the pencil strokes to replicate the hairs direction and length
    • The color of the hair is done by how dark or how light your pencil lines are

    In conclusion, dont forget that reaching the level you want in your hair drawings requires time. Make a constant effort and practice when you can because this will build up your skill. Learning how to draw hair should be something that you enjoy and with all these tutorials available for sure you can choose something that works for you.

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    What Will You Need For This Tutorial

    You just need a few things.

    • iPad Pro
    • Apple Pencil
    • Procreate App

    However, all these tips and tricks for drawing curly hair carry over to every drawing medium.

    So, whether you use your pencil, photoshop, or procreate, feel free to follow along.

    Aside from that, you’ll need a reference image.

    You can find photos to inspire you on stock photo websites, such as Pexels, Unsplash, Pixabay, etc.

    I’ve put together a group of reference photos for you, so you don’t have to waste any time and can get right into learning how to draw curly hair!

    If you’re using Procreate like me, I recommend you using brushes made to draw hair, since this will make the whole process so much faster and easier.

    I’ll be using my 25 hair brushes for every hairstyle, but feel free to use any brush set you want.

    If you want to try out the brushes I’ll be using, here’s a free sample.

    Let’s start drawing curly hair!

    Begin Drawing The Hair Itself

    How to Draw Curly Hair Step by Step Drawing Tutorial

    Before you start adding in the hair of your curly hair drawing, you should first use a curved line to draw the other side of the neck.

    Once that is there, you can use a line beneath and between them.

    Now you can start drawing the hair itself. This may look complicated, but if you take it slow and follow the reference picture closely youll do a great job!

    To make things easier, you should start by drawing in an M shape on the forehead of the head. You can then use that to extend lines into the first twisty curls. Finally, use some curved lines above the curls to form the top of the head.

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    How To Draw Curly Hair Step By Step

    In order to draw curly hair, first you need to look at the shape of head and draw a basic shape lines, then definite shape of hair by looking at the reference photo. After that, define guideline of each curl as you start to achieve basic curly structure. Focus on each curl, and give its particular definition such as light, dark or thick and render it with the help of these tools.

    Drawing Supplies needed for this lesson:

    • Mechanical Pencil
    • Faber Castell Black Colored Pencil
    • Blending stump
    • A4 Smooth Paper

    How To Draw Short Hair

    How to draw Short Hair: From

  • Construct the shape of the head and position the ear in the correct place.
  • Draw a loose outline of the hair, in the actual direction that the hair will be pointing
  • 3. Now take your B or 2B pencil, and shade in the dark areas of the hair that you can see yourself.

    4. Continue by working one hair area at a TIME. Blend in the strands, creating strokes in the same direction the hair grows.

    5. Also, leave it until the next day and come back then for the final touches. Time away from your artwork will allow you see it with a new eyes.

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    Use Previous Hair Drawing Methods And Draw On Top Of Head

    Using varying types of coil motions with your brush you will follow the flow of the hair you set in the first step to fill in the coils. Keep them larger and denser to the scalp, flowing looser towards the ends. You can use a fair few types of coils, but always keep in mind your hairline and the direction of the hair

    Make Every Day A Good Hair Drawing Day

    How to draw curly hair (How to draw curly hair step by step) easiest method

    To master the art of drawing hair, just keep practicing. Experiment with different hairstyles and cuts, and always give yourself time to observe hair in the real world. Play with your own hair, if you can, to get a feel for it. If you dont have hair, get a doll, Jemison says.

    Try drawing in Adobe Fresco. With endless brushes and infinite canvases, you can practice every type of hair-drawing style. Learn how to draw braided hair, and explore tutorials on drawing with digital watercolors or painting with realistic-looking oils. Pay attention to the details, and then just draw. Let your hair down, and be open to what you discover.

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    Learn To Draw Different Curls

    The procedure for drawing is the same. Only the thickness of the strands and the curvature of the hair differ.

    Proceed systematically again:

  • Determine the direction of the light source
  • Prime the hair according to the light reflection
  • Blend the first layer of graphite with a blending stump
  • Increase the contrast with the 2B and 4B pencil
  • Draw individual protruding hairs to make the curl look more realistic
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    How To Draw Layered Hair

    This is usually my favorite hairstyle to draw and to have. When drawing this style, V shapes are created when drawing animal fur, feathers, and flower petal.

    It is important to constantly create the highlighted tones of the hair, contrasting with darker shades. It will allow to create the realistic depth.

    When drawing hair, bands of light are the most crucial elements to creating a realistic finish.

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    Now Lets Shade The Second Hair Style

    As in the example from above we will shade the Hair in the same way. Only now we will keep in mind, that the Hair going up in the direction of the bun will be a little bit straighter becorse pulled in that direction. Every loose hairs however will be very curly.

    Exactly like before, we will ad some loose shading and refine it as we go, following the three rules. Just this time, the Hair is a lot wilder and curlyier than before.

    Finish Off Your Curly Hair Drawing Off With Some Color

    How to draw Curly Hair | Tutorial for Beginners | Step by step

    This was a trickier drawing to take on, but youve done an amazing job getting this far!

    Now that your curly hair drawing is complete, you can let loose with your creativity and add in some color to your drawing!

    We have shown one way you could color in your drawing, but for this step you should let your creativity run wild!

    It could also be fun to color in the hair to be the same color as your own!

    Once youve decided on what color to make your hair drawing, you can have some fun with your favorite art mediums and tools to create an amazing finish for your drawing!

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    How To Draw A Curls Structure

    Before we get into the intricacies of each step in the process of curly hair drawing, its important to understand the structure behind these curls so that the finished strands of curly hair dont end up looking too flat or two-dimensional.

    Curly hair follows what is similar to a zigzag pattern and goes back and forth. The front strands stand out and pull focus while the back strands are shaded and partially covered.

    The exercise were about to get you to practice will make it much easier to perfect your curly hair drawing down the line, as being able to achieve the cylindrical shape of curly hair will make it look more realistic on the page.

    To start with, create a shape by drawing two vertical lines. Between these lines, draw several shorter diagonal lines with a downward right slant to span the length of this shape.

    Press lightly on the pencil and connect the right side of the first diagonal line to the top of the third diagonal line leaving one between them. Repeat this process as you move down the strand so that every diagonal line that touches the right side connects back to the left side.

    The shape will still look like more of a zigzag pattern at this point, so draw a small vertical line that connects the right side of the first diagonal line and the right side of the line directly below it to mark the point where the hair turns and creates the curl.

    With the basic structure of a curl behind you, youll be able to create any type of curl you like.

    Add Curls Wherever You Think They Might Be Needed

    Looking at the hair as a whole, go back and add curls wherever you think they might be needed to create a fully fleshed-out drawing of voluminous, curly hair.

    Dont think too hard about where youre placing them as the lines should go wherever your pencil is drawn to. Theres no right position for curly hair to fall in, so it would look unnatural if you try to be too exact with your lines.

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    What You Will Learn In This Guide

    Whatever your age or ability, this guide will help you learn how to draw the perfect curls for your next portrait picture.

    First, well help you map out the head, on top of which the beautiful curly hair youre about to draw will sit. Once youre happy with the proportions for the head and face, which will act as your guide, well provide a list of simple step-by-step instructions on how to draw curly hair.

    You can follow each instruction closely for comprehensive guidance on curly hair drawing, or if youre simply looking for a few tips that will help you refine your penciled curls, feel free to skip to the steps that are relevant to your concerns.

    Not sure where to start? Heres how weve structured our article so you can jump straight to the section you need:

    Pull Out Some Highlights

    How to Draw a cartoon boy with curly hair step by step

    Start to separate the hairs by pulling out some highlights with a kneaded eraser. Do not take too many highlights out at this point. This is just the first step, and you will continue to repeat the steps above to continue to add depth to the hair.

    Drawing tip:

    The highlights arent strands of hair, they are the hairs that the light is hitting so there will be times when the highlighted area is larger than other times. It all depends on how the light is hitting the area.

    The kneaded eraser is a great tool to remove graphite from a drawing surface, however, there will be times when you want a thinner line erased. In those situations, a Tombow Mono Zero Refillable Eraser will work better.

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