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How To Draw Curved Lines In Photoshop

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Close The Path To Complete The Shape

How to Draw Curved Lines in Photoshop

Once youre ready to connect the final dot and complete your shape, simply click the very first point you started with. This will close the path youve created, or the set of lines stemming from your first point and wrapping back around to the same point.

When you hover over the initial point for your shape, the pen tool endpoints will appear with filled in blue squares will appear with a small circle next to it.

How To Warp An Image In Photoshop

Lets say you want to curve your image to look like a bent piece of paper. Start by creating a new document for your image to be placed on.

I will choose the A4 document preset and choose a horizontal page orientation to have enough space to curve the image. You can choose whatever project size you would like, A4 is just for example in this case.

After that, add your image to the new document by going up to File > Place embedded.

Once the image is inserted, Photoshop automatically converts it into a smart object. This is good because it allows you to edit any applied effect at any time in the future.

Before bending the image, you need to rescale it to fit your desired size. Since I want to add a border, I will downsize the photo. To do that, enable the free transform tool by pressing Control+T on Windows or Command +T on a Mac. Then, click and drag the upper-right handle inwards to your desired size.

Then, enable the warp tool by right-clicking the image and choosing warp.

You can also activate the warp tool by clicking the warp icon from the upper options bar.

Lots of small points will appear around the image, these are called anchor points. They indicate that the warp tool is activated.

The default grid has control arms and anchors points that you can move in any direction to warp the image.

You can also change the grid settings in the grid menu located in the Options bar if you want more control of your warp adjustment.

Bezier Curves How To Draw Curved Lines In Photoshop & Illustrator

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How do you use Photoshop’s Pen tool? Also found in Illustrator, InDesign, and other graphics programs, the Pen tool is one of the tougher things to figure out. It’s purpose is to create very accurate lines and arcs. These can be used for close-cropping, creating masks, drawing intricate shapes, and more. But it isn’t easy to figure out. So in this tutorial, we’ll break it all down and you’ll be taken step-by-step through how the Pen tool works. By the end of this, you’ll be a Pen tool master! Let’s see how it works!

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Drawing A Line Using The Line Tool

To create a line using the line tool, first, we need to create a new document. To create a new document, press the Ctrl+N key combination it will open a new dialogue window. Here, specify the document size and background according to your requirement. The document with white background is considered as an ideal background. But, we can also choose a transparent background if required.

Click OK to create a new document. It will create a document of the specified size and background. Now, we can draw any shape on this document.

To draw a line, activate the line tool. The Line tool can be found under the shape tools category, which is accessible using the U key. But, the line tool may not be your default tool, so it may activate the rectangle, ellipse, or any other shape tool as per your previous usage. The best way is to activate the line tool is to hold the shape icon in the toolbox. It will display all the available tool options.

Click on the Line Tool to activate it. Now, our line tool is activated. Make sure to customize it before using it. We can see several customization options such as thickness, color, etc., on the top options bar menu. Before drawing a line, double-check whether the line tool is selected as a shape or not.

If it is set to the path or fill pixels, click on the shape layers options highlighted in the above image. Now, our line will be created as a shape, not as a path.

Provide the width value in the above-highlighted section.

How To Add A Photo To A Curved Shape

How to Draw Curved Lines in Photoshop Elements – Curved Line Tool Tutorial

First, go to the toolbar and pick a rectangle shape.

Then click and drag on the canvas to draw it.

After drawing the rectangle, go to Edit > Transform > Warp.

Next, go to the Options bar and choose Arch.

Then, press Enter on your keyboard to confirm the changes.

With the shape curved, go to File > Place Embedded to import the desired image.

The image will be imported in its original size, but dont worry about adjusting its dimensions for now.

With the image layer selected and placed above the shape, go to Layer > Create Clipping Mask. You can also create a clipping mask by pressing Alt+Control+G /Option+Command+G

The image will be inserted immediately into the shape after applying that clipping mask.

You can see that I lost some of the details of the picture after inserting it into the shapes crop. To fix this, press Control+T/Command+T to activate the free transform tool.

Then, click and drag the handles around the image to resize it to your taste. To reposition the entire image at once, select the Move Tool and drag it into position.

When youre finished, press Enter on your keyboard or click the checkbox in the upper settings bar

  • Before
  • After

Happy Editing!

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How To Draw A Curved Arrow In Photoshop

I was looking for a way to draw a curved arrow in Photoshop, but it seemed like there wasnt a clear answer. There were a lot of complex steps and it certainly wasnt a beginner-friendly process at first glance. Luckily, after a lot of time spent working in Photoshop, I began using a different way of creating curved arrows. With this technique, you can create a curved arrow in seconds, and save it as a shape preset to use in the future!

To draw a curved arrow in Photoshop, select the Line Tool, click the gear icon in the upper setting bar, then set the Arrowhead option to End. Now click and drag out to create your arrow, press Command/Control + T, right-click and choose Warp. Lastly, set the warp preset to Arc to curve the arrow.

Now that might seem like a longwinded process, but I promise its quick and painless. Plus, at the end of this tutorial, youll learn how to save these shapes as custom shape presets so you never have to do the work again!

Let get started.

How To Draw Lines Using The Pen Tool

The pen tool is one of the most creative and versatile tools provided by Photoshop. We can create anything that we can imagine using the Pen tool. It is used to create paths, shapes, selections, and even lines. It provides us with complete control over the path, which can be adjusted and reused. No matter, what we want to create, the pen tool allows us to create every type of lines, such as wave, straight line, lightning lines, and more. The pen tool’s creativity is limitless.

To create a line using the pen tool, activate the pen tool by pressing the P key or select it from the toolbox by clicking on the below icon:

Before drawing with a pen tool, we can also customize it. Make sure it is set to shape, not on the path. If it is not set to the shape by default, set it to shape by clicking on the below icon:

Next, we can set its color and other preferences from the above options bar.

Once everything is set for your preferences, click anywhere on the image canvas to draw with the pen tool. First, start selecting the anchor points these anchor points will control and define the drawing path.

When we select the first anchor point, it will be your starting anchor point, and just clicking on a different spot will make it an ending anchor point and create a straight line for these endpoints.

If we want to create a wavy line, click and drag an anchor point to curve a path it will curve the drawing line.

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Click Along The Existing Path To Create A New Point

Find the place on your path where youd like a new anchor point, and simply click and release. This will automatically place a new point in that spot. Success! Youve added a point.

Once youve set a new point, you can always modify it by using the Direct Selection tools in Photoshop, as described below.

Draw A Path With The Pen Tool

Make Curved Lines in Photoshop Elements – Part 1

1 Open a new blank document in Photoshop. Ive created one at 1000 x 1000 pixels with a resolution of 72ppi.

2 In the toolbar, select the Pen Tool. The shortcut is to hit P on the keyboard.

3 In the Options bar at the top of the screen

  • Choose Path from the first drop-down option.
  • Make sure that the Auto Add/Delete option is selected.
  • Select the Combine Paths option.

Note: If youre outlining a subject for selection, or for drawing a path to add pixels to afterwards, choose the Path option. If you wanted to draw a vector shape with the Pen tool, you would choose Shape. Its not the end of the world if you choose the wrong one, but it saves a few steps if you pick the right one before you start.

When you first select the pen tool, before you draw any points, a small x will appear beside the cursor. The x means that you are about to start drawing a new path.Its important to pay attention to the small symbols which appear beside the Pen tool cursor because it tells you how the Pen will behave.

4 Click once on the document where you want the straight line segment to begin. Do not drag.

5 Move your cursor to another part of your document and click again to add the next point. The points that connect paths are called anchor points.

Note: If direction lines appear , youve accidentally dragged the Pen tool and you will draw a curve rather than a straight line. If that happens, choose Ctrl + Z or Cmd + Z to undo, and click again.

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Tutorial To Draw An Arc In Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop includes a selection for advanced illustration features, including a Pen tool that you can use to create a curved arc shape. Drawing a curve with the Photoshop Pen tool involves creating anchor points on the image and manipulating directional lines to form curve segments.

Fill Curved Line With Color

Know More Abstract Photography Ideas for Beginners | How to Replace color in photoshop

After picking up the Pen tool, you will notice the path, fill, and stroke option. Choose Shape from that option to fill your created line with color. At the right, there will be a color choosing option. The Stroke option decides the types and colors of the line. Have a look at the sample picture.

Want to get the selection of that curved line? Simply, right-click on the mouse and choose Make Selection. Then the curved area will turn to selection.

At this point, let me cover another interesting topic about drawing lines in Photoshop.

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Click To Add More Points

To continue drawing your path or shape, simply click to add more points. By default, once you’ve started drawing a curved line by adding a third point, any additional points you add will also draw a curve. I’ll add a fourth anchor point by clicking where the vertical line along the right and the horizontal guide in the center intersect. This adds a new path segment between the third and fourth points and extends the curve:

How To Draw Straight Lines In Photoshop With Brush

How to Draw a Line in Photoshop

To draw a line in Photoshop use the Brush Tool or the Pencil Tool. Pick a small size, hard round brush and simply draw a line.

To draw a straight line in Photoshop you have to keep the SHIFT key pressed and draw. To make horizontal or vertical lines hold down the SHIFT key and draw the line horizontally or vertically. Use the to make sure your lines are straight.

For angled lines or diagonal lines, hold down the SHIFT key and click to add the end points for the lines. Photoshop will connect the dots with perfect lines.

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Drawing Straight Lines With The Pen Tool

It is super easy to draw straight lines with the Pen tool, so thats where well start. Straight paths are created by simply clicking the mouse button. The first time you click, you set a starting point for a path. Each time you click after that, a straight line is drawn between the previous point and the current point.

Before we use the Pen tool, whether for making a selection or for drawing shapes, we need to configure the settings in the Options Bar.

How To Draw Curved Lines In Photoshop Cc 2019

Photoshop CC 2019 comes with a bunch of useful and new stuff. One of them is the new Curvature Pen Tool. You will find this under the Pen Tool icon if you long press it.

To use the new Curvature Pen Tool you have to click once and Photoshop will draw curved lines that connect the points you click. Double clicking will create sharp corners. If you click on the line between 2 points you can add and drag an extra point to create a curved line.

After you created the curved line you have to Stroke Path to draw the line.

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Manually Selecting The Portion Of The Image You Want To Warp

When you want to distort part of an image, a good option is to select around the item you want to distort and then apply the warp tool to that selection.

So lets say you want to distort the clock pointers and numbers in the image below.

In that case, you dont want other parts of the clock to be distorted nor the image background, right?

To only distort the part of the image you want, you need to make a selection. You can use any selection tool you want. For this image, I will use the magnetic lasso tool from the toolbar.

After making the selection, go to Edit > Transform > Warp.

A grid will cover the selected area.

You can then change the grid type as you learned in the previous section. Since I want to warp tiny portions of the image, I will choose a 6×6 grid. Then I will start distorting the clocks hands and numbers by moving the warp control arms in different directions.

When you finish warping, hit enter to confirm the changes.

Using The Split Warp Tool

Drawing Curves with Pen tool in Photoshop

Another way of warping a portion of an image in Photoshop is by using the split warp tool. This tool divides the image into two parts: the part you want to distort and the part that you want to keep intact.

First of all, open your image and choose Edit > Transform > Warp.

Then, choose a grid size of your choosing. I will select a 3×3 for my image.

For this edit, I want to make the left pear look bigger.

To do that, I will right-click the image and choose split warp vertically .

You can also activate the split lines in its menu located in the Options bar.

This will generate a split line that you can move anywhere on the canvas to split the area you will be warping.

For the image I chose, I placed the horizontal split line between the first and second pear.

So when I warp the object I want, the other two are not affected by the distortion.

Since I only want to distort the top side of the pear and not the whole thing, I will split the image again. I will then put a horizontal split warp line in the middle of the pear and a vertical split line on its left side.

After that, I will start warping the object, pushing the target area up to make the pear look bigger and straighter.

When youre done, hit enter so the changes can be applied.

  • Before
  • After

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How To Draw A Precise Curve In Photoshop

The Pen tool in Adobe Photoshop can be tricky to master but is used to create precision curves. These curves can be used as part of a larger shape or to cut out elements from an existing image. The Bezier Curves created with the pen tool are vector based and can be scaled without loss of quality, making it useful for logos or other images that require frequent scaling. When working with the pen tool you can enable the grid and ruler for more precision when you’re drawing a curve.


Open Adobe Photoshop and create a new image or open the image to which you want to add the curve.



Select “Grid” from the list of options to display a grid guideline on the canvas.


Select the Pen tool from the toolbox and then click the canvas to create the first anchor point. Use the grid as guidelines for placing the anchor point.



Drag your mouse cursor towards the direction that you want the line to curve. Use the grid for alignment to increase the precision of the curve.




  • For even more accuracy while drawing curves enable the “Ruler” from the “View” menu.

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